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Monday, December 9, 2013

Boeing 777X Starts Wind Tunnel Testing

Boeing has begun low-speed wind tunnel testing for its 777X wide-body aircraft at the QinetiQ test facility in Farnborough, U.K. 
Boeing 777X scale model for wind testing. Photo, courtesy of Boeing.
The wind tunnel model is a 0.05 percent scale model of the baseline 777X, about 166 inches long with a 154-inch wingspan. Boeing has equipped the model with sensors to measure pressure and determine in-flight loads, as well as provide diagnostic information about the aerodynamic performance of a given design. 
Low-speed testing is to be scheduled for the next five months at the QinetiQ facility, and testing will also be conducted next year at the Boeing Transonic Wind Tunnel in Seattle, Wash.

"We are on track to complete our top-level design in 2014 and reach firm configuration in 2015," said Terry Beezhold, vice president and chief project engineer of the 777X program.  

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