2015 Excellence in Avionics Awards

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Avionics Excellence in Avionics Awards recognize the high achievements of those individuals, organizations, teams, and projects that are elevating the aviation industry. In an increasingly competitive world both within and outside the industry, it is those that continue to be innovative and extraordinary that deserve recognition for their efforts. Talented professionals, exceptional leadership, bold innovations and cooperative teams help propel this industry upward – the Excellence in Avionics Awards recognize and salute these efforts.

Put your best work and team members on display by entering the Avionics Magazine Excellence in Avionics Awards and show the expert panel of judges the best of the best in aviation talent, projects and companies in 2014. Our expert panel will select the most outstanding to represent the best in the aviation industry.

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For more information about the nomination process and awards program, download the Excellence in Avionics Awards Information Sheet.

The Giving Back Award

Responsible organizations not only bear the burden to reach out to those in need, but they also recognize the value of volunteer work, philanthropic donations and humanitarian aide for the company itself. This award recognizes a company that has taken a lead role in projects benefiting communities locally or around the world.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

This award honors the brilliant and dedicated professionals whose life work has been improving and contributing to the aviation industry. Avionics recognizes an individual who has worked tirelessly in this industry over a number of years, and whose contributions have pushed boundaries in the industry.

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Social Media Campaign of the Year Award

The social media learning curve is one of the steepest that businesses have seen since the launch of the Internet, and leveraging an online presence to engage customers requires innovation and strategic finesse. Avionics recognizes a company social media strategy that has stood out and garnered business-worthy buzz. 

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In-Flight Connectivity Innovation Award

In-flight connectivity gives customers the technology satisfaction they demand while in our skies, making flying a pleasant experience that’s worth their buck in a time of tight margins. This award recognizes the company that has leveraged modern avionics capabilities to create in-flight innovations for a more connected, productive and fun environment.

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Safety Systems Innovation Award 

Without top safety systems guaranteeing low risk flight and high ground-link communications, the aviation industry would cease to exist. Connected safety systems in particular not only keep the plane flying, but give customers the confidence to fly, and in a time of increasing connectivity, have made continuous contact and safety over oceans possible. This award recognizes the company that has created both critical and new capability safety systems the fastest and most effectively to help in an emergency, to guarantee safety, or to locate a lost aircraft in event of a crash.

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Technology Company of the Year

In our NextGen, SESAR, ARINC world, safety standards and new technology innovation are enabling micro-avionics UAV systems, real-time position location broadcasting, fuel reducing applications, composite manufacturing for lightweight aircraft, new weather applications, smart cabin upgrades, unparalleled aerodynamics, and many modern avionics systems from Synthetic Vision to datacomm. This award goes to the company that pushed the tech envelope the furthest, and released the most frontier-breaking technology product(s) in the entire aviation industry.

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Vertical Impact – General and Business Aviation

The United States and Europe hold the most vibrant GA and Business Aviation markets of anywhere in the world, and other markets are developing rapidly. But in the time of global ADS-B deadlines and mandatory next generation upgrades, this award goes to the avionics company that has done the most to help GA and Business Aviation pilots modernize their flying and upgrade with new products.

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Vertical Impact – Military

The military market remains challenging for avionics companies given tighter defense budgets as governments tackle mounting debts. This award recognizes the company that has had the most successful year in terms of the military sector.

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Woman in Technology

The aviation industry, while progressive in many ways, still is a male-dominated business. However, there are a number of women making a difference in this industry and Avionics wishes to recognize them with this award. 

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Rising Engineer of the Year

Engineers are the backbone of next generation, legacy and safety systems in aviation; they word long hours, work tirelessly on retrofits and modifications, and analyze complicated upgrades. With this award, Avionics acknowledges the engineers making a difference in our industry.

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Youth Recruitment & Development Award

One of the key issues facing the aviation industry is its ability to attract young talent that will lead and shape the industry for decades to come. The Asia Pacific region is slated to need 192,300 pilots/215,300 technicians by 2032, while Europe will need 99,700/108,200, North America, 85,700/97,900, Latin America, 48,600/47,600, the Middle East 40,000/53,100, and Africa 16,500/15,900. In such a time of great need, Avionics recognizes the company doing the most to capture the imagination of the next generation for aviation.

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Most Valuable Player Award

Every company has that key person that often goes unnoticed but represents a major cornerstone for the prosperity of the business. Be it in terms of operations, finance, technology or any other part of your business, Avionics wants to acknowledge that person your company can’t live without.

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Environmental Impact Award

Every year, there is more and more pollution and rising numbers of harmful emissions in our air space as airlines continue to burn massive amounts of fuel to connect the world. Avionics wants to recognize the company with the most innovative and impactful initiative to offset negative effects on both Earth’s and our air’s environment to guarantee that our industry is able to continue providing critical services in a healthy way.

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