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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Howie’s House

I was most impressed to read Howie Fuller’s “House” article. As usual, it was right on the money and fits in with the Aircraft Engineers International [newsletter] on developments in Europe. I was at the EASA/FAA Harmonization conference in Athens, Greece last month and the problem of failure to record defects was high on the list of safety problems and was raised by the AEI. I find your publication excellent and quite refreshing that it is not pilot-centric.

John Alldis
General Aviation Councilor
Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association

Editor’s Note:
Mr. Alldis is general aviation councilor of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA). The ALAEA is a federally registered Australian organization that represents the industrial, technical and professional interests of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) and other civil aircraft maintenance workers. The Aircraft Engineers International newsletter mentioned in Mr. Alldis’s letter can be found online at http://www.airengineers.org/Newsletter.

House Diagnostics

Howie Fuller wrote an excellent story. For more than 20 years, I have witnessed the “remove and replace parts” as a typical first-line maintenance response. It is driven by a “get ‘er flying now” mentality. A cultural shift to proper “House-like” diagnostics, plus A&P training curriculums that encourage more time spent on the art of diagnostics, would benefit all in the industry — operators and passengers alike.

Kathleen R. Tyler
Director of Sales
ARGUS International

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