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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Boeing Raises 20-Year Global Demand for Pilots

Woodrow Bellamy III

Commercial airlines will require 498,000 new pilots and 556,000 new aircraft maintenance technicians by 2032 to keep pace with deliveries of new aircraft and overall air passenger demand, according to the 2013 Pilot and Technician Outlook report released by Boeing
The report shows an increase in the company's 20-year projected demand for airline pilots released last year, which called for 460,000 new pilots. 
In contrast, Boeing lowered its projected demand for technicians, because of the "introduction of more efficient and smarter airplanes" requiring fewer mechanics as airlines continue to retire older aircraft, which usually require more maintenance. 
Sherry Carbary, vice president of flight services at Boeing, says the report indicates a problem for the global aviation industry, which needs to start attracting more young people.
"We need to attract more young people to careers in aviation by continually looking at innovative ways to train pilots and technicians, moving away from paper and chalkboard-based learning to incorporate tablets, eBooks, gaming technology and three-dimensional models. Aviation is a great field to be in—we have a responsibility to make sure it's a viable career option for the world's youth," said Carbary.
Demand is greatest in the Asia Pacific region, which will require 192,300 pilots and 215,300 technicians by 2032, according to Boeing. 
Here's how the rest of the world breaks down in terms of demand for new pilots and technicians over the next 20 years according to Boeing's latest outlook: 
New Pilots by 2032

1. Asia Pacific - 192,300
2. Europe - 99,700
3. North America - 85,700
4. Latin America - 48,600 
5. Middle East - 40,000
6. Africa - 16,500
7. Russia and CIS - 15,200
New Technicians by 2032

1. Asia Pacific - 215,300
2. Europe 108,200
3. North America - 97,900
4. Latin America - 47,600
5. Middle East - 53,100
6. Africa - 15,900
7. Russia and CIS - 18,000


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