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Monday, January 1, 2007



AE and C Services LLC, 32973 Liatrus Ln., Seminole, AL 36574, 251-946-3300, FAX: 251-946-3500, (QACR366X) L-AAC

Aeromaritime Corp., 410 Industrial Blvd., Daleville, AL 36322-4126, 334-598-9459

Air Inc., 16550 Dawson Rd., Loxley, AL 36551-7532, 251-964-6960

AIRINC, Fokker Services a div. of Stork, 14560 Greeno Rd., Fairhope, AL 36532, 251-928-8800, FAX: 251-928-8853, greg@go-airinc.com, www.fokkerservices.com, (IROR086L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2

Aviation Engines, Inc., Bibb County Airport, 249 Airport St., Centreville, AL 35042, 205-926-5186, FAX: 205-926-6040, a-e-i@msn.com, www.aviationengines.net, (IQ4R267M) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP

Avionics Express, Inc., 904 Decatur Hwy., Fultondale, AL 35068, 205-841-8602, FAX: 205-841-2688, kenmartin@avionicsexpress.aero, (XV0R336Y) AAC-1, AAC-3, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Goodrich Aerostructures, Alabama Service Center, 1300 W Fern Ave., Foley, AL 36535, 251-952-3270, FAX: 251-952-3129, asc.sales@goodrich.com, www.goodrich.com, (ZH4R700M) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Mercury Air Center-Birmingham, 4725 65th Place N, Birmingham, AL 35206, 205-599-7634, FAX: 205-592-0080, ryoung@mercuryaircenters.com, www.mercuryaircenters.com, (Y4MR806Y) AF-1, AF-3, L-INS, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Trinity Avionics Inc., PO Box 722, Helena, AL 35080-0722, 205-368-6360


ABC Mechanical Services Inc., 6310 A St., Anchorage, AK 99518-1821, 907-248-4341, (FG4R179M) L-NDT, L-SS

Aero Recip Alaska, 4451B Airport Dr., Anchorage, AK 99502, 907-243-3133, FAX: 907-248-6119, (O3OR370Y) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP

Air Logistics of Alaska Inc., 1915 Donald Ave., Fairbanks, AK 99701, 907-452-1197, FAX: 907-452-4539, (EOPR636D) AF-1, INS-1, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, PP-1, PRP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2

Alaska Aircraft Sales, Inc., PO Box 110-131, Anchorage, AK 99511, 907-243-1966, FAX: 907-243-1965, aas@gci.net, www.akaircraftsales.com, (UGZR085W) AF-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-FLO, L-INS, L-LG, L-OT, L-RAD, PP-1, PRP-1, SC-3

Alaska Autopilots & Avionics, 3758 University Ave. S, Fairbanks, AK 99709, 907-474-4854, FAX: 907-474-8859 L-AF, L-INS, L-OT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Alaskan Aircraft Engines, Inc., 2425 Merrill Field Dr., Anchorage, AK 99501, 907-272-3581, FAX: 907-272-3592, akengine@alaska.net, (CY4R119M) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC

Arctic Aviation, 3580 University Ave. S, Fairbanks, AK 99709-4656, 907-479-8100

Arctic Aviation, PO Box 1244, Delta Junction, AK 99737-1244, 907-895-1917

Aviation and Marine Technical Services, Big Lake Airport, PO Box 521170, Big Lake, AK 99652, 907-892-9000, (AX0R301N) AF-1, AF-3, L-FLO, L-PP, L-PRP

Aviation Systems Standards Anchorage, 4610 Int’l. Airport Rd., Anchorage Satellite Repair Station, Anchorage, AK 99502, 907-271-2414, (UA27206L) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD

Northern Lights Avionics, Inc., 940 Merrill Field Dr., Anchorage, AK 99501-4135, 907-277-4811, FAX: 907-278-8651, sales@nlavionics.com, www.nlavionics.com, (CU4R115M) RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Prism Helicopters Inc., PO Box 872807, Wasilla, AK 99687-2807, 907-376-3444, FAX: 907-373-0167, (EOOR634D) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-PRP, PP-1, PP-3, PRP-1

Southeast Ocean Survival, Inc., 1900 Tongass Ave., Ketchikan, AK 99901, 907-225-8985, FAX: 907-225-8986, southeastocean@kpunet.net, (SO7R340J) L-EE

Triverus LLC, PO Box 1289, Palmer, AK 99645-1289, 907-338-0123


Advanced Material Technologies, 2015 W Alameda Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282-3101, 480-438-8760

Aero Products Components Services, 1808 W 3rd St., Tempe, AZ 85281, 480-829-6789, (J8OR365Y) L-AAC

Aero Provisions, 6538 N 176th Ave., Waddell, AZ 85355-9423, 623-536-7077

Aerotec Int’l. Inc., 3007 E Chambers, Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-253-4540, (UMCR407K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AF, L-NDT, L-SS

Air Gear Industries Int’l., Inc., 3301 E Madison St., Phoenix, AZ 85034, 602-275-7996, FAX: 602-244-9907, airgear@airgear-intl.com, www.airgear-intl.com, (AIOR143N) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP

Air Transport Components, 615 W Knox Rd., Tempe, AZ 85284-3803, 480-831-1268, FAX: 480-831-1314, roy@atcphx.com, www.atcphx.com, (Z6AR209Y)

ATC, Air Transport Components, 615 W Knox Rd., Tempe, AZ 85284, 480-831-1268, FAX: 480-831-1314, roy@atcphx.com, www.atcphx.com, (Z6AR209Y) AAC-1, AAC-2, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-LG

Airline Training Center AZ, 2323 N 56th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85035, 629-321-7001

Airtronics, Inc., 3801 E 34th St., Tucson, AZ 85713, 520-681-3982, FAX: 520-322-0482, airtron@aol.com, (VK3R822L)

American Turbo Systems, 4210 N Sullinger, Tucson, AZ 85705, 520-888-1100, FAX: 520-888-5400, john.gouveia@atstucson.com, www.atstucson.com, (GV7R740J) L-AAC, L-AF, L-SS

AMS, 6788 W Greenbriar Dr., Glendale, AZ 85308-8440, 623-486-1118

AMS, 4409 S 38th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85041-1718, 602-276-6344

ARE Amex Avionics, 2095 E 32nd St., Yuma, AZ 85365-3545, 928-726-0895

Arizona Aircraft Accessories, 1935 N Rosemont, Mesa, AZ 85205, 480-833-5812, FAX: 480-396-3727, rob@arizonaaircraft.com, www.arizonaaircraft.com, (B6BR276) AAC-1, AF-3, PP-3

Arizona Aviation Avionics, 224 E Chilton Dr., Chandler, AZ 85225-1112, 480-635-1088

Asi Corp., PO Box 441, Sonoita, AZ 85637-0441, 520-609-6506

Audio Int’l. Inc., 1255 E Aeropark Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85706, 520-294-7088, FAX: 520-294-4410, (A4UD309J) L-AAC, L-RAD

Az Aircraft Radio, PO Box 808, Yuma, AZ 85366-0808

Barfield, Inc., 1834 W 3rd. St., Tempe, AZ 85281, 480-477-2001, FAX: 480-477-1999, www.barfield.eads.net, (XBI2995K) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-RAD

Bombardier Aircraft Services, Tucson Service Center, 1255 E Aero Park Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85706, FAX: 520-746-5505, www.cic.bombardier.com, (KW3R646L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-FAB, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, L-RAD, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Butler National Corp./Woodson Avionics Div., 4654 S Ash Ave., Tempe, AZ 85282, 480-491-5551, FAX: 480-491-5352, www.butlernational.com, (WTVR470K) AAC-1, L-AAC

Canyon State Inspection, 3625 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713, 520-745-3672, FAX: 520-745-8608, csindttucson@aol.com, www.csindi.com, (HI3R554L) L-NDT

Cappsco Int’l. Corp., 805 S Park Ave., Tucson, AZ 85719, 520-903-0822, (X02R027O) L-AAC, L-PP

Comtek Advanced Structures Inc., 3420 S 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85040, 602-232-2202, FAX: 602-232-2210, www.comtekadvanced.com, (K6WR931X) L-AF

Corporate Jets, Inc., 14600 N Airport Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260-2420, 480-443-7267, FAX: 480-443-7284, www.cjisdl.com, (LN3R663L) AF-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

Cutter Aviation, Inc., 2802 E Old Tower Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85034, 602-273-1237, FAX: 602-267-7806, www.cutteraviation.aero, (EKGR571D) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4, SC-6

D-Velco Aviation Services, 300 S 23rd St., Phoenix, AZ 85034, 602-914-1313, FAX: 602-914-1367, dasrepairs@nsaero.com, (D1RR408N) L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Dangle Aviation, Inc., PO Box 23626, Tucson, AZ 85734, 520-294-7294, FAX: 520-294-0462, www.dangleaviation.com, (D5VR189N) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RB, PP-1, SC-3, SC-5

Duncan Avionics, Scottsdale, 15290 N 78th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, 480-922-3575, FAX: 480-315-0874, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JGV5194F) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Evergreen Air Center, Inc., Pinal Air Park Rd., Marana, AZ 85653, 520-682-4181, FAX: 520-616-5065, pworth@evergreenac.com, (ERKR575D) AAC-1, AAC-2, AF-4, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Exec Avionics, 1575 E Ryan Rd., Ste. 103, Chandler, AZ 85249, 480-899-5507, FAX: 480-899-5602, execavionics@qwest.net, www.execavionics.com, (DLHR230D) L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Honeywell Hardware Products Group Headquarters, 875 W Elliot Rd., Tempe, AZ 85248, 866-234-4474, FAX: 602-365-7989, (PX3R779L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

Honeywell Int’l. Inc., 4805 Mohave Airport Dr., Kingman, AZ 86401, 928-692-0121, FAX: 928-692-0161, (A3L3207J) L-AAC, L-NDT

Jet Transport Actuators LLC, 5688 W Abraham Lane, Glendale, AZ 85308-6243, 623-376-9148, www.jetactuators.com, (J88R907Y) L-AAC, L-AF

• Landmark Aviation, See ad p. 51, 1524 W. 14th St., Tempe AZ 85281, 800-492-9977, Fax: 480-377-3105, www.landmarkaviation.com

With 150 years of combined experience, achievement, and success, our founding companies provide Landmark Aviation a solid foundation upon which to build. By customizing and integrating everything from FBO and MRO services to sales, charter and management offerings, we are creating the capability to deliver a higher level of service from nose to tail, inside and out. It means we can help you to reduce the complexity of your ownership and operating experience by providing you a single source for all your aviation needs.

Magellan Aerospace Turbine Services LLC, 5170 W. Bethany Home Rd., Glendale, AZ 85301, 623-931-0010, FAX: 623-931-7264, info@magellanats.com, www.magellanats.com, (O7NR639Y) L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Pueblo Airmotive, 2560 N Huachuca Dr., Tucson, AZ 85745, dac628@earthlink.net, (ZP3R032M) L-AAC, PP-3

Reliant Air Power Inc., 8420 S Nogales Hwy., Tucson, AZ 85706, 520-514-9860, FAX: 520-514-9833, laura@reliantair.com, www.reliantair.com, (R0UR170X) L-AAC

San Tan Aviation, LLC, 224 E Chilton Dr., Ste. 3, Chandler, AZ 85225, 480-635-1088, FAX: 480-635-0322, santanaviation@aol.com, (T32R132Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-RAD

Southwest Turbine, Inc., 3501 N 42nd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85019, 602-278-7442, FAX: 602-278-9365, (S2WR314J) L-AAC, L-PP

Triumph Engineered Solutions Inc., 6520 W Willis Rd., Chandler, AZ 85226, 480-449-5700, FAX: 480-449-5723, phartzfeld@advmatltech.com, (ZI7R048X) L-AAC, L-PP, L-SS

Tucson Aeroservice Center, 11700 W Avra Valley Rd., Ste. 85, Marana, AZ 85653, 520-682-2999, FAX: 520-682-3714, (YXUR066J) AF-3, INS-3, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, SC-4

Turbo Technologies LLC, 5310 S 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85040-3851, 602-304-1515, FAX: 602-304-1611, khill@turbotechonline.com, www.turboteconline.com


Aero Parts & Mfg. Co., 1102 N Oak St., PO Box 694, Harrison, AR 72601, 870-365-3801, aireoco@alltel.net

AG Air Maintenance, PO Box 112, Corning, AR 72422-0112, 870-857-3744

Airborne Nacelle Services, Inc., A Triumph Group Co., 115 Centennial Dr., Hot Springs, AR 71913, 501-262-1555, FAX: 501-262-1444, www.airbornenacelle.com, (ANOR321N) AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF

Aircraft Maintenance Ctr. Inc., 701 Reedy Rd., Conway, AR 72034-5567, 501-327-0752

Arkansas Aeronautics Accessories Inc., West Memphis Municipal Airport, Hangar 1, West Memphis, AR 72301, 870-735-6862, FAX: 870-735-2814, (YM1R643K) AAC-2

Central Jet Group Inc., 12th & Calhoun, Little Rock, AR 72202, 501-975-9348, (J8TR473X) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Dassault Falcon Jet Corp., Little Rock Div., Service Center Sales, PO Box 967, Little Rock, AR 72203, 800-643-9511, FAX: 501-210-0475, www.falconjet.com, (D8QR774X) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Morrilton Aviation, 571 Winrock Dr., Petit Jean Airport PJM, Morrilton, AR 72110, 501-354-6634, FAX: 501-354-8608, morav@sbcglobal.net, www.morriltonaviation.com, (M7OR258N) L-AF, L-SS, SC-2

Peninsula Air Metals, Mile 15, 5 E End Rd., Homer, AR 99603, 907-235-6789, FAX: 907-235-6789, sheldon@homernet.net, (P2MR320J) AF-3, L-SS

Precision Aerospace Technologies Inc., 305 Runway Rd., Batesville, AR 72501, 870-251-2533, FAX: 870-251-2561, (P90R564Y) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

Reebaire Aircraft and Avionics, 525 Airport Rd., Hangar A-3, Hot Springs, AR 71913, 501-318-1342, FAX: 501-318-0487, (GOGR045K) AAC-1, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Rose Aircraft Services Inc., 132 Flight Lane, PO Box 1850, Mena, AR 71953, 800-392-2551, FAX: 479-394-5391, jkrose@roseaircraft.com, www.roseaircraft.com, (HR2R882K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT, L-RB, L-SS, PP-3, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2

Rudy Aircraft Instruments Inc., 4711 Old Bowman Rd., Rudy, AR 72952, 479-474-8759, FAX: 479-474-3306, (R1ZR316K) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-OT

Tri State Airmotive LLC, 20 Tri State Rd., Berryville, AR 72616, 870-423-4911, FAX: 870-423-4341, lflyd@cswnet.com, (HO2R897K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, SC-6


4 Flight Industries, 1945 S Grove Ave., Ontario, CA 91761, 909-947-2725, (XO2R299L) L-AF, L-SS

A Biederman, 7751 Hellman Ave., Rosemead, CA 91770-2348, 626-288-3490

A Biederman Inc., PO Box 411691, Los Angeles, CA 90041-8691, 323-246-8431

AAA Air Support, 1613 W 134th St., Unit 2, Gardena, CA 90249, 310-538-1377, FAX: 310-538-1378, info@aaaair.com, www.aaaair.com

Able Avionics, 16644 Roscoe Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-779-0265, (YA2R312L) L-INS, L-SS

Accurate Accessories, LLC, 14400 Veterans Way, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, 951-656-0144, FAX: 951-656-0177, zsevoian@cs.com, (ZR9Z067X) L-AAC

ACR Inc., 25058 Anza Dr., Santa Clarita, CA 91355-3413, 661-295-6677

Action Air Corp., 13864 Magnolia Ave., Chino, CA 91710-7027, 909-590-4889

Advanced Aerospace, 10781 Forbes Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92843-4977, 805-781-6368, FAX: 805-544-3262, (NT8R243N) AAC-2, AAC-3, RAD-2

Advancetech Aircraft Maintenance, Inc., 1605 Moffett St., Salinas, CA 93905, 831-422-2142, FAX: 831-422-3221, advtech@redshift.com, (BL3R401L) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1

Advantage Aviation Inc., 7000 Merrill Ave., Hangar A-490, Chino, CA 91710, 909-606-0220, FAX: 909-606-0253, (VZKR081Y) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Aero Fabricators, 19223 Colima Rd., Ste. 918, Rowland Heights, CA 91748-3005, 626-709-4622

Aero Pneudraulics Inc., 25930 Belle Porte Ave., Harbor City, CA 90710, 310-891-0300, FAX: 310-891-1248, aeropneu@pacbell.net, www.aeropneudraulics.com, (O5PR282Y) L-AAC

Aero Specialties, 7335 Hayvenhurst Pl., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-781-2471, FAX: 818-781-2471

Aero-Tech Services, Inc., 8354 Secura Way, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2214, 562-696-1128, FAX: 562-945-1328, (AL4R054M) L-AF, L-OT, L-SS

Aero Technology, 3333 E Spring St., Ste. 300, Long Beach, CA 90806, 562-595-6055, FAX: 562-595-8416, service@aerotechnology.org, www.aerotechnology.org, (DQ3R458L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Aero Turbine, Inc., 6800 Lindbergh St., Stockton, CA 95206-3934, 209-983-1112, FAX: 209-983-0544, (XE3R968L) AAC-1, L-PP, L-SS

Aero-K, 10764 Lower Azusa Rd., El Monte, CA 91731, 626-350-5125, FAX: 626-350-1545, (A7KR427J) L-AAC

Aerobotics Inc., McCellan Field, 5319 Price Ave., Sacramento, CA 95652, 916-640-0510, (E25R154O) L-NDT

Aeroplas Trading & Services, 795 Brookstone Rd., Chula Vista, CA 91913-2364, 619-421-1961

Aerospace Component Services, 10180 Willow Creek Rd., San Diego, CA 92131, 858-530-2828, FAX: 858-530-1558

Aerotech Repair and Overhaul Inc., 19655 Descartes, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610, 949-597-0509, FAX: 949-597-0808, (O6VR059X) L-AF

Air Comm Systems Inc., 1409 Washington St., Colton, CA 92324, 909-824-8860, FAX: 909-824-8862, (JR3R615L) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Air Inc., 16590 Hughes Rd., Victorville, CA 92395-4502, 760-243-0432

Air Instro Inc., 5286 Kazuko Court, Moorpark, CA 93021, 805-529-2022, FAX: 805-529-2837, (A7ER329J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Air Instruments Specialist, 1922 Rosita Ave., Burbank, CA 91504, 818-841-4742, (F48R190X) L-INS

Air Intrument Repair, 4555 W Ave. G, Lancaster, CA 93536-8403, 661-726-6457

Air Shunt Instruments Inc., 9101 Winnetka Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311, 818-700-1616, FAX: 818-700-2882, airshunt@airshunt.com, www.airshunt.com, (YD2R315L) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Air-Cert Inc., 2100 Pennsylvania Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404, 310-449-1435, FAX: 310- 82-92892, (AB4R044M) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AF, L-LG

Airbase Services, Inc., 8800 Park St., Bellflower, CA 90706, 562-663-0840, FAX: 562-531-1836, www.airbaseservices.com, (XB8R347N) L-AAC, SC-2

Airborne Technologies, Inc., 999 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012, 805-389-3700, FAX: 805-389-3708, jlucas@airbornetech.com, (WY2R283L) L-AAC

Aircraft and Helicopter Maintenance Inc., 2081 S Wildcat Way, Porterville City Airport, Porterville, CA 93257, 559-784-0461, (DA3R442L) AF-3, L-AAC, L-PP

Aircraft Brake Co., 7625 Hayvenhurst Ave., Unit 44, Van Nuys, CA 91406-1700, 818-376-0574, (ZJ2R347L) AAC-1

Aircraft Component Repair Inc., 25058 Anza Dr., Valencia, CA 91355, 661-295-6677, FAX: 661-295-6679, acr1234@earthlink.net, www.acr.aero, (WK2R269L) AAC-1, L-SS

Aircraft Ignition Service, 40 Tobias St., PO Box 855, Kernville, CA 93238, 760-376-3114, FAX: 760-376-3114, kvmagman@aol.com, www.aircraftignitionsgr.com, (XA2R285L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-SS, PP-2

Aircraft Instrument Repair Labs Inc., 14706 Hesby St., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403, 818-789-9524, FAX: 818-789-3943, (V4RR742J) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Aircraft Sparkplug Service, 16152 Valerio St., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-787-5680, FAX: 818-787-0743

• Aircraft Technical Publishers, See ad p. 18, 101 S. Hill Dr., Brisbane, CA 94005-1251, 415-330-9500, FAX: 415-468-1596, info@atp.com, www.atp.com

ATP has more than 10,000 subscribers making use of its more than 600 individual products. From civil aviation authorities in the United States, Canada and Australia, and major maintenance facilities to corporate operators, FBOs and flight schools, ATP products are the benchmark for maintenance and regulatory reference. Certified inspectors around the world carry ATP reference materials to readily access all the latest information from one source.

Aircraft Window Repairs, 2207 Border Ave., Torrance, CA 90501, 310-212-7173, FAX: 310-212-0905, sales@awrepairs.com, www.aircraftwindowrepairs.com, (XK3R974L) L-SS, SC-3

Airfoil Technologies Int’l. (GE/Sermatech), 18502 Laurel Park Rd., Compton, CA 90220-6053, 513-552-3272, www.geae.com/comprepair/facilities.html#, (HC3R548L)

Airmark Int’l. Repair, 1771 Railroad St., Corona, CA 92882, 951-272-5858, FAX: 951-272-6151, airmarkrepair@earthlink.net, www.airmarkintl.com, (A03R334N) L-AAC

Airmartronics, Avionics Div., 120 Aviation Way, Watsonville, CA 95076, 831-768-9733, FAX: 831-768-8379, michael.piscenti@prodigy.net, (BG3R396L) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Airtech Int’l. Advanced Materials Group, 5700 Skylab Rd., Huntington Beach, CA 92647, 714-899-8100, FAX: 714-899-8179, airtech@airtechintl.com, www.airtechonline.com AF-1, AF-2

American Aero Technologies, 22035 Meekland Ave., Hayward, CA 94541, 510-537-2266, (VT8R558N) L-AAC

American Propeller Service, 20208 Charlane Dr., Redding, CA 96002, 800-292-7767, FAX: 530-221-5201, sales@eagleengines.com, (N03R717L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, PP-1, PRP-1, PRP-2, SC-6

Ancra Int’l. LLC, 4880 W Rosecrans Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250, 310-973-5000, (FS3R512L) L-AAC, L-AF

APR Aviation, 5041 E Andersen Ave., Fresno, CA 93727, 800-982-8466, FAX: 559-252-9703, www.apraviation.com, (CP3R431L) AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, L-RAD, PP-1, PP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

APR Aviation, 120 Olmsted Way, Monterey, CA 93940, 631-373-1511, FAX: 631-373-6239, www.apraviation.com, (DMAR236D) AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, L-AAC, L-INS, PP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Argo Tech Corp. Costa Mesa, 671 W Seventeenth St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3605, 949-764-2200, FAX: 949-752-2997, (QCSR241K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AF-1

Ascend Development, 19990 Skywest Dr., Hayward, CA 94541-4601, 510-264-5554

Asher Engineering Corp., 15115 Ramona Blvd., Baldwin Park, CA 91706, 626-960-4839, FAX: 626- 33-81424, (HH3R553L) L-INS

Astro-Aire Enterprises, 8400 Earhart Rd., Bldg. L-551, Oakland, CA 94621, 510-569-8700, FAX: 510-569-1360, joann@astroaire.com, www.astroaire.com, (QY3R806L) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Attraction Balloons, 743 S State College Blvd., #86, Fullerton, CA 92831, 714-446-8858, (EO3R829L) L-AF

Avex Inc., 205 Duriey Ave., Camarillo, CA 93010, 805-389-1188

Avia Support, 314 Shady Lane, Ste. P, El Cajon, CA 92021, 619-312-0691

Aviall Inc., 3070 Amarillo Ave., Simi Valley, CA 93063-1704, 805-734-2613

Aviatech Int’l. Inc., 17771 Fitch, Irvine, CA 92614, 949-261-2121, FAX: 949-476-0331, (XM7R687J) L-AF

Avibank Mfg., Inc., 11500 Sherman Way, PO Box 9909, N Hollywood, CA 91609-1909, 818-392-2100, FAX: 818-255-2094, www.avibank.com, (MMFS488) AAC-1

Avionics Innovations, 2450 Montecito Rd., Ramona, CA 92065, 760-788-0546, FAX: 760-789-7098, www.avionicsinnovations.com, (XZIR982X) L-RAD, L-SS

Avionics of Southern California, Inc., 2667 E 28th St., Ste. 510, Signal Hill, CA 90755-2247, 562-595-9866, FAX: 562-595-9866, avionicssocal@prodigy.net, (DT3R461L) L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Avionics West, Inc., 3940 Mitchell Rd., Santa Maria, CA 93455, 805-934-9777, FAX: 805-934-9842, swalker@avionicswest.net, avionicswest.net, (ZZ2R363L) AAC-3, AF-1, AF-3, INS-2, L-AAC, L-INS, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, PRP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Avox Systems Inc., 6734 Valligan Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-787-3552, FAX: 818-787-0329, sales@avoxinc.com, www.avoxsys.com, (OX3R905L) L-AAC, L-INS

AVTEL Services Inc., 1224 Flight Line, Hangar 68, Mojave, CA 93501, 661-824-4517, FAX: 661-824-5103, valexander@avtelserv.com, www.avtelserv.com, (LVTR751K)

BAE Systems Information and Electronic Integration, 600 E Bonita Ave., Pomona, CA 91767, 909-447-2227, (I0YR882X) L-AAC

Barry Controls Aerospace, 4510 W Vanowen St., Burbank, CA 91505, 818-843-1000, FAX: 818-845-6978, sales@bcas.com, www.barrycontrols.com, (UT3R905L) L-AAC

Bay Avionics, Airport Station, PO Box 6636, Oakland, CA 94603, 510-638-1056, FAX: 510-638-4630, info@bayavionics.com, www.bayavionics.com, (WK3R948L) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

BE Aerospace, Inc., 3355 E La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806, 714-630-5150, FAX: 714-630-4452, (B98RWP05) L-AAC

Bearing Inspection, Inc. (Bii), 4422 Corporate Center Dr., Los Alamitos, CA 90720, 714-484-2400, FAX: 714-484-2418, sales@bearinginspect.com, www.bii.net, (SP3R849L) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

Bentronix Avionics Repairs, 37552 Winchester Rd., French Valley Airport (F70), Murrieta, CA 92563, 909-677-4443, FAX: 909-677-4853, bbennett@temvalley.com, (B1XR033Y) RAD-1, RAD-2

C & S Propeller Svc., 4667 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91204, 323-245-1271, FAX: 323-241-7767, jcsprop@pacbell.net, (BI4R077M) L-AAC

California Radomes, 364 Reed St., Santa Clara, CA 95050, 408-727-2847, FAX: 408-727-7269, www.californiaradomes.com, (BH3R397L) AAC-1, AF-2, L-AF, L-SS

Certified Testing and Consulting Services, 3144 Venture Dr., Ste. 100, LIncoln, CA 95648, 916-434-0195, FAX: 916-434-0198, (A1JR248N) L-NDT

Chadwick Helmuth Co. Inc./Honeywell Chadwick, 4601 N Arden Dr., El Monte, CA 91731, 626-575-6161, FAX: 626-350-4236, www.chadwick-helmuth.com

Chico Aviation, 258 Main St., Colusa, CA 95932-2770, 530-893-6727

City of Huntington Beach, 18401 Gothard St., Huntington Beach, CA 92648, 714-536-5997, (H2BR792J) L-AF, L-PP, L-RAD

Clay Lacy Aviation, 7435 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2901, 818-989-2900, FAX: 818-904-3450, www.claylacy.com, (BKER301L) AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Composite Fabrications, Inc., 5564 E La Palma Ave., Anaheim, CA 92807, 714-777-2311, FAX: 714-777-2475, compositefab@msn.com, (UYFR928L) L-AF, L-SS

Composites Horizons, Inc., 1471 Industrial Park St., Covina, CA 91722, 626-331-0861, FAX: 626-339-3220, info@chi-covina.com, www.chi-covina.com, (C8HR306J) AF-1, AF-2

Composites Unlimited, Inc., 16452 Construction Circle S, Irvine, CA 92606-4417, 949-559-0930, FAX: 949-559-1413, (YN3R004M) L-AF, SC-2

Continental Fuel Cell Repair Co., Inc., 8354 Secura Way, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2214, 800-847-1870, FAX: 509-927-7764, (BD4R072M) L-AAC, L-SS

Corporate Air Parts, Inc., 7641 Densmore Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406-2043, 818-997-0512, FAX: 818-997-0478, www.land-shark.com, (OOCR964K) L-EE

Corporate Aircraft Technical Services, 10660 Serman Way, Burbank, CA 91505, 818-563-3308, FAX: 818-563-3368, (O66R151X)

