Upgrade or Replace: Airline Influencers Examine Potential ROI

Boeing unveils Southwest Airlines’ first 737-800. Photo: Stephen M. Keller, Southwest Airlines 2012. There are plenty of reasons for an airline to keep its aircraft as up to date as possible. “A modernized fleet offers superior economics, technological advancements, reduced emissions, and improved customer experience,” says Tim Leonard, director of compliance and flight operations at Southwest Airlines where, he says, upgrading the fleet remains one of the airlines main strategic... Read more

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Avionics Industry More Active than Ever

In this edition of Avionics Magazine, we aim to help you navigate the current state of the commercial airline industry. We talk to influencers from Aeromexico, Emirates and Southwest, among others, to get their insight on the upgrade or replace topic. Whether... Read more


Cockpit InfoSecurity Threats

Aircraft systems are becoming ever more connected to the outside world. While the Boeing 787, the Airbus 380 and the Airbus 350 are touted as e-Enabled, older models are rushing to catch up. The trajectory is clearly to link more and more to the outside... Read more

NextGen for General Aviation: Addressing Cost, Modernizing and Improving Safety

The 2020 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) mandate remains the central issue for General Aviation (GA). The government is currently working with the industry to address the cost of equipage, while also ensuring that the GA community is well... Read more



Upgrade Central

Rotary, Pushbutton, Touchscreen: Switches Evolve with Next Generation Cockpits

Cockpit switches will not be completely disappearing from flight decks any time soon, according to today’s leading aircraft Light-Emitting Diode (LED) pushbutton switch manufacturers. Avionics Magazine readers agree with the Aerospace Optics and Staco... Read more

Enhanced Vision Systems Peek Into New Markets, Capabilities

Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) are stepping up as a superior set of eyes onboard the aircraft to help the pilot see in darkness and “through” haze, smog, smoke and light fog, presenting a real-time picture of what’s ahead and allowing the... Read more



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