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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OnAir Receives Authorization to Operate Wi-Fi Service in Australian Airspace

Jeffrey Hill

OnAir has been granted authorization for its airline customers to provide its Internet OnAir in-flight Wi-Fi service in Australian airspace after having satisfied all the pre-conditions stipulated by Australian regulations and authorities, OnAir announced Sept. 11.
OnAir’s customers currently operate WiFi services on flights to Australia, including Emirates, Qantas and Singapore Airlines.
“Airlines who want their passengers to enjoy inflight connectivity wherever they travel need OnAir,” OnAir CEO Ian Dawkins said in a statement. “Our expertise in securing regulatory approvals means we have a network of more than 80 governmental authorities and over 350 roaming agreements with mobile operators. OnAir is the only provider able to offer inflight Wi-Fi and GSM mobile phone services on a global scale.”

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