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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FAA Maintenance Alert

Beech: 65-A90-1; Broken Elevator Bell Crank Fork; ATA 2730
A technician for an air-operator writes, “(I) found a broken fork on the elevator bell crank support arm at the forward end of the elevator L/H pushrod. The pushrod forward attach bolt had been over-torqued so much as to create a 0.016 – 0.021 inch depression in each (magnesium) fork—where they pressed into the rod end bearing. Raytheon's Service Bulletin SB2231r2 includes:
1) inspection for cracks in this area of the elevator bell crank, 2) inspection for proper gap between the rod end and support arm forks (0.00 to 0.01 inch gap), and 3) proper torque of the pushrod attach bolt (70 to 108 inch pounds).
“I recommend following the proper inspection, installation, and torque (procedures) when installing the bell crank and pushrods. Follow the instructions in the maintenance manual and SB2231r2.” (Bell crank assembly P/N 50-524401.) MORE
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