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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sikorsky to Review X-2 Program This Week

Top Sikorsky Aircraft executives are by week's end to review the company’s X-2 Technology Demonstrator program, which has fallen behind its original schedule.  Sikorsky had hoped to fly the coaxial demonstrator by the end of 2006; supply problems on the program, a strike in early 2006 and resulting, bigger production problems on the company’s other programs limited it to doing only a ground run of the LHTEC T800 engine, combiner gearbox, and other components installed in the prototype aircraft at Sikorsky’s Schweizer Aircraft subsidiary last November. Still, program officials tell Rotor & Wing, they haven’t seen anything in testing to indicate they can’t achieve their goal of an advanced, fly-by-wire rotorcraft capable of cruising at 250 kt. The Executive Council, made up of top executives throughout Sikorsky, has asked program managers to develop options for proceeding with X-2. Those are what will be reviewed this week. The council’s nod on an option could free up the remaining X-2 program budget. For related news
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