Corporate Aircraft, Inc., 4885 E Shields Ave., Fresno, CA 93726-6420, 559-251-1555, cashop@corpair.com, www.corpair.com, (CQDR029K) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Cupery Corp., 2207 Border Ave., Torrance, CA 90501, 310-212-7173, (XK3R974L) L-AF

Davids Aviation, 3600 Carol Kennedy Dr., Calaveras County Airport, San Andreas, CA 95249, 209-736-2526, FAX: 209-736-2527, davidsaviation@aol.com, (UPNR076L) AAC-1, AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-FAB, L-FLO, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS

Dragon Balloons, Inc., 32180 Mulholland Hwy., Malibu, CA 90265-2422, 818-597-1977, FAX: 818-597-0536, (XV2R307L) L-AF

Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc., 2830 E La Cresta Ave., Anaheim, CA 92806, 714-632-6982, FAX: 714-632-6739, dretlohad@aol.com, (YI3R998L) L-AF, SC-2

Duncan Avionics, Burbank, 4301 W. Empire Ave., Burbank, CA 91505, 818-955-8413, FAX: 818-955-8629, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (YX2D335L) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Duncan Avionics, Van Nuys, 7435 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys Airport, Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-902-9961, FAX: 818-902-0095, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (YX2R335L) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Eagle Engines, 20208 Charlanne Dr., Redding, CA 96002, 530-221-4470, FAX: 530-221-5201, sales@eagleengines.com, www.eagleengines.com, (N03R717L) L-PRP, PP-1, PRP-1, PRP-2

El Cajon Flying Service, Inc., 1825 N Marshall Ave., El Cajon, CA 92020-1122, 619-448-8000, FAX: 619-448-6055, (AI4R051M) AF-3, L-PP

ET Balancing, Inc., 12823 Athens Way, Los Angeles, CA 90061, 310-538-9738, FAX: 310-538-8273, etbalance@earthlink.net, (AT4R062M) L-SS

Everhart Aircraft, 5860 Maverick Ln., Riverside, CA 92509-6575, 951-687-9477

Executive Air Maintenance, Inc., 3225 N. Harbor Dr., Ste. 101, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-296-9733, FAX: 619-296-9761, executiveair@execairmtc.com, www.executiveairmtc.com, (LQUR989B) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

Executive AutoPilots, Inc., 5839 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95822, 916-399-5969, FAX: 916-399-5838, execap@calweb.com, (E5VR306N) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Executive Propellers, Inc., 16140 Covello St., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-779-7767, FAX: 818-779-0848, (EU6R595N) L-PRP

Foothill Aircraft Sales & Service, Cable Airport, Upland, CA 91786-2151, 909-985-1977, FAX: 909-920-0066, www.foothillaircraft.com, (AJ4R052M) AAC-1, AF-1, AF-3, INS-2, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1

Fortner Engineering & Mfg., Inc., 918 Thompson Ave., Glendale, CA 91201, 818-240-7740, FAX: 818-240-1009, info@fortnereng.com, www.fortnereng.com, (PU3R776L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AF, L-NDT, L-SS

Frazier Aviation, Inc., 445 N Fox St., San Fernando, CA 91340, 818-898-1998, FAX: 818-837-9546, www.frazieraviation.com, (QN3R795L) AAC-1, AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-LG

GE Engine Services, Inc.-West Coast Operations, 1923 E Avion St., Ontario Int’l. Airport, Ontario, CA 91761, 909-937-5218, www.geae.com, (PR3R772L) L-PP

General Aviation Co. Inc., 3915 W Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton, CA 92633, 714-526-6611, FAX: 714-526-1687, www.generalaviationcompany.com, (AGER074C) AF-3, L-PP, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

Gill Batteries - Teledyne Continental Motors Battery Product, 840 W Brockton Ave., Redlands, CA 92374, 909-793-3131, FAX: 909-793-5818, www.gillbatteries.com AAC-2, L-OT

Global Tech Instruments, 18380 Enterprise Ln., Huntington Beach, CA 92648, 800-563-5388, FAX: 714-375-1812, fbatson@globaltechinstruments.com, www.globaltechinstruments.com, (G3OR208N) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

The Goodrich Corp., 9920 Freeman St., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, 562-944-4441, FAX: 562-944-7902, (QBFR289K) L-AAC, L-SS

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., 4150 Donald Douglas Dr., Long Beach, CA 90808, 562-420-1818, FAX: 562-627-5090 AF-4, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

The Gyro House, 2389 Rickenbacker Way, Auburn, CA 95602, 530-823-6204, FAX: 530-823-5875, www.gyrohouse.com, (NG3R709L) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-RAD

• Hawker Pacific Aerospace, See ad p. 41 11240 Sherman Way, Sun Valley, CA 91352-4944, 818-765-6201, FAX: 818-765-8073, www.hawker.com, (RJ3R817L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT, L-SS

In concert with our advanced systems and technologies, each Hawker Pacific facility offers a wide spectrum of world-class services. Our Los Angeles headquarters provides complete FAA and JAA certified landing gear and hydraulics overhaul and repair. Our UK facilities extend our services internationally, positioning state-of-the-art landing gear and hydraulic maintenance facilities within easy reach of Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Heliblade LLC, 5601 Cedars Rd., Unit D, Redding, CA 96001, 530-245-0151, FAX: 530-245-0492, helibladellc@yahoo.com, (QJZR045Y) L-RB

Herber Aircraft Service Inc., 1401 E Franklin Ave., El Segundo, CA 90241, 310-322-9575, FAX: 310-322-1875, sales@herberaircraft.com, www.herberaircraft.com, (GS3R538L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-PP, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, SC-3, SC-5, SC-6

Hollingsead Int’l. Inc., 7416 Hollister Ave., Bldg. B-3, Goleta, CA 93117, 805-968-6179, FAX: 805-968-8998, (MLQD706S) L-AAC

Hydro-Aire Inc., 3000 Winona Ave., Burbank, CA 91504, 818-526-2600, FAX: 818-842-6117, (QD3R785L) L-AAC

Infinity Aviation Inc., 1020 Airport Rd., Lincoln, CA 95648, 916-645-8117, (IAVR922E) AF-1, AF-3, L-PP

Instrument Engineers, 20633 Bassett St., Canoga Park, CA 91306, 818-594-5751, ie@ie4us.com, (IN3R292X)

Instrument Overhaul Avionics, 1952 Joe Crosson Dr., El Cajon, CA 92020, 619-258-5625, FAX: 619-258-5414, (I10R964X) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Instrument Pro, PO Box 6313, Oakland, CA 94603-0313, 510-635-1142

Instrument Pro, Inc., 3423 Investment Blvd., Ste. 6, Hayward, CA 94545, 510-723-0541, FAX: 510-723-0544, instrumentpro@netzero.net, www.instrumentproinc.com, (IPVR872K) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-EE, L-INS, L-SS, SC-3

Intertech Overload, Inc., 7701 Woodley Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-904-1955, FAX: 818-904-1988, phil@intertechoverload.com, www.intertechoverload.com, (I0QR689X) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD

Ipeco Inc., 2275 Jefferson St., Torrance, CA 90501, 310-783-4700

ITT Gen Controls Aerospace Prod, 28150 Industry Dr., Valencia, CA 91355, 661-295-4000, FAX: 661-294-1751, (BV4R090M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, L-LG, PP-3

Jet Source, Inc., 2056 Palomar Airport Rd., Carlsbad, CA 92008, 760-804-3167, FAX: 760-804-7757, mx@jetsource.com, www.jetsource.com, (J36T336X) AF-3, AF-4, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Johnston Aircraft Services, Inc., 6679 Dale Fry Dr., Tulare, CA 93274, 559-686-1794, FAX: 559-686-9360, info@johnstonaircraft.com, www.johnstonaircraft.com, (BG4R075M)

L-3 Communications, Interstate Electronics Corp., 707A Vermont Ave., PO Box 3117, Anaheim, CA 92803, 714-758-3030, FAX: 714 758-3150, tom>lynch@l-3com.com, www.iechome.com, (IE9R323)

Leading Edge Aviation Services Inc., 13516 Phantom Rd., Victorville, CA 92394, (LKGR117Y)

Legacy Aircraft Instruments, 5214 Diamond Heights Blvd., Ste. F-633, San Francisco, CA 94131, 415-401-0800, FAX: 415-550-1697, legacy.aircraft@pacbell.net, www.legacyinstruments.com

Level III NDT, 991 George St., Santa Clara, CA 95054, 650-654-3601, FAX: 650-574-9198, level3ndt@aol.com, level3ndt.com, (N5DR176O)

LogBook Organizer, 3093 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95864, 530-672-6020, FAX: 530-672-6020, info@lboinc.com, www.lboinc.com

Long Beach Citation Service Center, 3280 Airflite Way, Long Beach, CA 90807, 562-427-4878, FAX: 562-427-9836, matuomala@cessna.textron.com, (CNOD918C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-OT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Lucas Industries Inc., PO Box 73698, San Clemente, CA 92673-0124, 949-737-5577, FAX: 949-737-5578, stukaiden@aol.com, www.lucasindustries.com AF-1, AF-2, L-FLO, L-RB, PRP-1, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-3, SC-5

Mather Aviation LLC, 10360 MacReady Ave., Rancho Cordova, CA 95655, 916-364-4711, FAX: 916-364-4715, (PGPR439B) AF-4, L-NDT, PP-1, PP-3

Megahertz Avionics, Inc., 1949 Airport Dr., Bakersfield, CA 93308, 661-393-1818, FAX: 661-393-4060, avionics@ncinternet.net, www.megahertzavionics.com, (DI3R450L) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Mid Continent Instrument Co. Inc., 16320 Stagg St., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-786-0300, FAX: 818-786-2734, (OL2D061L) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-EE, L-INS, L-RAD

Nicksons Machine Shop Inc., 914 W Betteravia Rd., Santa Maria, CA 93455, 805-925-2525, FAX: 805-928-9117, nicksons914@comcast.net, (VD3R915L) L-AAC, L-SS, PP-1

Otto Avionics Repair Center, 9450 Chivers Ave., Sun Valley, CA 91352-2654, 818-487-7700, FAX: 818-487-7799, chuck.farley@ottoinstrument.com, (EX3R491L) AAC-1, AAC-2, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD

Pacific Oil Cooler Service, 9761 Klingerman St., South El Monte, CA 91733-1728, 626-454-3172

Phillips Screw Co., PO Box 131496, Carlsbad, CA 92009-1496, 760-602-0857, FAX: 760-602-0858, info@phillips-screw.com, www.phillips-screw.com

Plasma Coating Corp., 13309 S Western Ave., Gardena, CA 90248-1925, 310-532-3064, FAX: 310-532-0429, jemery@plasmacoatingcorp.com, www.plasmacoatingcorp.com, (PC6R080J)

PRC-DeSoto International, Inc./PPG Aerospace, 5430 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91209, 818-240-2060, FAX: 818-549-7595, www.ppg.com/prc-desoto

QAV Aviation Systems, 1803 W Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506, 818-729-9599, FAX: 818-688-3920, info@qavsys.com, www.qavsys.com

Ray’s Aviation, Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, CA, 805-525-4352, FAX: 805-933-2842, ray@rays-aviation.com, www.rays-aviation.com, (R6AR284S) AAC-1, INS-1, RAD-1

Raytheon Aircraft Service, 7240 Hayvenhurst Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-756-2157, (CNZ2924C) AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Redding Jet Center, 3775 Flight Ave., Redding, CA 96002, 530-224-2300, FAX: 530-224-2315, info@reddingjet.com, www.reddingjet.com, (AUMR274C) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, SC-5

Riverside Air Services, 6741 Garmande Dr., Riverside, CA 92504, 951-689-1160, FAX: 951-689-1380, riversideair@earthlink.net, www.riversideairservices.com, (EEAR492D)

San Joaquin Helicopters Inc., 1407 S Lexington, Delano, CA 93215, 661-725-1898, FAX: 661-721-1014, www.sjhelicopters.com, (CUFR0Z7D) AAC-1, AF-3, L-INS, L-NDT, L-RAD, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5

Senior Aerospace Ketema, 790 Greenfield Dr., El Cajon, CA 92021-3101, 619-588-3373, FAX: 619-588-3381, dhool@sfketema.com, www.senioraerospace.com/ketema/products/, (F8XR824) L-INS

Sky-Lab, 122 Penn St., El Segundo, CA 90245, 310-414-9200, FAX: 310-414-9201, skylab145@aol.com, (K1BR617Y) L-AAC, L-SS

Southern California Aviation LLC, 18438 Readiness St., Victorville, CA 92394, 760-530-2400, FAX: 760-246-1186, salesinfo@scaviation.com, www.scaviation.com, (O2RR414Y) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE, L-LG, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

Sullivan Propeller Specialists, 20995 Skywest Dr., Hayward, CA 94541, 510-782-0820, FAX: 510-264-9162, sullyprop@aol.com, (S5UR963J) L-PRP, PRP-2

Sunvairairhyd, 28079 Stanford Ave., Valencia, CA 91355, 661-294-3777

T.E.S.T. NDT LLC, 193 Viking Ave., Brea, CA 92821, 714-255-1500, FAX: 714-255-1580, ndtguru@aol.com, www.testndt.com L-NDT

Thermal Equipment Corp., 1301 W 228th St., Torrance, CA 90501, 310-328-6600, FAX: 310-320-2692, help@thermalequipment.com, www.thermalequipment.com

Thermal Structures Inc., 2362 Railroad St., Corona, CA 91720, 909-736-9911, FAX: 909-730-1064, sales@thermalstructures.com, (TEUR916K) PP-3

Thornton Aircraft Co., 7520 Hayvenhurst Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-787-0205, FAX: 818-787-9334, taftco@earthlink.net, www.thorntonaircraft.com, (T2CR294J) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP

Tri-Process Co. Inc., 7718 Adams St., Paramount, CA 90723-4202, 562-531-7666, FAX: 562-408-1905, (XX3R987L) L-NDT, L-SS

Triumph Instruments - Burbank, 1425 Grand Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91201-2429, 818-246-8431, FAX: 818-243-8965, dsuedkamp@triumphgroup.com, www.triumphinstruments.com, (RB1R197K) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-SS

Triumph Instruments & Avionics, 1425 Grand Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91201, 818-246-8431

Truespeed Aero Governors, Inc., 16644 Roscoe Blvd., Hangar 3-1, Van Nuys, CA 91406, 818-997-8429, FAX: 818-997-8429, (T6GR183N) L-AAC

Tule River Aero-industries, 2011 S Wildcat Way, Porterville, CA 93257, 559-791-1866, FAX: 559-791-1864, (T18R684Y) AAC-1, AAC-3, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Turbine Aviation, 1865 John Towers Ave., Ste. A, El Cajon, CA 92020, 619-258-4214, FAX: 619-258-4215, info@turbineaviation.com, www.turbineaviation.com, (EHDR649K) L-PP, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

Universal Aircraft Sales, 5620 Paseo Del Norte, 127302, Carlsbad, CA 92008, 760-696-8826, FAX: 619-283-3050, usales@universalaircraft.net, www.universalaircraft.com AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-5, SC-6

Weco Inc., 4206 W Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505, 818-845-8711, FAX: 818-845-2972, (UQ3D902L) AAC-2, AAC-3

West Coast Cylinder Works, 13907 Marquardt Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, 562-921-1153, FAX: 562-921-9324, cylindersales@aol.com, www.wccw.net, (Y03R005M) L-PP

Wings of History Watscon Propeller Div., 12777 Murphy Ave., San Martin, CA 95046, 408-683-2290, FAX: 408-683-2291, propmaker@aol.com, www.wingsofhistory.org, (W0KR041L)

Woodland Aviation, Piston Facility, PO Box 1157, Woodland, CA 95776, 800-442-1333, FAX: 530-662-3035, info@woodlandaviation.com, www.woodlandaviation.com, (AWKR298C) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4


Advanced Aviation Services, 3760 Wheeling St., Unit 11, Denver, CO 80239-5505, 303-371-7579, FAX: 303-371-0109, www.advanced-aviation.com, (GB6R555N) L-AF, L-SS

Aero Systems Inc., 2580 S Main St., Tri County Airport, Erie, CO 80516, 303-665-9321, FAX: 303- 66-56367, (SYWR724K) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Air Methods Corp., 772 Novick Ct., Castle Rock, CO 80109-7700, 303-792-7497

Air Methods Corp., 7301 S Peoria St., Englewood, CO 80112, 303-792-7400, FAX: 303-790-0499, www.airmethods.com, (QMLR253U) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4, SC-5

Aircraft Cylinder Repair, 18101 E 160th Ave., Brighton, CO 80601-8510, 303-659-7101, (PJ5R121N) L-PP, L-SS

Aircraft Maintenance and Management Co., 12420 E Control Tower Rd., Centennial Airport, Englewood, CO 80112, 303-792-0688, FAX: 303-768-8875, (H51R588Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

AOG-Asap Avionics, 37800 Cessna Way, Condo Unit, Hangar 4E, Watkins, CO 80137, 303-644-3003, FAX: 303-644-3013, (O0AR682Y) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD

ARINC, 5725 E Fountain Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80916, 719-550-8880, sales@arinc.com, www.arinc.com AAC-2, INS-1, INS-2, L-AF, L-RAD

Aspen Base Operation, PO Box 3171, Aspen, CO 81612-3171, 970-920-2016

Astrodyne International Inc., 7265 S Revere Pkwy., Ste. 902, Centennial, CO 80112, 303-371-4305, FAX: 303-373-9790, kurt@astrodyneinternational.com, www.astrodyneinternational.com, (QDYR386R) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-LG

Aviation Management, 8400 E Prentice Ave., Greenwood Village, CO 80111-2914, 303-792-2700

Aviation Welding Technology Co., 1116 Colorado Ave., Longmont, CO 80501, 661-776-2810, FAX: 661-682-5911, (H56R156O) AF-3, AF-4, L-LG, L-SS

Aviation Window Services, 11906 Hanger Ct., Broomfield, CO 80021, 303-588-5677, FAX: 303-245-0945, www.avwindow.com, (VW6R328Y) L-AF, L-SS

Centennial Aircraft Interiors Corp., 7775 S Peoria St., Englewood, CO 80012, 303-807-6480, (DYHR613K) L-AF, L-SS

Corporate Aircraft Services, 375 CR 352, PO Box 2070, Rifle, CO 81650, 970-625-3771, FAX: 970-625-3833, maintenance@corporateaircraft.com, www.corporateaircraft.com, (OTCR575S) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1

Denver Avionics, Inc., 7625 S Peoria St., Ste. D14, Englewood, CO 80112-4163, 303-790-0684, FAX: 303-790-1270, info@denveravionics.com, www.denveravionics.com, (PE5R116N) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Depot Avionics, Inc., 2550 State Ave. (ALS), Alamosa, CO 81101, 719-589-6777, FAX: 719-589-6888, info@depotavionics.com, www.depotavionics.com, (GM6R566N) L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Dose Aviation, 8055 Interlaken Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920-8011, 719-282-3964

Duncan Avionics, Broomfield, 11705 Airport Way, Ste. 208, Broomfield, CO 80021, 303-410-7053, FAX: 303-410-7058, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JG72O76J) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Duncan Avionics, Englewood, 12850 E. Control Tower Rd., Centennial Airport, Englewood, CO 80112, 303-649-1790, FAX: 303-649-1792, matt_nelson@duncanaviation.com, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JG7D076J) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Freedom Avionics Co., 11915 Airport Way, Jeffco Airport, Hangar 3, Broomfield, CO 80021, 303-469-5633, FAX: 303-469-4588, bob@freedomavionics.com, www.freedomavionics.com, (FDBR221K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Goodrich Aircraft Interiors, 1275 N Newport Rd., Colorado Springs, CO 80916, 719-380-0020, FAX: 719-380-0040, www.asp.goodrich.com, (GC3R522L) L-AF, L-NDT

Heli Support Inc., 120 NE Frontage Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80524-6053, 970-492-1000

International Governor Services, Inc., 7290 W 118th Pl., Broomfield, CO 80020, 303-464-0043, FAX: 303-464-0044, dan@internationalgovernor.com, www.internationalgovernor.com, (IGOR976N/JAA4575) L-AAC, L-PRP

International Governor Services, Inc. is a world class FAA/JAA repair station specializing in overhaul & repair of small turbine engine controls. Specific component capabilities include: fuel controls, prop governors, overspeed governors, and torque. The repair station is an approved vendor for Pratt & Whitney and Raytheon and has been Woodward factory trained. IGS holds a large exchange pool of overhauled fuel controls and governors ready for immediate shipment worldwide. Sales and service set up.

Stevens Aviation, 11905 Corporate Way, Broomfield, CO 80021, 800-824-1938, FAX: 303-301-0007, mniehaus@stevensaviation.com, www.stevensaviation.com, (VIB7368K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-OT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3


A-1 Machining Co., 235 John Downey Dr., New Britain, CT 06051, 203-223-6420, FAX: 860-223-7559, (VVMR487L) L-PP

ACC Inc., 106 Evansville Ave., Meriden, CT 06451-5102, 203-639-7125

Aerocess Inc., 1260 Old Colony Rd., Wallingford, CT 06492, 203-294-9347, FAX: 203-294-0779, aerocess@sbcglobal.net, (DWORO36Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP

AGC Inc., 106 Evansville Ave., PO Box 908, Meriden, CT 06451, 203-639-7125, FAX: 203-317-2602, (VI5R276N) L-PP

Airline Accessory Service Co. LLC, 130 Universal Dr., North Haven, CT 06473, 203-773-1808, FAX: 203-773-1888, sales@airlineaccessory.com, www.airlineaccessory.com, (L0KR782Y) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Barnes Aerospace, 7 Connecticut Dr. S, E Granby, CT 06026, 860-653-5531, FAX: 860-653-0397, info@barnesaero.com, (KC1R265K) PP-3

Bombardier Aircraft Services, Hartford Service Center, 1 Bradley Int’l. Airport, Bldg. 85-173, Windsor Locks, CT 06096, 860-292-7235, FAX: 860-292-7350, www.cic.bombardier.com, (SH5R197N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-FAB, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1

Colonial Coatings Inc., 86 Erma Ave., Milford, CT 06460, 203-783-9933, FAX: 203-876-7680, www.colonialcoatings.com, (OLUR576L) L-OT, L-SS, SC-5

Columbia Aviation Companies, 175 Tower Ave., Groton-New London Airport, Groton, CT 06340, 860-449-1400, FAX: 860-449-1047, maint@columbiaairservices.com, www.columbiaairservices.com, (SO5R204N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-LG, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Connecticut Jet LLC, 425 Main St., Hangar 3, Stratford, CT 06615, 203-378-5000, FAX: 203-378-9200, contact@connecticutjet.com, www.connecticutjet.com

Exxel Avionics, 20 Lindbergh Dr., Hartford, CT 06114, 860-525-7200, FAX: 860-527-0543, exxel.avion.llc@snet.net, www.exxelavionics.com, (XL6R743J) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

Innodyne Systems Inc., 110D W. Dudley Town Rd., Bloomfield, CT 06002, 860-242-2442, FAX: 860-242-2662, info@innodynesystems.com, www.innodynesystems.com

Merl Inc., 1777 N Colony Rd., PO Box 188, Meriden, CT 06450, 203-237-8811, FAX: 203-237-0265, (SF5R195N) L-RAD, L-SS

Pratt & Whitney, 11 Blueberry Ln., Colchester, CT 06415-2048, 860-565-9353

• Pratt & Whitney, See ad p. 70-71, 400 Main St., E. Hartford, CT 06108, 860-565-4321, www.pratt-whitney.com, (P8VR559N) PP-3

We are capable of performing all levels of engine overhaul for all Pratt & Whitney engines and a growing number of our competitors’ engines. Our global network of service facilities has a portfolio of offerings that is comprehensive and specifically structured to lower cost and optimize the engine’s time on-wing. In addition, we have set the standard for tracking complex engine performance and maintenance. With the world’s largest implementation of SAP, we are uniquely qualified to monitor every engine in your fleet from induction to retirement. Whether we perform feats of maintenance, manpower or information technology, we believe that every customer is truly unique and requires an ingeniously tailored solution.

Pratt & Whitney United Technologies Corp., 500 Knotter Dr., Cheshire Engine Ctr., Cheshire, CT 06410-1140, 203-250-4520, FAX: 203-250-4515, (PQBR676X) L-AF, L-PP

Saf Industries LLC, 238 Water St., Naugatuck, CT 06770, 203-729-4900, FAX: 203-729-4956, (GK0R519Y) L-SS

Superior Accessory Service Inc., 282 Woodmount Rd., Bay 47, Milford, CT 06460, 203-877-3674, FAX: 203-877-3731, info@supacc.com, www.supacc.com, (VK5R278N) L-AAC, L-SS

Three Wing Avionics Sales and Service Center Inc., 400 Great Meadow Rd., Sikorsky Memorial Airport, Stratford, CT 06615, 203-375-5795, FAX: 203-377-8067, skip@threewing.com, www.threewing.com, (SL5R201N) L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

VITTA Corp., 7 Trowbridge Dr., Bethel, CT 06801, 203-790-8155, FAX: 203-778-6478, info@vitta.com, www.vitta.com PP-3

Wood Group Aero, Inc., 68 Prospect Hill Rd., East Windsor, CT 06088, 860-386-7737, dtrue@wgaero.com, (WGRR298X) L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Wood Group Component Repair, Inc., 34 Capital Dr., Wallingford, CT 06492, 203-949-8144, FAX: 203-949-8147, www.woodgroup.com, (WG8R783N) L-PP


Aumiller Sons, 32898 Nassau Ct. S, Lewes, DE 19958-3726, 302-645-0124

Delta Engineering, 3681 Harris Rd., Townsend Airport, Townsend, DE 19734, 302-325-9320, FAX: 302-325-9420, (D97R160X) L-AAC, L-AF, L-RAD

Hangar 6 Aero Service, 112 Mccormick Blvd., Newark, DE 19702-2128, 302-322-2277

Montreal Jet Center, 14 Woodpecker Rd., Newark, DE 19711-8332, 302-369-6286

Pats Aircraft LLC, 21652 Nanticoke Ave., Georgetown, DE 19947-6308, 302-855-5888


A Pro, 580 S Military Trl., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-3011, 954-428-9500

• AAR Landing Gear Services, See ad p. 6, 9371 N.W. 100th St., Miami, FL 33178, 303-887-4072, www.aarcorp.com, L-LG

Self-contained, full-service aircraft landing gear, actuator, and wheel and brake overhaul facility strategically located in Miami - entry point to two continents. At our FAA-certified Part 145 Shop, AAR repairs and overhauls landing gear, wheels and brakes, and actuators for 43 different types and subtypes of commercial and military aircraft. With 128,000 square feet of floor space, our facility houses all the machinery, equipment, systems and personnel needed to perform the job. In addition, we offer a full line of aircraft wheel, brakes and accessories.

