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Inside the G250 Cockpit Israel Aerospace Industries Chief Test Pilot Ronen Shapira describes Pro Line Fusion-based cockpit of Gulfstream G250, on static display at NBAA 2010, DeKalb Peachtree Airport.

Garmin Designs G5000 System To Part 25

Garmin International, Olathe, Kan., announced Oct. 18 at NBAA in Atlanta that it is developing an integrated flight deck for Part 25 transport category aircraft, stepping up from its traditional focus on lower-end GA aircraft certified to Part 23.

The Garmin 5000 is being designed specifically crew-flown turbine aircraft, combining a dual multi-sensor flight management system (FMS), touchscreen vehicle management units, and multi-pane cockpit displays, the company said. Garmin expects to receive Technical Standard Orders (TSO) certification of the G5000 system in 2012.

Also at NBAA, Cessna Aircraft Co., announced the launch of the Citation Ten, an advanced version of its Citation X business jet, that will be the debut platform for the G5000 flight deck. First flight of the new Citation Ten is planned for late 2011, with certification and first delivery in 2013.

The Citation Ten cockpit design centers on three 14-inch LCD primary and multifunction displays and four touch-screen control panels. Among standard features, Cessna said, will be a pilot-vehicle touch-screen interface, TCAS II with Change 7.1 software, synthetic vision, electronic charts, Garmin SafeTaxi, dual FMS with WAAS LPV and RNP 0.3 SAAAR capability, solid-state weather radar with turbulence detection and vertical scan capability, integrated terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS), ADS-B Out and Link 2000+ data link.

Embraer Legacy 650 Certified
A year after pulling the wraps off its Legacy 650 development at NBAA 2009, Embraer on Wednesday announced Brazilian ANAC and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification of the extended range, super midsize executive jet. (Oct. 21, 2010)

HBS Signs Garmin Upgrade Customer
Hawker Beechcraft Services (HBS) received a letter of intent (LOI) for the inaugural King Air 350 Garmin G1000 upgrade. Standridge Color Corp., of Social Circle, Ga., signed the LOI at NBAA this week in Atlanta.

P&W to Supply NetJets Phenom Engines
Pratt & Whitney PW535Es will power up to 125 Embraer Phenom 300s as part of a NetJets order announced at NBAA this week. Deliveries are set to begin in 2013. (Oct. 20, 2010)

Hawker Beechcraft Offers Aircell Wi-Fi Upgrades for Fielded Hawker Jets
Hawker Beechcraft Services (HBS) today announced two new Wi-Fi broadband systems for in-service Hawker 4000 and Hawker 800XP aircraft equipped with Honeywell avionics. Both Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) feature Aircell ATG 4000 and ATG 5000 equipment for airborne connectivity.

The systems turn aircraft cabins into Internet "hot spots," permitting passengers with Wi-Fi-enabled devices to access the Internet. The Aircell ATG 4000 is designed for installation, along with the company’s Axxess voice communication system, while the ATG 5000 is designed to be installed as a stand alone broadband system.

The airframer said the STCs complement the company’s existing Aircell and Thrane & Thrane international SwiftBroadband equipment in Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21-equipped Hawker 900XP, 850XP, 800XP and 750 aircraft. (Oct. 20, 2010)

Embraer to Equip With ICG Comm Systems
Embraer will equip its midlight Legacy 450, midsize Legacy 500 and ultra large cabin Lineage 1000 aircraft with Datalink capable Iridium Communications Systems (ICS) from International Communications Group (ICG), of Newport News, Va. ICG will be the primary satellite communications provider to Embraer Executive Jet owners on various business jet models to include the Lineage 1000 and Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 series aircraft. (Oct. 20, 2010)

Panasonic Broadband Service Certified on BBJ

Boeing announced the first certification and installation of Panasonic Avionicss in-flight wireless high-speed broadband service, eXConnect, on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 737, filling a void left by Connexion by Boeing. As part of the installation agreement, Panasonic will use the privately owned BBJ for ongoing testing and validation, as well as for live demonstrations. (Oct. 20, 2010)

Joint Venture Formed For VIP Aircraft
Lufthansa Technik AG and Panasonic Avionics Corp., on Oct. 19 signed a letter of intent at NBAA to establish a joint venture company to supply in-flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) and cabin management systems (CMS) for VIP aircraft. “These new solutions will represent a fresh idea in how CMS/IFEC systems are architected for VIP are architected for VIP aircraft,” combining Panasonic Avionics X Series commercial IFE system and eXConnect and eXPhone Global Communications Suite, with Lufthansa Technik’s nice (networked integrated cabin equipment) CMS/IFE system, the companies said. (Oct. 20, 2010)

Rockwell Collins Touts ‘Ascend’ Applications Suite
Rockwell Collins introduced a suite of application services at NBAA, under the brand name Ascend Flight Information Solutions, making available flight-planning, cabin and maintenance services from one source.

