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Monday, October 31, 2011

Donaldson Engine Inlet Barrier Filters Available for Bell 230s

FAA has granted Donaldson Aerospace & Defense approval for an Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system for the Bell 230 helicopter, which will be added to an existing Supplemental Type Certificate for the Bell 430 helicopter.

With this new IBF solution, Bell 230 operators will quickly realize a return on their investment through reduced operating costs, enhanced performance and expanded operational capabilities.

The IBF system now available for the Bell 230 includes the following features and benefits:

• Sealed intake plenum on each engine intake with integral filter elements that replace the inlet screens or internal particle separator;
• Unique intake bypass system not available with certified particle separators;
• Simple compact cockpit switch - common with all Donaldson certified systems - allows indication and activation of the bypass system;
• Integral Filter Maintenance Aid allows for on-condition inspections between established cleaning intervals, eliminating unnecessary service. The filter service cycle is required at 300 flight hours or one year with each filter capable of 15 service cycles (4,500 flight hours) or possibly less if operating in high sand/dust content adverse environment conditions; and
• Provides good operational capability while maintaining maximum engine protection.

“The addition of the Bell 230 to our existing Bell 430 STC is a natural progression and maintains a common hardware configuration,” said Michael Scimone, President of Donaldson’s St. Louis location. “Legacy aircraft operators worldwide are always looking for ways to reduce operating costs. We are pleased we could offer a practical solution for the Bell 230, as we do on many other legacy aircraft still providing useful service to the industry.”

Barrier filter systems enhance engine performance, deliver more engine temperature margin (thus more load carrying capacity), and provide a greater level of safety. The Donaldson IBF prevents potential turbine damage in all conditions, as engine contaminants exist in both the ramp and off-site operating environments alike. All these factors culminate in a quick return on investment, which is critical to commercial and military operators alike.

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