Accent Interiors, 14980 NW 44 Ct., Bldg. 101, Opa Locka Airport, Opa Locka, FL 33054, 305-681-4010, (QSJR528K) L-AF, L-FAB

Accessory Shop of Miami, Florida, Inc., 2323 NW 82 Ave., Miami, FL 33122, 305-591-9806, FAX: 305-591-8087, www.miamifieldservice.com, (QC4R331K) AAC-1

Acousticfab Inc., 110 Keyes Ct., Sanford, FL 32773, 407-328-3155, FAX: 407-328-4445, (AUJR406X) L-AAC

AD Pan Brothers Inc., 6595 NW 36th St., Ste. 209, Virginia Gardens, FL 33166-6965, 305-265-5916

Advance Air of West Palm Beach Inc., 6461 Garden Rd., Ste. 102, Riviera Beach, FL 33404, 561-845-8289, (AYVR607K) L-NDT, L-SS

Aero Cons SW Florida, 640 21st St. SW, Naples, FL 34117-3212, 239-455-4214

Aero Corp., 8441 NW 24th Ct., Pembroke Pines, FL 33024-3413, 954-526-7375

Aero Fx, 1931 Hwy. 90 W, Defuniak Springs, FL 32433, 850-951-2827

Aero Kool Corp., 1495 SE 10th Ave., Hialeah, FL 33010-5984, 305-887-6912, aerokool@aerokool.com, www.aerokool.com, (VD1R554K) AAC-1, L-AAC

Aero Precision Repair & Overhaul (APRO), 580 S Military Tr., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442-3011, 954-428-9500, FAX: 954-428-9511, customerservice@aero-precision.com, www.aero-precision.com, (XPER689K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-LG, L-NDT, L-SS

Aero Propeller of Miami Inc., 10431 NW 26th St., Miami, FL 33172-2181, 305-592-8760, (LT4R348M) L-AAC, L-PRP

Aero Systems Composites Inc., 5417 NW 82nd Ave., Miami, FL 33166, 305-513-4819, FAX: 305-513-4820, (QC7R082Y) L-AF

Aero Technologies LLC, 2200 NW 84th Ave., Miami, FL 33166, 305-436-5464, FAX: 305-436-6064, (OA9R240X) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF, L-NDT, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aeronautical Services Inc., 2807 NW Haile Dean Rd., Arcadia, FL 34266, 863-639-2647

Aeronautical Services Inc., 3584 Middletown St., Port Charlotte, FL 33952-8422, 941-639-2647

Aeroserve Corp., 255 Manor Dr. #4, Merritt Island, FL 32952, 321-454-4848, FAX: 321-454-4855, (M8JR814N) L-AAC

Aerospace Welding Florida, Inc., 1054 NW 52nd St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-772-2833, FAX: 954-772-3022, info@awi-ami.com, www.awi-ami.com, (PQ1R169K) L-SS

Aerotape, PO Box 770878, Orlando, FL 32877-0878, 407-426-9175, FAX: 407-426-9766, tapeguys@aerotape.com, www.aerotape.com

AeroThrust Corp., 5300 NW 36th St., PO Box 52223, Miami, FL 33152, 305-871-1790, FAX: 305-526-7307, josel@aerothrust.com, www.aerothrust.com, (U9ER188X) PP-3

Aeroturbine Inc., 2325 NW 82nd Ave., Miami, FL 33122-1512, 305-406-3090, FAX: 305-717-3568, (UOXR689Y) L-PP

Air 1 Aircraft LLC, 14609 Airport Pkwy., Clearwater, FL 33762-2911, 727-539-6545

Air Carrier Accessory Service, 111 SW 33rd St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315, 954-525-5456, FAX: 954-524-1986, sales@acasonline.org, www.acasonline.org, (A9YR573J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-RAD, L-SS

Air Prop Specialist Inc., 3671 Industrial Dr., Marianna, FL 32446, 850-482-5577, (IX4R274M) L-PRP, L-SS

Air Quality Aviation Inc., 7579 NW 50th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-463-0032, FAX: 305-463-0062, (QL9R709Y) L-AAC

Air Technik Inc., 7764 NW 71th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-994-7770, FAX: 305-994-7771, (T9KR795N) L-AAC, L-RAD

Aircraft Accessories Group Inc., 2330 NW 102 Ave., Bay 4, Miami, FL 33172, 305-477-2046, FAX: 305-436-0405, (P5BR738N) L-AAC, L-AF

Aircraft Electric Motors, Inc., 7300 NW 54th St., Miami, FL 33166-4809, 305-885-9476, FAX: 305-885-2251, www.aem.us, (MO4R369M) AAC-2, L-SS

Aircraft Engineering Inc., Bill Turley, 33 Lake Eloise SE, Winter Haven, FL 33884, 863-533-6461, (VF4R594M) L-AF, L-PP

Aircraft Maintenance of Placid Lakes LLC, 100 Airport Rd., Lake Placid, FL 33852, 863-441-2462, FAX: 863-465-1734, (LVPR732X) L-AF

Aircraft Systems, Div. Com-Jet Corp., 8235 NW 56th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-592-3283, FAX: 305-592-1458, acsys@aircraftsyscomjet.com, www.aircraftsystemscomjet.com, (DM4R133M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT

Airmark Components, 2701 SW 2nd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315, 954-522-5370, FAX: 954-522-5693, www.airmarkcomponents.net, (WZ4R640M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-NDT, L-SS

Airmark Overhaul, Inc., 6001 NW 29th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-970-3200, FAX: 954-970-3400, airmarkoh@aol.com, www.airmarkoverhaul.com, (JL4R288M) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-NDT, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, SC-6

All Aviation Inc., 6993 NW 82 Ave., Ste. 17, Miami, FL 33166, 305-471-9477, (YIAR843L) L-EE

American Aerospace Corp., 1301 Saratoga St., Deland, FL 32724, 386-785-0747, FAX: 386-785-0767, info@america.aero, www.americanaerospace.com, (YOAR178X) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD

American Modifications, 8725 Black Canyon Dr., Orlando, FL 32829-8438, 407-896-4008

ARC Avionics Corp., 5595 NW 36 St., Miami Springs, FL 33166, 305-884-0224, (LQ4R345M) L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aries Aviation Corp., 3947 NW 26th St., Miami, FL 33142, 305-871-5545, FAX: 305-871-6178, (KO4R317M) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Atlas Aerospace Accessories Inc., 7820 NW 56th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-717-9951, (KU4R323M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

Avail Wheel & Brake, 3286 N 29th Ct., Hollywood, FL 33020-1320, 954-926-3911

Avborne Accessory Group, 7500 NW 26th St., Miami, FL 33122

Avborne Heavy Maintenance, Inc., PO Box 52-2602, Miami, FL 33152, 305-871-2104, FAX: 305-871-5388, cjessup@avborne.com, www.ahm.aero

Avcom Avionics & Instruments, Inc., 3008 NW 82nd Ave., Miami, FL 33122, 305-436-0300, FAX: 305-436-0301, avcomavionics@msn.com, www.avcom-avionics.com, (VR4R606M) AAC-3, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aviall Services Inc., 3292 N 29th Court, Hollywood, FL 33020, 954-923-8661, (RD44488M) L-AAC

Aviall Wheel & Brake, 3286 N 29th Ct., Hollywood, FL 33020-1320, 954-926-3910

Aviation Avionics of Florida LLC, 8549 Parkline Rd., Ste. A, Orlando, FL 32809, 407-240-7442, (ZN5R695Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-RAD

Aviation Brake Service Inc., 7274 NW 34th St., Miami, FL 33122, 305-594-4677, (QVIR333K) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-NDT

Aviation Propellers Inc., 12970 Port Said Rd., PO Box 72, Opa Locka, FL 33054, 305-688-6030, FAX: 305-681-4236, (ME4R359M) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-SS, PRP-1, PRP-2

Aviotek Instruments and Accessories Inc., 11860 W State Rd. 84, Ste. B-9, Davie, FL 33325, 954-742-4562, (I9VR085Y) AAC-2, INS-3, L-AAC, L-INS

Avstar Aircraft Accessories Inc., 1365 Park Ln. S, Jupiter, FL 33458, 561-575-1560, FAX: 561-575-0795, avstar@bellsouth.net, (V1RR580Y) L-AAC

Banyan Air Service, 5360 NW 20th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-491-3170, FAX: 954-491-1612, rfq@banyanair.com, www.banyanair.com, (WD4R618M; SD4R514M) L-AAC, L-AF, PP-3, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, L-INS, L-SS, L-NDT, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4, SC-7

Banyan at FXE is a 24-hour FBO and offers maintenance, avionics, parts distribution, aircraft sales and an aviation store.

Barfield EADS, 4101 N.W. 29th St., Miami, FL 33142, 305-894-5407, FAX: 305-894-5301, lwingate@barfieldinc.com, www.barfieldinc.com, (XBID995K) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2

Blue Angel Aviation, Inc., 4475 Jerry L Maygarden Rd., Pensacola Regional Airport, Pensacola, FL 32504, 850-433-7551, FAX: 850-433-7553, clay@blueangelaviation.com, www.blueangelaviation.com, (B4UR140) AF-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Bombardier Aircraft Services, Ft. Lauderdale Service Center, 4100 SW 11th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315, 954-359-7887, FAX: 954-359-0501, www.cic.bombardier.com, (LN4R342M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-FAB, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Britt Hetal Processing Inc., 6910 Barqvera St., Coral Gables, FL 33146, 305-773-2856

Britt Metal Processing Inc., 15800 NW 49th Ave., Miami, FL 33014, 305-621-5200, FAX: 305-625-9487, (DP4R136M) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-SS

Capital Avionics, Inc., 3701 Hartsfield Rd., Tallahassee, FL 32303, 850-575-4028, FAX: 850-575-7441, info@capitalavionics.com, www.capitalavionics.com, (NS4R399M) INS-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Carter Aircraft Inc., 201 Challenger Dr., Sebring, FL 33870, 863-555-1423, (UW4R585M)

Cav-air LLC, 2011 S Perimeter Rd., Ste. L, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-491-5071, FAX: 954- 771-4692, (QC0R536Y) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

CBS Aviation Window Polishing and Repair Inc., 2611 Buckhorn Preserve Blvd., Valrico, FL 33594, 813-391-2452, FAX: 813-685-6032, (W2UR942X) L-AF

Certified Engines Unlimited, Inc., 4000 NW 145th St., Opa Locka, FL 33054-2339, 866-685-8331, FAX: 305-681-8027, ceuallen@bellsouth.net, (KG4R309M) PP-1, PP-2

Chromalloy Florida, 630 Anchors St. NW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548-3820, 850-244-7684

Com Air, 2017 Grandview Ave. N, Sanford, FL 32771-4572, 407-371-2151

Commercial Jet, Inc., 5300 NW 36 St., Miami Int’l. Airport, Bldg. 60,, Miami, FL 33122, 305-341-5150, FAX: 305-871-0076, www.commercialjet.com, (OMJR606K) AF-2, AF-4, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Confidence Aviation, Inc., 7605 NW 50th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-392-6291, FAX: 305-392-6292, confidenceav@aol.com, (V9DR072Y) L-AAC, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Corporate Rotable & Supply, Inc., 6701 NW 12th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-972-2807, FAX: 954-972-2708, info@corporaterotable.com, www.corporaterotable.com

Craig Air Center, Inc., 855-14 St. Johns Bluff Rd. N, Jacksonville, FL 32225, 904-641-0300, FAX: 904-646-3326, sales@craigaircenter.com, www.craigaircenter.com

CSS Aerospace Corp., 12901 SW 122nd Ave., Ste. 101, Miami, FL 33186, 786-293-0998, FAX: 786-293-0955, jsampedro@cssaero.com, www.cssaero.com, (ZOSR959Y) AAC-2, AAC-3

D & R Airframe Services Corp., PO Box 2396, Lake City, FL 32056-2396, 386-755-4466, FAX: 386-755-6218, dandr@alltel.net, (W15R101Y) L-AAC, L-AF

David Aviation Inc., 107 Industrial Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32505, 850-456-6163, FAX: 850-456-4647, sales@davidav.com, www.davidav.com, (D9ZR125X) L-PP, L-PRP

Duncan Avionics, Ft. Lauderdale, 5401 E Perimeter Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-771-6007, FAX: 954-771-8818, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (RQ4R501M) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Dyncorp, Dos Inl Air Wing, Bldg. 985, PO Box 254388, Patrick Air Force Base, FL 32925, 321-783-9865, FAX: 321-799-3933, (YDYR704L) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

EA Management Services, Inc., 2535 NW 55 Ct., Hangar 25, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-202-0550, FAX: 954-202-0568, eamsinc@hotmail.com, www.eamsinc.com L-AF, L-PP

East Coast Tank Sealing, Inc., PO Box 661199, Miami, FL 33266-1199, 305-635-1900, FAX: 305-635-1919, ectank@hotmail.com, (KL4R314M) AF-3, L-SS, PP-2, PP-3

Eb Airfoils LLC, 7534 Coconut Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33412-2268, 561-219-4600

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 600 S Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114-3900, 386-226-7231, FAX: 386-226-6158, deweec67@erau.edu, www.embryriddle.edu, (N3XR816N)

Embry-Riddle Engine Repair Station, 600 S Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach, FL 32114-3900, 386-226-4937, FAX: 386-226-6778, sonnenfr@erau.edu, www.erau.edu/ams, (NX42404M) AF-3, L-PP

EMC Aerospace Inc., 2550 NW 4th Court, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311, 954-927-7769, FAX: 954-316-6421, (E2PR084Y) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-NDT

Emi-Dan Designs Inc., 2267 NE 164th St., N Miami Beach, FL 33160, 305-947-9080

Executive Accessories Inc., 1072 NW 53rd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-3146, 954-493-4262

Finn Industries, Inc., 2143 W 60th St., Hialeah, FL 33016, 305-827-3544, FAX: 305-827-3544, craigfinn@prodigy.net, www.rlaw.com/finnindust, (FN0R108O) L-PP

Flight Deck Specialists, Inc., 15223 NW 33rd Pl., Miami, FL 33054, 305-681-1199, FAX: 305-681-0393, jmejia@flightdeckspecialists.com, www.flightdeckspecialists.com, (FD5R825N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, L-FAB, L-SS, SC-2

Ford Instruments & Accessories, 6685 Tico Rd., Ste. 11, Titusville, FL 32780, 321-383-8500, FAX: 321-383-3242, (F2UR186Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD

Fromhagen Aviation, 1838 Southwood Lane, Clearwater, FL 33764, 727-531-6970, FAX: 727-531-6791, cessna310@ij.net

The Fuel Cell Inc., 940 NW 51st Pl., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, 954-776-7565, FAX: 954-776-2724, sales@thefuelcell.com, www.thefuelcell.com, (F6ER787N) AAC-1

FXE Jet Center, 1020 W Cypress Creek Rd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-1952, 954-491-3530

GE Engine Services, 16510 NW 84th Ave., Hialeah, FL 33016-6142, 305-823-3885

General Dynamics, 2042 NE Aloc Cale, Jensen Beach, FL 34957, 772-215-2774

General Dynamics Aviation Services, 1500 Perimeter Rd., W Palm Beach, FL 33406, 561-681-9300, FAX: 561-681-9391, www.gdavservices.com, (PBBR624N) AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, SC-4

Goodrich Aerospace, Landing Gear Services, 3201 NW 167th St., Opa Locka, FL 33056-4253, 305-622-4500, FAX: 305-622-4444, www.goodrich.com, (B4GR448J) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-SS

Goodrich Hella Aerospace Lighting Systems, 129 Fairfield St., Oldsmar, FL 34677-3657, 813-891-7105, FAX: 813-855-5572, jim.longo@goodrich.com, www.goodrich-hella.com, (DN7R613J) L-AAC

Gulf Aerospace Inc., 389 E Douglas Rd., Oldsmar, FL 34677, 813-855-4838, FAX: 813-855-6783, june@gulfaerospace.com, www.gulfaerospace.com, (TQ4R553M) AAC-1, AAC-2, INS-1, INS-2, L-AAC

Guptil Aircraft Engines, 8547 SW 129 Terrace, Miami, FL 33156, 305-233-9245, FAX: 305-233-3194, (XGAR137L) L-AAC, PP-1

HAS Aviation Corp., 8380 NW 56th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-592-6219, FAX: 305-592-7624, hasaviation@aol.com, www.hasaviation.com, (H8SR545J) L-AAC, L-NDT

Hawk Aviation Services Inc., 1341 Pine Ave., Orlando, FL 32824, 407-851-8222, FAX: 407-851-7020, (HW9R799J) L-AAC, L-NDT

HEICO Component Repair Group, 7875 NW 64th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-463-0455, FAX: 305-463-9339, www.heico.com, (NWQR356K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Helex LLC, 7016 Challenger Ave., Bldg. #40, Titusville, FL 32780, 321-268-4969, FAX: 321-268-4979, (HQMR716X) L-AF, L-PRP

High Tech Avionics and Accessories, 8875 NW 23rd St., Miami, FL 33172-2419, 305-639-3045, FAX: 305-639-9798, (H1XR361N) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-RAD

Hill Air Instruments Inc., 3315 SW 13 Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315-0000, 954-524-1520, (NC4R383M) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, L-AAC, L-INS

Hunter Electronics LLC, 7553 Lake Harbor Terr., Lake Worth, FL 33467, 973-568-7468, FAX: 561-491-8030, hunterelectronics@adelphia.net, www.hunterelectronicsllc.com AAC-2, AAC-3

In Flight Propeller Service Inc., 225 Manor Dr., Merritt Island, FL 32952, 321-453-7707, FAX: 321-632-5921, (I51R027Y) L-AAC, L-PRP, L-SS

Infinity Technology and Trading Inc., 1601 Park Lane S, Ste. 100, Jupiter, FL 33458, 561-747-2678, FAX: 561-747-4158, billm@honeycombseals.com, www.honeycombseals.com L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

Island Aviation Inc., 602 Airport Rd., Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, 904-261-3730, FAX: 904-277-8852, (KCOR492F) AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-FAB, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Jet Repair Center Inc., 7501 NW 52 St., Miami, FL 33166, 786-845-3053, FAX: 786-845-3057, (J48R410Y) L-AAC, L-AF

Kellstrom Repair Services Inc., 3701 Flamingo Rd., Miramar, FL 33027, 954-538-6638, FAX: 954-538-6640, (LJ4R338M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-4

L-3 Communications Avionics Systems, 5250 NW 33rd Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309-6864, 954-497-0100, FAX: 954-497-6364, ftlauderdale.salescas.l-3com.com, www.as.l-3.com, (UL2R217L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Manasota Avionics, 1210 8th St. W, Palmetto, FL 34221-4513, 941-358-1404

Midcoast Aviation, Inc., 1515 Perimeter Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33406, 561-223-7200, FAX: 561-223-7279, info@midcoast-aviation.com, www.midcoastaviation.com, (EYKR782D) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4, SC-5

Established in 1985, Midcoast Aviation West Palm Beach provides maintenance, avionics and installations, interior completions and paint. The facility is an FAA approved reapir station #EYKR782D and holds Bermuda DCA, Brazilian ANAC and EASA 145 approvals. In addition, Midcoast West Palm Beach is a Dassault Falcon Jet Authorized Service Center and an Embraer Legacy Service Center.

MRO Aerospace Inc., 10530 72nd St., Ste. 701-704, Largo, FL 33777, 727-546-4820, FAX: 727-546-4830, www.mroaerospace.com, (K1GR850Y) L-INS, L-RAD

National Airparts Inc., 1280 Biscayne Blvd., Bldg. 9/10, Deland, FL 32724-2112, 386-734-3365, FAX: 386-734-8552, napr@cfl.irr.com, www.nationalairparts.com, (N14R905X) L-AAC

National Jets Inc., PO Box 22460, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335-2460, 954-359-8181

North American Turbines, Inc., 4705 NW 132nd St., Opa Locka, FL 33054, 305-688-1211, FAX: 305-688-1992, nats@natsusa.com, www.natsusa.com, (XXAR695K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

Northwings Accessories, 7875 NW 64th St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-463-0455, FAX: 305-463-9339, www.heico.com, (NWQR356K) AAC-3, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Pacific Scientific Aviation Services, 11700 NW 102nd Rd., Ste. 6, Miami, FL 33178, 305-477-4711, FAX: 305-477-9799, (P94R580N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE

Patriot Aviation Services, 999 Elder Dr., B-3, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316, 954-462-6040, FAX: 954-462-0702, virgil@patriotaviation.com, www.patriotaviation.com, (PQ7R232O) L-PP

Power Aviation Inc., 1255 Laquinta Blvd., Ste. 112, Orlando, FL 32809, 407-438-1395, FAX: 407-438-1595, poweraviationinc@aol.com, (ZLZR567L) L-NDT

Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc., 8440 Tradeport Dr., Ste. 105, Orlando, FL 32827, 407-438-2291, FAX: 407-812-1404, www.pwc.ca PP-3

Precision Jet Service, Inc., 1925 SE Airport Rd., Hangar 2, Stuart, FL 34996, 772-781-5661, FAX: 772-781-5671, www.precisionjet.com INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, PP-3, SC-4

Preferred Composite Services, Inc., 8474 NW 61st St., Miami, FL 33166, 305-592-2273, FAX: 305-592-2864, eguzman@preferredcomposite.com, (P96R536N) L-AF

Premier Aerospace Corp., 7815 NW 15th St., Miami, FL 33126, 305-513-3066, FAX: 305-513-3067, mreyes@premieraerospace.net, (Z9PR715Y) L-AF

PrivateSky Aviation Services, Inc., SW Florida Int’l. Airport (RSW), One PrivateSky Way, Fort Myers, FL 33913-8874, 239-225-6100, www.privatesky.net, (Y3PR003X)

Professional Aircraft Accessories, 7035 Center Ln., Titusville, FL 32780, 321-267-1040, FAX: 321-269-0935, www.gopaa.com, (P81R813N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Raytheon Aircraft Services, TPA, Tampa Int’l. Airport, 2450 N. Westshore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33607, 813-878-4500, FAX: 813-874-1542, ras_tpa@rac.ray.com, www.raytheonaircraftservices.com AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, PP-1, PP-3, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Regal Aircraft Sales, 475 Manor Dr., Merritt Island, FL 32952-3791, 321-453-4442

Safe Flight, Inc., 185 SW 20th Way, S-1, Dania Beach, FL 33004, 954-929-7233, FAX: 954-929-7235, robert@safeflightinc.com, www.safeflightinc.com, (SLGR312) L-AAC

Sarasota Avionics, 1234 Clyde Jones Rd., Sarasota Bradenton Airport, Sarasota, FL 34243, 941-355-7623, FAX: 941-359-2465, (UY4R587M) INS-1, L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Sensorlab Inc., 7353 Int’l. Place, Ste. 305, Sarasota, FL 34240-8454, 941-388-0630, FAX: 941-388-0627, sensorlab@aol.com, (N35R909X) L-AAC, L-SS

Skytech Aviation Inc., 4800 SW 51st St., Ste. 105, Davie, FL 33314, 954-327-0704, (Y2SR884N) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC

Southern Aviation Technologies, 391 Herndon Ave., Hangar 79, Orlando, FL 32803, 407-896-0442, FAX: 407-896-0471, www.saviation.com, (R1JR638N) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, PP-1

Southern Jet Center, LLC, 2841 Flightline Ave., Sanford, FL 32773, 407-323-7288, FAX: 407-323-6133, southernjetcenter@msn.com, (S5ER218X) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1

• Stahlwille Tools North America, See ad p. 67, 3655-A Webber St., Sarasota, FL 34232, 800-695-2714, sales@stahlwilletool.com, www.stahlwille.com

Stahlwille has been distributing tools in the U.S. since 1961, primarily to the automotive, wind power and other industrial industries; they are the factory tool for Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW, Audi and Porsche. All tools are built to assure dimensional accuracy, chrome stability, foreign object damage (FOD) compliance, and they are made from forgings, rather than stampings.

STS Services, Inc., 2000 NE Jensen Beach Blvd., Jensen Beach, FL 34957, FAX: 800-800-2400, www.stsservices.com

The leading provider of contract aviation labor serving the MRO, commercial, corporate, military, and general aviation industry.

Suncoast Heat Treat Inc., 4704 W South Ave., Tampa, FL 33614, 813-870-1510, FAX: 813-871-3792, jmcpeek@heattreat.net, www.heattreatinc.net, (OUCR211L) L-SS, PP-3

Sunshine Avionics Corp., 12040 Miramar Pkwy., Miramar, FL 33025, 954-517-1294, FAX: 954-517-1296, www.sunshineavionics.com, (Q3NR054Y) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS

Thrust Tech Aviation Inc., 6701B NW 12th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-1111, 954-984-0450

Tracer Repair & Overhaul Services, Messier-Bugatti Tracer LLC, 16411 NW 8th Ave., Miami, FL 33169, 305-624-4700, FAX: 305-624-6070, matt@tracercorp.com, www.mbtrepair.com, (T9NR083O) L-AAC

The Turbine Group Inc., 9100 16th Place Unit 4, Vero Beach, FL 32966, 772-778-9292, FAX: 772-778-9779, (TUGR353K) L-PP

Unison Industries, 7575 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256, 904-739-4000, FAX: 904-739-4006, www.unisonindustries.com, (UILR299K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC

United Turbine Technologies, Inc., (UTTI), 4790 NW 157th St., Miami, FL 33014, 305-625-4900, FAX: 305-625-6201, ac@utti.com, www.utti.com, (UT7R767J) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-SS

Universal Avionique Inc., 6985 NW 50th St., Miami, FL 33166, 786-845-0004, FAX: 786-845-0007, (I0AR926N) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC

Vero Beach Avionics Inc., 3160 Airport W Dr., Vero Beach, FL 32960, 772-299-0770, FAX: 772-299-0711, vbainc@bellsouth.net, (VQVR013Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD

Wings Aviation Services Inc., Bldg. 3, Miami Int’l Airport, Miami, FL 33159-2032, 305-876-9500, FAX: 305-876-9600, jaime@wingsaviation.net, www.wingsaviation.net, (IUDR609L) L-AAC, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Winslow Services Inc., 11700 Winslow Dr., Lake Suzy, FL 34269, 941-613-6666, FAX: 941-613-6677, (WL7R957N) L-AAC, L-EE

Witham Field Aircraft Services Inc., 2555 SE Dixie Hwy., Hangar 2, Stuart, FL 34996, 772-286-0600, FAX: 772-221-3420, (WUMR153L) AF-1, AF-3, L-PP


Aerosafe Products, Inc., PO Box 4755, Marietta, GA 30061, 770-590-8863, FAX: 770-429-0461, info@aerosafe.com, www.aerosafe.com

Aerospace-Defense Coatings of Georgia Inc., 7700 NE Industrial Blvd., Macon, GA 31206, 478-784-8593, FAX: 478-784-9199, (OPCR416K) L-NDT, L-SS

Aerotron AirPower, Inc., 456 Aerotron Pkwy., LaGrange, GA 30240-4075, 706-812-1700, FAX: 706-812-9662, service@aerotron.com, www.aerotron.com, (XJ3R973L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

Air Associates Inc., 2205 Hwy. 42 N, McDonough, GA 30253, 770-507-8770, FAX: 770-507-9170, (VOVR933L) AAC-1, AAC-2

Anchor Aviation LLC, 227 Lincoln Rd., Tyrone, GA 30290-1703, 770-402-0090

Applied Technical Services, Inc., 1049 Triad Court, Marietta, GA 30062, 770-423-1400, FAX: 770-514-3299, rfessenden@atslab.com, www.atslab.com, (HC4R227M) L-NDT

ASEI Inc., 4975 Clark Howell Highway, Unit 2G, College Park, GA 30349, 404-559-1946, (XNDR054L) L-AF, L-SS

Atlanta Avionics Inc., 126 Singley Rd., Jackson, GA 30233, 770-504-0011, FAX: 770-504-9764, (MO9R992J) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Atlanta Propeller Service Inc., PO Box 20715, Atlanta Int’l. Airport, Atlanta, GA 30320, 404-761-7220, FAX: 404-761-9074, (DR4R138M) PRP-1, PRP-2

Atlantic Turbines (USA), 1680 Roberts Blvd., Ste. 404, Kennesaw, GA 30144, 770-427-2428, FAX: 770-427-2269, mwoodworth@atlanticturbines.com, www.atlanticturbines.com, (I6GR874Y) PP-3

Augusta Aviation, Inc., Daniel Field, Augusta, GA 30909, 706-733-8970, FAX: 706-738-9746, steveg@augustaaviation.com, www.augustaaviation.com, (BSBR596C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

Avgroup Inc., PO Box 80220, 3453 Pierce Dr., Atlanta, GA 30341, 770-454-7500, FAX: 770-457-8563, www.jetparts.com, (GT4R218M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Avionics West, Inc., PO Box 2032, Kennesaw, GA 30156, 770-426-9411, FAX: 770-426-6208, avwest@avwestatlanta.com, www.avwestatlanta.com, (VW1R654K) INS-2, INS-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Delta Air Lines Inc., Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Arpt., Atlanta, GA 30320-6001, 404-714-5837, FAX: 404-714-4555, (DALR026A) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE, L-NDT, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Eaton Aeroquip Inc., Meadowbrook Rd., Eastanollee, GA 30538, 706-779-3351, FAX: 706-779-2638, (EQ0R744Y) AAC-1

Engineered Fabrics Corp., 669 Goodyear St., Rockmart, GA 30153-2417, 770-684-7855, FAX: 770-684-7438, www.engfabrics.com, (EF6R553N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-OT, SC-2

Epps Aviation, Dekalb Peachtree Airport, 1 Aviation Way, Atlanta, GA 30341, 770-458-9851, FAX: 770-451-7324, maintenance@eppsaviation.com, www.eppsaviation.com, (ESMR688D) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Executive Jet Managment, 806 Hammocks Ave., Savannah, GA 31410-5005, 912-965-3671

GAC Glynco, 550 Connole St., Glynco Airport, Brunswick, GA 31525, 912-279-3034, FAX: 912-965-5834, (GR4D216M) L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Gardner Aviation Specialist, Inc., 500 Aviation Way B-5, Peachtree City, GA 30269, 770-486-6061, FAX: 770-486-0748, gasinc@mindspring.com, (G3SR222J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Gulfstream Aerospace, 500 Gulfstream Rd., Savannah, GA 31408, 912-965-3000, FAX: 912-965-3484, www.gulfstream.com, (GR4R216M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., 550 Connole St., Brunswick, GA 31525, 912-965-5485, FAX: 912-965-5834, robby.harless@gulfaero.com, www.gulfstream.com, (GR4D216M) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, SC-2, SC-4

Hangar One Inc., 635 Regional Airport Rd., Carrollton, GA 30117, 770-834-0061, FAX: 770-834-0786, (R1NR453H) AAC-3, AF-3, AF-4, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Head Balloons Inc., 1399 Albert Reid Rd., Cleveland, GA 30528, 706-865-3874, (HK4R235M) L-AF