Ascend “is a globally available, integrated suite of application services that optimize your flight support, your maintenance operations and your cabin solutions,” said Steve Timm, Rockwell Collins vice president and general manager, Information Management. “Our approach, frankly, is to integrate the numerous ground systems together, providing a one-stop shop for your aircraft operations, yielding operational efficiency.

A component of the services offering, the Aircraft Information Manager, provides an online flight-management support system that schedulers, dispatchers and pilots can securely monitor. An Online Flight Planning tool consolidates planning data such as airport information, alerts and GPS RAIM predictions. Among other flight management services, Ascend also makes available real-time data communications and a Flight Watch service with a meteorologist assigned to track each flight.

Operators of Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 or Pro Line 21-equipped aircraft will be able to access the Aircraft Information Manager service by adding the IMS-3500 Information Management Server (IMS). Rockwell Collins’ new Pro Line Fusion avionics system, which enters service in 2011 on the Bombardier Global Express XRS, will be Ascend capable.
“Pro Line Fusion was designed with Ascend in mind,” said Greg Irmen, vice president and general manager, Business and Regional Systems. “Pro Line Fusion is our flagship for the services that are offered with Ascend.”
Irmen offered an example of the Aircraft Information Manager feature in practice.

“With a Pro Line Fusion flight deck and a service subscription to our aircraft information manager services, uploading databases for your aircraft is a whole new experience,” he said.

“No more do you have to receive your FMS database or your electronic charts via the mail, or go online and download them. No longer will you need to take your laptop out to your laptop, or a memory stick out to your aircraft to download the information on the aircraft. Instead, the aircraft will be updated automatically no matter where the aircraft resides. With Ascend, we are going to move the industry to a new level of information enablement.”

Cabin services available through Ascend include Rockwell Collins’ Airshow Network, personalized moving maps, Tailwind satellite TV and management of cabin content subscriptions. Maintenance services include wireless updates of FMS and other flight databases, plus wireless downloads of fault histories and LRU diagnostics. (Oct. 19, 2010)

Eclipse, IS&S Introduce New FMS for Eclipse Jet
Eclipse Aerospace unveiled the flight management system (FMS) for the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet. The FMS will be manufactured by Innovative Solutions and Support (IS&S), of Exton, Pa., as part of the AvioNG avionics suite.

The AvioNG Integrated FMS provides coupled LPV approach, Airway/Victor route navigation, RNP (Auto/Manual), holding patterns and procedure turns, parallel offsets, storage for ninety-nine flight plans, user defined waypoints, nearest airports and navigation aids, OBS mode, present and on-route information. The system includes enhanced graphics such as integrated on-route e-charts, e-charts overlaid on the moving map, freezing levels, winds aloft, stormscope display, progressive zooming, and Canadian NexRad/Metars and TAFs.

The New Integrated FMS is expected to be released before yearend and will be standard on all Total Eclipse Twin-Engine Jets thereafter. (Oct. 19, 2010)

StandardAero in Brazilian Partnership for MRO Services

StandardAero signed a partnership agreement with Brazil’s Lider Aviação for maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services on the TFE731, PT6A and RR250 engines. The agreement is for two years and many of the services will be performed at Lider’s facilities in Brazil. (Oct. 19, 2010)

NetJets Places Phenom 300 Order
Providing early fanfare Monday at the NBAA conference in Atlanta, Embraer and fractional ownership company NetJets announced a purchase agreement for up to 125 Phenom 300 executive jets, with a potential value in excess of $1 billion at current list price. The agreement covers 50 customized Phenom 300 “Platinum Edition” aircraft, plus 75 options. The first 50 jets will be delivered from 2013 to 2015. Embraer President and CEO Frederico Fleury Curado and NetJets Chairman and CEO David Sokol celebrated the agreement by pulling the wraps off a Platinum Edition model aircraft. During a press briefing, Sokol suggested the custom version will feature interior changes, but not be limited to the cabin. (Oct. 19, 2010)

Photo courtesy EMS Aviation
EMS Unveils Aspire Connectivity Family
EMS Aviation on Monday introduced a modular, scalable family of Iridium and Inmarsat voice and data systems aimed at small and medium-sized business aircraft, calling it a “revolution in airborne connectivity.”

The Aspire product line is designed with standard interfaces and interchangeable system components, including Iridium and Inmarsat transceivers and a variety of antennae.

EMS in 2011 will introduce a color, touch screen handset for cabin management functions with open source, Android-based operating system, a business aviation first. Airborne connectivity is “an absolute must demand. … Corporations are demanding the capability to communicate at least by email,” said Cliff Topham, EMS Aviation vice president of sales and marketing.

EMS plans to introduce the product line in phases, with installations anticipated by year-end. The first offering, the Aspire 200 LG, will be installed on a Cessna Sovereign.

Aspire 200 LG is an Inmarsat cabin solution that offers voice and data connectivity through one channel of SwiftBroadband (SB200) service, with up to 200 Kbps data rate. With a high-gain antenna, the system also supports automatic switching to Swift 64 services.

