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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ATR Looking at 90-seat Tprop

Indianapolis – ATR is also contemplating a 90-seat turboprop but whether it will be a stretch or a new family of aircraft depends on market research, according to North American Head of Sales John Moore. “We will probably develop and new generation aircraft rather than a stretch,” said Moore. “The market will develop over time and we intend to be part of it.” However, it was later clarified that the company was only in the initial stage of market research. “As you can see from our forecast, there will be a need for 2900 new turboprops, 500 of which will be between 30 to 60 seats and 2,400 between 60 and 90 seats,” said the company. “Out of the 2,900 new turboprop deliveries are a large part of 70-seat aircraft but there are also a substantial number of 90-seats. The next generation turboprops will again be a family of aircraft with a baseline at 90 seats. Indeed, 1,000, in our view, will be 90 seats. But it is too early to decide the exact requirements. We are surveying the market, first with our loyal customers. But, a lot of airlines have expressed a need for aircraft between 80 and 90 seats while others want an aircraft of 90 seats or larger.”
ATR sees a need for 1,500 new turboprops over the next 10 years, valued at $28 billion, with most being in the 60- to 90-seat category. “That is 150 aircraft per year which is a good size market for the remaining two manufacturers in the turboprop sector,” said Moore. “We expect our share of the market will be what it has been historically at 50 to 60 percent.”
Over the next 20 years, ATR sees a need for 2,900 new turboprops, valued at $56 billion, steadily increasing until 2016 when it will spike as the result of aircraft replacements. Again, most deliveries will be in the 60- to 90-seat category.
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