FedEx Looks to Fleet Renewal, Avionics Modernization

[Avionics Today 09-01-2015] Cargo airline FedEx Express, which operates the world’s fourth...

Cree Wins US Air Force Semiconductor Contract for F-35

A-Variant (CTOL) LRIP F-35 aircraft. Photo: JSF [Avionics Today 09-01-2015] The U.S. Air Force has...

Airline Interest in Reducing Operating Costs Spurs Global MRO Market

Maintenance technicians working on an aircraft. Photo: Southwest Airlines [Avionics Today...

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Death to the Floppy: Bringing Aircraft Information Management into the 21st Century

It is alarming that in the 21st century, the data link most widely used by airlines today is still no faster than 33 Kbps and often as slow as 2.4 Kbps. 

This webinar will describe technologies that will enable airlines to free themselves from floppies and enable the introduction of broadband data links to automate data distribution and enhance airline operations in ways that slow data links cannot. 


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