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Monday, March 8, 2004

Accidents and Incidents

PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS Imagery at http://www.iasa.com.au/080304.htm
13 Jan Townsville Qld 737-700 of Virgin Blue Undercarriage spring detached and dented roof of house during approach. Nil Item subject of a Dec. service bulletin but parts not received from Boeing.
10 Feb Sharjah, UAE F50 of Kish Air EP-LCA Prelim finding that both props entered reverse at 2kms final -per Luxair crash. 44 fatal / 46 o/b ASW coverage of Luxair case, see 23 June 2003. Final Luxair report http://www.iasa.com.au/luxf50.txt.
16 Feb Luanda Angola Premier 1 (Raytheon Hawker 800XP) of NAC 2 SA pilots (of US Co NAC) flew 4 Indian businessmen to Luanda to demo an Exec Jet & are being held for the duration of a VIP murder inquiry. Nil One pax (owner of Indian Krishna Bank) was murdered in the Presidente Meridien Hotel - but other pax have been allowed to leave the country.
19 Feb Halifax Nova Scotia 727-225 of Cargojet Flt CJT575 decl emerg for eng failure and returned from o'head Greenwood. Nil Reg: C-GCJZ enroute Mirabel at 0028Z - LP turbine failure.
22 Feb 2132Z Calgary, Canada 737 of Westjet C-GUWS On day dept r/way 16, one of 5 Canada geese hit entered #2 eng (which failed). Nil Incident A/C reportedly equipped with bird-scaring pulsing landing lights.
26 Feb 1925Z St Johns Newfdlnd A310-308 of Air Transat C-GLAT Flt TSC849 hard-landed, bounced & reptd severe wind shear at 100ft agl. Nil Reptd nil damage and departed later for Varadero Cuba.
26 Feb Johannesburg Intl. 737-800 of SAA Flt: SA422 Veered off r'way onto grass in rain on landing, destroying a few r'way lights. Nil Damage to LE & TE Flaps, U/C and tail -from Port Elizabeth, landing 03R.
26 Feb Esbjerg, Denmark DC-6B of Air Atlantique G-SIXC made an emerg landing with two engines shut down. Nil No further details.
27 Feb 0130L Manchester UK 737 of BMIBaby Flt WW5505 Returned with smoke in the cabin shortly after takeoff for Belfast N.I. Nil Already > than 14 hr late due to de-icing & technical problems.
28 Feb Manchester UK A330-300 of US Airways No Flap emergency landing carried out on arrival & a/c evac'd on r'way. Nil no further details (assume flap asymmetry trip or hydraulic failure).
29 Feb Manchester UK A321 of MyTravel 737 of Ryanair High-speed abort & near collision after Ryanair 737 crossed 06L causing MYT A321 G-SMTJ to reject its t/off. Nil/220 pax on MYT ATCO suspended pending inquiry. MYT crew replaced for onward journey.
29 Feb Miami Intl. 727-2A1(F) of VarigLog During loading PR-LGC tipped onto its tail causing minor damage. Nil Tail-prop overlooked. Pilots in cockpit impressed by nil airspeed rotate.
01 Mar 1330Z Calgary SA227DC of Sunwest Home Metro III C-GSHY deptd and decl'd emerg for cabin full of smoke. Nil Calgary for Edmonton. Returned Calgary - no further details.
01 Mar 1822Z Winnipeg Intl Aurora P3 of CDF CFC1304 decl emerg for smoke 40nm W of Winnipeg, diverted and evac'd. Nil Enrt CFB Greenwood to CFB Comox B.C. No further details.
01 Mar 1507L St Louis, Illinois Jetstream 41 and ANG F-15A Missouri ANG Jet overran on landing 30R narrowly missing taxiing JS41. Nil F15A NLG collapsed. Jetstream possibly of Corporate Express.
01 Mar 0145L Jeddah S.A. A310 of PIA Hajj flight High-speed abort on t/off 34L after a port engine surge. Nil / 261 pax / 7 crew #1 ingested a metal object & shed fan-blades - replacement a/c sent.
01 Mar Melbourne 717 of QANTAS Flt: QF1653 Returned to Tullamarine A/P after a loss of pressurization/rapid descent. Nil / 115 pax Bound for Hobart Tasmania (tech defect of controller or outflow valves).
02 Mar Luxor, Egypt A300-600 of EgyptAir NLG fire broke out after landing and was extinguished by RFF team. Nil Caused by a hydraulic leak.
02 Mar Sydney NSW Australia 737 of Virgin Blue Rear end crew-members reported an unusual smell 15 mins after t/off for Melbourne & a/c ret'd to Sydney. all crew + 1 pax injured Injured taken to hospital with eye problems after a resinous substance found in a passenger's hand-luggage.
02 Mar 1145L New Orleans EMB145 of Chautauqua Air Landed without incident r'way 19 Armstrong A/P after birdstrike reptd . Nil Damaged stbd engine.
02 Mar 0150Z McAlester, Okla. C208 Caravan Reg: N4602B Flt MRA633 hit a deer on landing and propeller was badly damaged. Nil Operator Martinaire Inc (arriving fm Hugo Oklahoma - landing runway 36).
02 Mar 0315Z Austin, Texas C208 Caravan N978FE Flt BVN7752 lost brakes and left taxiway whilst taxiing to ramp. Nil FedEx flt at Austin-Bergstrom Airport - nil damage.
03 Mar am hrs Manchester UK HS748 of Emerald Awys Cargo a/c fm Paris rept'd smoke in the cabin when 5mls out on approach. Nil Faulty detectors in cabin cargo area.
03 Mar 1953L St Paul Is., Alaska Sa227 of Penair Reg: N2719H A/c veered left on touchdown in 2 ins of mud and snow and hit runway lts. Nil Enroute to Adak Island, Alaska.
03 Mar 1616L Westchester County BD-700 Reg: N404VL Ret'd to land r/way 34 after birdstrike damaged left engine. Nil Global Express opr by Wells Fargo Bank.
03 Mar 2052L Dallas, Texas SF340 of American Eagle EGF354 hit 6 Canada Geese on approach to DFW at 6000ft. Nil Damage to right wing and nose-cone.
04 Mar 0840L Baku Intl A/P IL76 of Azov-Avia UR-ZVA Cargo a/c crashed into a Busovna field a few moments after getting airborne. 5 fatal / 7 o/b Deptd Bina A/P Azerbaijan for Kabul & lost both port engines (birds seen).
1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries 2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by John Sampson - International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).
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