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Friday, March 2, 2007

CRJ1000 Pricing Likely To Be Attractive Despite High List Price

The launch of the Bombardier (BBD) CRJ1000 offers a credible alternative to the Embraer (ERJ) 190 and even the 195 but with list prices some 20 percent higher than the competition, considerable discounts are still likely, according to an analysis in Aircraft Value News, RAN's sister publication. Related Story

The list price of the CRJ1000, at $41 million, compares with $51 million and $53 million for the larger B737-600 and A318, respectively but is much higher than the $34.5 million for the Embraer 190 and $36.5 million for the Embraer 195. List and actual prices are closer in the regional jet market. Whereas the differential in list and actual in the larger narrowbody segment is routinely in excess of 30 percent, the regional jet market is more likely to approximate 15-20 percent. Current values of an Embraer 190 are around $30 million compared to the $34.5 million list price. The actual value of the CRJ1000 which is set to enter service in the fourth quarter of 2009 is unlikely to be much in excess of the Embraer 190 value although, to date, the CRJ200 has tended to attract a higher value than the ERJ145. For a complete analysis and a head-to-head comparison with the ERJ 190 see the March 5 edition of Aircraft Value News


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