Global Avionics Mandates: Progress and Challenges

2016 is a pivotal year for global avionics mandates. While some areas of the world have established mandates that already require compliance, others have mandates on the cusp, while several countries are still considering adopting mandates that are already in place in other areas of the world. U.S. and Europe FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. Photo courtesy of the FAA Today, the United Sates and Europe feature the most advanced forms of Air Traffic Management (ATM) ground infrastructure and feature the... Read more

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Middle East Airlines Show the Way In Technology Investments

  In this edition, we put the spotlight on a number of case studies of different metroplexes around the United States, and where they are with their NextGen initiatives. We look in detail at work done in Denver and North Texas for example, and find out... Read more


Wire and Cable: Aircraft EWIS and SWAP in Focus

  Aircraft wire and cable needs continue to be a major trend for readers of Avionics Magazine, as 100 percent of respondents to our industry survey this year said they need to acquire new wire and cable solutions to support such capabilities as Automatic... Read more



Making Sense of Mandates

Avionics mandates are frequently a topic of conversation at our Avionics Advisory Board meetings. Even though 2020 is still four years away, it appears the industry is in a race against time to equip their fleets with some of the key proposed mandates. It is... Read more

Wearable Technology: Tool or Trend?

  In an aircraft hangar, a maintenance technician accesses the history of a faulty part, calls in advice from a superior on how to best fix it and logs the maintenance work, all with a few verbal commands and with his hands still in the aircraft. In an... Read more

Aircraft Tracking in a Post-MH370 World

  The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014 following the crash of Air France Flight 447 five years earlier, prompted a new push to scrutinize global tracking of commercial aircraft flying within remote areas of the world... Read more

The Aircraft’s Place in the IoT Revolution

In aviation circles, professionals prefer the conceptual term “connected network” to the consumer-products-sounding Internet of Things (IoT). While IoT may not adequately describe the technical and commercial potential of satellite-based data... Read more

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