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Friday, September 14, 2007

Horizon Produces Hilarious Horizon Shuttle Ads

Taking dead aim at its major competition – the car – Horizon created an extremely entertaining ad for its Horizon Shuttle between Seattle and Portland entitled Soar Above the Slog. “It takes many names – The Road of Regret. Heartache Highway. The I-Shouldn’t-Have,” says the introduction. “But for most business travelers who’ve been forced to drive I-5’s 200 miles of concrete and inconvenience between Seattle and Portland, it’s known simply as ‘The Slog’– the longest three-hour drive in American history.”
Created by Seattle advertising agency WongDoody, the off-beat ad chronicles the struggles facing drivers, while highlighting the advantages of the every-half-hour Horizon Shuttle. Taking a page from the Northwest’s pioneer history, the ad equates I-5 trip to an abyss, with travelers facing numerous dangers and includes a pioneer-like map. Harmonica and banjo music complete the feel of the experience which describes automobiles as “nothing more than covered wagons with cup holders.”
The centerpiece of the campaign is a microsite with video descriptions of a number of infamous landmarks along the I-5 route – Molasses Pass, Longblink Gulch and the Bridge of Heavy Sighs. Clicking on each promises chuckles if not full belly laughs. These are unofficial place names, of course, but Horizon is betting that those who’ve made the drive will easily recognize them.
“Our Seattle-Portland Shuttle service has been around for about two decades, but it recently underwent some significant improvements,” said Dan Russo, Horizon’s director of marketing and communications. “To call attention to this, we’re trying something that’s a little off the wall but we think it will ring true with anybody who has made the Seattle-Portland drive.” It is certainly getting a lot of buzz. What makes the Shuttle new, he said, is fare cuts of as much as 50 percent afforded by the replacement of its Q200s with Q400s.
It is rare that Regional Aviation News would direct you to a site off the fabulous AviationToday.com but this clever production deserves recognition and thus provides the exception to the rule. Enjoy by clicking here!
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