AEROSPACE ACRONYM & Abbreviation Guide

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December 2010

Avionics Magazine proudly presents the fifth edition of our biennial Aerospace Acronym & Abbreviation Guide. Updated with the latest terms from the magazine’s pages, this comprehensive guide has grown to more than 3,000 civil and military acronyms.

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  • J-UCAS joint unmanned combat air systems

  • J/S jammer-to-signal ratio

  • JAA Joint Aviation Authorities

  • JCA joint capabilities area

  • JCA Joint Cargo Aircraft

  • JAR joint airworthiness requirement

  • JAR-OPS Joint Aviation Regulations Opera­tions

  • JAR-AWO JAR-all weather operations

  • JATO jet assisted takeoff

  • JCAB Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau

  • JCAT Joint Combat Assessment Team

  • JFET junction field effect transistor

  • JFEX Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment

  • JFX Joint Forces Exercise

  • JHMCS joint helmet-mounted cueing systems

  • JIIM joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational (U.S. Army)

  • JIM Joint, Interagency and Multinational

  • JIPT joint integrated product team

  • JPALS Joint Precision Approach and Landing System

  • JPDO Joint Planning and Development Office (U.S.)

  • JPEO Joint Program Executive Office

  • JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • JPO Joint Planning Office

  • JPS journal processing system

  • JRANS Japanese regional air navigation system

  • JRC Joint Resource Council

  • JSTeF JTRS Science and Technology Forum

  • JSAT joint system acceptance test

  • JSF Joint Strike Fighter

  • JTAG Joint Test Action Group

  • JTIDS joint tactical information distribu­tion system

  • JTRS joint tactical radio system

  • JUAS COE Joint Unmanned Aircraft System Center of Excellence (U.S. Army)

  • JV joint venture

  • JVMF joint variable message format

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