NavCom Defense Electronics, Inc., 626 Dunbar Rd., Warner Robins, GA 31093, 478-922-9052, FAX: 478-929-8692, navcomwr@cbi.mgacoxmail.com, www.navcom.com, (ND9R172N) L-RAD, L-SS

Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc., 710 Westlake Pkwy., Atlanta, GA 30336-2920, 404-349-7848, FAX: 404-349-7810, russell.hancock@pwc.ca, www.pwc.ca PP-3

Professional Aviation Associates, 4694 Aviation Pkwy., Ste. K, Atlanta, GA 30349, 800-283-2105, FAX: 404-767-1467, shouse@proaviation.com, www.proaviation.com

Raytheon Aircraft Services, FTY, Fulton County Airport, 3956 Aviation Cir., Atlanta, GA 30336, 404-699-9200, FAX: 404-696-7635, ras_fty@rac.ray.com, www.raytheonaircraftservices.com AF-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-EE, L-NDT, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

Saft America Inc., 711 Gil Harbin Industrial Blvd., Valdosta, GA 31601-6512, 229-247-2331, FAX: 229-245-2810, (NV4R596X) L-AAC

Savannah Air Center, 34 Wings Rd., Savannah, GA 31408, 912-963-0640, FAX: 912-963-0070, www.savannahaircenter.com, (ZVSR409Y) SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Universal Avionics Systems Corp., Instrument Div., 6090-A Northbelt Pkwy., Norcross, GA 30071


Air Service Hawaii, Gate 21 Hilo Int’l. Airport, Hilo, HI 96720, 808-961-6601

Blue Hawaiian Helicopers, PO Box 4642, Kailua Kona, HI 96745-4642, 808-329-3812

DDI Accessory Repair, PO Box 4309, 90 Nakola Pl., Honolulu, HI 96819, 808-836-8767, (RSGI4R20) AAC-1, AAC-2

Pacific Avionics Inc., 100 Kaulele Place, Honolulu, HI 96819, 808-834-7000, FAX: 808-834-7001, (GL7R163J) AAC-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Rockwell Collins, Hawaii Aviation Services, 3375 Koapaka St., Ste. H-405, Honolulu, HI 96819, 808-834-1001, FAX: 808-836-8592, www.rockwellcollins.com, (AYB5203K) L-AAC


Aircraft Maintenance & Repairs, 31997 N Kelso Dr., Spirit Lake, ID 83869-8762, 208-623-3310

Boise Aerostat Service Exchange, 12378 Cedarwood Dr., Boise, ID 83709, 208-323-7278, (B4XR753J) L-AF

Boise Air Service Inc., 4125 W Wright St., Boise, ID 83705-6533, 208-383-3300

Boise Executive Avionics & Maintenance, 3815 Rickenbacker St., Boise, ID 83705, 208-336-5571, FAX: 208-424-5044, (F66R557Y) L-AF, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Hart Enterprises Inc., 151 N 1st E, Rexburg, ID 83440-1502, 208-556-4446

QCI Testing Laboratories, 12501 W Explorer Dr., Ste. 175, Boise, ID 83713, 208-322-4595, (Q8LR921X) L-SS


A & M Maintenance Services Inc., 134 & Clow Int’l. Pkwy., Ste. B, Bolingbrook, IL 60490, 630-759-8130, FAX: 630-759-0701, ammainsrvs@aol.com

AAR Corp., 1100 N Wood Dale Rd., Wood Dale, IL 60191, 630-227-2000, www.aarcorp.com, (JR2R936K) AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, PRP-1, PRP-2

AirLiance Materials, 450 Medinah Rd., Roselle, IL 60172, 847-233-5800, FAX: 847-233-5900, sales@airliance.com, www.airliance.com

Alloyweld Inspection Co. Inc., 796 Maple Ln., Bensenville, IL 60106, 30-595-2145, FAX: 630-595-2128, alloyweldingsp@sbcglobal.net, www.alloyweldinsp.com, (W1DR607N) L-NDT, L-SS

AOG Aviation Spares, 1605 Wright Dr., Sandwich, IL 60548, 815-230-9325, www.aog-spares.com

AON Corp., 5713 S Central Ave., Chicago, IL 60638, 773-582-2395, FAX: 773-582-1856, (QNOR659Y) L-SS

Ar Inc., 8 Executive Dr., Fairview Heights, IL 62208-1345, 618-624-0428

Associated Air Activity, PO Box 158, Lansing, IL 60438-0158, 708-474-6073

Avionics Place, 5257 Falcon Rd., Rockford, IL 61109-2911, 815-229-5360, FAX: 815-229-0308, avionicsplace@avionicsplace.com, www.avionicsplace.com, (FQ5R866M) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-3, SC-4

Byerly Aviation Inc., Greater Peoria Reg. Airport, Bartonville, IL 61607, 309-697-6303

Byerly Aviation Inc., 13906 Airport Lane, Pekin, IL 61554-8400, 309-348-3692, (BOED548C) L-AF

Byerly Aviation, Inc., 6100 EM Dirksen Pkwy., Peoria, IL 61607, 309-697-6305, FAX: 309-697-9663, badamson@byerlyaviation.com, www.byerlyaviation.com, (BOE2548C) L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Chicago Jet Group LLC, 43W522 Route 30, Sugar Grove, IL 60554, 630-466-3600, FAX: 630-466-3601, info@chicagojetgroup.com, www.chicagojetgroup.com, (X42R211L) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-SS

Corsair Aviation, PO Box 1157, Bolingbrook, IL 60440-1085, 630-226-1651

DB Aviation, Inc., 3550 N McAree Rd., Waukegan, IL 60087, 847-336-1022, FAX: 847-336-0503, www.dbaviation.com, (IEYR828T) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Dukane Corp./Seacom Div., 2900 Dukane Dr., St. Charles, IL 60174, 630-762-4076, jspringer@dukane.com, www.dukane.com, (D3KR791J) L-AAC, L-INS

Duncan Avionics, Chicago, 6150 S. Laramie, Chicago, IL 60638, 773-284-4600, FAX: 773-284-4601, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JGV9194F) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Emery Air Inc., 46 Airport Dr., Greater Rockford Airport, Rockford, IL 61109-2902, 815-987-4100, FAX: 815-987-5070, www.emeryair.net, (E81R759X) AF-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Essex P B and R Corp., 5071 Springfield Dr., PO Box 897, Edwardsville, IL 62025, 800-296-7587, (P9BR720N)

Executive Flight Management/Trans American Charter, PO Box 958, Plainfield, IL 60544, 630-466-2010, FAX: 630-466-2018, byronheidorn@efmtac.com, www.efmtac.com, (XEFR855K) L-AF, L-PP

The Flightstar Corp., 7 Airport Rd., Savoy, IL 61874, 217-351-7700, FAX: 217-351-6872, (BONR551C) AF-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1

Global Aeronautics Inc., 2104 N 765 E Rd., Danforth, IL 60930, 815-269-2532

Image Air, 2933 E Empire, Bloomington, IL 61704, 309-663-2303, FAX: 309-663-8885, maintenance@imageair.com, (BNGR539C) AF-1, AF-3, L-PP, L-PRP, PP-1, PP-3

JA Air Center, Dupage Airport, 3N060 Powis Rd., West Chicago, IL 60185, 630-584-4200, FAX: 630-584-7883, jaair@aol.com, www.jaair.com, (NF2R029L) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

JA Air Center, 216 Tilton Park Dr., Dekalb, IL 60115-1942, 815-748-5570

Jet Support Services Inc., 180 N Stetson Ave., Chicago, IL 60601-6704, 312-644-4444

Loravco Services, 2811 E Empire St., Central Illinois Regional Airport, Bloomington, IL 61704, 309-663-1084, FAX: 309-663-2413, (OLKR571L) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, L-PRP, PP-1, PP-2

Lumanair Aviation Services, PO Box 1146, Aurora, IL 60507, 630-466-4866, FAX: 630-466-1046, services@lumanair.com, www.lumanair.com, (CGFR811C)

Midcoast Aviation, Inc., 6400 Curtiss-Steinberg Dr., Cahokla, IL 62206-1445, 618-646-8000, FAX: 618-646-8877, info@midcoast-aviation.com, www.midcoastaviation.com, (RO3R822L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5

Midcoast is the leading edge in aircraft and customer service, performing aircraft maintenance, modification and completions for exceptional customers with exceptional aircraft. When you select Midcoast for your aircraft services, you get attention to you, attention to your aircraft and attention to your needs.

MPC Products Corp., 7426 N Linder Ave., Skokie, IL 60077, 847-673-2718, FAX: 847- 42-34510, (M74R907N) AAC-2

Palwaukee Service Center, 26 E Palatine Rd., Palwaukee Airport, Wheeling, IL 60090, 847-537-1205, FAX: 847-541-2252, suzannet@pwkservicecenter.com, www.pwkservicecenter.com, (UPWR481X) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-RAD, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, SC-4, SC-5

Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc., 2772 B Golfview Dr., Naperville, IL 60563, 630-416-8466, FAX: 630-416-8474, www.pwc.ca PP-3

Woodward, 5001 N Second Street, Rockford, IL 61125, 815-877-7441, FAX: 815-639-6033, mmrote@woodward.com, www.woodward.com, (IU5R948M) L-AAC, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3


AAR Aircraft Services Inc., 2825 W Perimeter Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241, 317-227-5410, (I6XR049Y) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

Aerodine Composites Group LLC, 8201 Indy Ln., Indianapolis, IN 46214, 317-271-1207, FAX: 317-271-4455, mail@aerodinecomposites.com, www.aerodinecomposites.com, (RDMR624X) L-AF

Aircraft Specialists Inc., Clark County Airport, 6005 Propeller Ln., Sellersburg, IN 47172, 812-246-4696, FAX: 812-246-4365, bramer@asicharter.com, www.asicharter.com, (PZ4R458M) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, PP-1, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2

Applied Composites Engineering, 705 S Girls School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46231, 317-243-4425, FAX: 317-243-4227, rengle@appliedcomposites.com, www.appliedcomposites.com, (E1GR091O) AF-1, AF-2, L-AAC

BAA Indianapolis LLC, 2825 W Perimeter Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241, 317-486-3650

Electronics Inc., 56790 Magnetic Dr., Mishawaka, IN 46545-7493, 574-256-5001, FAX: 574-256-5222, info@shotpeener.com, www.magnavalve.com

Exotic Metal Treating, Inc., 6234 E Hanna Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46203-6129, 317-784-8565, FAX: 317-784-8569, info@exoticmetaltreating.com, www.exoticmetaltreating.com, (EKXR156L) L-PP, L-SS

Gary Jet Center, 5401 Industrial Hwy., Gary, IN 46406, 219-944-1210, FAX: 219-944-8232, www.garyjetcenter.com, (YGJR580L) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, SC-2, SC-5

Honeywell, Aircraft Landing Systems, 3520 Westmoor St., South Bend, IN 46628, 574-231-2000, FAX: 574-231-3383, www.honeywellaircraftlandingsystems.com, (LU5R028N) L-AAC

Hoosier Aircraft Accessory, Inc., 10274 Old National Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46231, 317-837-7450, FAX: 317-837-7452, www.hoosieraircraft.com, (UP2R222L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-NDT

InAir Aviation Services, 8225 Country Club Place, Indianapolis, IN 46214, 317-271-0195, FAX: 317-271-0345, sales@inairaviation.com, www.inairaviation.com, (IOVR072L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Indianapolis Jet Center, Indianapolis Int’l. Airport, PO Box 42009, Indianapolis, IN 46251, FAX: 317-769-3132, www.indianpolisjetcenter.com, (550R526K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, SC-1, SC-2

Lafayette Avionics Inc., 1632 Aviation Dr., West Lafayette, IN 47906, 765-743-3828, FAX: 765-743-0000, (KH2R952K) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Regent Aerospace, 2501 E Hadley Rd., Plainfield, IN 46168-7418, 317-295-9000

Safetech Midwest, 1911 Executive Dr., Ste. A, Indianapolis, IN 46241, 317-243-1800, FAX: 317-243-8369, www.safetech.com L-EE, L-FLO, L-OT


David Flying Service, Inc., 10800 Airport Rd., Dubuque, IA 52003, 319-582-1293, FAX: 319-582-1294, (D2FR184J) AF-3, PP-1

Delavan Inc., dba Turbine Fuel Technologies, 811 4th St., West Des Moines, IA 50265, 515-274-1561, FAX: 515-271-7201, www.aerospace.goodrich.com, (KT2R964K) PP-3

Elliott Aviation Des Moines Inc., 2800 McKinley Ave., Des Moines, IA 50321, 515-285-6551, FAX: 515-285-7251, (JEMR166F) L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Marion Airport, 1710 Marion Airport Rd., Marion, IA 52302, 319-377-0457, marionairport@earthlink.net, www.fly-iowa.com

Marshalltown Aviation Inc., Muni Arpt, 2651 - 170th St., Marshalltown, IA 50158, 641-752-0012, FAX: 641-752-0026, (CSRR996C) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1, PP-3

Rockwell Collins Aviation Services-Cedar Rapids, 855 35th St. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52498-0001, 319-295-3289, FAX: 319-295-4046, cedarrapids@rockwellcollins.com, www.shopcollins.com, (R7CR961J) INS-1, INS-2, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Tim McCandless Inc., 2720 Betsworth Dr., Waterloo, IA 50703, 319-232-1234, FAX: 319-235-1082, (RO2R142L) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2


Aero-Mach Labs, Inc., 7707 E. Funston, Wichita, KS 67207, 316-682-7707, FAX: 316-682-3418, amsales@aeromach.com, www.aeromach.com, (NU2RO44L) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Aero Space Controls Corp., 1050 N Mosley St., Wichita, KS 67214-3041, 316-264-2875, FAX: 316-264-1639, skeith@aerospace-controls.com, www.aerospace-controls.com, (OJ2R059L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-OT

Aerolab Aviation Services Inc., 1227 Dakota St., Leavenworth, KS 66048, 913-680-1275, (V0RR239Y) L-INS

AEROS Inc., 1512 University Dr., Lawrence, KS 66044-3148, 785-843-7471, FAX: 785-843-6888, dhaughb17g@aol.com, www.aerosinc.com SC-3, SC-5

Aerosonic Corp., 2605 S Custer, Wichita, KS 67217, 316-942-8465, (PW2R098L) INS-1, INS-2

Aerospace System & Components, 5201 E 36th St. N, Wichita, KS 67220, 316-686-7392

Air Capitol Dial, Inc., 220 N Vine, Wichita, KS 67203, 316-264-2483, FAX: 316-264-9269, sales@aircapitoldial.com, www.aircapitoldial.com, (C64R675N) L-SS, SC-2

Air Plains Services Corp., PO Box 541, Wellington Airport, Wellington, KS 67152, 620-326-8904, FAX: 620-326-5346, aps@airplains.com, www.airplains.com, (MNYR085K) AAC-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1

Aircraft Instrument & Radio Service, Inc., Airco Group - Services Div., 1851 S Eisenhower Ct., Wichita, KS 67209, 316-945-9820, FAX: 316-945-8014, adamh@airco-ict.com, www.airco-ict.com, (TI2R188L) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aircraft Parts Corp. Service Center, 4611 W Harry, Wichita, KS 67209, 316-943-8600, FAX: 316-943-8603, info@apcmfg.com, www.apcmfg.com, (MB1D316K) AAC-2

Aircraft Quality Instruments, 2649 S Custer, Wichita, KS 67217, 316-942-9933, FAX: 316-942-9975, (A2QR419J) INS-1, INS-3

Andax Enviromental Corp., 613 W Palmer St., Saint Marys, KS 66536, 800-999-1358, FAX: 888-443-4732, customerservice@andax.com, www.andax.com L-EE

Avcon Industries, Inc., 516 N Oliver, PO Box 748, Hangar J, Newton, KS 67114, 316-284-2842, FAX: 316-284-2844, marcus@avconindustries.com, www.butlernational.com, (B9ZR922N) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-AF, L-RAD, L-SS

Aviation Consultants Inc., 807 S 7th St. Trafficway, Kansas City, KS 66105, 913-342-0004, FAX: 913-342-0054, www.aviationconsultantsinc.net, (MK2R008L) L-EE

B & S Aircraft Parts & Accessories, Inc., 1414 S Mosley St., Wichita, KS 67211, 316-264-2397, FAX: 316-264-7898, sales@bsaircraft.com, www.bsaircraft.com, (NE2R028L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

Bevan Rabell Inc., 1880 Airport Rd., Hangar 3, Wichita, KS 67209, 316-946-4870, FAX: 316-946-4869, (KG2R951K) AAC-1, AAC-3, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Bombardier Aircraft Services, Wichita Service Center, One Learjet Way, Wichita, KS 67209, FAX: 316-946-2246, www.cic.bombardier.com, (LK2R981K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-FAB, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, L-RAD, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Cessna Aircraft Co., PO Box 7706, Wichita, KS 67277-7706, 316-517-6798

Cessna Aircraft Co., 3140 S 343rd St. W, Cheney, KS 67025-9158, 316-941-6456

Cessna Aircraft Co., Wichita Citation Service Center, Five Cessna Blvd., Wichita, KS 67215, 316-517-6313, FAX: 316-517-6099, disaacson@cessna.textron.com, (CNQR918C) AAC-1, AAC-3, AF-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Cessna Aircraft Co. - Independence Facility, One Cessna Blvd., Independence, KS 67301, 620-332-0850, FAX: 620-332-0866, (I97R796N) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

Coffeyville Aircraft, Inc., PO Box 322, Coffeyville, KS 67337-0322, 620-251-4310, FAX: 620-251-9172, www.citationbaggage.com, (BWGR662C) AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2

Deason Aircraft Services Inc., 32650 Airport Rd., Paola, KS 66071, 913-755-4107, FAX: 913-256-2222, (D7ZR200Y) L-AF

Executive Aircraft Corp., 1600 Airport Rd., Wichita, KS 67209, 316-946-4990, FAX: 316-946-4955, www.execaircorp.com, (W6XR621X) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

GE Engine Services, Inc., Strother Field, Arkansas City, KS, 513-552-3272, www.geae.com/overhaul, (LY2R995K)

Goodrich Corp. Wheel & Brake Serv., 7016 Pueblo, Ste. B, Wichita, KS 67209, 316-943-4280, FAX: 316-943-2848, (B9DR216N) L-AAC

Great Planes Instrument Corp., 4939 S Lulu Ct., Ste. 20, Wichita, KS 67216, 316-522-3460, FAX: 316-522-1354, (G74R742N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-3, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-NDT, L-RB, L-SS, PP-3

HBD/Thermoid, Inc., 201 N Allen St., Chanute, KS 66720-0728, 620-431-9100, FAX: 620-431-9105, hbdsales@cableone.net, www.hbdthermoid.com

Hetrick Air Services Inc., 1930 Airport Rd., Lawrence, KS 66044, 785-842-0000, FAX: 785-842-0569, (VKDR861X) L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Honeywell Int’l. Inc., 14115 Russ Meyer Blvd., PO Box 1996, Independence, KS 67301, 620-332-0617, FAX: 620-332-0614, (H8QR779Y) L-INS, L-RAD

Kelly Aerospace Turbine Rotables, 3414 W 29th St. S, Wichita, KS 67217-1056, 316-943-6100, FAX: 316-943-2917, (NV2R045L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, L-LG, L-NDT

The Metal Finishing Co. Inc., 1329 S McLean Blvd., Wichita, KS 67213, 316-267-7289, FAX: 316-267-1861, www.metalfinishingco.com, (QS6R396J) L-NDT, L-SS

Midwest Flying Service, 804 Pennsylvania Ave., Leavenworth, KS 66048, 913-682-7230

Phoenix Aircraft Co., 1761 SE Bluestem Rd., El Dorado, KS 67042-9802, 316-321-9192, (OC2R052L) L-AF, L-FAB

Rockwell Collins Aviation Services-Wichita, 2051 Airport Rd., Wichita, KS 67209, 316-677-4808, FAX: 616-942-3843, wichita@rockwellcollins.com, www.shopcollins.com, (NZ2R049L) L-INS, L-RAD

Yingling Aircraft, 1401 Terrace Dr., Newton, KS 67114-6315, 316-943-3246


Aerotech of Louisville, Inc., 2209 Watterson Tr., Louisville, KY 40299, 502-263-7090, FAX: 502-263-7094, info@aerotechlou.com, www.aerotechlou.com, (PU4R453M) AAC-2

Aviation Services Inc., 4655 Airfreight Dr., Louisville Int’l. Airport, Louisville, KY 40209, 502-375-3220, FAX: 502-375-4031, sales@aviationservicesinc.com, www.aviationservicesinc.com, (BUTR314X) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD

• Big Ass Fans, See ad p. 55, 2425 Merchant St., Lexington, KY 40511, 877-BIGFANS, 859-233-1271, Fax: 859-233-0139, www.bigassfans.com

HIgh-volume, low-speed fans that reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Comair, Inc., 77 Comair Blvd., Erlanger, KY 41018, 859-767-2722, FAX: 859-767-2964, (C0MR005B) L-AAC, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Elizabethtown Flying Service, Inc., Addington Field, Elizabethtown, KY 42701, 270-737-8388, FAX: 270-769-9100, customerservice@flyekx.com, www.flyekx.com, (AO5R733M) L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Fortener Aviation, Inc., 2260 Country Club Ln., Hartford, KY 42347-9748, 270-298-3500, FAX: 270-298-3502, (XASR589S) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

Pacific Scientific Aviation Services Co., 6200 Poplar Tree Ct., Louisville, KY 40228, 502-969-9967, FAX: 502-961-6037, www.pacscimiami.com, (P942580N) L-AAC

TAC Air, 4029 Airport Rd., Suite 100, Lexington, KY 40510, 859-255-7724, FAX: 859-231-9956, wkamb@tacair.com, www.tacair.com

T.T. Repairs, 7100 Grade Ln., Bldg # 2, Louisville, KY 40213, 502-368-3008, FAX: 502-368-3949, ttrllc@aol.com AAC-1


1H71 Exxon, 9701 Exxon Private Rd., Abbeville, LA 70510, 337-269-5455

Aeroframe Services LLC, 1945 Merganser St., Lake Charles, LA 70615, 337-312-2672, FAX: 337-312-2699, sales@aeroframeservices.com, www.aeroframeservices.com SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Auric Avionics & Instruments, 5801 Walter Beech St., #103 Lakefront Airport, New Orleans, LA 70126-8024, 504-245-0072, FAX: 504-244-0960, (UAWR246L) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., 301 W Pont Des Mouton Rd., Lafayette, LA 70507, 337-237-6070, FAX: 337-237-6560, (B1H2300N) L-AF, L-SS

Bristow Western Hemisphere Regional Headquarters, 4605 Industrial Dr., Acadiana Regional Airport, New Iberia, LA 70560, 337-365-6771, FAX: 337-364-8222, www.bristowgroup.com

Dallas Airmotive Inc., Rolls-Royce Model 250 Component Sales & Repair, 310 Shepard Dr., Lafayette, LA 70508, 337-233-6386, FAX: 337-232-1119, turbines@dallasairmotive.com, www.dallasairmotive.com, (YRR9491L) PP-3

Louisiana Aircraft, Inc., PO Box 74170, Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4170, 225-354-1120, FAX: 225-357-2236, larry@lousianaaircraft.com, (UG1R531K) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-FAB, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3

Superior Helicopter Interiors Inc., 424 Industrial Pkwy., Lafayette, LA 70508, 337-291-1190, FAX: 337-291-1182, jarod@saginteriors.com, www.saginteriors.com, (I42R238Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-SS, SC-2, SC-5

TAC Air, 6179 Emelia Earhart Dr., Shreveport, LA 71109, 318-636-1020, FAX: 318-631-4199, www.tacair.com


Maine Aviation Aircraft Maintenance LLC, 8 Al McKay Ave., Portland, ME 04102, 207-780-1811, FAX: 207-772-6900, maintenance@maineaviation.com, www.maineaviation.com, (FSER011E) AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, PP-1, SC-4


Aeroservices Inc., 2407 York Ct., Waldorf, MD 20602-2152

Air Repair Inc., 29137 Newnam Rd., Unit #8, Easton, MD 21601, 410-822-2999, FAX: 410-763-8509, (XR5R175Y) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Aircraft Fuel Specialists Ltd., 18531 Henson Blvd. #10-R, Hagerstown, MD 21742, 301-797-8106, FAX: 301-797-8107, terrytrbl@aol.com, (AQ2R699K) L-AAC

Fairchild Controls Corp., 540 Highland St., Frederick, MD 21701, 301-228-3400, FAX: 301-228-3443, www.fairchild-controls.com AAC-1

Frederick Aviation, Inc., 330 Aviation Way, Frederick Municipal Airport (FDK), Frederick, MD 21701-4794, 301-662-8156, FAX: 301-662-2581, info@frederickaviation.com, www.frederickaviation.com AF-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4, SC-5

Middle River Aircraft Systems, 103 Chesapeake Park Plaza, Baltimore, MD 21220, 410-682-1210, FAX: 410-682-1230, robert.v.potter@mras.ae.ge.com, www.mras-usa.com, (MYER988K)

• WichiTech Industries, Inc., See ad p. 65, 8950 E Rte. 108, Columbia, MD 21045, 410-715-1076, FAX: 410-715-1078, steve@wichitech.com, www.wichitech.com

Manufacturers and distributors of the models HB-1 and HB-2 Hot Bond Composite Repair Systems, the only bonders on the market offering a three-year parts and labor warranty. For nondestructive testing (NDT) of voids, delaminations, and disbonds try our RD3 Digital Electronic Tap Hammer. Thermocouple spot welder, blanket testers, oven controllers, heater blankets of standard and custom size and shape. In budget friendly quantities and just-in-time delivery. Find out why the world’s largest airlines insist on WichiTech equipment by calling for information and a free demonstration.


Aero Turbine Components Inc., 993 Millbury St., Worcester, MA 01607, 508-755-2121, FAX: 508-755-2295, jaaero@charter.net, (UMUR731X) L-NDT, L-PP

Aerocomms Inc., 521 Ipswich Rd., Boxford, MA 01921-1406, 978-352-4858

Airflyte, Inc., 32 Airport Dr., Westfield, MA 01085, 413-568-4686, FAX: 413-562-8266, gpotts@airflyteinc.com, www.airflyteinc.com, (QFYR349K) AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-FAB, L-FLO, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

Altair Avionics Corp., 63 Nahatan St., Norwood, MA 02062, 781-762-8600, FAX: 781-762-2287

Ametek Aerospace Products Inc., 50 Fordham Rd., Wilmington, MA 01887-2164, 978-988-4889, FAX: 978-988-4245, (A8PR221J) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-2, INS-4

Aqua Communications, 195 Newton St., Waltham, MA 02453, 784-642-7088, FAX: 781-642-9753, billm@aquacomm.com, www.snakeeye.com

Atech Turbine Components, Inc., 1 St. Mark St., Auburn, MA 01501, 508-721-7679, FAX: 508-721-7968, jayk@atechturbine.com, www.atechturbine.com, (VTVR906K) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

Aviation Electronics Inc., Bldg. 1724, Hanscom Field East, Bedford, MA 01730, 781-274-7070, FAX: 781-274-7075, shop@aeiavionics.com, www.aeiavionics.com, (UT5R261N) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aviation Welding Technologies LLC, 11 Summer St., Bellingham, MA 02019, 508-876-9728, FAX: 508-876-9730, aviationwelding@msn.com, (W0IR070X) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Drag Curves, 21 Pleasant St., Littleton, MA 01460-1503, 978-274-0010

DURALECTRA, 61 North Ave., Natick, MA 01760, 508-653-7900, FAX: 508-653-7832, sales@duralectra.com, www.duralectra.com L-OT, L-SS, SC-3, SC-5

Duval Precision Grinding, Inc., 940 Sheridan St., Chicopee, MA 01022-1031, 413-593-3060, FAX: 413-593-6150, (D2PR310J) L-AAC, L-LG, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-3

General Dynamics Aviation Services, 33 Elise St., Westfield, MA 01085, 413-562-5860, FAX: 413-562-9421, www.gdaviationservices.com, (LEGR039G) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

Heritage Turbines, 116 Great Hill Rd., Sandwich, MA 02563-2583, 508-420-7260

Heritage Turbines, Inc., 35 Hinckley Rd., Barnstable Municipal Airport, Hyannis, MA 02601, 508-778-7788, FAX: 508-775-4489, pt6@heritageturbines.com, www.heritageturbines.com, (HH1IR069) L-PP, PP-3

Midcoast Aviation, Inc., 380 Hanscom Dr., Bedford, MA 01730, 781-274-0030, FAX: 781-274-0650, info@midcoast-aviation.com, www.midcoastaviation.com, (JAVR120F) AAC-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4, SC-5

Our Bedford facility, located just outside of Boston, provides line maintenance and avionics support for a wide range of aircraft. Midcoast Bedford is an FAA certified repair station #JAVR120F and holds EASA 145 Repair Station Approval and Bermuda DCA approvals.

