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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Access Intelligence Launches New Daily

Sharon Valencik

Rockville, MD (January 28, 2008) – The Access Intelligence Aviation Group has launched a new daily aimed at top leaders in the aviation industry and providing exclusive content including interpretive analysis and practical advice to help aviation leaders increase profitability.

“In the age of the Internet, news isn’t just daily — it’s intraday,” said John Persinos, publisher and editorial director of Aviation Today. “That’s why we created this new product, Aviation Today’s Daily Brief. We want to give our audience the breaking news and interpretive analysis that they need, when the need it.”

Aviation Today’s Daily Brief is part of a transformation of Access Intelligence’s stable of aviation publications which include Aviation Maintenance, Avionics, Air Safety Week, Aircraft Value News and Rotor & Wing. It is the latest effort to become the premier source for e-media aviation news and piggy backs on its successful launch of Aviation Today’s home page which brings the immediacy of breaking news to the industry.

Within the past eighteen months, Aviation Today has increased its traffic by 100%, with a double digit monthly growth rate, surpassing more traditional aviation news sources.

Aviation Today’s Daily Brief is edited by veteran aviation journalists Kathryn Creedy and Ramon Lopez. Creedy, who is Editor in Chief, founded the bible of the regional airline industry – Commuter/Regional Airline News – and has 30 years of aviation experience. After many years at Flight International and other top aviation publication, Ramon Lopez joined Access Intelligence as Editor of Air Safety Week and now adds Aviation Today’s Daily Brief to his portfolio.

Aviation Today’s Daily Brief can be found online at www.aviationtoday.com and trial subscriptions are available from that site.

For more information contact:
John Persinos, publisher, at 301-385-7211 or email jpersinos@accessintel.com
Kathryn Creedy, Editor in Chief, at 802-442-2815 or kcreedy@accessintel.com

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