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Aerosystems Intl., Inc.0CA
Beel Technologies Inc.0CA
Bavaria Keytronic Technologie GmbHDE
Thales ATM Navigation GmbHDE
Apparatebau Gauting GmbH0DE
IGI, Ingenieur - Gesellschaft fuer Interfaces GmbH0DE
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG0DE
Vector Informatik GmbH0DE
Emerson Electronic Equipment0GB
PCE Instruments UK Ltd0GB
Sycos Aerospace & Electronic Systems0GB
Ultra Electronics, Electrics Div.0GB
Varisys Ltd.0GB
DataSafe Systems Ltd.IL
AMPOL Technologies Ltd.0IL
Memscap AS0NO
ATM PP Ltd, Avionics Div.0PL
Alstom Aerospace Ltd.0US
Imagebase Technology Ltd.0US
Integrated Electronics Ltd.0US
Securaplane TechnologiesAZUS
Aerial View Systems, Inc.CAUS
Ameri-King Corp.CAUS
Eclypse International Corp.CAUS

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