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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cessna Debuts First Production Citation X

The first production Citation X rolled out of Cessna's Wichita, Kan. manufacturing facility on Monday. According to Cessna, the new business jet's top speed of Mach 0.935 makes it the fastest civilian aircraft in the world.
(Cessna employees with Citation X. Photo, courtesy of Cessna.)
The Citation X is equipped with the Garmin 5000 integrated avionics package, and has a range of 3,242 nm. The maximum altitude is 51,000 feet, and Cessna expects to receive certification for the aircraft later this year. 
In a statement, Cessna said the "most distinct outward difference" for the Citation X over older generation Citation aircraft are the winglets at the tips of the main wing, which allows it to steadily cruise at high altitudes. 
(Citation X. Photo, courtesy of Cessna.)
Cessna has logged 675 flight hours on the two test aircraft in the Citation X program.  
The company recently launched an east coast tour for a mock up of its Citation Latitude aircraft, which is on schedule for its first flight in 2014. 

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