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Monday, January 12, 2009

Osmus Succeeds Sturgell

In a last minute appointment, the Bush Administration named FAA veteran Lynne Osmus to succeed Robert Sturgell, effective tomorrow, as acting administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, which is largely viewed as a place holder until the incoming Obama Administration can make its own appointment. The FAA has been without an administrator since Marion Blakey left to head the Aerospace Industries Association.. The announcement came shortly after Osmus was named acting deputy administrator.
Osmus is the liaison between the FAA and the Obama transition team now, and the new post is the latest in a long string of posts held since she joined the agency in 1979 and since she became an FAA exec in 1990. She has been serving as assistant administrator for security and hazardous materials and was earlier a senior advisor to Sturgell when he was FAA’s deputy administrator. She also served under Administrator Jane Garvey as chief of staff.

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