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Hello and welcome to In-Flight Connectivity Insider!

The editorial teams of Via Satellite and Avionics Today are delighted to be teaming up and bringing you exclusive in-depth coverage of the in-flight connectivity and entertainment market. 

Airlines across the world are realizing that in-flight connectivity is something that passengers will soon consider a necessity, and not just a luxury. With a strong audience among all different parts of the eco-system ranging from commercial airlines to the satellite operators providing capacity for these systems, In-Flight Connectivity Insider will provide regular coverage of this market.



Latest Stories

  • The Modern Bizjet Question: Upgrade, or Replace?

    Although in the U.S. NextGen is still six years away and European mandates are...

  • CAE Oxford Offers easyJet MPL First Officer Program

    [Avionics Today, April 16] CAE Oxford Aviation Academy has launched the next phase...

  • OnAir Expands Presence in Africa, Middle East

    [Avionics Today April 15, 2014] OnAir recently made its presence well known in...

  • Carriers Increase Connectivity for Data, Entertainment Demand

    [Avionics Today April 15, 2014] Airlines executives and engineers alike convened...

  • Japan Airlines to Trial Gogo's 2Ku

    [Avionics Today April 10, 2014] Japan Airlines is expected to be among the first...

  • Air Canada to Add Gogo, Panasonic to Fleet

    [Avionics Today April 9, 2014] Air Canada plans on rolling out Gogo's in-flight...

  • Delta Introduces More Connectivity to Cabin

    [Avionics Today April 8, 2014] Continuing the recent trend of airlines going digital...

  • Japan Airlines to Trial Gogo's 2Ku

    [Avionics Today April 8, 2014] Japan Airlines is expected to be among the first...

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The latest edition of In-Flight Connectivity Insider takes a look at the connectivity trends in the business aviation marketplace. Interviews with Banyan Air Services, WestStar Aviation, General Mills Air Transportation, Iridium and more! This edition also includes a look at Icelandair's in-flight connectivity plans for 2013.


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Japan Airlines launched JAL SKY Wi-Fi in the last three months. We have an exclusive interview with Takahiko Ebata, Assistant Manager, Product & Service Strategy, Development for Japan Airlines as the lead story in this edition.

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