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Monday, October 11, 2010

Accidents & Incidents

Date Aircraft Type Narrative Death/Injury Remarks
September 03, 2010
Tuxtlas, Mexico
Bell OH-58 XY-KYY, A/c substantially damaged when impacted terrain while conducting crop dusting operations near Tuxtlas, Mexico Two fatalities Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at time of accident. Pilot and one passenger fatally injured.
September 18, 2010 Covington, TN BELL OH-58A N38FA A/c operated by B&S Air impacted terrain following loss of engine power immediately after takeoff from portable platform near Covington, TN. Aerial application flight. During takeoff, 30 feet above ground level and at 30 mph, while at translational lift, engine began "surging." No injuries Helicopter experienced loss of engine power and began losing altitude. It impacted ground "fairly hard" and main rotor blades struck and severed tail boom approximately 1 foot aft of horizontal stabilizer.
September 20, 2010 Schaumburg, IL SCHWEIZER N34LB Schweizer 269C single-engine helicopter sustained substantial damage after experiencing mechanical malfunction during hover prior to takeoff at Schaumburg Regional Airport, No injuries According to a/c owner, during hover prior to departure, bolt and its associated hardware for a section of tail boom assembly departed helicopter. A/c yawed to right and began to shake. Flight instructor lowered collective and landed a/c onto skids.
September 20, 2010
Budapest, Hungary
BOEING 737 HA-LOE Hungarian Airlines B-737-600 experienced yaw event at 95 knots and aborted takeoff from Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (LHBP). No injuries There were no injuries to 6 crew members onboard and a/c was not damaged. Flights intended destination was Helsinki - Vantaa Airport (EFHK), Helsinki, Finland.
September 20, 2010
El Mirage, CA
COSMOS PHASE II N56078 Experimental weight-shift-control (trike) collided with terrain shortly after takeoff at El Mirage Field Adelanto Airport. Witnesses said pilot was having difficulty starting engine prior to flight. They observed him move throttle to full forward position and attempt to start engine, at which point it started and ran up to full power. One fatality Trike immediately accelerated and began a steep climb to 50 feet agl, followed by descending left turn. It collided with ground 250 feet beyond takeoff point.
September 22, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
BELL 412 N412PD A/c registered to New York City Police Aviation Unit ditched into Jamaica Bay, near Brooklyn, NY, following failure of rotor drive system. Flight originated from NYPD Air Operations (Floyd Bennett Field) (NY22), Brooklyn. Six minor Pilot said while returning to NY22 for refueling, while at 300 feet AGL and at 50 knots, a/c started a descent. He increased power but it had no effect on slowing the descent. A/c contacted water and came to abrupt stop. Floats deployed and a/c remained afloat on water. Examination of a/c by FAA inspector found 6-inch hole in top of combining gear box.
September 23, 2010 Pocahontas, AR AERO COMMANDER S2R N8820Q A/c operated by Kirk Aviation destroyed when struck an embankment and caught fire on takeoff from private airstrip 3 miles N of Pocahontas, AR. One serious Pilot told FAA inspector that a/c was fully loaded and ambient temperature was high. A/c reached end of runway and lifted off, struck embankment, impacted field, and burned.
September 24, 2010 Chatsworth, GA CESSNA 172 N84249 A/c registered to Flight Training Express collided with tree and ground during forced landing invicinity of Chatsworth, GA. Flight originated from Massey Ranch Airpark (X50) New Smyrna Beach, FL. CFI obtained instrument flight rules clearance from Daytona Approach Control en-route to Lovell Field Airport (CHA), Chattanooga, TN. Two fatalities, one serious Two witnesses in vicinity of crash site observed a/c flying towards their home northbound at tree top level. White landing light was on and a red and green light was also visible. They could not hear engine running as it went directly over them. The engine was whistling like a fan.
September 24, 2010 Taylorsville, MS BELL OH-58A N132HD A/c operated by Cahaba Forestry Services substantially damaged during impact with trees and terrain, while surveying area for spraying near Taylorsville, MS. One serious FAA inspector said during post-accident wreckage examination, impact signatures observed on rotor blades and transmission not consistent with high engine power or rotor rpm at impact. During wreckage examination, inspector drained 16 gallons of fuel from wreckage.
September 25, 2010
Pattison, TX
Worthington Rotorway, N520RW Worthington Rotorway Exec 90 amateur-built helicopter registered to and operated by pilot destroyed when impacted terrain in open field near Pattison, TX. One fatality FAA inspector said was first flight after owner had performed unspecified maintenance on helicopter. Witness working in nearby field saw and heard a/c fly overhead and said engine was making "funny noises." Then observed plume of smoke.
Sept. 25, 2010
New York,
New York
BOMBARDIER CL600 2D24 N133EV Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight 4951 diverted to Kennedy International Airport (JFK) due to a gear unsafe warning. No injuries Flight was enroute from Hartsfield International Airport (ATL), Atlanta, GA to White Plains, NY (HPN). A/c landed on Runway 31R with the right MLG fully retracted. 60 pax and 4 crew evacuated on runway.
CESSNA 150F N7915F