Optim Inc., 64 Technology Park Rd., Sturbridge, MA 05166, 508-347-5100, FAX: 508-347-2380, sales@optimnet.com, www.optimnet.com, (472890A) L-NDT, PP-2, PP-3, SC-5

• Prime Turbines, See ad p. 65, 630 Barnstable Rd., Barnstable Municipal Airport, Hyannis, MA 02601, 508-771-4744, FAX: 508-790-0038, sales@prime-turbines.com, www.prime-turbines.com, (UE5R246N) L-NDT, L-PP

Established in 1984, we are an FAA certified repair station, JAA accepted, specializing in the PWC PT6 engine. Our services include: hot section rectification, power section and gas generator repair, fuel nozzle and bleed valve overhaul/exchange.

Randolph Products Co., 33 Haynes Cir., Chicopee, MA 01020, 413-592-4191, FAX: 413-594-7321, www.randolphproducts.com


AAR Cargo Systems and Components, 12633 Inkster Rd., Livonia, MI 48150, 734-466-8240, (Y2CR211O) L-AAC

Aero Service, PO Box 475, Napoleon, MI 49261-0475, 517-536-4266

Aerodynamics, Inc., PO Box 270100, 6544 Highland Rd., Waterford, MI 48327-0100, 800-235-9234, FAX: 248-666-2307, www.flyadi.com, (BUER634C) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

Aerofixica, 7399 Newman Blvd., Dexter, MI 48130, 734-426-5525, FAX: 734-426-5026, (XOWR982Y) L-AF

Aerogenesis 1 LLC, Capital City Arpt, 3121 Circle Dr. W, Lansing, MI 48906, 517-492-1100, FAX: 517-492-1131, (ECFR459D) AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS

Aircraft Maintenance Pills, PO Box 1100, Fowlerville, MI 48836-1100, 517-862-0911

Aircraft NDT Service, Inc., 8181 Broadmoor SE, Caledonia, MI 49316, 616-891-3170, FAX: 616-891-3565, ndtg@iserv.net, www.nondestructivetesting.com, (N3DR341N) L-LG, L-NDT

Alternative Aviation Service, Inc., 1661 Airport Rd., Waterford, MI 48327-1304, 248-666-3310, FAX: 248-666-4456, info@alternativeavionics.com, (OA5R086N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Andrews University Air Park, Griggs Dr., Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0930, 269-471-3547, FAX: 269-471-6004, www.andrews.edu, (LW5R030N) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, L-RAD, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

Approved Aircraft Accessories Inc., 29300 Goddard Rd., Romulus, MI 48174, 734-946-9000, FAX: 734-946-5547, (US2R225L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-INS

Avantgarde, 3426 Brewer Rd., Howell, MI 48855-7717, 517-540-1001

Balloon Quest Inc., 2470 Grange Hall Rd., Fenton, MI 48430, 248-634-3094, FAX: 248- 63-42632, (BQ7R054N) L-AF

Beaver Aerospace and Defense Inc., 11850 Mayfield, Livonia, MI 48150, 734-853-5003, FAX: 734-853-5043, (MI5R042N) L-AAC

Boreal Aviation, Inc., 401 Ave. F, Gwinn, MI 49841, 906-346-6440, FAX: 906-346-6401, baibiz@chartoninternet.com, www.borealaviation.com, (B3LR015N) INS-2, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

C & D Associates Inc., 302 Post Rd., Buchanan, MI 49107, 269-695-7469, FAX: 269-695-6004, sales@aircraftheater.com, www.aircraftheater.com, (LG5R014N) AAC-1

Cherry Capital Aviation Inc., Cherry Capital Airport, Airport Access Rd., Traverse City, MI 49684, 231-941-1740, FAX: 231-941-4905, (EAOR432D) AF-1, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1, PP-2, PRP-1

Evans Avionics LLC, 1190-A Airport Access, Traverse City, MI 49686, 231-941-9764, FAX: 231- 94-19780, (E92R057X) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

General Motors Air Transport, 10025 Huron Creek Dr., Dexter, MI 48130-9685, 734-426-1458

Global Turbine Support, 2890 Tyler Rd., Ypsilanti, MI 48198, 734-485-1276, FAX: 734-485-1284, www.globalturbine.net, (G3ZR174Y) L-PP, PP-3

H & S Inspection Service, Inc., 422 Oliver Dr., Troy, MI 48084, 248-362-8141, FAX: 248-362-8151, sales@hsindt.com, www.hsindt.com, (H8IR101N) L-NDT

Hedrich Aviation, 13175 Catalpa St., Southgate, MI 48195-1209, 734-284-6359

Hi Tech Furnace Systems, 50685 Wing Dr., Shelby Township, MI 48315, 586-566-0600, FAX: 586-566-9253, info@hi-techfurnace.com, www.hi-techfurnace.com

IFI Group Inc., 6860 S Service Dr., Waterford, MI 48327, 248-666-9604, FAX: 248-666-9644, (DJSR211D) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Imp Aviation, 315 Rustic Cir., White Lake, MI 48386-3043, 248-305-8001

Interface LLC, 2259 S Hilltop Dr., Muskegon, MI 49441, 231-780-3106

Kalamazoo Aircraft, Inc., 2729 E Milham Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49002, 269-381-0790, FAX: 269-381-9762, (K9AR289N) L-SS

Kubik Aviation Services Inc., 2300 Woodward Ave., Kingsford, MI 49802, 906- 779-5500

Metro Aircraft Instruments Inc., 2135 Airport Rd., Oakland-Pontiac Airport, Waterford, MI 48327, 248-666-3670, FAX: 248-666-1628, sales@metroaircraft.com, www.metroaircraft.com AAC-2, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC

Mid Michigan Air Center, 8370 Garfield Rd., Freeland, MI 48623, 989-695-2554, FAX: 989-695-5010, www.airctr.com, (CRSMGMR9) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

NC Servo Technology, 38422 Webb Dr., Westland, MI 48185, 734-326-6666, FAX: 734-326-6669, sales@ncservo.com, www.ncservo.com, (NSY2743K) L-AAC, L-SS

Northern Air, Inc., 5500 John J. Oostema Blvd. SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512-4055, 800-262-4953, FAX: 616-949-0732, (N81R812N) AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Pentastar Aviation, 7310 Highland Rd., Waterford, MI 48327, 248-666-3630, FAX: 248-666-9668, mbaker@pentastaraviation.com, www.pentastaraviation.com, (BTVR626C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Phelps Collins Aviation Inc., dba Aviation North, 1593 Airport Rd., Alpena County Regional Airport, Alpena, MI 49707, 989-356-6361, FAX: 989-356-0952, (DZZR428D) AF-1, AF-3, L-PP, PP-1, PP-3

Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions, 4905 Stariha Dr., Muskegon, MI 49441, 231-798-8464, FAX: 231-798-0150

Sala Co., 10086 Colonial Industrial Dr., South Lyon, MI 48178-9152, 248-437-0550

Timco Engine Center Inc., 3921 Arrow St., Oscoda, MI 48750, 989-739-2194, FAX: 989-739-6310, ray.patterson@timco.aero, www.timco.aero, (T48R384Y) L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP

US Turbine & Accessory, LLC, 840 Willow Run Airport, Ypsilanti, MI 48198, 734-485-8024, FAX: 734-485-8034, info@usturbine.us, www.usturbine.us, (UTIR321X) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP


Abtec Helicopters LLC, 281 Gulf Lane, South St. Paul, MN 55075, 651-455-8815, FAX: 651-455-8825, (CPGR949C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

Aerospace Welding Minneapolis, Inc., 12124 12th Ave. S., Burnsville, MN 55337, 800-597-4315, FAX: 952-890-6256, www.awi-ami.com, (UWDR792L) L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

Aircraft Exhaust Technologies Inc., 5059 Industrial Ave., Little Fork, MN 56653, 218-278-4856, (AHUR248X) L-SS

Aircraft Exhaust Technologies, Inc., 3051 100th St., Barnesville, MN 56514, 218-493-4307, FAX: 218-493-4305, aviation@rrt.net, www.aircraftexhaust.net, (AHUR248X)

Aircraft Food Service Equipment Repair, 10815 Mankato St., Minneapolis, MN 55434, 763-856-5401, (OODR330L) L-AAC, L-AF

Airways Aviation Center Inc., 2002 Airport Rd., Grand Rapids, MN 55744-4299, 218-326-1226

Bolduc Aviation Specialized Services, 8891 Airport Rd., Minneapolis, MN 55449-7220, 763-780-1185, FAX: 763-780-1187, (KM5R993M) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1

Crystal Shamrock, Inc., 6000 Douglas Dr. N, Minneapolis, MN 55429, 763-533-2214, FAX: 612-533-5519, cssales@crystalshamrock.com, www.crystalshamrock.com, (QB2R103L) AAC-1, AF-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-FLO, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-3, SC-4, SC-6

DBI/SALA, 3965 Pepin Ave., Red Wing, MN 55066-1837, 800-328-6146, FAX: 651-388-5065, www.salagroup.com

Duncan Avionics, St. Paul, 525 Eaton St., St. Paul, MN 55707, 651-209-8430, FAX: 651-209-8432, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (DXSR467X) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Elliott Aviation, 13801 Pioneer Tr., Eden Prairie, MN 55347-2619, 952-944-1200, FAX: 952-944-8614, www.elliottaviation.com, (KX5R005N) AAC-3, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Fin Tech Coating Technology, PO Box 432, Eagle Lake, MN 56024, 507-257-3005, FAX: 507-257-2040, fintech@hickorytech.net, www.hickorytech.net/~fintech, (FIJR200X) L-OT, SC-2

General Aviation Services, 13601 Pioneer Trl., Eden Prairie, MN 55347-2613, 952-944-2628

General Dynamics Aviation Services, 6925 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55450, 612-638-2000, FAX: 612-638-2060, jack.barnett@gulfstream.com, www.gdaviationservices.com, (PJYR360K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair, 26 S Fourth Ave., Hallock, MN 56728, 800-843-8033, FAX: 204-339-3351, info@hartwig-fuelcell.com, www.hartwig-fuelcell.com

Lakeville Aerospace LLC, 20768 Hartford Way, Lakeville, MN 55044, 612-598-7745

North of Sixty, 5800 Crystal Airport Rd., Crystal, MN, 763-745-7888, FAX: 763-745-7979 AF-3, PP-1

RC Avionics Inc., Anoka County Airport, 8891 Airport Rd., Blaine, MN 55449, 763-398-3920, FAX: 763-398-3925, russc@rcavionics.com, www.rcavionics.com, (KPSR996M) L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Scotts Helicopter Services Inc., 780 Elmwood Ave., Lesueur, MN 56058, 507-665-4064, FAX: 507-665-3680, (CUHR150S) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1, PP-3


Air Repair, Inc., 920 Airport Service Rd., Cleveland, MS 38732, 662-846-0228, FAX: 662-843-0811, sales@airrepairinc.com, www.airrepairinc.com

Aircraft Electromotive, 4120 Airport Rd., John Bell Williams Airport, Raymond, MS 39154, 601-857-8400, FAX: 601-857-8402, (TF4R542M) L-AAC, L-INS, L-LG, L-RAD

Mercury Air Center-JAN, 110 S Hangar Dr., Jackson, MS 39208, 601-939-9366, FAX: 601-939-8119, gmitchell@mercuryaircenters.com, www.mercuryaircenters.com, (M0QR197Y) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Raytheon Aerospace LLC, 555 Industrial Dr. S, Madison, MS 39110, 601-607-6435, FAX: 601-607-6627, mmelton@raellc.com, www.raytheonaerospacellc.com, (SL4R522M) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3


Above & Beyond Aviation, 3437 Daybreak Ln., Saint Charles, MO 63303-1944, 636-936-8865

Air and Marine LLC, 17 Ginny Loop, Kimberling City, MO 65686, 417-739-4248, (K8JR018X) L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Air Evac Lifeteam, 406 Winchester Dr., West Plains, MO 65775-3935, 417-257-5749

Air Supports International, 418 First St., Marshfield, MO 65706-2084, 417-468-4040, FAX: 417-468-7008

Aircraft Electrical Electronics, 102 NW Business Park Ln., Riverside, MO 64150, 816-587-6180, FAX: 816-687-6327, sharilyn@aircraftelectrical.com, www.aircraftelectrical.com AAC-2, L-SS

Aircraft Management Inc., 10 NW Richards Rd., Kansas City, MO 64116-4253, 816-225-5565

Aircraft Shelter Co., 222 Iffrig Rd., Saint Peters, MO 63376-3921, 636-795-7033

Ameron Global, 10271 Bach Blvd., Saint Louis, MO 63132-1317, 314-428-2062

Archway Aviation Inc., 3127 Creve Coeur Mill Rd., Saint Louis, MO 63146-2126, 314-516-5499

Aviation Fabricators-AvFab, 805 N Fourth St., Clinton, MO 64735, 660-885-8317, FAX: 660-885-3743, jlowe@avfab.com, www.avfab.com, (GVRR304K) L-AAC

Aviation Maintenance & Technical Support, AVMATS, 750 N Beechcraft, Chesterfield, MO 63005, 636-532-2674, FAX: 636-530-9044, webmaster@avmats.com, www.avmats.com, (UVVR932L) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2

Aviation Turbines International, ATI, 836 Texas Ct., O’Fallon, MO 63366, 636-978-5300, FAX: 636-978-5306, webmaster@avmats.com, www.avmats.com, (OTUR438L) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

Barron Aviation, 30530 Highway Y, Perry, MO 63462-2715, 573-565-2819

CD Aviation Services, 1380 Terry Johnson Memorial Dr., Neosho, MO 64850, 417-455-9400, FAX: 417-455-9401, sales@cdaviationservices.com, www.cdaviationservices.com, (K2TR136N)

Central Airmotive, Inc., 805 N Fourth St., Clinton, MO 64735, 660-885-8317, FAX: 660-885-3743, sales@avfab.com, www.avfab.com

Dyersburg Avionics, Inc., 2204 Airport Rd., Caruthersville, MO 63830, 573-333-4296, FAX: 573-333-0674, dyersburgavionics@sbcglobal.net, (SF4R516M) INS-2, L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Executive Beechcraft STL, Inc., 532 Beechcraft Ave., Chesterfield, MO 63005, 636-532-4800, FAX: 636-530-6875, (DEBR152D) AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Gilaire, 59 Surrey Dr., Camdenton, MO 65020-2435

JetCorp, 18500 Edison Ave., Chesterfield, MO 63005, 636-530-7000, FAX: 636-530-7001, admin@jetcorp.com, www.jetcorp.com, (Class 4) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-SS, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Kelner Turbine, Inc., 1380 Terry Johnson Dr., Neosho, MO 64850, 414-455-9400, FAX: 417-455-9403, sales@kelnerturbine.com, www.kelnerturbine.com, (K2TR136N) L-PP, PP-3

Mid Continent Aircraft Corp., 1601 Hwy. 84 E, Hayti, MO 63851, 573-359-0500, (DFQR172D) AF-1, AF-3, L-PP, L-RAD

Midcoast Aviation, Inc., 5995 N McDonnell Blvd., Hangar. 4, St. Louis, MO 63134618-646-8000, FAX: 314-731-7917, info@midcoast-aviation.com, www.midcoastaviation.com, (RO3R822L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5

Midcoast is the leading edge in aircraft and customer service, performing aircraft maintenance, modification and completions for exceptional customers with exceptional aircraft. When you select Midcoast for your aircraft services, you get attention to you, attention to your aircraft and attention to your needs.

Millennium Int’l., 1825-2 SW Market St., Lee’s Summit, MO 64082, 816-524-7777, FAX: 816-554-0042, www.avionics411.com, (M7XR967N) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Precision Aero Services, 1200 E Highland Ave., Nevada, MO 64772, 417-667-3600, FAX: 417-667-3655, ttaylor@precisionaero.net, (POVR332Y) L-AF

Propulsion Controls Co., 10737 Ambassador Dr., Kansas City, MO 64153, 816-891-9093, FAX: 816-891-8594, tpe331fcu@aol.com, (P97R533N) L-AAC

Sabreliner Corp., 16858 Babler View Dr., Wildwood, MO 63011-1812, 636-543-2212

Thunder Aviation Services Inc., 639 N Bell Ave., PO Box 4064, Chesterfield, MO 63005, 636-532-5600, FAX: 636-898-0690, custservice1@thunderaviation.com, www.thunderaviation.com, (T0DR376I) AF-1, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2


Aerotronics of Missoula, Inc., 5225 Hwy. 10 W, Airport Box 10, Missoula, MT 59808, 406-728-7832, FAX: 406-728-3698, jonpaul@aerotronics.com, www.aerotronics.com, (NH2D031L) RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aerotronics, Inc., Logan Field, 1651 Aviation Pl., Billings, MT 59105, 406-259-5006, FAX: 406-252-4369, aerotronics@aerotronics.com, www.aerotronics.com, (NH2R031L) AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Arcomac Surface Engineering, 6575 Butler Creek Rd., Missoula, MT 59808, 406-549-7451

Arlin’s Aircraft Service, Inc., 36 Gallatin Field, Belgrade, MT 59714, 406-388-1351, FAX: 406-388-7417, arlins@arlins.com, www.arlins.com, (QMSR150N) AAC-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-FAB, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PRP-1, SC-1, SC-6

Rocky Mtn Aircraft Services, 4400 Hwy. 2 E, Kalispell, MT 59901, 406-752-5810

Ruby Valley Aviation LLC, PO Box 235, Twin Bridges, MT 89754, 406-684-5335, FAX: 406-684-5346, rva@3rivers.net, www.rubyvalleyaviation.com, (Y5VR482Y)


Aircraft Specialties, Inc., 3336 S 66th Ave., Omaha, NE 68106-3627, 402-391-5693, FAX: 402-391-8578, (VT2R252L) AAC-1

Bredins-the Studio Inc., 8939 J St., Omaha, NE 68127, 402-592-8990, (B4NR946J) L-AF

Duncan Aviation, 3701 Aviation Rd., Lincoln Airport, Lincoln, NE 68524, 402-475-2611, FAX: 402-475-5541, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JGVR194F) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Elliott Aviation of Omaha, Inc., 3636 Wilbur Plaza, Eppley Airfield, Omaha, NE 68110, 800-228-7088, FAX: 402-342-2172, www.elliottaviation.com, (MGOR426G) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

TAC Air, 3737 Orville Plaza, Eppley Airfield, Omaha, NE 68110, 402-422-6633, FAX: 402-422-0282, www.tacair.com

Trego Dugan Aviation Inc., 5120 E Lee Bird Dr., North Platte, NE 69101-2474, 308-532-5864


Abaris Training, 5401 Longley Ln., Ste. 49, Reno, NV 89511, 775-827-6568, FAX: 775-827-6599, info@abaris.com, www.abaris.com

Advanced Composite Technologies, Inc., 946/950 Spice Island Dr., Sparks, NV 89431, (TM7R601J) L-SS

Duncan Avionics, Las Vegas, 255 E. Tropicana, Ste. 128, Las Vegas, NV 89109, 702-262-6142, FAX: 702-262-6739, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JGOR164N) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

General Dynamics Aviation Services, 5616 Haven St., Las Vegas, NV 89119, 702-947-3051, FAX: 702-947-3059, brian.wells@gulfstream.com, www.gdaviationservices.com, (G53R669L) AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Jet West, LLC, 1880 Gentry Way, Reno, NV 89502, 775-825-6400, FAX: 775-825-9378, shop@jetwestreno.com, www.jetwestreno.com, (AW4R065M) AF-1, AF-3, L-PP

New Hampshire

Aero Aircraft Service, 241 Bumfagon Rd., Loudon, NH 03307, 603-524-8800

Aerorepair Corp., 1 Delta Dr., Londonderry, NH 03053-2315, 603-421-0841, FAX: 603-421-0842, (R6CR725J) AAC-1

American Aviation, Inc., 3 Osprey Lane, Dover, NH 03820, 603-742-6274, aaviatio@tampabay.rr.com, www.americanaviation.com, (TZ4R562M) AF-3, L-INS, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Ashland Electric Products Inc., 10 Industrial Way, Rochester, NH 03867, 603-335-1100, FAX: 603-335-1120, www.ashlandelectric.com L-INS, L-SS

Aviation Component Services, Inc., 7 Fruite St., PO Box 1020, Belmont, NH 03220, 603-524-6776, FAX: 603-524-7707, avcomp@metrocast.net AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Cm Lovett Avia Specialty, 147 Old Homestead Hwy., Keene, NH 03431-4439, 603-292-8906

Pro Star Aviation, Manchester Airport, 5 Industrial Dr., Londonderry, NH 03053, 603-627-7827, FAX: 603-627-7801, (P6UR006Y) AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

New Jersey

Aerosource, Inc., 390 Campus Dr., Somerset, NJ 08873-1128, 732-469-9300, FAX: 732-469-8010, rrist@aerosourceinc.com, www.aerosourceinc.com, (FK1R142K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-LG

Air Cruisers Co. Service Center, 1740 Hwy. 34 N, Wall Township, NJ 07719, 732-280-3500, FAX: 732-681-6751, flapolla@aircruisers.com, (PX1R416K) L-FLO, L-SS

Aircraft Services Group, 105 Harrison Ave., Roseland, NJ 07068-1218, 973-228-5173

• The ArmaKleen Co., See ad p. 10, 469 N Harrison St., Princeton, NJ 8543, 800-322-5424, FAX: 609-497-7176, info@armex.com, www.armex.com

ARMEX Cleaning and Coating removal systems are the industry’s leading baking soda-based abrasive technology. Use to clean, depaint and degrease a wide variety of substances including ferrous metals, aluminum and other alloys, plastics and composites and masonary materials like brick, concrete, and natural stone. It is even gentle enough to use on glass without etching.

AT & T Aviation Div., 14 Airport Rd., Morristown Municipal Airport, Morristown, NJ 07960-4648, 973-326-1400, (JK1R247K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

Avionix Corp., 8 Romanelli Ave., South Hackensack, NJ 07606-1315, 201-343-1550, FAX: 201-343-0499, avionix.corp@verizon.net, www.avionixcorp.com, (XCAR220X) INS-1, L-INS

Benedict-Miller LLC, 123 N 8th St., Kenilworth, NJ 07033, 908-497-1477, FAX: 908-497-1480, halpin@benemiller.com, www.benedict-miller.com AF-3, AF-4

EF Britten and Co., Inc., 22-26 South Ave. W, Cranford, NJ 07066, 732-574-0374, FAX: 732-574-0374, info@efbritten.com, www.efbritten.com, (OEIR371K) L-AAC

Consolidated Instrument & Avionics, Teterboro Airport, 510 Industrial Ave., Teterboro, NJ 07608, 201-288-1189, FAX: 201-288-8006, consolidated@njirr.com, www.consolidatedinstrument.com, (QS2R120L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Dallas Airmotive Millville Facility, Millville Municipal Airport, 101 Bogden Blvd., Millville, NJ 08332, 856-825-6004, FAX: 856-825-1791, turbines@dallasairmotive.com, www.dallasairmotive.com, (QT2R121L) PP-3

Duncan Avionics, Morristown, 9 Airport Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960, 973-326-1110, FAX: 973-326-1116, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (D24R826Y) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Duncan Avionics, Teterboro, 113 Charles A. Lindbergh Dr., Teterboro Airport, Teterboro, NJ 07608, 201-288-1550, FAX: 201-288-3119, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (XJRR155L) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Everest VIT, Inc., 199 US Hwy. 206, Flanders, NJ 07836, 973-448-0077, FAX: 973-448-0044, info@everestvit.com, www.everestvit.com

First Aviation Services, 111 Industrial Ave., Teterboro, NJ 07608-1037, 201-288-3555, FAX: 201-288-1810, (XFRR113L) L-AF, L-PP

General Air, Inc., 23A Vreeland St., Lodi, NJ 07644-1433, 973-478-0818, FAX: 973-478-1943, www.4genair.com, (QGAR536K) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

The Leather Institute, Townsend Leather Group, 25 W Highland Ave., Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716, 732-291-1891, FAX: 732-291-1891, info@leatherinstitute.com, www.leatherinstitute.com

Lincoln Park Aviation, 425 Beaver Brook Rd., LIncoln Park, NJ 07035, 973-633-0450, FAX: 973-872-6256, (LKPR101K) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2

Meridian Jet Center, 485 Industrial Ave., Teterboro, NJ 07608, 201-288-3880, FAX: 201-288-2111, info@meridianjetcente.com, www.meridianteterboro, (IMJR053F) L-AAC, L-AF, L-OT, L-PP, L-PRP

Midcoast Aviation, Inc., 113 Charles A. Lindbergh Dr., Teterboro, NJ 07608, 201-462-4000, FAX: 201-462-4009, info@midcoast-aviation.com, www.midcoastaviation.com, (JZBR710K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4, SC-5

Midcoast Aviation Teterboro is an FAA Certified Repair Station #JZBR710K and holds EASA 145 and Bermuda DCA authorizations. Teterboro also provides scheduled maintenance to Jet Aviation’s managed fleet and services third-party aircraft. In addition, Midcoast Teterboro provides aircraft avionics and electrical systems installations.

Midway Aircraft Instrument Corp., 100 Riser Rd., Little Ferry, NJ 07643, 201-440-4800, FAX: 201-440-9371, customerservice@midwayaircraft.com, www.midwayaircraft.com, (GY2R126L) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE

• Miraj Corp., See ad p. 53, 345 Rte. 17, Hasbrouck Hts., NJ 07604, 201-288-8877, FAX: 201-288-7356, mirajcorp@aol.com, www.mirajcorp.com

Specialized distributor of aircraft components, parts, accessories, and rewind/overhaul services. Through affiliations with OEM’s such as Auxilec, Electromech, and Steinheil. Miraj carries a large inventory of genuine factory replacement parts for many aircraft, all at competive prices. Contact William Jordan or William Jordan Jr.

Ocean Aire, 550 California Ave., Brick, NJ 08724-1402, 732-797-1077

Pfizer Inc., Trenton-Mercer Airport, 1001 Jack Stephan Way, West Trenton, NJ 08628, 609-771-0550, (P7ZR374N) L-SS

Raytheon Aircraft Services, ACY, Atlantic City Int’l. Airport, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234-9590, 609-646-8060, FAX: 609-646-3051, rac_acy@rac.ray.com, www.raytheonaircraftservices.com

New Mexico

Aero Tech Inc., 5333 E 21st St., Clovis, NM 88101-1021, 505-763-4300

AeroParts Manufacturing & Repairs Inc., 431 Rio Rancho Blvd. NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87144, 505-891-6600

Albuquerque Balloon Center Inc., 523 Rankin Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107, 505-344-5844, FAX: 505-344-9716, aerco@zianet.com, (RG1R451K) L-AF, L-INS

Bogside Aviation Service, PO Box 40, Columbus, NM 88029-0040, 505-531-2236

Crystal Clear, 1269 Calle De Comercio, Santa Fe, NM 87507-3126, 505-471-7538

Cutter Aviation, Albuquerque Int’l. Airport, 2502 Clark Carr Loop SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106, 505-842-4184, FAX: 505-242-3958, www.cutteraviation.com, (GMZ2383E) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

EDs Flying Service Inc., 3500 Airport Rd., Alamogordo/white Sands Reg. A, Alamogordo, NM 88310, 505-437-4330, FAX: 505-439-0195, (GRXR543E) L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS

New Mexico Aircraft Propeller LLC, 5 Airport Rd., Belen, NM 87002, 505-864-4500, FAX: 505-864-4555, nmprop@prodigy.net, (N5PR141Y) PRP-1, PRP-2

Sandia Aerospace Corp., 3700 Osuna Rd., NE, Ste. 711, Albuquerque, NM 87109, 505-341-2930, FAX: 505-341-2927, www.sandia.aero, (X45R044O) AAC-3, L-INS, RAD-2

New York

AAI, 26 Clearland Ave., Carle Place, NY 11514-1411, 516-334-4096

AAR Aircraft Component Services (New York), 747 Zeckendorf Blvd., Garden City, NY 11530, 516-222-9000, FAX: 516-222-0987, robert.vantassel@aarcorp.com, www.aarcorp.com, (QIHR838Y) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

AAR Corp., 3 Sumpwams Ave., Babylon, NY 11702-4015, 631-901-0466

ABD Online, 105 Calvert St., Harrison, NY 10528, 914-835-7200, FAX: 914-835-2323, abd@abdonline.com, www.abdonline.com

Able Testing and Inspection Inc., 1286 Pangburn Rd., Schenectady, NY 12306, 518-357-9079, FAX: 518-357-4683, abletest1@aol.com, www.abletesting.net, (B0IR251O) L-NDT

Accessory Technologies Corp., 219 Central Ave., Farmingdale, NY 11735, 631-753-2282, FAX: 631-753-2407, (Y4AR039O) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc., 7290 Nash Rd., N Tonawanda, NY 14120-1508, 716-694-7060, FAX: 716-694-7594, dan@aeroinst.com, www.aeroinst.com, (NC1R343K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Since 1968, Aero Instruments & Avionics has been the industry leader in avionics testing and repair. With more than 100 highly experienced employees, state-of-the-art testing equipment, and one of the world’s largest independent ATE testing facilities. Aero always provides unparalleled quality, affordability and service. Aero Instruments rises above the competition.