Topham described Aspire 200 LG as a quarter the size and a quarter the weight of existing satcom packages. The system includes a 2 MCU transceiver that weighs 8 pounds and can be installed outside the aircraft’s pressure vessel, an integrated high-power/low-noise amplifier/diplexer and a blade antenna.

The other product packages are the Aspire 100 SC, offering standard voice or low-rate data over one channel of Iridium, with data rate of 2.4 Kbps; Aspire 100 TC, offering standard voice and low-rate data over two Iridium channels; and Aspire 250 series, offering high-quality voice and high-speed Internet over one channel of SwiftBroadband with data speed up to 432 Kbps.

Topham said the cost of an Aspire system depends on a number of variables, “but we expect the price will be well below $100,000, nearly half that.” (Oct. 19, 2010)

CMC Electronics To Produce L-3 SmartDeck Suite

Esterline CMC Electronics on Monday said it has an exclusive license agreement to produce the L-3 Avionics Systems SmartDeck integrated cockpit avionics system. Greg Yeldon, CMC Electronics president, announced the agreement at the NBAA conference in Atlanta. (Oct. 18, 2010)

Photo courtesy Hawker Beechcraft
Hawker Introduces New Light Jet

Hawker Beechcraft on Monday introduced the newest member of its Hawker lineup, the Hawker 200 light jet. Flying at 450 knots and 43,000 feet, the Hawker 200 can perform the light jet missions needed 95 percent of the time while going faster, higher, farther and offering more comfort. In addition to its new winglets and composite fuselage, new powerful Williams International FJ44-3AP engines, a gross weight increase and a higher ceiling; the Hawker 200 also features a MultiScan Weather Radar, ADS-B Out capability, and high reliability with a 400-hour inspection interval and 10-year composite airframe warranty, according to the company. (Oct. 18, 2010)

Jet Aviation Selects Rockwell Collins CMS for A319 CJ
Rockwell Collins was selected by Jet Aviation Basel to install its Venue High Definition (HD) Cabin Management System (CMS) on an Airbus A319 CJ with an option of two further aircraft. This announcement marks the first installation of Venue on narrow body corporate jet platforms, the company said. (Oct. 18, 2010)

Photo courtesy Honeywell
Honeywell Ovation CMS Selected for BBJs

Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management System has been selected for installation in two different Boeing Business Jets, the company said. Greenpoint Technologies and JetTech Aerospace aircraft completion centers chose the system for Boeing 737s expected to enter service in 2011. “There is very strong customer demand for an aircraft cabin system that is as good or better than the all-digital, high-definition systems they have in their homes and offices,” said Brian Sill, Honeywell’s vice president for Business and General Aviation Aftermarket. (Oct. 18, 2010)

StandardAero, Rockwell Collins Team for Pro Line 21 Upgrades
StandardAero is teaming with Rockwell Collins on the Pro Line 4 to Pro Line 21 upgrade on the Falcon 50EX. The work performed is for an undisclosed customer and will be completed at StandardAero’s Springfield, Ill., facility. The upgrade includes WAAS/LPV, Graphical Weather, XM Satellite Weather, Electronic Charts, NTSC Video on the MFD, Enhanced Navigation Maps. (Oct. 18, 2010)

Photo courtesy Bombardier
New Bombardier Global Variants Unveiled
Bombardier took the wraps off two new business jets during this week’s NBAA Conference in Atlanta — the Global 7000 and Global 8000. The Global 7000, with a cabin volume of 2,637 cubic feet, will have a high-speed cruise of M 0.90 and a range of 7,300 nm at M 0.85. Entry into service is scheduled for 2016, the airframer said Monday. Bombardiers other new aircraft, the Global 8000, will feature a 2,236-cubic-foot cabin and a range of 7,900 nm at M 0.85. Its entry into service is scheduled for 2017, according to Bombardier. "By extending this great aircraft family, we are once again offering a business jet travel experience that is unmatched and ahead of its time,” said Steve Ridolfi, president of Bombardier Business Aircraft. (Oct. 18, 2010)

M&O Sessions This Week
Hawker Beechcraft’s Global Customer Support (GCS) division is hosting five maintenance and operation (M&O) seminars during this week’s NBAA Conference in Atlanta. (Oct. 18, 2010)

Bombardier Selects Aircell Connectivity Suite
Bombardier Aerospace has chosen a suite of Aircell systems as factory options aboard select aircraft from the Learjet and Challenger business jet families. (Oct. 18, 2010)

Rockwell Collins EVS Certified on BBJ
Rockwell Collins Enhanced Vision System (EVS) was certified last week by FAA on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), an Air National Guard C-40, the companies announced Monday at the NBAA convention in Atlanta. (Oct. 18, 2010)

Business Aviation Outlook: 2011 Is Trough
Business aircraft deliveries in 2011 are expected to fall below 700 units, marking the trough of a three-year freefall in industry fortunes, according to Honeywell Aerospace. (Oct. 18, 2010)

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