Sept. 26, 2010
A/c owned and operated by private individual was substantially damaged during impact with trees and terrain, while maneuvering near Sweetwater, TN. Pilot was returning from RYY to DKX when a/c impacted a hill located 6 miles NW of Monroe County Airport (MNV), Madisonville, TN. One fatality Two witnesses in area reported hearing airplane "sputter" and then crash into a ridgeline. One witness stated the a/c appeared to approach from the east. The other witness stated that the area was foggy and she did not see the impact.
September 28, 2010
Tulsa, OK
Cessna 172RG N5145U A/c operated by Spartan Aviation Industries was destroyed when fire broke out in engine compartment while returning to Richard Lloyd Jones, Jr., Airport (RVS), Tulsa, OK. Pilots unsuccessfully attempted forced landing and impacted terrain 2 miles west of airport. One serious Pilots contacted tower for landing. They declared emergency and reported in-flight fire. During ensuing forced landing, a/c stalled about 5 feet above the ground and impacted terrain. Two pilots evacuated airplane that was totally consumed by fire.
September 28, 2010 Milwaukee, WI BOMBARDIER CRJ-200 N498CA CRJ-200 operated as Skywest Airlines flight 3074 landed with left main landing gear retracted on runway 7R at General Mitchell Airport (MKE), Milwaukee, WI. Crew reported gear indicator problem and performed pass for air traffic control tower observation. Tower observed left main landing gear in retracted position. No injuries After some unknown troubleshooting, crew landed a/c with left main landing gear retracted. Preliminary damage assessment by on-site FAA inspectors revealed minor damage to left wing tip, flap assemblies, and flap pylon assemblies. Left main landing gear door was up and locked, and left main gear was in wheel well.
October 02, 2010 Amsterdam, Netherlands BOEING 737 TC-TJF Turkish Airlines flight CAI603 overran runway 22 at Schiphol Airport (EHAM), Amstedam, the Netherlands. No injuries Only the nose landing gear exited the paved surface and the airplane was undamaged. No injuries occurred. The flight originated at Dalaman Airport (LTBS), Turkey.
Oct. 2, 2010 Lima, Peru Cessna 185 Four tourists and two Peruvians were killed when a/c they were flying in crashed near Nazca lines south of Lima. Plane took off from local Maria Reiche airport, Cessna plummeted to ground and slammed into agricultural field where pilot was apparently trying to make emergency landing, Six fatalities Peruvians who died were crew of a/c belonging to Air Nasca, one of companies offering overflights of Nazca lines.
October 03, 2010 Bristol, United Kingdom BOEING 767 G-OOBK Thomson Airways Boeing 767 experienced hard landing at Bristol International Airport (BRS), Bristol, England. unavail A/c completing flight from Cancun International Airport (CUN), Cancun, Mexico. Upon parking, damage was observed on crown of aircraft. No injuries occurred.

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