En Route: Evolving Navigation Systems

The transition to satellite-based navigation has escalated in recent years, reflecting the move toward full implementation of the U.S. Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), and other systems like it worldwide. But experts are convinced traditional ground-based navigational aids (navaids) will remain on the market as a necessary backup. “The state of the art of navigation is in a transformation period from traditional ground-based navigation aids developed many years ago to an... Read more

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Pressure Mounts as Air Traffic Increases

It seems every time I research a story, one of the main themes is how air traffic will increase significantly over the next few years in all regions. While the world has become a much smaller place for everybody in recent years, crowded skies put increased... Read more


Military Avionics R&D: Spending Dips But Opportunities Soar

Recently, the U.S. military is focusing more avionics Research and Development (R&D) spending on upgrades and fixes than on designing new platforms. This includes emphases on mission avionics, such as sensors, data links and Electronic Warfare (EW), as... Read more

Single European Sky to NextGen: A Harmonized Approach to the Future Global Airspace

The Single European Sky (SES) initiative and NextGen are two of the most transformative Air Traffic Management (ATM) technology modernization projects in the history of the global aviation industry. New technology currently being deployed throughout the... Read more



Upgrade Central

New Paradigms: 5 Testers Target Changing Markets

As planes rise in nations that have never before flown before, choruses of new regional markets have created a collective developmental jolt. Meanwhile, mature markets are witnessing a simultaneous shift in testing paradigms, with more on the horizon due to... Read more



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