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Monday, June 1, 2009

Maintenance Tools

Gas Transfer & Charging System Supports Various Aircraft Types

Hamilton Sundstrand unit Haskel International has unveiled its Model 87114 and Model 82880 high-pressure gas transfer and charging systems. Model 87114, designed for any inert gas, accepts inlet pressure up to 3,500 psig and outlet pressure up to 4,000 psig. Intended for oxygen, Model 82880 can handle inlet pressure up to 4,000 psig. The units can provide ground support for commercial and military aircraft. Both systems weigh 24 lbs. and include a relief valve to protect the air drive. They also feature an adjustable shut-off switch and a cooling jacket to control compression heat. Haskel Intl, 818-556-2577 or visit www.haskel.com.

Three-Piece Toolkit Takes on Multiple Wiring Tasks

Saco, Maine-based Xuron Corp. is offering a new wire harness toolkit that covers various wiring needs. The TK2300 kit features three hand tools — the Model 2175 Maxi-Shear flush cutter, Model 501 adjustable wire stripper and Model 440 high precision shear. The Maxi-Shear is intended for soft wire up to 12 AWG and the Model 501 is for wires from 10 to 26 AWG. The high precision shear is designed for slitting coaxial cable jackets. A tri-fold canvas pouch can fit in a shirt pocket or briefcase, according to the company. Standard features for the wire cutters include Xuro-Rubber grips and Light-Touch flat return springs. Xuron, 207-283-1401 or visit www.xuron.com.

Dylon Introduces Cement That Bonds Graphite

A new cement that bonds new or broken pieces of graphite is available from Dylon of Cleveland, Ohio. Grade GC is a paste that a user would apply to both surfaces. The graphite would then be pressed together at 130 degrees C for four hours. Dylon says that when the cement is fully cured, it essentially becomes 100 percent graphite itself. The bond can be used under any temperature variants up to 2,500 degrees C. In addition to repairing broken graphite, Grade GC can be used to build larger structures from small pieces of graphite, fill holes, repair cracked sintering trays and hold insulation in place. Dylon, 216-651-1300 or visit www.dylon.com.

Software Uses Barcodes to Track Tools and Equipment

Dynamic Systems, Redmond, Wash., has introduced its Basic Tool & Equipment Manager, a software program that uses barcode technology to track inventory. The software gives mechanics the ability to manage tools, schedule maintenance tasks, control inventory and quote costs. Basic Tool Manager is designed for companies who would like to reduce time tracking tools and equipment, and cut down instances of lost tools.

According to Dynamic Systems, even if a company spends just 20 minutes a day searching for equipment, the software can save a "dramatic" amount in overhead costs. "Loss of tools and malfunctioning equipment is a major overhead cost," notes President Alison Falco, adding that customers typically see a return on investment with the software within three to four months. Dynamic Systems, 800-342-3999 or visit www.click2barcode.com.

Newport TRA Actuator Series Comes in a Variety of Sizes

Irvine, Calif.-based Newport Corp. has released its TRA Actuator series, which are precision positioning devices. Designed to replace micrometer drives in manual stages, the TRA series is applicable to a range of applications. The actuators are available in 6, 12.5 and 25 mm sizes and come in DC, stepper motor or vacuum-compatible stepper motor versions. The actuators have a 6 kg load capacity. They are compatible with Newport’s motion controllers, including the NewStep stepper motor controller and the XPS universal controller. Newport, 949-863-3144 or visit www.newport.com.

Corrosion-Preventing Coating Repairs Metal Surfaces

Alodine 871, a chromate-based touch-up coating, is now available from Henkel of Düsseldorf, Germany. The touch-n-prep coating meets Mil-Dtl-81706B standards. Alodine 871 uses a pen applicator to repair bare areas of metal surfaces to prevent corrosion. Most bare metal surfaces, including aluminum, ferrous and galvanized substrates, are applicable. The coating forms a barrier layer on substrate, stopping moisture from reaching the substrate. Alodine 871 also has low electrical resistance and does not significantly weaken the flow of electrical current through the coating, which can be air-dried or by using hot air or an infrared lamp. In addition to aircraft surfaces, Alodine 871 applies to small parts where a conversion coating tank line is not practical. Henkel says that in addition to the military application, commercial aerospace companies are evaluating the coating. Henkel, 248-577-2114 or visit www.henkel.com.

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