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Monday, April 2, 2007

Accidents And Incidents

11 Mar Sydney Australia A330-300 of QANTAS Reg:VH-EBA Report discloses that on arrival back from a C service in Singapore, the crew oxygen supply valve was found lockwired at "off" nil Serviced by Lufthansa Technik. QANTAS is now threatening legal action against the whistleblowers releasing the documents
15 Mar ~1530L Sun Valley Idaho Q400 of Horizon Air Flt:2408 Aircraft aborted takeoff due to a compressor stall during the early takeoff roll nil/23 pax pax quickly re-routed via SkyWest services
16 Mar 1840Z Titusville FL L39C Albatross Reg:N63295 Aircraft crashed at high speed in bushland. Failed to pull out of a loop at an airshow. 1 dead/1 onboard Warbird of Best Jet Services LLC was destroyed (had entered cloud at top of loop)
16 Mar 1343Z Westchester NY Gulfstream 200 reg:N729QS On landing, slid off the departure end of runway & became stuck in the mud & snow. Nil/ 4 onboard Closed down the airport for some hours at Westchester airport, White Plains, NY
17 Mar 2027L Providenciales Turks & Caicos Hawker 400A reg: N466LX Shortly after touchdown on refuel stop the left gear collapsed spilling fuel & damaging port wing trailing edge and wingtip. nil op by Flight Options. Princess Julianna (St Marteen) to Palm Beach International FL. New with only 23 hours on the airframe.
17 Mar 1830Z Beverley Ma Citation 500 Reg: N511AT Landed very hard at Beverley Airport and severely bent the right wing Nil/6 onboard Substantial damage
18 Mar ~2300L Las Vegas Nev A320 of America West Flt 290 A/c lost the port engine soon after dept and returned to McCarran International A/P nil/150 pax + 5 crew pax boarded another a/c for their destination Minneapolis
20 Mar ~1630L Memphis Tn A310 of FEDEX Freighter turned back to Memphis after pilots smelt smoke in the cockpit nil/2 onboard Headed Richmond Virginia
21 Mar 1550L Newark NJ 777-200 of Continental Flt CO84 RH GE90-94B suffered a contained failure on takeoff for Tel Aviv (which was rejected) nil/260 pax +16 crew Reg: N78017 was towed back to the gate. "Contained" left much debris on the r/way
22 Mar afternoon Denver Co Brasilia of Great Lakes Aviation Declared emergency on approach Denverfor a tire blown on departure from Gillette nil/30 onboard Gillette Wyoming to Denver Colorado
22 Mar day Evansville Indiana CRJ of Delta Diverted in due to an electrical smell and then clearly visible smoke in the cabin nil ex St Louis Missouri bound for Cincinnati, Ohio
23 Mar Frankfurt Germany A380 of Airbus Maint tried to fix hydraulic hose with a part from an A340 with no luck (5000 psi system?), so HongKong dept flight delayed nil/439 pax Genuine A380 replacement part for Elevator Control was flown in from Toulouse on a bizjet. Headed Washington Dulles on 26 Mar
23 Mar 0059Z Cincinnati Ohio 757 of Delta Flight: DL787 Issued taxi instructions which did not include information that the flight was expected to follow another aircraft ..... 2 flight attendants injured Crew observed the other aircraft on a collision course and stopped their aircraft quite abruptly
23 Mar 2100L Stansted UK L188 Electra of Atlantic Airlines Full emergency for a 3 engine pitchlock situation (requiring full rudder approach) nil Acft was back in service the following night (synchrophaser change?)
23 Mar ~1700L Mogadishu Somalia IL-76TD of TransAviaExport (under contract to UN relief Agencies) EW78849 believed shot down by missile & crashed during its emergency return to Mogadishu. Eyewitnesses cite a RHS missile hit as the 4 engined aircraft passed 1500ft on climb-out. 11 killed /11 onboard Pilots reptd a RH eng on fire passing 10Kft on climb. Wing later seen to detach over the ocean. A/c had carried in engineers to repair the IL76 involved in an earlier 09 March missile/RPG hit on late finals to MOG
23 Mar ~1350L Istanbul Turkey A300B4-203 of Ariana YA-BAD Afghan airliner (Flight FG719) overran 2286m runway 24/06 by 30m in bad weather nil/50 onboard Kabul to Istanbul. A/c folded its RH gear & was cut into pieces for removal. Write-off
23 Mar afternoon Chicago (Gary) 737-800 of SkyValue Flight 512 Aircraft went around late and diverted due to another aircraft being on close-in finals to the same landing runway nil Flew 50nms to South Bend to refuel before returning to Gary. According to a Fort Wayne paper, a collision was just avoided.
23 Mar day Istanbul Turkey A319 of THY Turkish Airlines aircraft overran runway end on landing at Agri (Istanbul) nil minor damage. Istanbul's runways have slope and lots of built-up rubber deposits.
24 Mar 2122L Gatwick UK 737-800 of ThomsonFly G-CDZI landed runway 08R with an engine #1 unserviceability nil Flight TOM6058 (Palma de Mallorca Spain to Gatwick)
24 Mar ~1630L Southend UK Beech 200 reg: G-BYCP Beech 200 had to land with an unsafe nose-gear which collapsed after touchdown nil/5 onboard minor damage. See multiple images at tinyurl.com/2gjxs3
24 Mar ~1300L Milwaukee Wisconsin MD87 reg: N871DP A/c reported by owner as stolen from Ft Worth Texas was forced down by USAF and FAA ATC whilst enroute to Russia nil/ 1+ ? onboard Judge slapped an injunction on the a/c until ownership disputes could be sorted. FAA interest is in the inadequate (single pilot?) crew
25 Mar 0655L Tel Aviv Israel 737 of El Al Flight: LY347 Pax were evacuated on taxi-out when the aircraft started filling with thick smoke nil/128 pax +6 crew headed to Zurich. Cleaning detergent had been left in the engines after a periodic flush
25 Mar ~2110L Rifle Colorado Falcon 900 of XOJET N129KJ Skidded off the end of a wet runway at Garfield County Regional Airport nil/3 onboard pax nos unkn substantial damage. Tanks were ruptured and a very large amount of fuel spilt
26 Mar 1920L Boston Logan Emb190 of JetBlue Flt: 1017 Emergency landing on 15R for an electrical problem on departure Logan nil Nosewheel steering was affected. Acft was towed off the runway to the gate.
26 Mar Newark NJ 757 of Continental Flt:CO22 Flt CO22 called for a return after takeoff due to a cockpit window opening on T/O nil/ 141 onboard after about 5 mins managed to force it closed and resumed heading for Dublin.
26 Mar 1411L Newark NJ 777-200 of Continental Flt 98 CDC was called out when F/A's noted acute illness among 80+ pax (flu-like symptoms) 80+ sick/272 pax onboard CDC cleared pax from quarantine after 2hrs following diagnosis of a common flu strain


1 Air carrier accidents, or other incidents involving serious failures or fatal injuries, investigated by aviation safety agencies of various nations.

2 DISCLAIMER: These assessments are not intended to assert probable cause or liability, but rather are intended to provide insight pending publication of a final report of investigation. Preliminary analysis by J. Sampson, International Aviation Safety Association (IASA).

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