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Monday, March 7, 2005

Supply Side


By redesigning the leading edges of the wings and its winglets on the CRJ 900 series, Bombardier [BBD] has increased the efficiency of its largest RJ. The changes result in less drag and greater fuel efficiency. The CRJ 900 will now be capable of using shorter runways and carrying larger payloads. Bombardier is now marketing a new long range version of the CRJ 900, which will be able to travel 1,976 nautical miles.


Colgan Air has renewed and expanded its parts exchange program with Saab Aircraft of America. The new two-year agreement covers 470 components and will initially cover the 17 Saab 340Bs in the Colgan fleet. The new contract also covers additional Saabs that Colgan will be adding to its fleet as it begins a new code-share contract with Continental Airlines [CAL]. The Saab contract is worth $12 million.

Skyways Aviation

The regional carrier, bmi, is leasing an Embraer [ERJ] 145 from Skyways Aviation. The plane was delivered to Aberdeen, England. The lease runs for 15 months.


Embraer delivered an ERJ 135 to Luxair last week. This is the second ERJ 135 delivered to the Luxembourg carrier. It will be used in flights to London City Airport. The delivery marked the 900th in the ERJ 145 family. Luxair's fleet now consists of two ERJ 135s and eight ERJ 145s.


Pinnacle Airlines [PNCL] last month purchased Altitude PBS, a preferential bidding program from Kronos [KRON]. With the new computer program, Pinnacle will be able to manage 1,000 pilots and 600 flight attendants in the new automated scheduling process. The carrier already uses Kronos' Altitude Pairing to generate crew pairings.


Fifteen-year-old Thrust-Tech Aviation recently completed a new pneumatic test facility at its Fort Lauderdale, Fla. maintenance center as it expands to service regional jets. It already has an established customer base handling business jets and commuter turboprops.


OAG, the data base management company that tracks all the airline schedules, recently purchased Inforwarding, an online information exchange company that serves the air cargo community in North America. The deal marks the first acquisition in the 75-year history of OAG. Inforwarding provides freight forwarders information on the latest routes and carriers who may service an intended shipping path.

BAE Systems

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently gave parts manufacturing approval (PMA) to BAE Systems. The designation authorizes the Irving, Texas, facility to produce and sell more than 440 types of line-replaceable aftermarket products directly to the airlines and aircraft parts distributors. The facility has been owned by Boeing [BA] until 2004 when BAE purchased it.

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