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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FedEx Looks to Reduce Aircraft Emissions by 30 Percent

FedEx is looking for a 30 percent reduction of its aircraft carbon emissions by the year 2020, according to its Global Citizenship Report released Monday.

The Memphis-based cargo carrier originally announced in 2008 its goal to reduce aircraft carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020. FedEx said they are using FY 05 as their base year, and have already reduced their carbon emissions by 13.8 percent since FY05.

“FedEx is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions for our customers,” said Mitch Jackson, staff vice president of environmental affairs and sustainability at FedEx. “This year’s Global Citizenship Report showcases our tireless efforts to maximize our efficiency while advancing our commitment to connect the world in responsible and resourceful ways.”

FedEx said their fleet modernization program—upgrading from 727s and MD-11s to 777s--has primarily lead to the reduction in carbon emissions and an increase in fuel efficiency. The delivery company said it will introduce the Boeing 767 in 2013, and will completely replace its FedEx Express fleet of 727s with 757s by 2015.

“FedEx has also reaffirmed its commitment to sourcing at least 30 percent of its jet fuel from alternative fuels by the year 2030,” the company said in a statement. (More)


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