Aero Trades, Inc., 65 Jericho Turnpike, Mineola, NY 11501, 516-746-3360, (HH1R192K) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-SS

Aerospace Lighting Corp., 75 Beacon Dr., Holbrook, NY 11741, 631-583-6400, FAX: 631-583-8781, rachelle_palazza@beaerospace.com, www.aerospacelighting.com, (E01R120K) AAC-2

Airborne Maintenance Inc., 90 Arrival Ave., Ste. 20, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, 631-737-4430, FAX: 631-981-5594, (HMZR555X) L-AF, L-PP

Aircraft Parts Corp., Unison Industries, 100 Corporate Dr., Holtsville, NY 11742, 631-289-0077, FAX: 631-758-3861, info@apcmfg.com, www.unisonindustries.com, (MB1R316K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-2

Airline Container Leasing Inc., 3800 Hampton Rd., Oceanside, NY 11572, 516-678-4334, FAX: 516-678-4337, info@aesjg.com, www.aesjg.com, (ER1R128K) L-AF

Associated Aircraft Group Inc., Dutchess County Airport, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590, 845-463-6500, FAX: 845-463-5687, info@flyaag.com, www.flyaag.com, (AYPR340S) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

Avex Flight Support, PO Box 100, Cleverdale, NY 12820-0100, 518-656-9455

Aviation Avionics & Instrument Corp., 210 Hanse Ave., Freeport, NY 11561, 516-868-7700, FAX: 516-868-2090, info@aai-corp.com, www.aai-corp.com, (HCSR256K) AAC-3, INS-2, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

B & F Aircraft Brake & Wheel Service, 236 Sing Sing Rd., Horseheads, NY 14845-1072, 607-795-0338, FAX: 607-795-0340, www.bnfbrakes.com, (IF1R216K) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-NDT

BAE Systems Controls, Inc., 600 Main St., Johnson City, NY 13790, 607-770-2878, FAX: 607-770-2522, scott.manchester@baesystems.com, www.na.baesystems.com/controls, (MW1R337K) L-AAC

Boshart Enterprises & Aircraft Services, Inc., Genesee County Airport, 4600 E Saile Dr., Batavia, NY 14020, 585-344-1749, FAX: 585-344-4192, carol@boshartenterprises.com, www.boshartenterprises.com, (B2ER144J) AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

• Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc., See ad p. 57, 55 Raynor Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-6649, 631-981-7700, FAX: 631-981-7706, consol1291@aol.com, www.consolac.com, (GI1R167K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

Overhaul, exchange and sales of accessories and rotables. Generators, starters, motors, relays, fans, regulators, pumps, inverters, heaters, power supplies, GCU’s, actuators, beacons, heaters ect. for small aircraft.

Corporate Service Supply & Mfg., Inc., 1610 9th Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716-1201, 631-981-2600, FAX: 631-981-2605, cssmfginc@aol.com AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-NDT

Cosgrove Aircraft Service Inc., 6 Loop Rd., Westchester County Airport, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-997-1481, FAX: 914-997-1483, (FE1R136K) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-SS

D & K Aviation, Inc., 1100 New Hwy., Ste. 14, Farmingdale, NY 11735, 631-845-1448, FAX: 631-845-7221, www.dkaviation.com, (DXJR246O) AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-PP, L-PRP, SC-4, SC-5

Duncan Avionics, Long Island, 2111 Smithtown Ave., Long Island MacArthur Airport, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, 631-981-1080, FAX: 631-981-0594, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (DWUR777K) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Duncan Avionics, White Plains, 83 Tower Rd., PO Box 102, White Plains, NY 10604, 914-686-8294, FAX: 914-686-8295, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JGVB194F) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Dunkirk Aviation Sales & Service, Inc., Dunkirk Municipal Airport, Dunkirk, NY 14048, 716-366-6938, (IC1R213K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-FAB, L-FLO, L-INS, L-LG, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-RB, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4, SC-5, SC-6

ELTs Unlimited, Inc., 15 River St., New Rochelle, NY 10801-4351, 914-576-2702, FAX: 914-576-7075, patwyllie@yahoo.com, (MMF#ANE4) L-AAC, L-EE, L-RAD

Emergency Beacon Corp., 15 River St., New Rochelle, NY 10801-4351, 914-235-9400, FAX: 914-576-7075, emergencybeacon@sprynet.com, emergencybeaconcorp.com, (EYCR588Y) L-AAC, L-EE, L-RAD

Empire Aero Center, 51 High St., Ilion, NY 13357-1813, 315-894-9580

Encore Electronics Inc., 4400 Rte. 50, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, 518-584-5354, FAX: 518-584-5963, info@encore-elec.com INS-4

Global Aircraft Interiors, 2070 Smithtown Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, 631-981-8470, FAX: 631-981-8469, (G8IR037X) L-AF, L-FAB, L-SS

Goodrich Corp., 104 Otis St., Rome, NY 13441, 315-838-1200, FAX: 315-838-1480, (AH1R008K) L-AAC, L-SS

K & H Industries, Inc., 8656 Delameter Rd., Angola, NY 14006, 716-549-0135, FAX: 716-549-2725, sales@khindustries.com, www.khindustries.com

Lindsay Aviation, Inc., 4500 Clinton St., W Seneca, NY 14224, 716-668-4900, FAX: 716-668-5006, (MGFR421G) AF-3, L-AF, L-OT, L-RAD, PP-1

Machida, Inc., 40 Ramland Rd. S, Orangeburg, NY 10962, 845-365-0600, FAX: 845-365-0620, info@machidascope.com, www.machidascope.com L-NDT

Moog Inc., Aircraft Group, Plant 4, Seneca St. & Jamison Rd., E Aurora, NY 14052, 716-687-4195, FAX: 716-687-5969, tleach@moog.com, www.moog.com, (ND1R344K) AAC-1

NAASCO Northeast Corp., North American Aviation Supply Co., Brookhaven Airport, 222 Grand Ave., Shirley, NY 11967, 631-399-2244, FAX: 631-399-2275, naasco@naasco.com, www.naasco.com, (FD1R135K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PRP, L-SS

Peerless Aerospace Fastener Corp., 141 Executive Blvd., PO Box 710, Farmingdale, NY 11735, 631-420-8200, FAX: 631-420-9617, sales@peerlessaerospace.com, www.peerlessaerospace.com

Rose Aviation Services, Inc., John St., PO Box 126, Akron, NY 14001, 716-542-1082, FAX: 716-542-1086, roseaviat@msn.com, (UKJR914L) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5

Schweizer Aircraft Corp., 1250 Schweizer Rd., Elmira/Corning Reg. Airport, Horseheads, NY 14845, 607-739-3821, FAX: 607-796-2488, schweizer@sacusa.com, www.sacusa.com, (SN3R847L)

Telephonics, 770 Park Ave. Huntington, Ste. 73, Huntington, NY 11743, 631-549-6068

Vid Air Services Inc., 23 Nassau Ave., Inwood, NY 11696, 516-239-5400, FAX: 516-239-5481, (FN1R145K) L-AAC

Video Technology Services Inc., 5 Aerial Way, Ste. 300, Syosset, NY 11791, 516-937-9700, FAX: 516-937-9704, (VQTR106K) L-RAD

Zeta Inter Systems, 10 Patrician Ln., Medford, NY 11763-4417, 631-786-3457

North Carolina

AACES, 923 S Ridge Ct., Winston Salem, NC 27107-6923, 336-727-1969

Aero Accessories Inc., 1240 Springwood Ave., Gibsonville, NC 27249, 336-449-5054, FAX: 336-449-5461, info@aeroaccessories.com, www.aeroaccessories.com, (YV4R688M) L-AAC

Aero-Tech Avionics Inc., 3154 Airport Rd., Hangar F, Wadesboro, NC 28170, 704-694-2137, FAX: 704-694-2147, aerotechavionics@alltel.net, (HV0R009O) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Aerolina Inc., 1232 Shepherd St., Hendersonville, NC 28792-6439, 828-693-1897

Air Care Inc., Rocky Mount-Wilson Airport, PO Box 7668, Rocky Mount, NC 27804, 252-977-1717, FAX: 252- 442-5578, (ACOR030C) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-OT, L-PP, L-RAD, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2

Air Power, Inc., 1430 Trinity Ave., High Point, NC 27262, 800-334-1001, www.airpower-usa.com, (NS3R721L) PP-1, PP-2

Air Wilmington, Inc., PO Box 869, Wilmington, NC 28402, 910-763-0146, FAX: 910-762-3552, (FFFR869D) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

Atlantic Aero, Inc., 6423 Bryan Blvd., Greensboro, NC 27409, 336-668-0411, FAX: 336-668-2979, info@atlanticaero.com, www.atlanticaero.com, (EWGR752D) AF-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

Avery Aviation, 400 Brushy Creek Rd., Spruce Pine, NC 28777-8236, 828-766-7661

Burlington Aviation, 3441 N Aviation Dr., Burlington, NC 27215, 336-229-9543, FAX: 866-751-2079, maintenance@burlingtonaviation.com, www.burlingtonaviation.com, (ZB0R756) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP

Firstmark Aerospace Corp., 921 Holloway St., Durham, NC 27701, 919-956-4247, FAX: 919-682-3786, bharbaugh@firstmarkaerospace.com, www.firstmarkaerospace.com, (E9HR396N) L-AAC, L-INS

Frisby Aerospace LLC, 4520 Hampton Rd., Clemmons, NC 27012, 336-766-9036, FAX: 336-766-9064, rick.reed@frisbyaerospace.com, www.frisbyaerospace.com, (UFHR760L) L-AAC, L-NDT

Genesis Aviation, Inc., 408-E Gallimore Dairy Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410, 336-605-8000, FAX: 336-605-7099, questions@genesisaviation.com, www.genesisaviation.com, (G3NR788J)

Greensboro Citation Service Center, 615 Service Center Dr., Greensboro, NC 27410, 336-605-7000, FAX: 336-605-7010, jblondeau@cessna.textron.com, www.greensborocitation.com AAC-2, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, SC-1, SC-3, SC-4

GSO Aviation Inc., 7355 W Friendly Ave., Ste. B, Greensboro, NC 27410, 336-346-1735, (G53R666X) L-SS

Kidde Aerospace & Defense, 4200 Airport Dr., Bldg. B, Wilson, NC 27896, 252-246-7085, FAX: 252-246-7185, www.kiddeaerospace.com

Standard Aero Inc., Carolina Service Center, 6865 Belt Rd., Concord, NC 28027, 704-720-7480, FAX: 704-720-7499, (ZD4R696M) L-AF, L-NDT, PP-3

TIMCO, 623 Radar Rd., Greensboro, NC 27410, 336-668-4410 Ext. 30, FAX: 336-665-9011, sales@timco.aero, www.timco.aero

TIMCO, 3861 Windstream Way, Jamestown, NC 27282-7709, 336-841-7335

North Dakota

ETI Ewer Testing & Inspection Inc., 1232 Airport Rd., Bismarck, ND 58504, 701-223-6434, FAX: 701-255-9167, eti@btigate.com, www.etitesting.com, (E5WR233Y) L-NDT, L-SS

Executive Air Taxi Corp., 2301 University Dr., Bismarck, ND 58502, 800-932-8924, FAX: 701-258-2693, maintenance@executive-air.com, www.executive-air.com, (CT4R019D) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1, SC-5

Flip’s Avionics/Phillip Miller, PO Box 96, Valley City, ND 58072, 701-845-2050, flip91@daktel.com, (PQ5R128N) L-RAD


Aero Battery, Inc., 3442 Church St., Cincinnati, OH 45244, 513-271-9116, (HB5R903M) AAC-2, L-AAC, L-SS

Aerocontrolex, 313 Gillett St., Painesville, OH 44077-2918

Aerocontrolex Transdigm Inc., 4223 Monticello Blvd., South Euclid, OH 44121, 216-289-8900, FAX: 216-291-6094, (A34R423J) AAC-1, AAC-2

Aerodraulics Co., Inc., 8700 Akins Rd., Unit 5, North Royalton, OH 44133-5606, 440-582-2120, FAX: 440-582-2135, aerodraulics@worldnet.att.net, (CPIR068K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-LG, L-NDT

Air Cover Paint & Upholstery, Urbana, OH, 937-653-7336, FAX: 937-653-8141

Air Services of Cleveland, 4387 Birch Cir., North Olmsted, OH 44070-2808, 440-898-4800

Aircraft Braking Systems Corp., 1204 Massillon Rd., Akron, OH 44306-4186, 330-796-4400, FAX: 330-796-1605, www.aircraftbraking.com

Airfoil Technologies International, ATI-Ohio, 7600 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060, 440-951-1133, FAX: 440-951-7571, darnold@airfoiltech.com, www.airfoiltech.com, (OI5R094N) L-PP

Airwolf Filter Co., 15369 Madison Rd., Middlefield, OH 44062, 440-632-5136, FAX: 440-632-1685, (A4WR520W) L-AF

Argo-Tech Corp., 23555 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44117, 216-692-6121, FAX: 216-692-5303, munvic@argo-tech.com, www.argo-tech.com, (A6GR410J) L-AAC

Auxitrol Co., 313 Gillette St., Painesville, OH 44077, 440-352-6182, FAX: 440-354-2912, (UXTR549L) L-AAC, L-SS

Avionics, Inc., Lunken Airport, 4696 Airport Rd., Hangar 2, Cincinnati, OH 45226, 513-871-6222, FAX: 513-871-0012, avionics@eos.net, (DD1R082K) L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Baron Enterprises, Marion Municipal Airport, Marion, OH 43302, 740-383-4914

Cleveland Instrument Corp., 6397 Eastland Rd., Cleveland, OH 44142, 440-826-1800, FAX: 440-826-1649, cic@clevelandinstrument.com, www.clevelandinstrument.com, (HY5R926M) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD

Component Repair Technologies, Inc., 8507 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060, 440-255-1793, FAX: 440-255-4162, sales@componentrepair.com, www.componentrepair.com, (HX5R923M) L-SS

Custom Air Avionics, 3800 McCauley Dr., Vandalia, OH 45377, 937-898-1783, FAX: 937-264-4365, (VUJR062Y) AAC-3, L-AAC, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Dallas Airmotive Dayton Regional Turbine Center, Dayton Int’l. Airport, 3530 Hangar Dr., Bldg. 3A, Vandalia, OH 45377, 937-890-8276, FAX: 937-890-8456, turbines@dallasairmotive.com, www.dallasairmotive.com, (YRRI491L) PP-3

Ferrotherm Co. Inc., 4758 Warner Rd., Cleveland, OH 44125, 216-883-9350, FAX: 216-883-8430, www.ferrotherm.com, (YJJR070L) L-PP

General Electric Co., Aircraft Engine Business, 1 Neuman Way, CIncinnati, OH 45215, 513-243-2000, (AD1R004K) PP-3

Goodrich Aircraft Service Center, Deicing, PO Box 267, Green, OH 44232, 330-494-4447, FAX: 330-494-4228, www.deicerboots.com, (NZ1R366K) L-AF

Hartzell Propeller Service Center, 5465 W State Rte. 185, Piqua, OH 45356, 937-778-4201, FAX: 937-778-4202, servicecenter@hartzellprop.com, www.hartzellprop.com, (SJ3R843L) L-AAC, L-PRP, L-SS, PRP-1, PRP-2

HES Aero Service, 8778 Ridge Rd., Williamsfield, OH 44093-9800, 440-293-8200

Honeywell, 6910 Hampstead Ave., Cleveland, OH 44129-3755, 440-846-8754

Industrial Repair Mfg., 1140A E Main St., Delta, OH 43515, 419-822-4232, FAX: 419-822-4237, (IUOR675L) L-AAC

Inertial Aerospace Services, HEICO Component Repair Group, 375 Alpha Dr., Highland Heights, OH 44143, 440-995-3671, FAX: 440-995-6559, nwright@inertial.com, www.inertial.com, (I9SR491N) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

• Kett Tool Co., See ad p. 45, 5055 Madison Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45227, 513-271-0333, FAX: 513-271-5318, info@kett-tool.com, www.kett-tool.com

A national manufacturer and marketer of handheld power tools for manufacturing and industry. Our entire line of portable power saws, shears, nibblers, kits and accessories is ideal for repairing or building. These tools work effectively with either metal or plastic.

Lane Aviation Corp., 4389 Int’l. Gateway, Columbus, OH 43219, 614-237-3747, FAX: 614-238-0049, acservice@laneaviation.com, www.laneaviation.com, (DYCR407D) AAC-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1, PP-3

Lear Romec, 241 S Abbe Rd., Elyria, OH 44035, 440-323-3211, FAX: 440-332-2278, jim.nolish@craneaerospace.com, www.learromec.com, (E7CR238J) INS-3, INS-4

Matco Tools, 4403 Allen Rd., Stow, OH 44224-1096, 330-926-4949, FAX: 330-926-5325, kenneth.walker@matcotools.com, www.matcotools.com

Midwest Aircraft Products Co., 195 E Fourth St., Mansfield, OH 44902, 419-522-7231, (OT5R105N) L-AF

Missionary Maintenance Service, 24387 Airport Rd., Coshocton, OH 43812, 740-622-6848, FAX: 740-622-8277, (UUMR721L) AAC-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1

• Parker Aerospace, Wheel & Brake Div., See ad p. 12, 1160 Center Rd., Avon, OH 44011, 440-937-6211, Fax: 440-937-6416, Techhelp@parker.com, www.parker.com

Since 1936, Aircraft Wheel & Brake has been a recognized leader in the manufacture of aircraft wheel and brake systems and related hydraulic products to the general aviation, business aviation, rotorcraft, and military aircraft markets, including our popular Cleveland Wheels & Brakes product line. The Aircraft Wheel & Brake Division is ISO9000/AS9100 certified and provides technical expertise and customer support from our solutions-oriented multinational resources.

Rickenbacker Avionics LLC, Butler County Regional Airport, 2820 Bobmeyer Rd., Hangar C-6, Hamilton, OH 45015, 513-892-3599, FAX: 513-892-4333, info@rickenbackeravionics.com, www.rickenbackeravionics.com, (YE6R911X) INS-1, INS-2, INS-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Spectra Jet, Inc., Springfield/Beckley Airport, 1251 W Blee Rd., Springfield, OH 45502, 937-830-1957, FAX: 937-322-6256, spectrajet@aol.com, www.spectrajetinc.com, (X1JR161Y)

Spirit Avionics Ltd., 4808 E 5th Ave., Columbus, OH 43219-1853, 614-237-4271, FAX: 614-237-6387, www.spiritavionics.com, (V0KR250X) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-4, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Stevens Aviation Inc., Dayton Int’l. Airport, 3500 Hangar Dr., Vandalia, OH 45377, 937-454-3440, FAX: 937-454-3449, www.stevensaviation.com, (V1B4368K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-4, L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

• TData, See ad p. 59, 60 Grace Dr., Powell, OH 43065, 800-783-2827, 614-885-1169, Fax: 614-885-4342, sales@tdata.com, www.tdatacorp.com

We’ve been serving the aviation industry for more than 14 years - and it shows. Tdata’s information specialists continue to pass inspection every day in the demanding aviation software business with the most user friendly and valued line of information products ever offered. ENDORSED BY: Baker’s School of Aeronautics, Jones Institute of Aeronautics, King’s School of Aeronautics, Federal Exams, AvTech-Exams, Aviation Maintenance Training Academy, American Airman Schools and Thousands of A&Ps, IAs and FBOs worldwide.

Tiffin Aire Inc., 1778 W US Rte. 224, Seneca County Airport, Tiffin, OH 44883, 419-447-4263, FAX: 419-447-4042, newman@tiffinaire.com, (DTXR341D) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-INS, L-PRP, L-SS, PRP-1, PRP-2

Tool Testing Lab, Inc., 11180 N Dixie Dr., Vandalia, OH 45377, 937-898-5696, FAX: 937-898-3037, rob@ttlcal.com, www.ttlcal.com

Tritex Corp., 4389 International Gateway, Columbus, OH 43219, 614-237-1814, FAX: 614-237-1815, tritexcorp@tritexcorp.com, (ZTXR133L) L-SS, SC-2, SC-3

Triumph Thermal Systems Inc., 200 Railroad St., Forest, OH 45843-0037, 419-273-2511, FAX: 419-273-3285, www.thermal-systems.com, (UPBR799K) L-AAC

TSS Aviation Power & Marine, 3 Standen Dr., Hamilton, OH 45015, 513-772-7000, FAX: 513-772-2938, scottnichols@tssapm.com, www.tss.com, (T3LR667N) L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

Winner Aviation Corp., 1453 Youngstown Kingsville Rd. NE, Youngstown-Warren Regional Air, Vienna, OH 44473, 330-856-5000, (W6NR985J) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3


Agratech, PO Box 535, Webbers Falls, OK 74470-0535, 918-464-2878

Aim Co., Inc., PO Box 905, Durant, OK 74702-0905, 580-924-7999, FAX: 580-924-9669, www.aimcompany.com, (XWMR879K) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, Inc., 2740 N Sheridan Rd., Tulsa, OK 74115-2313, 918-835-9924, FAX: 918-835-3681, airacc@aircraftaccessoriesofok.com, www.aircraftaccessoriesofok.com, (RV3R829L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PRP, PRP-1, PRP-2

Aircraft Components Co., 2720 N Sheridan Rd., Ste. D, Tulsa, OK 74115, 918-835-8838, FAX: 918-835-8972, (C43R376N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Aircraft Structures International Corp., PO Box 1642, Hangar 31, Woodring Municipal Airport, Enid, OK 73701, 580-242-5907, FAX: 580-242-5834, ms_asic@ctrail.net, (YS1R649K) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP

Airworthiness Net, PO Box 605, Newcastle, OK 73065-0605

Arinc Engineering Services, 6400 SE 59th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73135-5518, 405-605-7152

Associated Aero Service, Inc., Hangar 5, Wiley Post Airport, Bethany, OK 73008, 405-789-5474, FAX: 405-495-3857, assocaero@aol.com L-AF, SC-3

Ati Sales & Services, Inc., 2415 W Arkansas St., Durant, OK 74701-4830, 580-920-0535

Autopilots Central, Inc., Tulsa Int’l. Airport, H-23, 3112 N 74th East Ave., Tulsa, OK 74115, 918-836-6418, FAX: 918-832-0136, barry@autopilotscentral.com, www.autopilotscentral.com, (CM2R747K) AF-1, AF-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Aviation Services Unlimited, Inc., Hangar 6, Willey Post Airport, Bethany, OK 73008, 405-787-8111, FAX: 405-787-0010, asu1okc@aol.com, (X6UR264N) AF-4, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

AVPARTS Tulsa, Inc., 1063-B N Kenosha Ave., Tulsa, OK 74106, 918-592-6000, FAX: 918-592-6001, apttulsa@swbell.net, (V4TR045Y)

BizJet International, 3515 N Sheridan Rd., Tulsa, OK 74115-2220, 918-832-7733, FAX: 918-832-8627, bizjet@bizjet.com, www.bizjet.com, (IY2R915K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-2, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-FAB, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

BootsEdge Repair Corp., 7004 NW 63rd St., Ste. 102, Bethany, OK 73008, 405-720-6004, FAX: 405-720-6003, info@bootsedge.com, www.bootsedge.com, (B9oR303N) L-AF

Capital Aviation Inc., 5500 Phillip J. Rhoades, Hgr 17, Bethany, OK 73008, 405-495-1141, FAX: 405-495-1153, info@capitalaviation.com, www.capitalaviation.com, (X91R092Y) L-AF, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc., PO Box 1344, Hwy. 75 N & Airport Rd., Okmulgee, OK 74447, 918-756-8320, (CP2R75O)

Custom Airmotive, Inc., 2702 N Sheridan Rd., Bldg. B, Tulsa, OK 74115-2321, 918-836-6836, FAX: 918-836-9431, custair@tulsacoxmail.com, www.customairmotive.com, (DC2R763K) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2

D & B Aircraft Engines, 5508 N Rockwell Ave., Bethany, OK 73008-2051, 405-495-0457, FAX: 405-495-9021, dandbaircraft@birch.net, www.dbaircraftengines.com, (HX2R888K) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, PP-1

Drake Air Inc., 4085 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa, OK 74107, 918-445-3545, FAX: 918-445-5106, contactusl@drakeair.com, www.drakeair.com, (II2R899K)

Enviro Systems, Inc., 12037 N. Hwy. 99, Seminole, OK 74868, 405-382-0731, FAX: 405-382-0737, enviro@esi-ok.com, (BD2R712K) L-AAC

ETI Inc., 8131 E 46th St., Tulsa, OK 74145, 918-627-8484, FAX: 918-627-8446, dale.todd@etitulsa.com, www.etitulsa.com, (HJ2R874K) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Flightways Manufacturing Inc., 4588 N Mango Rd., Tulsa, OK 74116, 918-836-9566, (V4PR368Y) AF-1, L-AF, L-EE

Gibson Aviation, PO Box 880, 1821 W. Elm, El Reno, OK 73036, 405-262-488, (AV2R704K) PP-1

Honeywell Aerospace LORI, 6930 N Lakewood, Tulsa, OK 74117, 918-272-8000, FAX: 918-272-2462, www.lori-ht.com, (GAZE761K)

• Horizon Business Concepts, Inc., See ad p. 69, 721 W. Queens St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012, 918-355-3469, FAX: 918-355-3487, sales@hbcinc.com, www.TotalFBO.com

TotalFBO® Accounting & Business Management Software - the pioneer and leader in general aviation management software - now in its 19th year of production. Complete Windows-based business management software, serving repair stations, charter operators, flight schools, flying clubs, and avionics shops, as well as the traditional FBO. Doesn’t require other accounting software. Fully integrated accounting flows instantly to all modules, no import/export needed. Based on Microsoft SQL - protects your data from all kinds of user misuse and abuse. Easy to use and affordable, from the company that specializes in providing the customer with the Total solution.

