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Monday, June 27, 2011

Accidents & Incidents

June 13, 2011 Oswego, IL Boeing B-17G About 0947 CDT, the a/c experienced an in-flight fire and emergency landing. 1 passenger sustained a minor injury. The remaining 3 crewmembers & 3 passengers were not injured. The a/c substantially damaged as a result of a post-impact fire. The accident a/c departed w/ a N.American SNJ-4, N299FM, as a flight of 2 airplanes. About 6 mins after takeoff, the pilot of the SNJ airplane informed the flight crew of the B-17 that they had an in-flight fire. The SNJ pilot subsequently advised the B-17 crew to execute an emergency landing to a field. 1 Minor 6 Uninjured The flight originated from Aurora Municipal Airport (ARR), Aurora, Ill at 0938 CDT. Flight crew of the B-17 determined that the fire was on the left wing. A/c came to rest near the east end of a corn field. The fire consumed the fuselage and inboard portion of both wings. *Preliminary NTSB Data
June 14, 2011 Linden, NC Grumman American Avn. Group AA-5A N8476B About 1040 EDT, a/c was destroyed when it collided w/trees during takeoff from Flyers Airport. The pilot and 3 passengers sustained minor injuries. During the initial climb after takeoff, the a/c felt like the engine was not developing full power, and was not going to clear a tree @ the end of the runway, the pilot said, who then lowered the nose, rather than risking a stall, which landed the a/c into trees, impacted the ground and was consumed by a post crash fire. 4 Minor The airplane was equipped with a Lycoming O-320, 150-horsepower engine. The post crash fire damage precluded an inspection of the fuel or ignition system; however, the engine was retained for further examination. *Preliminary NTSB Data
June 14, 2011 Fairbanks, AK Raytheon-Beech 1900 WAV401 Around 1310 ADT, a/c experienced a near midair collision w/ Era Alaska Flight 12K (ERR12K). There were no reports of injuries or damage to either a/c. WAV401 was NE-bound toward the airport descending to enter the traffic pattern for runway 20L and was receiving radar service from the Fairbanks approach control. ERR12K has just departed from runway 20R and was climbing W-bound, also in communication with Fairbanks tower, who noted the potential conflict between the 2 a/c and issued 3 traffic advisories to ERR12K, but the pilot never reported seeing WAV401. Unavailable The approach controller issued no traffic information to WAV401 about ERR12K. Immediately after the aircraft crossed paths, the pilot of WAV401 reported that a Navajo had passed 100 feet above their aircraft. The approach control then instructed the pilot of WAV401 to contact the tower. *NTSB Preliminary Data
June 18, 2011 Guntersville, AL Piper PA-28-140 N1803T Around 0950 CDT, a/c was substantially damage when it impacted trees & the ground following takeoff from Guntersville Municipal Airport. Witnesses saw the a/c airborne about 2/3rds of the way down the departure runway, then pitched up to a nose attitude, and appeared to have a "high sink rate" when the a/c descended behind a tree line. The airplane came to rest at the base of several trees. Both wings were separated and resting against adjoining trees approximately 2 feet from the initial impact point of the engine. The airplane was facing back in the direction of travel and the propeller remained attached to the engine which remained attached to the fuselage 3 Fatal 1 Serious The flight originated at Lebanon Municipal Airport (M54), Lebanon, Tennessee, earlier in the day. *Preliminary NTSB Data
June 18, 2011 Armonk, NY Cessna T210N N210KW About 1303 CDT, a/c was destroyed following a collision w/trees and terrain at Armonk, NY. The pilot and 3 passengers were fatally injured. After takeoff from runway 34 @ HPN, the pilot reported to ATC that he needed to return to the airport and requested Runway 16.The pilot did not state the nature of the emergency. An initial review of the recorded radar data indicated the airplane reached a max. altitude of about 1,400 ft MSL. The cockpit and cabin sections were inverted and consumed by the post-crash fire. 4 Fatal The flight originated from Westchester Regional Airport (HPN), White Plains, New York, about 1257 and was destined for Montauk Airport (MTP), New York. *Preliminary NTSB Data
June 21, 2011 Atlanta, GA Boeing 757-232 N6714Q Around 0700 EDT, Operated by Delta Air Line (DAL) as Flight 1323, a/c experienced a left engine fire while taking off from Atlanta, GA (ATL). Of the 170 passengers and 6 crewmembers on board the flight, three passengers received minor injuries. Unavailable The flight was destined for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). *Preliminary NTSB Data
June 21, 2011 Marysville, CA Schweizer Aircraft Corp G-164B N3627G About 1035 PDT, a/c departed the runway during landing at Yuba County Airport. The pilot was not injured, and the a/c sustained substantial damage. The pilot had reported that during the takeoff roll, just prior to rotation, the right main landing gear separated from the fuselage. He cont'd the takeoff and elected to land at Yuba County Airport. During the landing roll the airplane departed the runway sustaining substantial damage to the lower left wing. 1 Uninjured The aerial application flight departed from a dirt strip about 15 miles NW of Marysville at 1015. *Preliminary NTSB Data

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