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Monday, January 19, 2009

RAN Evolves to Meet New Industry Requirements

Twenty seven years is a ripe old age for a publication – Regional Aviation News (ne: Commuter/Regional Airline News) – born of deregulation when the industry was much different than it is today. However, as of this issue Regional Aviation News will evolve into a new publication – Aviation Today Daily Brief (ATDB) – which debuts January 26.
In addition to reporting the news, ATDB has the formidable task of providing an analysis of its impact on the bottom line. It will bring you UNIQUE content. In short, it hopes to set a new standard in aviation reporting.
Aviation Today and RAN readers have noticed an increasing focus on e-letters rather than newsletters and on economic news. The response has prompted us to rethink our weekly newsletter format in the face of the information superhighway and the events of last year. We’ve concluded that there is still a void in the current crop of aviation information sources. We have also found a need to winnow the plethora of information on the Internet. If you find it covered by ATDB, it means there is a significant impact on the bottom line. And that’s the idea behind ATDB – provide a daily briefing on the news but focusing on in-depth analytical stories that speak to the bottom line.
It is somehow fitting that the founding editor of Commuter/Regional Airline News should oversee its transformation, a neat circle that included Kelly Murphy, Doug Nelms, Benet Wilson and Tom Smith. Even so, I prefer to think of this as a continuation of a news tradition that provides both immediacy and the global perspective of a rich and dynamic industry.
As we shed the cocoon of the regional airline industry, I could wax poetic about the history chronicled in RAN’s pages over the last 27 years….Oh, wait, I already did that in the guise of Time Flies…The History of SkyWest Airlines. So, I’ll just say welcome to a new era in aviation reporting; one that will leverage the technology of the internet to provide a different kind of news source.
Subscriptions will be transferred to Aviation Today’s Daily News Brief. While I may not be exclusively focused on the regional aviation industry, I will be watching it carefully. I remain fascinated by that kind of service because it was what I cut my teeth on as a young reporter more than 28 years ago.
Kathryn Creedy, Editor

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