Integrity Aero Service, 14900 Bristol Park Blvd., Ste. C, Edmond, OK 73013, 405-749-2444, FAX: 405-749-2446, jhatcher@integrityaero.net, www.integrityaero.net, (I73R123Y) L-AF, L-SS

Jet Service Enterprises, Inc., 5700 N Rockwell Ave., PO Box 1759, Bethany, OK 73008, 405-787-1545, FAX: 405-789-6025, customerservice@jetservice.com, www.jetservice.com, (AR2R700K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF, L-INS

Leading Edge Aviation Inc., 7004 NW 63rd St., Ste. 102, Bethany, OK 73008, 405-720-6004, FAX: 405-720-6003, info@bootsedge.com, www.bootsedge.com, (L7ER626N) L-AF

Lufthansa Technik Composite Tulsa, 9932 E 58th St., Tulsa, OK 74146, 918-459-8000, FAX: 918-459-0275, sales@lht-tulsa.com, www.lht-tulsa.com, (OCDR501K) AF-2, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

Matsushita Avionics Systems Corp., Panasonic Avionics Corp., 2625 W 40th Pl., Tulsa, OK 74107-5417, 918-446-0393, FAX: 918-446-3910, (U9MD592Y) L-AAC, L-RAD

Nordam, 2608 W Kenosha St., Broken Arrow, OK 74012-8952, 918-234-6675

Quality Aircraft Accessories, Inc., 5746 E Apache St., Tulsa, OK 74115, 918-835-6948, FAX: 918-835-2804, jrhicksair@aol.com, www.qualityaa.com, (QYIR334Y)

The Servicenter, Inc., 7301 NW 50th St., Wiley Post Airport, Bethany, OK 73132-9702, 405-789-5000, FAX: 405-789-3995, www.servicenterinc.com

Sherry Laboratories Inc., 3100 N. Hemlock Circle, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, 918-258-6066, FAX: 918-258-1154, nonmetsales@sherrylabs.com, www.sherrylabs.com, (L6YR487Y) L-SS

Sky Sales & Service Inc., Wiley Post Airport, Hangar 4, Oklahoma City, OK 73008, 405-787-8880, FAX: 405-787-8881, (AK2R693K) L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

Southern Aero Parts, Inc., 10837 E Marshall St., Ste. 101, Tulsa, OK 74116, 918-437-7676, FAX: 918-437-1418, www.southernaeroparts.com, (QAKR523K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-LG, L-SS

Southwind Aviation, 5406 N Rockwell, Bethany, OK 73008, 405-491-0500, FAX: 405-491-0044, gary.henricksen@southwindaviation.com, www.southwindaviation.com, (UO9R076) L-AAC

Spirit Wing Aviation Services LLC, 510 Airport Rd., Guthrie, OK 73044, 405-260-0555, FAX: 405-282-7617, (SWBR375X) L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP

Tulsair Beechcraft Inc., 2845 N Sheridan, Tulsa, OK 74158, 918-835-7651, FAX: 918-838-8913, (HMGR732E) INS-4, L-AF, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Unicorp Systems Inc., 2625 W 40th Pl., Tulsa, OK 74107, 918-446-0393, FAX: 918-446-3910, www.usiavionics.com, (L2R902K) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-2, INS-4, L-AAC, L-EE, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1


Airways Aircraft Inc., 6080 Wigrich Rd., Independence, OR 97351-9760, 503-838-0595, FAX: 503-838-5884

Artex Aircraft Supplies, Inc., PO Box 1270, Canby, OR 97013-1270, 503-678-7929, FAX: 503-678-7930, info@artex.net, www.artex.net, (JQ6R648N) L-EE, L-RAD

Columbia Helicopters, Inc., PO Box 3500, Portland, OR 97208-3500, 503-678-1222, FAX: 503-678-5841, info@colheli.com, www.colheli.com, (CHIR823C) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RB, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4, SC-5

Flightcraft, Inc., 7777 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218-1021, 503-331-4219, FAX: 503-331-4261, www.flightcraft.com, (FCPR831D) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, PRP-1, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Integrated Resources, 2955 Fir Mountain Rd., Hood River, OR 97031-9496, 541-387-4468

Peco, Inc., PO Box 82189, 4707 SE 17th Ave., Portland, OR 97282, 503-233-6401, FAX: 503-233-6407, sales@pecomanufacturing.com, www.pecomanufacturing.com L-OT, L-SS, SC-2

Premier Aircraft, 1000 NW Perimeter Way, Troutdale, OR 97060, 503-661-4184, FAX: 503-667-4052 AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

Rockwell Collins, Head-Up Guidance Systems, 16600 SW 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97224, 503-443-3000, FAX: 503-684-0169, collins@rockwellcollins.com, www.flightdynamics.com, (F2DR018N) L-INS, L-SS

Troutdale Avionics, 1020A NW Perimeter Way, Troutdale, OR 97060, 503-492-4335, FAX: 503-492-4300, ttdavion@pnnw.net, www.ttdavionics.com, (X0UR991L) L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4


Adams Aviation, 630 Forrest Rd., Sellersville, PA 18960-1102, 215-453-0132

ADR Avionics Inc., Reading Regional Airport, 104-B W Apron Dr., Reading, PA 19605, 610-373-3282, FAX: 610-373-9711, (D5QR162X) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Aero Technical Services, 541 Resica Falls Rd., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301-9780, 570-656-4395

Aerospace Display Systems LLC, 2321 Topaz Dr., Hatfield, PA 19440, 215-822-6090, FAX: 215-822-7974, (L3XR680N) L-INS

AGFA NDT, Inc., 50 Industrial Park Rd., Lewistown, PA 17044, 717-242-0327, FAX: 717-242-2606, ndtsolutions@agfandtinc.com, www.agfandt.com L-NDT

Air Excellence Int’l., 1020 Mckee Rd., Oakdale, PA 15071-3640, 724-788-4200

Air Parts of Lock Haven, Inc., Piper Airport, Hangar 3, Lock Haven, PA 17745, 570-748-0823, FAX: 570-748-1786, airparts@cub.kcnet.org, www.kcnet.org/~airparts, (QK1R429K) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-SS

Chestnut Ridge Foam Inc., PO Box 781, 443 Warehouse Dr., Latrobe, PA 15650, 724-537-9000, FAX: 724-537-9003, crfoamsales@verizon.net L-OT, SC-2

Cheyenne Air Service, Washington County Airport, 325 Airport Rd., Washington, PA 15301-9082, 724-228-6400, FAX: 724-228-6448, custservice@cheyenneairservice.com, (GW1R181K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, PP-3

Columbia Aircraft Services, Inc., Bloomsburg Municipal Airport, 301 Airport Rd., Bloomsburg, PA 17815-9512, 570-784-3070, FAX: 570-784-2538, columbiaacft@aol.com, (JM2R930K) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, PP-1, SC-6

• GE Inspection Technologies, LP, See ad p. 16, 50 Industrial Park, Lewistown, PA 17044, 866-243-2638, Fax: 717-242-2606, www.geinspectiontechnologies.com

GE Inspection Technologies provides technology-driven solutions that deliver productivity, quality and safety. We design, manufacture and service Ultrasonic, Remote Visual, Radiographic and Eddy Current equipment and systems. Offering specialized solutions that will help you improve productivity in your applications in the Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Automotive or Metal Industry.

Hagerstown Aircraft Services, 269 Camp Ground Rd., Harrisonville, PA 17228, 717-733-7604

Harrisburg Jet Center, Inc., 106 Airport Rd., New Cumberland, PA 17070, 717-774-7809, FAX: 717-774-7816, wfr@harrisburgjetcenter.com, (AHDR094C) AAC-2, AF-1, AF-3, INS-2, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2

Innovative Solutions and Support Inc., 720 Pennsylvania Dr., Exton, PA 19341-1129, 610-646-9800, FAX: 610-646-0149, (I72R916X) L-AAC, L-INS

• Keystone Helicopter Corp., See ad p. 53, 1420 Phoenixville Pike, W Chester, PA 19380-1461, 610-644-4430, FAX: 610-644-7681, sales@keystonehelicopter.com, www.keystonehelicopter.com, (EGRR526D) AF-1, AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-OT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4, SC-5

FAA/JAA approved repair station for airframe and engines. FAA certified DAS and ODAR. Authorized service center for Sikorsky, Bell, Eurocopter, and MD helicopters. Rolls-Royce model 250 AMC and Turbomeca Support Center. Completions; composite and sheetmetal fabrication, paint, upholstery, avionics and design/engineering.

Moog Components Group, 750 W Sproul Rd., Springfield, PA 19064, 610-328-4000, FAX: 610-328-0428, mcg@moog.com, www.moog.com, (L17R251Y) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1

Moyer Aviation, Inc., 3800 Sullivan Trl., Braden Airpark, Easton, PA 18040-7628, 610-258-0473, FAX: 610-258-3120, www.moyeraviation.com, (CDHR764C) L-SS

North Coast Air LLP, Hangar No-5, 1601 Asbury Rd., Erie, PA 16505, 814-836-9220, FAX: 814-833-5836, www.ncair.com, (N03R479Y) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Precision Calibration & Testing, 3799 Concord Rd., York, PA 17402, 717-840-4994, FAX: 717-840-4995, pctcorp@att.net, www.pctcorp.com, (P1ZR118Y) L-NDT

Sensenich Propeller Manufacturing Co., 14 Citation Ln., Lititz, PA 17543, 717-569-0435, FAX: 717-560-3725, repairs@sensenich.com, www.sensenich.com, (QV4R852X)

Techjet A & M Inc., 3145 Florian Ave., Easton, PA 18045, 610-559-8554, FAX: 610-559-8554, (J6MR763X) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS

University Park Airport, 2535 Fox Hill Rd., State College, PA 16803-1799, 814-865-5511

West Penn Non-Destructive Testing, Inc., 1010 Industrial Blvd., New Kensington, PA 15068, 724-334-1900, FAX: 724-334-9785, info@wpservicegroup.com, www.wpservicegroup.com, (WVPR233L)

Puerto Rico

Aviation Industry Academy, Bo Palos Blancas, Hc 3 Box 12383, Corozal, PR 00783-9801, 787-859-8035

Avionics Co., Hc 2 Box 30820, Caguas, PR 00727-9441, 787-745-8756

Borinquenair Inc., PO Box 12124, Santurce, PR 00914-0124, 787-791-5510, FAX: 787-791-8060, gmaponte@yahoo.com, www.borinquenair.com, (QX4R482M) AAC-3, L-AF, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Ecolift Corp., Isla Grande Airport- South Ramp, Lot #2A, San Juan, PR 00906-7517, 787-723-3771, FAX: 787-723-3349, (E0FR278Y) L-AF, L-PP

Rhode Island

PerkinElmer Fluid Sciences, 15 Pioneer Ave., Warwick, RI 02888-1509, 401-781-4700, FAX: 401-461-4310, chuck.nevola@perkinelmer.com, www.perkinelmer.com, (VJPR395K) L-PP, L-SS, PP-3

South Carolina

Aircraft Maintenance Services Inc., 2203 Airline Dr., Camden, SC 29020, 803-713-0200, (FO7R634N) L-INS, L-RAD

Airline Container Leasing Inc., 436 Saco Lowell Rd., Easley, SC 29640, 864-306-1350, FAX: 864-306-1341, (L14R956X) L-AF

Avcraft Support Services Inc., 3301 Mustang St., Bldg. 352, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, 843-232-1338, FAX: 843-232-1345, services@avcraft.com, www.avcraft.com, (CMRR055C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-SS

B & E Electroform Co., 118 Pride Dr., Simpsonville, SC 29681, 864-967-4442, FAX: 864-963-3595, beplaters@aol.com, www.thomasnet.com, (UEER778L) L-OT, L-SS

Bombardier Aerospace, PO Box 280602, Columbia, SC 29228-0602, 803-877-2713

HNL Accessory Inc., 2824 Old Woodruff Rd., Greer, SC 29651-6730, 864-448-1543

South Dakota

Aberdeen Flying Service Inc., Aberdeen Regional Airport, 4430 E Hwy. 12, Aberdeen, SD 57401, 605-225-1384, FAX: 605-225-1570, (LZ2R996K) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP

Aerostar Int’l. Inc., 1812 E. Ave., PO Box 5057, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5057, 605-331-3500, (ZZ5R504K) L-AF, L-INS

Audiss Aviation Inc., PO Box 456, Martin, SD 57551-0456, 605-685-6000


AAR Cargo Systems Repair Aftermarket Support Center, Southwind Industral Center, 2870 Cargo Circle, Memphis, TN 38118, 901-366-9787, FAX: 901-367-0649, (YG5R698Y) L-AF

Aircraft Safety Equipment, 3674 Galloway Ave., Memphis, TN 38122, 901-327-3512, (QASR284K) L-SS

Aircraft Technicians, PO Box 1026, Alcoa, TN 37701-1026, 865-429-7273

Amg and Associates, 87 B North Lowry, Smyrna, TN 37167, 615-459-7683, (GLNR292K) L-AAC, L-AF

Andrews University Airpark, 304 Edwards St., Smyrna, TN 37167-4212, 615-471-9032

Appalachian Flying Service, 345 Cedar Point Rd., Gray, TN 37615-4631, 423-477-6272

Averitt Aviation, 4206 Hangar Ln., Hangar 4, Nashville, TN 37217, 800-519-4222

Averitt Aviation Inc., Upper Cumberland Regional Airport, 750 Airport Rd., Sparta, TN 38583, 931-738-2122, FAX: 931-738-4498, (N9VR084I) AF-1, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Avionics Specialists, Inc., 3833 Premier Ave., Memphis, TN 38118-6038, 901-362-9700, FAX: 901-794-8276, www.avionics-specialist.com, (PK4R443M) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Chattanooga Aero Service, Inc., PO Box 22396, 150 Honest St., Chattanooga, TN 37421, 423-892-2121, FAX: 423-892-4120, (DX4R144M) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

Colemill Enterprises, Inc., Cornelia Ft. Airpark, 2640 Airpark Dr., Nashville, TN 37206, 615-226-4256, FAX: 615-226-4702, www.colemill.com, (DVIR370D) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP, PP-1, RAD-1, RAD-2

FFC Services, Inc., 4010 Pilot Dr., Ste. 103, Memphis, TN 38118, 800-826-5348, FAX: 901-842-7126, www.ffcfuelcells.com/ffcs, (N2RR559Y) AAC-1, AF-4, L-AF, L-EE, L-FLO, L-SS, SC-1

GC Aviation, Inc., 203 Josh Cove, La Vergne, TN 37086-2087, 615-793-2187, FAX: 615-793-2567, info@gcaviation.com, www.gcaviation.com, (CGTR466X) AAC-1, AF-1, AF-4, INS-1, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1

The Hangar Inc., 2930 Winchester Rd., Ste. 500, Memphis, TN 38118, 901-345-8885, FAX: 901-345-8093, support@hangarinc.com, www.thehangarinc.com, (T0HR155Y) AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-LG, L-PP, L-RAD, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

• Inventory Locator Service, See ad p. 14, 8001 Centeview Pkwy., Ste. 400, Memphis, TN 38018, 901-794-5000, FAX: 901-794-1760, marketing@ilsmart.com, www.ilsmart.com

ILS brings buyers and sellers of aviation parts together worldwide. Suppliers list inventory on the ILS mainframe computer for easy access by buyers. ILS gives buyers the information to contact the sellers directly. ILS has introduced an online classified advertising service and an electronic messaging system.

PS Engineering, Inc., 9800 Martel Rd., Lenoir City, TN 37772, 865-988-9800, FAX: 865-988-6619, contact@ps-engineering.com, www.ps-engineering.com, (P34R133O) L-RAD

Signature Inc. - Memphis, 2540 Winchester Rd., Memphis, TN 38116, 901-345-4707, FAX: 901-345-4709, (FKWR938D) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Smyrna Air Center Inc., Hgr 621, Smyrna Arpt., Smyrna, TN 37167, 615-459-3337, FAX: 615-355-8738, (RG4R491M) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Stanard Aero Materials, 1029 Ross Dr., Maryville, TN 37801-8272, 865-273-1370

Tulsair Beechcraft - Millington Inc., 8092 Memphis Ave., Millington, TN 38053, 901-873-4780, FAX: 901-873-4784, www.tulsair.com, (T8BD652N) L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3


A & B Airworks, 9600 Prairrie Chapel Rd., Crandall, TX 75114, 214-236-5169, FAX: 972-427-0030, (W9KR758Y) L-AAC

A & O Composites LLC, 2005 B Ave., Bldg. 7000, Amarillo, TX 79111, 806-335-3343, FAX: 806-335-3601, (HYK2484K) L-AF

Abilene Aero Inc., 2850 Airport Blvd., Abilene Regional Airport, Abilene, TX 79602-2104, 325-677-2601, FAX: 325-671-8018, (GSTR469E) L-AF, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Addison Express LLC, 4500 Claire Chennault Dr., Addison, TX 75001, 972-713-7707, FAX: 972-713-7024, (X5ER177Y) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

ADS Aircraft Services, 4553 Jimmy Doolittle Rd., Addison, TX 75001, 922-250-4629, robert@airmail.net, (ADKR101K) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP

Advanced Avionics, Inc., 7201 Boeing Dr., El Paso, TX 79925, 915-772-6050, FAX: 915-778-4238, advancedavionicsel@sbcglobal.net, (J7AR501J) L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4

Advantage Aircraft Services, 355 Pinson Dr., Corpus Christi Int’l. Airport, Corpus Christi, TX 78406, 361-289-1884, FAX: 361-289-2247, david@aastx.com, (Q2AR598N) AF-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-1

Aero Sass, 2902 Nall St., Port Neches, TX 77651-5610

Aero Systems, Inc., 502 E Purnell Rd., Ste. 101, Lewisville, TX 75057, 972-420-6322, FAX: 972-420-6324, jerrybodovsky@aerosystemsinc.com, www.aerosystemsinc.com, (X6SR982J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-OT

Aerodyne, 116 Boeing Way, Roanoke, TX 76262-5756, 817-491-9378

Aerospace Component Services, 3101 Hammon Rd., Wichita Falls, TX 76310, 940-761-9200, FAX: 940-761-9292

Aerospace Composite Technologies, Inc., dba GKU Aerospace Ft. Worth, 3220 S Grove St., Ft. Worth, TX 76110, 817-921-2220, FAX: 817-921-2264, www.gknple.com, (IP9R305N) AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT

Aerospace Instrument Support Inc., 1750 Westcourt Rd., Denton, TX 76207, 940-566-8079, FAX: 940-566-9506, sales@ais-inst.com, www.ais-inst.com, (XI7R807J) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-EE, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aerotechniques, PO Box 1891, Pottsboro, TX 75076-1891, 903-679-2493

Aesys LLC, 609 Perrin Rd., San Antonio, TX 78226, 210-928-9202, FAX: 210-928-9212, xiphil@woodward.com, www.aesysllc.com, (A5YR374X) L-AAC

Ahlers Aerospace Inc., 300 Glade Rd., Colleyville, TX 76034, 817-498-1864, FAX: 817-514-9081, sales@ahlersaerospace.com, www.ahlersaerospace.com, (D1WR074O) INS-1, INS-2, INS-4, L-AAC

Air Age Svcs of San Antonio, 212 Creekside Dr., Floresville, TX 78114-9371, 830-216-7120

Air Concepts Repair Technologies Inc., 1203 Beta Dr., Ste. 104, Rockwall, TX 75087, 972-772-3757, FAX: 972-722-9605, www.airconceptsrepair.com, (XC7R737J) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Air Dallas Instruments, Inc., 811 Office Park Cir., Lewisville, TX 75057, 972-221-7414, FAX: 972-436-8114, info@airdallasinstruments.com, www.airdallasinstruments.com, (VE1R555K) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC

Airbase Services, Inc., 902 Ave. T, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, 214-677-9600, FAX: 214-677-9601, www.airbaseservices.com, (X3BR336N) L-AAC, SC-2

Aircraft Belts, Inc. (ABI), 2000 Anders Ln., Kemah, TX 77565, FAX: 281-538-4747, info@airbelts.com, www.aircraftbelts.com, (YB1R632K) L-SS, SC-2

Aircraft Ducting Repair Inc., 101 Hunters Circle, Forney, TX 75126, 972-552-9000, FAX: 972-552-4504, repairs@acdri.com, www.acdri.com, (A7DR372J) L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Aircraft Engine & Accessory, 2275 Crown Rd., Dallas, TX 75229-2007, 972-243-7404, FAX: 972-243-3806, aea@aea-precision.com, www.aea-precision.com, (UI1R533K) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1

Aircraft Fuel Injection Service Inc., 2731 Brookfield, Dallas, TX 75235, FAX: 214-358-5896, (I0FR546Y) L-AAC

Aircraft Paint Service Corp., Meacham Field, 3813 Falcon Way W, Hangar 28S, Ft. Worth, TX 76106, 817-626-2038, FAX: 817-626-3103, aircraft@airmail.net, (SB1R472K) L-SS, SC-1, SC-2, SC-5

Aircraft Refinishers of South Texas, Inc., Devine Texas Airport, Hangar 2, 291 CR 767, Devine, TX 78016, 830-663-6070, FAX: 830-663-5808, www.devine-air-group.com

Aircraft Systems and Manufacturing, 302 Toledo Trail, Georgetown, TX 78628, 512-869-2737, FAX: 512-869-2637, askasm@asminc.net, www.asminc.net, (XETR303K) AAC-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-RAD

Airline Component Parts, Inc., 1111 Stanley Dr., Euless, TX 76040, 817-354-4144, FAX: 817-354-1667, acpi@airlinecomponent.com, www.airlinecomponent.com, (A47R475J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-RAD

Angel Aviation, PO Box 1439, Abilene, TX 79604-1439, 325-677-2488

AOG Tank Tigers Inc., 2742 Burbank, Dallas, TX 75235, 214-350-5334, FAX: 214-358-3835, jprodetto@aoginc.com, www.tanktigers.com, (DBER248K) AF-3, L-AF

Apache Enterprises Inc., 2985 Red Hawk Dr., Grand Prairie, TX 75052, 972-641-0835, FAX: 972-841-0075, (UAER792K) L-AAC

Apex Inspections, Inc., 2530 Tarpley, Ste. 200, Carrollton, TX 75006, 972-418-5672, FAX: 972-418-0246, apexinsp@flash.net, www.apexinspections.com, (X5IR125Y) L-NDT, L-OT, L-SS

Arnoni Aviation, 15555 Vickery, Ste. 125, Houston, TX 77032, 281-590-1431, FAX: 281-590-4945, www.125parts.com, (Y8AR872N) L-AAC, L-AF

Associated Air Center LP, 8321 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209, 214-350-4111, FAX: 214-358-7620, (TX2R203L) AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Atlantic Turbines (USA), DFW Service Center, 1603 Hart St., Southlake, TX 76092, 817-416-7926, FAX: 817-421-2706, jseidl@atlanticturbines.com, www.atlanticturbines.com L-PP, PP-3

Av-DEC, 1810 Mony St., Ft. Worth, TX 76102, 817-738-9161, FAX: 817-738-9163, info@avdec.com, www.avdec.com, (AV6R204X)

• Aviall Services, Inc., See ad p. 2, PO Box 619048, 2750 Regent Blvd., Dallas, TX 75261-9048, 972-586-1000, FAX: 972-586-1361, avsales@aviall.com, www.aviall.com

Aviall Services, Inc. isn’t just the world’s largest independent provider of new aviation parts, we also offer you product repair services for batteries, hoses, oxygen, paint, wheels, and brakes. With more parts, global locations, more services and more innovative thinking for customers in the GA, airline, helicopter and military aftermarkets worldwide, you get more from Aviall. That’s called Aviallability. For more information, visit aviall.com.

Aviation Inspection Services, 4200 N Main St., Ste. 250, Ft. Worth, TX 76106, 817-624-2468, FAX: 817-624-8622, (XINR271L) L-NDT

Bacon Equipment Co., 2709 N Beckley Ave., Dallas, TX 75208, 214-742-5871, FAX: 214-741-5932, baconeq@swbell.net, (UY1R549K) L-AAC, L-SS

BAE Systems Dallas Service Center, 3131 Story Rd. W, Irving, TX 75038, 972-659-2535, FAX: 972-659-2504, (SA1R471K) AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD

Best Aeronet Aviation Ltd., 3604 Airport Dr., Denison, TX 75020, 903-786-2666, FAX: 903-786-3458, (Q8BR860K) L-AF, L-PP

Bombardier Aircraft Services, Dallas Service Center, 8405 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209, FAX: 469-791-4062, www.cic.bombardier.com, (L5VR603Y) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-FAB, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, L-RAD, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Cargo Systems, Inc., 2120 Denton Dr., Ste. 108, Austin, TX 78758, 512-837-1300, FAX: 512-837-5320, info@cargosystems.com, www.cargosystems.com, (FAA YCGR) L-SS

Central Texas Avionics, Inc., 217 Corsair Dr., Georgetown, TX 78628, 512-868-8484, FAX: 512-869-7985, (C84R586N) L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Chelton Inc., 1720 Lakepointe Dr., Ste. 112, Lewisville, TX 75057, 972-221-1783, FAX: 972-436-2716, (W57R778X) L-RAD

Chromalloy Gas Turbine Corp., 14042 Distribution Way, Dallas, TX 75234, 972-241-2501, FAX: 972-247-7879, (EN2R800K) L-PP, L-SS

• Co-Operative Industries Aerospace, See ad p. 45, 5133 Northeast Pkwy., Fort Worth, TX 76106, 817-740-4700, FAX: 817-624-4282, sales@coopind.com, www.coopind.aero, (OI0R891N/EASA.145.5897/CAAC No. F00100406) L-AAC

We are a customer-oriented team with extensive experience in wiring harness solutions. By providing prompt, cost-effective services for your harness repairs, overhauls, and modifications we can help you meet your deadline as well as your bottom line.

Composite Technology, Inc., CTI, 1001 Ave. R, Grand Prairie, TX 75050-1506, 972-606-4400, FAX: 972-606-4418, pj_cti@compuserve.com, www.rotorblades.com, (RW1R467K) AF-1, AF-2, L-AF, L-NDT, L-RB

• Continuum Applied Technology, See ad p. 76, 9601 Amberglen Blvd., Ste. 109, Austin, TX 78729, 519-918-8900, Fax: 519-918-9115, sales@corridor.aero, www.corridor.aero

For more than a decade, CORRIDOR has set the standard for software in the aviation service industry. From FBO’s to repair stations and MRO’s, CORRIDOR knows the business. It has had a positive impact on facilities throughout the industry, and it will positively impact yours. Small or large. Full service or specialized. Line Service. Maintenance. Completions. There’s a version of CORRIDOR that fits your business perfectly.

Contract, RR 4 PO Box 88B, Hemphill, TX 75948-9706, 409-754-0899

Corpus Christi Army Depot, 308 Crecy St., Corpus Christi, TX 78419-5211, 361-961-2237

Corrosion Technologies Corp., PO Box 551625, Dallas, TX 75355-1625, 800-638-7361, FAX: 972-278-9721, info@corrosionx.com, www.corrosionx.com

Cutter Aviation, 5661 Mariner Dr., Dallas Executive Airport, Dallas, TX 75237, 877-711-2713, FAX: 214-339-2792, www.cutteraviation.com

Dallas Airmotive Carpenter Freeway Facility, 6114 Forest Park Rd., Dallas, TX 75235-6498, 214-956-3000, FAX: 214-956-2642, (YRRR491L) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AF, L-NDT, PP-3

Dallas Airmotive Dallas Regional Turbine Center, Dallas Love Field, 7515 Lemmon Ave., Hangar L, Dallas, TX 75209, 214-956-4880, FAX: 214-956-4863, turbines@dallasairmotive.com, www.dallasairmotive.com, (YRRD491L) PP-3

Dallas Airmotive Forest Park Facility, 6114 Forest Park Rd., Dallas, TX 75235-6498, 214-956-3000, FAX: 214-956-3007, turbines@dallasairmotive.com, www.dallasairmotive.com, (YRRR491L) PP-3

Dallas Airmotive, Inc., 900 Nolen Dr., Ste. 100, Grapevine, TX 76051, 214-956-3000, FAX: 214-956-2810, turbines@dallasairmotive.com, www.dallasairmotive.com

Dallas Metroplex Aviation, Inc., 14902 Forest Lodge Dr., Houston, TX 77070, 281-379-5430, dma@pdq.net, www.dmaspeedmods.airweb.net

DFW Instrument Corp., 2544 Tarpley Rd., Ste. 116, Carrollton, TX 75006, 972-478-2504, FAX: 972-418-2412, nina@dfwinstruments.com, www.dfwinstruments.com AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-3, SC-4

Driessen Services, Inc., 3340C Greens Rd., Ste. 300, Houston, TX 77032, 281-590-0300, FAX: 281-590-0308, spares@driessenusa.com, www.driessensvc.com, (D6IR008N) L-AF, L-SS

Duncan Avionics, Dallas, 8611 Lemmon Ave., Bldg. R, Ste. 101, Dallas, TX 75209, 214-352-3468, FAX: 214-352-7451, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JGVO194F) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Duncan Avionics, Houston, 8915 Randolph, Houston, TX 77061, 713-644-0352, FAX: 713-644-2240, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (GF2R844K) AAC-1, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Dynatech Turbine Services, Inc., 3614 Highpoint Dr., San Antonio, TX 78217, 210-599-0060, FAX: 210-599-2358, ofer.klein@dynatechintl.com, www.dynatechintl.com, (XD3R967L) L-PP, L-RAD, PP-3

Evans Composites Inc., 300 S Wisteria St., Mansfield, TX 76063, 817-477-9014, FAX: 817-477-0575, scott@evanscomposites.com, www.evanscomposites.com, (E16R230X) L-AF

Excel Aviation Inc., Gainesville Municipal Airport, 2500 Airport Dr., Gainesville, TX 76240, 940-668-0990, FAX: 940-668-0920, www.excelaviationinc.com, (E3AR837J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS

Executive Instruments, Inc., 4141 Lindberg Dr., Dallas, TX 75244-2326, 972-239-0231, FAX: 972-991-3271, (XN1R618K) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC

Falcon Crest Accessories, 8318 Braniff St., Houston, TX 77061, 713-644-2290, FAX: 713-644-0356, fcrest@earthlink.net, (GP2R854K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, L-LG, L-NDT, L-SS

• FlightSafety International, See ad p. 5, 41 N. Belt Atrium 1, 15311 Vantage Pkwy. W, Ste. 249, Houston, TX 77032, 281-219-4219, FAX: 281-219-4242, bowend@fsi167.flightsafety.com, www.flightsafety.com

Using the most advanced learning technologies, FlightSafety is the authorized maintenance training organization for 18 aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing. Courses offered include systems initials, updates and genfams, engine run and taxi, human factors in maintenance, composite, avionics and troubleshooting programs. Training is conducted at Learning Centers, or on-site at client locations.

Flite Components Inc., 2734 Burbank St., Dallas, TX 75235, 214-350-5996, FAX: 214-350-2849, sales@flitecomponents.com, www.flitecomponents.com, (FBQR486K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, L-AF

Foxtronics, Inc., 3448 W Mockingbird Ln., Dallas, TX 75235-4822, 214-353-4425, FAX: 214-358-1519, www.foxtronics.com, (VC1R553K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, L-AAC, L-EE, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

GE Engine Services-Dallas, LP, 9311 Reeves St., Dallas, TX 75235, 214-956-5000, FAX: 214-956-5359, www.geae.com, (RA1R445K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-NDT, L-SS

GE Engine Services-McAllen, LP, 6200 S. 42nd St., McAllen, TX 75235, 956-971-5266, www.geae.com, (M9QR564N) L-NDT, L-PP

General Dynamics Aviation Services, 8555 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75235, 214-902-7615, FAX: 214-902-4588, michael.habala@gulfstream.com, www.gulfstream.com, (VEZR237L) AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

• General Electrodynamics Corp., (GEC), See ad Tab p. 18A, PO Box 150089, Arlington, TX 76015-9967, 800-551-6038, www.gescales.com

GEC is the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced portable aircraft weight and balance equipment, heavy-duty portable truck scales and electronic portable test equipment. GEC’s equipment is used around the world in aircraft weighing applications from critical flight testing, to C & D checks, routine maintenance and CG verification.

