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Monday, January 28, 2008

Aviation Industry Set for Torrid Growth?

The aerospace industry is poised to continue its unprecedented winning streak in 2008, according to experts, although recessionary clouds are beginning to dampen prospects for the future. Just how the future looks for different segments of the aviation industry will be at the heart of Aviation Today's latest webinar: The Aviation Crystal Ball: Predictions and Analysis for 2008, scheduled for Thursday, January 31, 11:00 a.m. - noon (ET).
While aerospace sales have grown every year since 2003, the airline industry is desperate for a modernized fleet that would cut fuel consumption, and analysts project further overall growth in sales to $210 billion in 2008, it remains to be seen whether the economy will change those scenarios. As a new year begins, new questions are emerging and at the top of the list is whether or not consumer spending will forestall a recession. So far commercial bookings look strong, but spending is weakening suggesting a questionable year in which consolidation is all but assured. A forecast will be at the top of the agenda during the webinar.
Webinar speakers Richard Aboulafia, vice president, Teal Group, and Michel Merluzeau, principal, G2 Solutions, will also discuss how double-digit growth in both the civil and military aircraft sectors fueled the fourth straight year of growth in the United States aerospace industry. The military, space, missiles and related products sectors increased eight percent over 2006 to $198.8 billion in 2007. This pace of growth is expected to continue well into 2008. Whether the topic is avionics, maintenance, composites, or "green aviation", air transport has not only undergone enormous expansion, but sweeping transformation as well.
Aboulafia and Merluzeau will also discuss:
Who will pull ahead in the competition for primacy, Boeing or Airbus?
What are the new, paradigm-shifting technologies that are on the verge of shaking up the status quo?
How will concerns over global warming affect air transport?
How are aviation companies planning to cope with fuel costs?
Which niches - civil aviation, training, military transports - are poised for outsized growth? Which are heading for a trough?
Which regions will grow the fastest, and which ones will slow down? If certain once-hot regions cool off, what are the ramifications for aviation OEMs, suppliers, and sub-contractors? Who stands to gain in the new economic climate - and who stands to lose?
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