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Monday, June 9, 2008


A new Safety Management System (SMS) was unveiled for Regional Airline Cargo Carrier Association (RACCA) members during its recent spring conference. The program was developed by the association’s Safety Committee, which dubbed it “SMS Lite,” is a simplified system based on a boilerplate Safety Manual published in MS Word format and available to RACCA members on the Association’s website. The manual, and SMS Lite, are based on the four major elements of safety management systems – Policy, Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Culture. Related Story The system is part of AC 120-92, other FAA guidance material, and material from sources outside the FAA.
“Our main objectives with SMS Lite were a workable safety management system, and simplicity – so RACCA members could reap the benefits of SMS without the complexity and large infrastructure associated with SMS programs intended for use by the large air carriers,” said Safety Committee ChairTom Jordan of WestAir. RACCA indicated that it used various sources to create a program that strips the FAA SMS down to the absolute bare minimum elements – while retaining a practicable, functional program.
The RACCA boilerplate SMS Manual is designed for easy tailoring for individual operators by filling in the blanks, add or subtract features to tailor the program to the needs of their own organization, and then introduce the system as a stand-alone safety manual, or chapter in their company’s Operations, Personnel, or other manual.
The SMS was praised by FAA Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Nick Sabatini, who was RACCA’s keynote conference speaker this year and was present during SMS Lite’s introduction. Sabatini noted that the agency is strongly encouraging the adoption of SMS by all operators, and that it would likely eventually become a requirement. The program was a joint effort of Jordan and RACCA Safety Committee members Richard Mills (Empire Airlines) and John Hazlet (Ameriflight).
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