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Monday, June 11, 2007

Indonesia Cancels Four Airline Operating Certificates

Four airlines failed to turn around their regulator's safety concerns inside the three months' respite given to them - and have had their operating licences pulled. All four airlines are "small beer" in route, fleet and capacity terms, being third-level operators (if that). They include: PT Nurman Avia Indopura, PT Aviasi Upata Raksa Indonesia, PT Alfa Trans Dirgantara and PD Prodexim, the Directorate General of Air Communications (DGAC) says in a statement posted on the Indonesian Department of Transportation’s website. For instance, PT Nurman Avia Indopura has a fleet of only two 28-year old Fokker F28-4000s. Each airline has seven days in which to acknowledge receipt of their deregistration but must cease operations immediately. In other administrations it has often been the case that airlines have re-emerged with the same fleets and route structure but under a new corporate name and logo. With an IATA revisit pending imminently, the Indonesian DGAC would be looking to be perceived as right on top of the safety-related aspects that have for so long besmirched Indonesia's aviation safety reputation. It is perhaps a little incongruous that the perception is more about the competence and airmanship of the pilots than the quality or age of the Indonesian airlines' air fleets.
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