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Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome to Fortress America

Pursuant to the quasi-notional terror plot against JFK Airport, the (perhaps) disproportionate response has been to erect a 57 mile virtual fence around each of the four New York area airports. The 'fence' will consist of a series of state-of-the-art heat, movement and video sensors to detect terrorist threats and they are now being seen as a necessary augment to aggressive security controls and perimeter picquets. Ready reaction response teams will also participate (and will be dispatched when an offender, intruder or missile threat has been detected). The objective is to protect fuel farms and aircraft, particularly those static at runway holding points and liable to being boarded by bomb-carrying wheel-well stowaways. Designed by Raytheon, the overall system is made up of sensors, such as radar, video motion detectors, thermal imagers and closed-circuit television, which, when placed in strategic locations, would send round-the-clock information to an airport command post. Systems are being installed at John F. Kennedy Airport, LaGuardia International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and the Teterboro NJ Airport. Related Link
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