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Friday, March 9, 2007

Another Tour Crash in HI

Heli-USA Airways, which had a fatal accident several years ago which ultimately prompted the recently released flight-seeing rulemaking, experienced another crash today, killing four. Related Story  The crash occurred at the end of the tour, just before it was scheduled to land., according to CEO of the Las-Vegas based company Nigel Turner. The veteran pilot had more than 10,000 hours flying the A-Star helicopter. Joe Sulak was the company’s lead pilot. The crash was the fifth fatal accident in four years on Kauai. Heli-USA’s previous crash killed three when passengers drowned in 2005 after crashing into the ocean. "The company has flown over a million passengers, Turner told the Associated Press. “This is our second accident in a million people.” The crash comes only a few weeks after FAA issued new tour operator rules. Related Story
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