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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maintenance Tools

Headset Reduces Engine Noise for Aircraft Mechanics, Crews

Pro Tech Technologies’ NoiseBuster active noise reduction (ANR) safety earmuff is designed to filter aircraft engine noise, providing ear protection for maintenance technicians and airport ground crews, as well as passengers. The unit combines an ANSI-rated 26NRR passive earmuff and ANR electronics to provide up to 20 decibels of low-frequency noise attenuation.

A single AA battery powers the NoiseBuster earmuff, which is resistant to water, contaminants, vibration and mechanic shock. The earmuff also has an audio input for plugging in onboard systems or a portable audio device. Price is $149. Pro Tech Technologies, 203-210-7230 or visit www.noisebuster.net.

Tyco Helps Lumexis FTTS Go Airborne

Berwyn, Pa.-based Tyco Electronics has assisted Lumexis in demonstrating its Fiber to the Screen (FTTS) system aboard a US Airways Airbus A320. The maiden flight of the system, which is a fiber optic in-flight entertainment (IFE) product, took place on Feb. 3 following a Tyco-assisted installation process in Rome, N.Y. Lumexis and Tyco developed the installation package for the fiber optic backbone in partnership with In Flight Canada, with the goal of limiting aircraft time out of service. FTTS combines a standard ARINC 801 interface with a flexible fiber routing approach, which allows capacity for future system growth. Tyco Electronics, 610-893-9800 or visit www.tycoelectronics.com. Lumexis, 714-641-4900 or visit www.lumexis.com.

Repair Clave from HEATCON Fixes Helicopter Blades

HEATCON Composite Systems has delivered a 30-foot Repair Clave to Bell Helicopter, which will use it to repair helicopter blades.

Seattle, Wash.-based HEATCON notes that the Repair Clave works well for certain blades that require pressure greater than from a vacuum system, providing an alternative to an autoclave. The traditional method of pressure bladders "is far from perfect, and requires additional tooling," the company notes. HEATCON, 206-575-1333 or visit www.heatcon.com.

Vacuum System Removes Dust, Particles

Nilfisk CFM of Malvern, Pa. has partnered with Temple Allen Industries to develop an air filtration system that removes dust and debris from workshop areas during aircraft sanding. The system, initially intended for military and commercial aircraft applications, uses a Nilfisk vacuum connected to Temple Allen’s EMMA, which is an all-pneumatic arm that the companies say prepares surfaces four to seven times faster that traditional sanding. The system, which removes hazardous dust and other debris before it disperses in the air, can be equipped with various Nilfisk models, including pneumatic or explosion-proof vacuums. The two companies planned to display the system during the Air Force Corrosion Conference in late March. Nilfisk CFM, 610-647-6420 or visit www.nilfiskcfm.com. Temple Allen Industries, 301-610-5618 or visit www.templeallen.com.

Pliers Designed to Bend Small Items

Xuron Corporation, Saco, Maine is offering its line of Precision Pliers, which feature 10 different head styles for various workspace applications, including crimping and bending aircraft wires, cutting in hard-to-reach places, and reaching into small electrical components. The pliers come with Xuron’s Light-Touch return springs and Xuro-Rubber handgrips. Included in the precision series are the Model 450 tweezer nose, which can pick up items as thin as human hair, and the 450BN bent nose, which is ideal for working in tight spaces. Xuron Corp., 207-283-1401 or visit www.xuron.com.

Toggle Switches Intended for Rugged Use

APEM Components has introduced its 12000X778 series of toggle switches that are designed for aerospace and military applications where durability is a concern. Featuring a double shell case that provides additional strength and insulation, the 12000X778 line has a pinned operating level that resists rough handling and electrically grounds the actuator to the brushing and mounting panel. The sealing on the front panel of the toggle switches meets IP67 specifications. Two, three and four pole-double throw models are available for a variety of solder lug and pc terminals. APEM, 978-372-1602 or visit www.apem.com.

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