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Get Your Flight Deck Ready With Three Savings Options on Leading Flight Deck Hardware and Software

PARTNER CONTENT: Brought to you by Satcom Direct | July 14, 2017

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Purchase a TrueNorth Simphonē FANS-1/A Data Link Unit and save on some of Satcom Direct's most popular products and services. Choose from three (3) saving options that include a DLU and SD's popular flight deck communications platform, FlightDeck Freedom®.


Save up to $9,000

To learn more about the Simphonē FANS-1/A DLU, click below:


Option 1

Plan: Simphonē FANS-1/A Data Link Unit Free Introductory Offer: FlightDeck
Freedom Savings: $8,995

Option 2

Plan: Simphonē FANS-1/A Data Link Unit, 2-Year FlightDeck
Freedom Savings: $8,000 credit towards SD AircraftLogs

Option 3

Plan: Simphonē FANS-1/A Data Link Unit, 2-Year FlightDeck
Freedom Free Introductory Offer: SD FlightLogs, Graphical Weather, Route Alerts Savings: $7,000


  FlightDeck Freedom

  • Integrated flight deck and cabin communications
  • Supports FANS capabilities testing
  • GeoFencing and route alert capabilities
  • Supports 20+ trip-planning services globally

  Simphonē FANS-1/A DLU

  • Aviation's first FAA, CAN, and EASA C159a TSO'd system for FANS over Iridium
  • Compact, lightweight, standalone
  • Streamlined installation
  • Reduces communications errors

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