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Rudy Kellar
Executive Vice President
Service Delivery
NAV Canada
As Executive Vice President, Service Delivery at NAV CANADA, Rudy Kellar provides leadership and direction for Operations, Technical Operations and Engineering, ensuring effective alignment of these key functions in the provision of safe, efficient and cost effective air traffic services.
Mr. Kellar began his career in aviation in 1982, with Bradley Air Services (now known as First Air) working as a Dispatcher in Resolute Bay. He subsequently held various positions within management, including Senior Director where he played a role in the expansion of the airline into new cargo, passenger, and charter applications.
From 2001-2005, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Air Contractors, a cargo transport airline based in Dublin, Ireland, leading a successful repositioning of the company into new market segments. He was responsible for implementing the integration of overnight transport for national postal operations in the United Kingdom and France, as well as express carriers such has DHL and FEDEX. These efforts allowed the company to expand its customer base and helped to mitigate the effects of the industry downturn following 9/11. In addition to his duties at Air Contractors, he also served as the Vice Chairman of the Federation of Aerospace Enterprises Ireland, an Irish airline operators group.
Mr. Kellar joined NAV CANADA in October 2005 as General Manager, Edmonton Flight Information Region. In 2007, he was appointed Vice President, Operations, and in this position has led technology and service initiatives such as the introduction of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) in the airspace over Hudson Bay, and its subsequent expansion into Eastern Canada and Greenland. Under his leadership, NAV CANADA continues to make significant progress in the application of new technologies, procedures and concepts for improving the safety and efficiency of the ANS, while focusing on collaborative initiatives to reduce customer fuel burn and GHG emissions. 




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