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Friday, October 11, 2013

Cirrus Unveils SR Series Generation 5 Upgrades

Woodrow Bellamy III

Cirrus Aircraft unveiled its upgraded 2014 Generation 5 SR series airframes Thursday, with improved safety systems, brakes and new LED lighting technology added to the wings. 
[Cirrus SR22 Generation 5 2014 airframe. Photo, courtesy of Cirrus.]
The Generation 5, launched in 2013, features a 200-pound payload increase over the previous generation SR series. In the 2014 model, Cirrus focused on adding a multi-function LED lighting system to the plane's wing-tips, which provide tail surface illumination, anti-collision lighting and navigational position lights. 
"The most immediately recognizable new feature for 2014 is that we have brought luxury automobile LED lighting technology to the airplane, a first in our segment. Cirrus Integrated LED Technology increases functional performance while enhancing aesthetic appeal for Cirrus customers," said Todd Simmons, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Cirrus. 
[The integrated LED lighting technology, a new feature on the 2014 Generation 5 wingtip. Photo, courtesy of Cirrus.]
Beringer provided the new braking system to reduce weight and to allow for the use of tubeless tires, reducing the risk of leaks and failures. 

The 2014 SR family list prices range from $350,000 for the SR20 to $590,000 for the SR22T. Cirrus currently has over 20 orders confirmed for the 2014 family, with the first deliveries scheduled to begin in January.  


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