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Monday, January 10, 2005

Accidents And Incidents

17 Dec. 0104L Chicago, Ill. ERJ-135 of American Eagle Aero Snow Removal Van hit LE of rt wing of EGF226 as a/c entered taxiway Nil Substantial damage (at entrance to taxiway Hotel Alley).
17 Dec. Colombo Sri Lanka 747 of Cathay Pacific CX749 HK to Jo'burg flt diverted to Colombo with a seriously ill Japanese woman. 1 fatal 36yo woman pronounced dead on arrival. Blood clot caused by DVT.
17 Dec. 0030L Des Moines, Iowa Aero Commander 500 (Central Air) #1 eng failure and fire on descent to 4000ft. Fire lasted for about 60 seconds Nil Omaha-Des Moines (catastrophic engine failure).
22 Dec. Central Java Super Puma of Indon Air Force Helo crashed on or near Mount Dieng in Central Java in bad weather. 13 fatal / 13 o/b Follows an Indon Navy helo crash in weather 2 days prior killing 4 onboard.
22 Dec. 1807L Sunport, N.M. 737-800 of American AA 576 (LA to Chicago) flt diverted Albuquerque with a generator failure. Nil/143 Pax were on their way again early the next day.
26 Dec. Miami Intl Fla. DC10-30 of Gemini AirCargo N605GC was struck in the right centre sail tail by a fuel truck whilst parked. Nil Minor damage.
26 Dec. 2020L Washington Dulles A300-600 of AA Flt 789 JFK to Santa Domingo flt divtd due to intoxicated pax (plural) threats to crew Nil Emerg declared, plane landed overweight, pax arrested & flt cont'd.
27 Dec. Key West NAS 757-212 of Delta Flt 299 Bogota-Atlanta flight divtd in with a pax on the no fly/terrorist list. Nil FBI grilled suspect for 2 hrs and then released him (mistaken ID) & the a/c.
29 Dec. 0940L Bradley Intl Ct. EMB-145 of US Airways 10mins out, returned Bradley A/P (Windsor Locks) - smoke in the cabin. Nil / 49 o/b No further details.
29 Dec. 1638Z Ontario, Calif. Beech 99 of AmeriFlight AMF5361 returned to Ontario Intl A/P with an engine fire. Nil Fire was extinguished before landing.
30 Dec. 1022L Kathmandu, Nepal A300 of Qatar Awys Flt QR352 A7-ABX returned Tribhuvan A/P 37 mins after dept following engine fire. Nil / 203 pax +10 Eng failed noisily on t/off at 0945L and crew held off to dump gas.
01 Jan. 2200Z Madison, Wisc. CL600-2B19 of Air Wisconsin AWI563 slid off the runway on landing in icy conditions (temp minus 1 deg C). Nil Minor damage to N453AW.
01 Jan. 2317Z Bradford, Ill. 767 of AA Flt AAL79 Encountered severe turbulence near Bradford and landed Dallas Ft Worth Some injuries Flt originated London Gatwick UK
01 Jan. 0820L Oakland, Calif. MD-80 of Alaskan AS397 Ontario, Calif., to Seattle flight divtd to Oakland with a u/s fuel pump. Nil / 110 pax No further details.
01 Jan. 1122CST Ainsworth, Neb. Citation II of Jet Services LLC Landed off airport (1000ft short) in freezing precipitation, losing its gear. 5 minor inj / 5 o/b Substantial damage (a/c roadhauled to Reading A/P for repairs).
02 Jan. afternoon Munich, Germany 767-300 of Condor A/c dumped 17.5 tons of fuel on Switzerland before returning Munich. Nil DE754 from Munich to Punta Cana (Dominican Rep) with an engine snag.
02 Jan. 0940L Chicago, Ill. A320 of United Flt UA651 Suffered an inflight stall of the port (#1) engine. Nil / 125 pax +5 No further details.
02 Jan. 1255L Dublin A/P Ireland 2x A330's of Aer Lingus Parked alongside, were blown together by a 73kt squall (EI-CRK & EI-DAA)
A/c both out of service (EI133 to Boston and EI107 for JFK).
03 Jan. 1200L Albany, N.Y. DC-9 of NWA Detroit - Albany flt landed with an unsafe nose-gear indication Nil Gear pinned & a/c towed to gate. RH MLG door scraped r/way on landing.
03 Jan. 1220L Chennai, India A310 of Air India Flt AI445 Mumbai-bound flt landed back 30 mins after dept - with an engine snag. Nil / 139 pax + 12 No further details.
03 Jan. morning Khabarovsk Russia 747-100F of Kalitta Air T/off rejected after a tire burst at 130kts (then 10 other tires thermalled) Nil Techstop enrt HK-Anchorage Alaska. Engine changes as debris was ingested
04 Jan. early morn Banda Aceh Sumatra Indonesia 737-200 of Tri-MG Relief aid charter a/c hit herd of water buffalo on ldg & port MLG collapsed.
U.S. Navy crew made prompt temp repairs & cleared strip for aid flights.
04 Jan. 0930L Kittila, Lapland TU154 of Air Yakutia A/c landed well short amidst the approach lights on this Finnish strip. Nil / 155 pax + 11 Severe damage to aft underside (hatches torn and flaps scraped).
04 Jan. 0945L Islamabad Pakistan 747-300 of PIA Flt PK786 #4 pod-scrape on landing in very foggy weather. Nil / 376 pax +18 #4 engine damaged. Some discussion of auto-land having been faulty at start
04 Jan. 0234L Denver, Colo. Beech 1900 of Lakes Air Baggage tug ran into pax-loaded a/c at gate A52, breaking the driver's leg.. 1 inj Minor damage to a/c.
04 Jan. night Chicago, Ill. A320 of United Airlines Flt 651 Flt landed destination O'Hare after the #1 engine surged on descent. Nil / 125 pax +5 ex Newark, N.J.
04 Jan. 0002L Billings, Montana Merlin 4 of Big Sky Airtaxi BSY 2573 diverted in after reporting a shattered windshield. Nil Havre to Lewistown flight.
04 Jan. 0149L Jackson, Wyoming A319 of NWA Flt NW1627 A/c disabled and towed away after running off r/way 19 on landing. Nil No report of damage.
05 Jan. 1332L Manokwari Papua 737-200 of Celebes Air Slid off far end by 20m after a landing at this East Papua A/P in heavy rain. Nil / 117 pax +7 Indonesian flight originated Makassar in South Sulawesi. Nil damage
05 Jan. Kuala Lumpur Mal A330 of Malaysian Sabotage suspected after hyd fluid found spilt on pilots' instrument panel. Nil / 179 pax 4th incident since Oct 2003. A/c changed ( to depart for Osaka Japan).
05 Jan. 1210L Warsaw, Poland TU154 of Aeroflot Flt SU271 left Sheremetyevo 1020L & divtd Warsaw - disruptive female pax. Nil Moscow to Geneva flight. Passenger cited for "inappropriate behavior."
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association. (IASA)


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