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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cessna Achieves Mach .935 Speed with Citation Ten

Cessna achieved Mach .935 speed (711 mph) during a recent flight test with its Citation Ten business jet, the Kansas-based manufacturer announced Friday.

The Gulfstream 650 previously held the title of the fastest business jet in the world with a top speed of Mach 0.925, and Cessna now claims to have world’s fastest civil aircraft following their recent flight test.

“As our founder Clyde Cessna said, ‘speed is the only reason for flying,’ so at Cessna we design, engineer, manufacture and fly the fastest civil aircraft in the world – not for us, but for our customers so they can work faster, more efficiently and get the job done,” said Scott Ernest, president and CEO of Cessna.

“Through innovation, creativity and a desire to exceed our customers’ expectations, the Cessna team took the already powerful Citation Ten and made it that much better. That’s why partnering with racing legend Chip Ganassi makes so much sense as he knows a little something about speed as well, ” Ernest added.

Cessna did not mention what design tweaks or other performance enhancements lead to the Citation Ten’s new top speed.

The medium-sized long range jet sells for an estimated $22 million. See images of the business aircraft below.

(Credit: Cessna) 



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