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Monday, April 8, 2013

Delft Dynamics, VSTEP Introduce New UAV Training Concept

Netherlands-based aerospace engineering firm Delft Dynamics introduced its new Universal Simulation Platform for Unmanned Systems (USPvOS) at the Kooy Symposium 2013 in Amsterdam.


The platform enables unmanned systems’ ground stations to be linked directly to a virtual incident management simulator using high level architecture (HLA), allowing for real-time visualization of an unmanned aerial vehicle’s (UAV) behavior for training purposes.

The USPvOS is compatible with RescueSim, a virtual incident management simulator developed by VSTEP, which allows training for emergency services in a 3D virtual environment.

Through the use of modular hardware, RescueSim becomes fully interoperable with the UAV ground station control system, which allows Delft’s USPvOS to be linked to any unmanned system for training purposes.

“Interfacing RescueSim with the Delft Dynamics UAV simulation platform opens up a new opportunity for efficient and cost effective training of UAV operators. The HLA compliancy is a logical next step for our RescueSim platform,” said Sebastiaan Otten, manager of development at VSTEP.

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