Edgar G. Waggoner
Director of the Integrated Systems Research Program, NASA

As director of the Integrated Systems Research Program Office, Ed Waggoner is responsible for the overall planning, management and evaluation of the directorate's efforts to conduct integrated, system-level research on promising vehicle and operational technologies in a relevant environment that meet energy, environmental and mobility objectives.

In addition, he supports the associate administrator in a broad range of mission directorate activities, including strategic and program planning; budget development; program review and evaluation; and external coordination.

Previously he was on assignment to the Joint Planning and Development Office in Washington, DC, where he served as director of the Interagency Architecture and Engineering Division responsible for technical leadership in the development of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Enterprise Architecture, Concept of Operations, and Integrated Work Plan. While on this assignment, he served as a co-author of the Mobility chapter for the National Aeronautics R&D Plan.

Waggoner began his NASA career in 1982 as a researcher in the theoretical aerodynamics discipline at NASA's Langley Research Center. He eventually held management positions in Langley's transonic and subsonic aerodynamics branches responsible for planning and supervision of applied computational and experimental research directed at developing aerodynamics technology for advanced civil and military vehicles.

Prior to NASA, Waggoner worked as a researcher and project engineer with Vought Corporation in Dallas, Texas, where he worked on advanced wind tunnel testing techniques and performed foundational work in the emerging field of computational fluid dynamics.

He has been awarded several NASA Group Achievement Awards and NASA Special Act or Service Awards and has authored or coauthored 44 NASA technical papers, journal articles and conference publications on computational and experimental aerodynamics, and advanced airspace systems concepts. He is an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Waggoner received a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from Auburn University, a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Southern Methodist University, and master's and doctoral degrees in engineering management from George Washington University.

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