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Monday, August 30, 2004

Accidents and Incidents

13 July Tokyo Haneda A340 of All Nippon Awys Pilot (60days) & FO(20days) suspended for allowing 27 pax into the cockpit. Nil, but a tight sqz Dedicated charter flight Osaka-Dublin for a major Japanese manufacturer.
22 July 2102Z Ottawa Ontario C550 Citation II of Transport Canada C-FJXN entered an unusual attitude in cloud on autopilot during a "both pilots head-down" data entry task. Nil 70 degrees right bank, 20 degrees nose-down and lost 1000 feet of their climb (& received a GPWS warning).
18 Aug. Goma, Congo C208B of Trans World Safaris Crashed into 3400m high mountain enroute at the 2600m level in cloud. 3 fatal / 3 o/b Headed Walikale, 160km west of Goma & crashed 10mins after t/off.
18 Aug. Bukavu, Congo 727 of HewaBora Air Burst all main-gear tires upon landing in heavy rain. Nil Carrying military personnel into the ongoing conflict.
20 Aug. 1733Z Halifax, N.S. 767 of North American Air 767-333 reg NOA111 divtd HFX due fumes in the cockpit & CB trips. Nil Athens-JFK flt. Cabin door heat fan CB collared and a/c departed for JFK.
20 Aug. 0622L Sofia, Bulgaria TU154 of Bulgarian Airline Re-landed 1.5hrs after t/off following fuel-dumping (gear would not retract). Nil Bound for Liege, Belgium.
20 Aug. 1030L Terceira, Azores A310 of TAP Be200 of OMNI A nose-down avoidance bunt injured many pax without seat-belts fastened. 33 inj / 141 o/b Sudden maneuver to avoid head-on traffic in Lajes AFB mil airspace.
21 Aug. Cardiff Wales UK A320 of First Choice G-OOAR Birdstrike on rotation was followed by a 20 min hold before re-landing. Nil Damaged engine fan blade (indicated by a loud noise upon bird ingestion).
21 Aug. afternoon Mariara, Venezuela C-23 Sherpa of Venez air force FAV1652 crashed into a forest in the coastal mountain range in bad weather. 25fatal / 22 pax+3 crew 10mil & 15 civilians. Crash site in mts 100kms W of Caracas Venezuela.
21 Aug. 0500L Bangalore, India A330 of MAS Flt: MH193 LH maingear left hard surface and a/c became bogged just prior to line-up. Nil Only runway closed for nearly 3 hrs. Pax flown out on a flown in relief a/c.
21 Aug. 2330L Reno, Nev. Bell 407 of Access Air Med Crashed into upper hts of 9775ft Mt Tobin (200nms NE of Reno Nevada). 5 fatal / 5 o/b 2 patients and 3 medevac crew enrt Washoe Med Center.
22 Aug. early am hrs Montreal, Canada 747 of BA Flt: BA288 Mayday call and diversion due to smoke in the cockpit (Phoenix-LHR). Nil / 300 pax Hopefully not same plane as BA209 smoke incident 18 Aug. (Heathrow)
22 Aug. 2100L Kansai, Japan A340 of Air Canada Landed Kansai after being hit by lightning enrt Shanghai to Vancouver. Nil No further details.
22 Aug. 1407L Lyon, France 737-300 of TopFlight Hols A couple was arrested after a bomb hoax forced a diversion into Lyon. Nil / 148 pax Naples to Dublin holiday charter flight. Gendarmes ID'd a man & wife.
22 Aug. Menorca, Spain 757 of Excel Carried out high speed rejected take-off due to an airspeed indication flaw. Nil No further details (bound for Gatwick UK). Unconfirmed report.
24 Aug evening Shreveport, La. MD-80 of AA Shut down one engine due to a high oil pressure indication and diverted. Nil / 116 + 5crew Headed Dallas Ft. Worth from Tampa, Florida.
24 Aug. 0425L Seattle, Wash. MD80 of Alaska Flt: 639 N931AS blew two tires on left main-gear on landing 16L at SEATAC Nil Pax deplaned aft stairs and bussed. Gear door and flap were damaged.
24 Aug. 2256L Buchalki, Russia TU154B-2 of Sibir Airlines Flt: S7-1047 A/c disappeared from radar about 1000kms S of Moscow & crashed near a small village after disintegrating. 38 pax+ 8 crew Fatal / 46 Suspected terrorist-related event enrt Sochi in South Russia -hijack alert rec & "traces of hexogen explosive" found.
24 Aug. 2259L Tula region, Russia TU134 of Volga Aviaexpress Flt WLG1303 disappeared from radar about 160kms S of Moscow & crashed. 34 pax + crew8 Fatal / 42 Suspected terrorist-related event - both a/c originated Domodedovo A/P.
25 Aug. 0145L Melbourne, Australia 777-312 of Singapore Awys Dumped fuel after a LH eng surge on t/off @ 1250L (debris found on r/way). Nil / 278 pax + 21crew TV news cited pax as being aware of vibrations & noises before t/off began.
25 Aug. (morning) Taipei Taiwan MD82 of FarEast Air Transport B-28021 skidded off r/way at Sungshan A/P after arrival fm Makung A/P. Nil / 93 + 6crew Inbound Penghu & divtd Sungshan domestic A/P due to Typhoon Aere.
25 Aug. Miami, Fla. 727 of DHL Air Freight Woman found packed in crate during off-loading of DHL plane from Cuba. 1 crated Flight via Nassau Bahamas. DHL to be charged with crating a disturbance.
25 Aug. 1750L Decatur, Ga. Beech 65 N623AW Aircraft was foamed after its landing gear collapsed on touchdown. Nil TAB Express TBI-77 arriving Peach-tree from Lawrenceville, Georgia.
25 Aug. 2350L LAX California 767 of Delta Reg: N130DL Right wingtip struck empty AA 767 at Gate 42 on pushback at 2350 PDT. Nil / 198 pax DAL1660 continued its flight - extent of damage unknown.
25 Aug. 2218L Dublin, Ireland 767 of Malev (Hungarian State) Budapest-Vancouver flt diverted in with hydraulic problems. Nil / 185 pax Ruptured flexible hose on rt u'carriage leg discharging "smoke" on landing.
26 Aug. 1100L Charlottetown, Can. A319 of Air Canada Shut down an engine and returned after ingesting a bird on take-off. Nil / 119 + 5crew No further details.
26 Aug. 0950 Nagoya, Japan C130 Hercules of Japanese ASDF A/c diverted in after an engine failed during a training flight. Nil 2nd time in a week (20 Aug) for a C130 ex Komaki Base with an engine failure.
1 Air carrier accidents or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries. 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA)


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