Global Filtration, Inc., 6650 Roxburgh, Ste. 100, Houston, TX 77041, 713-856-9800, FAX: 713-856-9822, sales@globalfiltration.com, www.globalfiltration.com

H. H. Mercer, Inc., 3238 Executive Blvd., Mesquite, TX 75149, 972-289-1911, FAX: 972-289-1914, rfq@hhmercer.com, www.hhmercer.com

Hallmark, PO Box 184, Poth, TX 78147-0184

Hams Aviation Maintenance Service, Inc., 8703 Telephone Rd., Houston, TX 77061, 713-643-6468, FAX: 713-643-6741, hams@wt.net, (H8MR479J) L-AF, L-PP

Heads Up Technologies, Inc., 2033 Chennault, Ste. 100, Carrollton, TX 75006, 972-980-4890, FAX: 972-980-4843, info@heads-up.com, www.heads-up.com, (HU9R459J) L-AAC

Heli-Jet Instruments Service Co., 1513 2nd St., Ste. A, Pleasanton, TX 78064, 830-569-6101, FAX: 830-569-6151, helijetinstruments@yahoo.com, www.helijetinstruments.com, (J66R864Y) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-INS, PP-3

Holley’s Jet Center, Lone Star Executive Airport #25, Conroe, TX 77303, 936-539-9393, FAX: 936-539-6207, holleysjet@consolidated.net, (HO9R360J) L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Inspec Foams, 800 N Watters Rd., Ste. 190, Allen, TX 75013, 972-516-0702, FAX: 972-516-0624, moreinfo@solimide.com, www.inspecfoams.com SC-2

J & S Enterprises, 107 Halmar Cove, Ste. 202, Georgetown, TX 78628, 512-868-2852, FAX: 512-868-6593, (J17R472Y) AAC-2, INS-1, INS-2, L-INS

Jet Operations Inc., 5125 Voyager Dr., Dallas, TX 75237, 214-467-8897, FAX: 214-467-8399, (H21R727X) L-AF, L-PP

Jet Works Aviation, Inc., 400 Gulfstream Rd. #9, Ft. Worth, TX 76106, 817-626-4290, FAX: 817-626-4292, wayned@jetworksaviation.com, www.jetworksaviation.com, (JWOR647N) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, 10001 Jack Finlay Blvd., Greenville, TX 75402, 903-455-3450, FAX: 903-457-4413, lance.m.martin@l-3com.com, www.l-3com.com, (L3OR385X) AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, L-NDT, L-OT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4, SC-5

L2 Consulting Services Inc., 2100-A E Hwy. 290, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, 512-894-3414, FAX: 512-858-0092, info@L2aviation.com, www.L2aviation.com, (L2ZR265X) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, SC-4

Laversab Industrial Computers, 10618 Rockley Rd., Houston, TX 77099, 713-568-8394, FAX: 713-568-8399, sales@laversab.com, www.laversab.com

Manda Machine Co. Inc., 2683 Myrtle Springs, Dallas, TX 75220, 214-352-5946, FAX: 214-351-0615, andy@mandamachine.com L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

Matsushita Avionics Systems Dallas, 1405 Beltline Rd., Ste. 300, Coppell, TX 75019, 972-745-1250, FAX: 972-745-0361, khiler@mascorp.com, www.mascorp.com/sup_glr.aspx, (U9MR592Y) L-RAD

McKinney Aerospace Ltd., 1476 E Industrial Blvd., McKinney, TX 75069, 972-562-9599, FAX: 972-542-9597, sainfo@mckinneyaero.com, www.mckinneyaero.com, (M8KR846N) L-AF, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

Pacific Scientific Aviation Services Co., 2156 W. Northwest Hwy., Ste. 314, Dallas, TX 75220, 214-574-4200, FAX: 214-574-4210, www.pacscimiami.com, (P94D580N) L-EE

Perkins Aircraft Services, 2300 W 6th St., Ft. Worth, TX 76107, www.perkinsaircraft.com, (JKQR257L) L-AAC, L-SS, SC-4

Phazar Aerocorp, 4701 N Main St., Hangar 44N, Fort Worth, TX 76106, 817-626-2842, FAX: 817-626-2284, kurt@phazaraero.com, www.phazaraero.com, (PHOR371X) L-AF, L-RAD, L-SS

Planeweighs USA Inc., 1704 E Vickery, Ft. Worth, TX 76110, 817-589-0408, FAX: 817-885-8030, (P0UR547Y) AAC-1, L-SS

Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc., 4113 Lindbergh Dr., Addison, TX 75001, 972-386-0046, FAX: 972-661-5959, gregg.devore@pwc.ca, www.pwc.ca PP-3

Retan Aerospace Inc., 756 Port America Place, Ste. 810, Grapevine, TX 76051, 817-442-4849, FAX: 817-442-5872, customerservice@retanaerospace.com, www.retanaerospace.com, (R0OR948X) L-AF, L-PP, L-PRP

Rockwell Collins Aviation Services-Dallas, 8304 Esters Blvd., Ste. 890, Irving, TX 75063, 972-929-5030, FAX: 972-929-8335, dallas@rockwellcollins.com, www.shopcollins.com, (RI6R270J) L-AAC, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Ruiz Testing Services, Inc., 10854 Gulfdale St., San Antonio, TX 78216, 210-524-9208, FAX: 210-524-9168, ruiztsvc@sbcglobal.net, (RU7R547N) L-NDT

Safetech, 2839 Nagle, Dallas, TX 75220, 214-902-9696, FAX: 214-902-9239, www.safetech-usa.com L-EE, L-FLO, L-OT

Safetech, 8305 Monroe, Houston, TX 77061, 713-947-1115, FAX: 713-947-0593, www.safetech-usa.com, (WVIR599K) L-EE, L-FLO, L-OT

San Antonio Aerospace, 800 John Saunders Rd., San Antonio, TX 78216, 210-293-3789

San Antonio Citation Service Center, One Cessna Dr., San Antonio, TX 78216, 210-357-6120, FAX: 210-357-6121, www.sanantoniocitation.com, (CNQ5918C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, SC-4

Sfim Inc., 2701 Forum Dr., Grand Prairie, TX 75052, 972-314-3600

Sierra Industries, Inc., 122 Howard Langford Dr., Uvalde, TX 78801, 830-278-4481, FAX: 830-278-7649, mark@sijet.com, www.sijet.com, (SI6R285J) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

• Southwest Airframe & Tank Services, Inc., S.W.A.T., See ad p. 43, 9840 Monroe Dr., Ste. 105, Dallas, TX 75220, 214-902-8223, FAX: 214-902-8273, jrstewart@swat-aircraft.com, www.swat-aircraft.com, (WUTR592X) AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-SS

Your #1 source for corporate aircraft fuel systems and airframe maintenance. Mobile 24/7 on-site airframe & fuel systems maintenance. Fuel System: Leak Repairs/Troubleshooting/Inspections/Fuel Cells/DER Services/Major Onsite Airframe. Contact: John Stewart, President.

Spitfire Aerospace Services Inc., 281 CR 693, Buffalo Gap, TX 79508, 325-572-5479, FAX: 325-572-5725, www.spitfireaerospace.net, (X1FR128X) L-SS

Standard Aero San Antonio Inc., 661 Duncan Dr., San Antonio, TX 78226, 210-334-6000, FAX: 210-334-6188, (X1DR610Y) L-PP

Starr Aircraft Products, Inc., 5236 N Hwy. 1417, Sherman, TX 75092, 903-873-1106, FAX: 903-893-0551, www.starraircraft.com, (S7AR295J) L-AAC, L-SS

Superior Air Parts Inc., 621 S Royal Ln., Ste. 100, Coppell, TX 75019-3805, 972-829-4600, FAX: 972-829-4648, tarcher@superiorairparts.com, www.superiorairparts.com

Temple Electronics Co Inc., 10013 Military Dr., Hangar 25, Conroe, TX 77303, 936-539-9393, (XD1D608K) L-AF, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Texas Air Service Inc., 2610 45th St., Dickinson, TX 77539, 281-337-7763, FAX: 281-534-4523, (T6XR841N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT

Texas Instruments Inc., 1401 FM546, McKinney, TX 75069, 972-917-5961, FAX: 972-917-5979, (TISR478K) L-AF, L-INS, L-OT, L-RAD

Texasgyro Inc., 7337 Airport Freeway, Ft. Worth, TX 76118, 817-282-7500, FAX: 817-282-7516, sbd@txgyro.com, www.txgyro.com, (T69R487X) INS-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-3

Texoma Int’l. Turbine Service Inc., 96 Thorsen St., Denison, TX 75020, 903-786-4418, FAX: 903-786-4544, (XO5R149Y) L-AAC, L-PP, PP-3

Turbine Fuel Systems, Inc., 1001 Commercial Blvd. N, Arlington, TX 76001, 817-557-0955, FAX: 817-468-4374, tfssales@txps.com, www.txps.com, (T4XR853J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

TXI Aviation, 4103 Woodcastle Ct., Arlington, TX 76016-3200, 817-451-8864

United Rotorcraft Solutions, 351 Airport Rd., Bldg. 500, PO Box 10, Decatur, TX 76234, 940-627-0626

Wing Aviation, 1001 General Thomas Kelly Blvd., Lone Star Exec. Bldg. 15A, Conroe, TX 77303, 866-449-9555, FAX: 936-441-9406, www.wingaviation.com


5 & B Industries Inc., 333 W 6160 S, Murray, UT 84107-3311, 801-261-4076

AH Aero Services LLC, 1980 Airport Rd., Hangar A, Heber City, UT 84032, 435-654-3962, FAX: 435-654-4182, (W77R917Y) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP

Aircraft Rebuilders Inc., 2245 S Hwy. 89, Perry, UT 84302, 435-723-5650, (UDIR892K) L-AF

Atlas Components LLC, 550 N Cemetary Rd., Gunnison, UT 84634, 435-528-5171, (QL7R896X) L-AAC

Intermountain Turbine Services Inc., 270 S 1060 W, Lindon, UT 84042, 801-785-9898, FAX: 801-785-9393, www.intermountainturbine.com, (D2DR426J) L-PP

Met Chem Testing Labs of Utah Inc., 369 W Gregson Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84115, 801-487-0801, (QH5R145N) L-SS

Million Air-Salt Lake City, 303 N 2370 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, 801-359-2085, FAX: 801-539-0223, info@maslc.com, www.millionairslc.com AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, PP-1

Moog Aircraft Group, 2268 S 3270 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84119, 801-973-4300, FAX: 801-974-7370, gdavis@moog.com, www.moog.com, (QG5R144N) AAC-1

Universal Synaptics, 1801 W. 21st St., Ogden, UT 84401, 801-731-8508, brent@usynaptics.com


Pratt & Whitney Engine Services, Inc., 15 Eagle Dr., Burlington, VT 05403, 802-658-2208, FAX: 802-863-3752, bill.burdet@pwc.ca, www.pwc.ca PP-3


Aerodyne Corp., 5198 W Military Hwy., Hampton Rd. Airport (PVG), Chesapeake, VA 23321, 757-488-2898, FAX: 757-488-7926, aerodyneac@cs.com, www.aerodynecorporation.com, (HOIR199K) AF-1, AF-3, L-NDT, L-SS, PP-1, PP-2, SC-6

Aero Industries Inc., 4618 Monaco Dr., Sandston, VA 23150-3204, 804-222-7211

Capital Aviation Instrument and Avionics, Manassas Regional Airport, 10660 Aviation Ln., Manassas, VA 20110-2004, 703-369-0500, FAX: 703-369-3771, sales@capital-aviation.com, www.capital-aviation.com, (OY1R391K) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Dominion Aviation Services Inc., Chesterfield County Airport, 7511 Airfield Dr., Richmond, VA 23237, 804-271-7793, FAX: 804-275-8238, www.dominionaviation.com, (ODAR018H) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-PP

Flight Int’l., Inc., One Lear Dr., Newport News, VA 23602, 757-886-5500, FAX: 757-874-7481, dharden@fltintl.com, www.fltintl.com, (BHKR451C) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

IAI International Inc., 1700 N Moore St., Ste. 1210, Arlington, VA 22209, 703-875-3777

Jet Services Inc., 39 Tavern Rd., Stafford, VA 22554-8814, 540-608-6957

Jet Services Inc., 9998 Wakeman Dr., Manassas Municipal Airport, Manassas, VA 20110, 703-361-6830, FAX: 703-361-3831, (JZIR340L) AF-3, L-PP


Absolute Aviation Services, 3406 S Davison Blvd., Spokane, WA 99224, 509-747-2904, (VQJR937X) L-AAC

Acciviter Corp., 23311 54th St. E, Buckley, WA 98321-8452, 360-862-6293

Accurate Aircraft Specialty, Firstair Field Airport, Monroe, WA, 360-805-4010

AC Propeller Service Inc., 925 S Nebraska St., Seattle, WA 98108, 206-762-1225, FAX: 206-762-4604, (AF4R048M) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PRP, L-SS, PRP-1, PRP-2

AeroMech Inc., 1616 Hewitt Ave., Ste. 312, Everett, WA 98201, 425-252-3236, FAX: 425-257-9756, contact@aeromechinc.com, www.aeromechinc.com, (A1MR123N) L-SS

Aim Aviation Inc., 705 SW 7th Ave., Renton, WA 98055, 425-235-2750, FAX: 425-228-0761, sales@aimseattle.com, www.aimseattle.com, (X5MR067N) L-AF

American Avionics, Inc., 7023 Perimeter Rd. S, Boeing Field, Seattle, WA 98108, 206-763-8530, service@americanavionics.com, www.americanavionics.com, (DE6R558N) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

AMETEK Aerospace Products, Inc., Seattle Support Center, 4333 Harbour Pointe Blvd., Mukilteo, WA 98275, 425-315-0645, FAX: 425-315-8375, www.ametekaerospace.com, (HU6R600N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Asko Processing, Inc., 434 N 35th St., Seattle, WA 98103-8607, 206-634-2080 x43, FAX: 206-547-4511, sales@askogroup.com, (OKSR369L) L-AF, L-NDT, L-SS

Aviation Instrument Service Int’l., Inc., 8223 44th Ave. W, Ste. A, Mukilteo, WA 98275-2850, 425-347-7677, FAX: 425-355-9733, info@aviationinstrument.com, www.aviationinstrument.com, (II6R614N) AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Classic Helicopter Corp., 6505 Perimeter Rd. S, Seattle, WA 98108, 206-767-0515, FAX: 206-767-4018, www.classichelicoptercorp.com, (GJOR323E) L-AF, L-PP

Component Specialties, Inc., dba: Jet Link International, Inc., 4234 Southcenter Blvd., Tukwila, WA 98188, 206-277-8945, FAX: 206-277-9103, componentspecialties@att.net, www.jetlinkinternational.net, (CSTR203X) L-AAC

Crane Aerospace & Electronics, 16700 13th Ave. W, Lynnwood, WA 98037, 425-743-8231, FAX: 425-743-8371, info@craneaerospace.com, www.craneaerospace.com, (AG4R049M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC

Crown Aviation Avionics, 10300 28th Ave. W, Paine Field, Everett, WA 98204, 425-355-4088, FAX: 425-355-4288, avionics@crownaviation.com, www.crownaviation.com, (IH6R613N) L-AF, L-INS, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Duncan Avionics Seattle, 6987 Perimeter Rd., Ste. 225, Seattle, WA 98108, 206-764-3962, FAX: 206-762-2997, www.DuncanAviation.aero, (JG7R076J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Flight, Inc., Pangborn Airport Business Park, One Campbell Pkwy., Wenatchee, WA 98802, 509-884-0533, FAX: 509-886-5405, pat@execflight.com, www.execflight.com, (EPDR645D) AF-1, AF-3, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Exotic Tool Welding Co., 4433 Russell Rd., Suite 113, Mukilteo, WA 98275, 425-353-3040, FAX: 425-348-5508, etw@exotictoolwelding.com, www.exotictoolwelding.com, (E2NR786J) L-SS

Galvin Flying Services, Inc., 7149 Perimeter Rd., Boeing Field, Seattle, WA 98108, 206-763-0350, FAX: 206-767-9333, www.galvinflying.com, (HUNR846E)

Goodrich, 1386 Oldtimer St., Oak Harbor, WA 98277-7619, 360-240-1500

Goodrich Aviation Technical Services, Inc., 3100 112th St. SW, Everett, WA 98204-3500, 425-347-3030, FAX: 425-423-3508, ats@goodrich.com, www.ats.goodrich.com, (HN6R593)

Goodrich Corp. Aircraft Evacuation Systems, 2031 196th St. SW, B-103, Lynnwood, WA 98036-7080, 425-771-1214, FAX: 425-776-2122, (ET3D487L) L-EE

Hangon Aircraft Inc., 2153 N 87th St., Seattle, WA 98103-4112, 206-235-5047

Heatcon Composite Systems, 600 Andover Park E, Seattle, WA 98188, 206-575-1333, FAX: 206-575-0856, info@heatcon.com, www.heatcon.com

Hytek Finishes Co., 8127 S 216th St., Kent, WA 98032, 206-872-7160, (HY7R576J) L-NDT, L-SS

International Aero Interiors Inc., 11817 Westar Ln., Burlington, WA 98233-3623, 360-757-2376, FAX: 360-757-4841, sales@intl-aero.com, www.intl-aero.com SC-2

Island Aircraft Services, LLC, Box 1797, Estsound, WA 98245, 360-376-6769, FAX: 360-376-7138, airmech@interisland.net, www.islandaircraft.com SC-2, SC-3, SC-5

Jet Systems Inc., 14 NE Knox, PO Box 62, Wilbur, WA 99185, 509-647-5710, (J4IR994J) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AF

Page Aerospace Inc., 22121 17th Ave. SE, Ste. 110, Bothell, WA 98021, 425-499-2000, FAX: 425-489-2099, repairs@pageaerospace.com, (P2GR425J)

Spectra Lux Corp., 12335 134th Ct. NE, Redmond, WA 98052, 425-823-1801 ext. 53, FAX: 425-821-3193, peter@spectralux.com, www.spectralux.com, (VLXR781L) AAC-2, AAC-3

Thales Avionics, Inc., 641 Industry Dr., Seattle, WA 98188-3407, 206-575-0920, FAX: 206-575-3820, (IC6R608N) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-3

Zetec, Inc., 1370 NW Mall St., Issaquah, WA 98027, 425-392-5316, FAX: 425-392-2086, customerservice@zetec.com, www.zetec.com

Zodiac Inc., 18225 NE 76th St., Redmond, WA 98052, 425-885-4353, (B5IR685J) L-AAC

West Virginia

Aero-Smith Inc., Eastern Regional WW Airport, 214 Aviation Way, Martinsburg, WV 25401, 304-262-2507, (A85R859W) AF-3, L-AF, L-PP

Aerospace Component Services, 1525 Midway Park Rd., Bridgeport, WV 26330, 304-842-1207, FAX: 304-842-1229

Albatross Air Inc., 1411 C O Dom Rd., Daniels, WV 25832

Bombardier Aircraft Services, West Virginia Air Center, 2400 Aviation Way, Clarksburg (CKB) Airport, Bridgeport, WV 26330, 800-334-9822, www.cic.bombardier.com, (WVER835k) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-FAB, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, L-RAD, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

DG Airways Inc., 1433 Airport Rd., Huntington, WV 25704-9043, 304-453-1177

Pratt & Whitney Engine Services Inc., Benedum Industrial Park, 1525 Midway Park Rd., Bridgeport, WV 26330, 304-842-5421, FAX: 304-842-4933, (LM1R301K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS


Aero Fabricators, Inc., 1216 North Rd., PO Box 181, Lyons, WI 53148, 800-558-6868, FAX: 262-763-7595, aerofab@wagaero.com, www.wagaero.com, (AI4R244N) L-NDT, L-SS

Aeromotors, LLC, N2696 32nd Ave., Monroe, WI 53566, 608-325-7741, FAX: 608-325-7743, (O1MR357Y) L-AAC, L-LG

Aerospace Accessories of WI, PO Box 7192, Appleton, WI 54912-7069, 920-993-2947

Air Cargo Carriers Inc., 4951 S Howell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53207, 414-482-1711, FAX: 414-769-8060, (M7IR960J) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Astronautics Corp. of America, 1426 W National Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53204, 414-671-5500, FAX: 414-671-3478, (XQAR449L) L-AAC, L-INS

Central Aviation Inc., 1741 River Dr., Watertown, WI 53094-7401, 920-261-1880

• Derco Repair Services, Inc., See ad p. 63, 8065 W. Fairlane Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53223, 414-355-7770, FAX: 414-355-2648, repair@dercoaerospace.com, www.dercoaerospace.com, (NK5R070N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-INS, L-NDT, L-SS

Derco Repair Services, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality repair and overhaul of a diverse array of aircraft accessories and components. In doing so, Derco Repair Services provides its customers with service which is both efficient and effective. We are dedicated to providing airlines with superior service and top quality serviced components.

Fox River Transport Inc., 10338 405th Ave., Genoa City, WI 53128-2225, 262-279-5138

Gulfstream Aerospace, N2995 Herman Ln., Hortonville, WI 54944-9773, 920-779-4112

Gulfstream Aerospace Inc., 6411 Wazeecha Ridge Ct., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494-7399, 715-421-0488

Heartland Aviation, Inc., 3800 Starr Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54703, 715-835-3181, FAX: 715-835-7150, www.heartlandaviation.com, (AZNR350C) AF-3, PP-1, PRP-1

Jet Air Corp., 1921 Airport Rd., Austin Straubel Field, Green Bay, WI 54313, 920-497-4900, FAX: 920-497-2676, (MZ2R023L)

NDT Inspect-Air, Inc., 4557 96th St., Franksville, WI 53126, 262-878-8700, FAX: 262-878-4660, kmoran@ndtinspect-air.com, www.ndtinspect-air.com, (N45R764X) L-NDT

NewView Technologies, Inc., 2855 Wyldewood Rd., Oshkosh, WI 54904-9225, 920-303-0709, FAX: 920-233-0336, sales@newviewtech.com, www.newviewtech.com, (NU7R875N) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, SC-4

• Rapco Inc., See ad p. 13, 445 Cardinal Ln., Hartland, WI 53029, 262-367-2292, FAX: 262-367-7158, www.rapco-rfs.com, (NE5R064N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3

At Rapco, our first consideration is quality. Our FAA-PMA approved replacement aircraft parts are manufactured to meet OR exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s design and performance standards. We then subject them to meticulous quality control testing and inspection procedures. Years of experience, the latest technology and low overhead enable us to produce a broad range of replacement parts that meet the rigid FAA standards for safety and performance at the lowest possible cost. We pass the savings on to you.


Avcon Electronics, PO Box 4037, Sheridan, WY 82801, 307-672-3421, FAX: 307-672-6795, (PR5R113N) L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2

Bighorn Airways Inc., PO Box 4037, Sheridan, WY 82801, 307-672-3421, FAX: 307-672-8580, bhairway@wavecom.net, www.bighornairways.com, (WPER874X) AF-3, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-4, SC-5

Cheyenne Airmotive, 202 E 8th Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82001, 307-778-2000, FAX: 307-637-7660, daly@cheyenneairomotive.com, www.cheyenneairmotive.com, (F3NR604Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3

Hawkins Powers Aviation, 2441 Highway 20, Greybull, WY 82426-9614, 307-765-4482

Rocky Mountain Aircraft Accessories, 300 Delmar St., PO Box 1059, Mills, WY 82644, 307-472-6359, FAX: 307-472-5419, sales@rmaa.us, www.rmaa.us AAC-1, AAC-2


Aero Taller Nahuel, 61-821-4 A, La Plata 1900, Argentina

Aerolineas Argentinas, Almafuerte 2480, San Andres 1651, Argentina

Aviaser SA, Pcia De Bsas, Ruta 202 Y Balcarce, San Fernando B1646CIC, Argentina


Jet International, Caya Frere Arnold 4, Oranjestad, Aruba


Aboriginal Aircraft Maintenance, PO Box 1238 Nt, Alice Springs 871, Australia

Aerospace Solutions Pty. Ltd., PO Box 2775, Toowoomba 4350, Australia

Air Centre, 2 Eltham Dr., Kelso 2795, Australia, 616-021-2318

Aircraft Maintenance Services, 13 Talbot St. Forrest, Act 2603, Australia, 294-349-173

Ansett Aviation Eng Services, 4 Narrak Rd. Balwyn, Melbourne 3103, Australia

Archerfield Aircraft Maintenance, PO Box 32, Archerfield Ql 4108, Australia

East Coast Propellers Pty. Ltd., Bldg. 641, Klemm St., Bankstown Airport, Bankstown, NS 2200, Australia, 61-2-9791-0246, FAX: 61-2-9791-0057, eastcoastpropellers@bigpond.com.au, www.eastcoastpropellers.com.au, (E9PY759N) L-PRP

ExecuJet Australia Pty. Ltd., Ross Smith Ave., Hangar 394, Mascot, NSW 2020, Australia, 61-2-9693-0840, FAX: 61-2-9693-0880, enquiries@execujet.com.au, www.execujet.com.au, (JUOY755Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-RAD

Honeywell Aerospace, Aviation Aftermarket Services, Melbourne Repair & Overhaul, 26-32 Fraser St., Airport West, Melbourne 3042, Australia, 61-3-9267-9300, FAX: 61-3-9335-1884, joe.giarrusso@honeywell.com

IFR Avionics Pty. Ltd., 24 South Bank Rd., Eungai Rail 2441, Australia

Qantas Airways Ltd., Maintenance Facility, Operations Rd. Tullamarine, Melbourne, Victoria 3043, Australia, 61-3-9280-7990, FAX: 61-3-9280-7875, iboyd@qantas.com.au AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-2, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-EE, L-FAB, L-LG, L-NDT, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Rockwell Collins Australia Pty. Ltd., (Melbourne Service Center), Corner Sharps Rd. & Allied Dr., PO Box 126, Tullamarine, VI 3043, Australia, 61-3-8318-8000, FAX: 61-3-8318-8002, australia@rockwellcollins.com, www.shopcollins.com, (C1VY146N) L-INS, L-RAD

Thomas Electronics of Australia Pty. Ltd., PO Box 4364, Milperra, NSW 1891, Australia, 612-8723-6500, FAX: 612-9773-7177, teoa@thomas.com.au, www.thomas.com.au, (T16Y169O) L-INS, L-SS


Austrian Airlines, Techn. Base-Vienna Airport, Vienna A-1300, Austria, 43-1-7007-62581, FAX: 43-1-7007-65539, technical.sales@aua.com, www.austriantechnik.at, (AUXY103F) INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3


The Corp. of Royal Trade & Engine, 121 W Kafrul, Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh, 880-2-9121542


ASP Avionics NV-SA, Vliegplein 2, Bus 1, Genk B-3600, Belgium, 32-8-938-4345, FAX: 32-8-938-6659, info@asp-avionics.com, (V3PY568N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD

Sabena Technics, Tcwmoglv 23/121, Waterbosstraat 2a, Boortmeerbeek 3190, Belgium

Snecma Services Brussels (SSB), Brussels National Airport, Bldg. 24B-101, Zaventem BP 1930, Belgium, 32-279-045-00, FAX: 32-279-047-00, www.snecma-services-brussels.eu, (E7NY532Y) L-PP, L-SS, PP-3


Aeromot Aeronaves E Motores, Der Salgodo Filho, Porto Alegre 9021970, Brazil

MTU Maintenance do Brasil, Av. Maria Coelho Aguiar, 215, Bloco E-1. Andar, Sao Paulo SP, Brazil, 55-11-3741-9615, FAX: 55-11-3741-9511, www.mtu-dobrasil.com

Rockwell Collins do Brazil, Ltda., (Brazil Service Center), Rua Ambrosio Molina,1090, Quadra 11F1 Eugenio de Melo, Sao Jose dos Campos 12247-000, Brazil, 55-12-3908-5005, FAX: 55-12-3908-5004, brazilsc@rockwellcollins.com, www.rockwellcollins.com/service, (Z5RY553Y) INS-1, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

VEM-Varig Engineering & Maintenance, Estrada das Ranarias 2862, Rio De Janeiro 21941-480, Brazil, 55-21-2468-2287, FAX: 55-21-2468-2300, sales.vem@varig.com, www.varigvem.com, (VARY761I) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Zl Aviacao Executiva Ltda, Aeroporto Municipal, Rod Osni Mateus Km 116, Lencois Paulista 18682-970, Brazil



Avmax Group Inc., 380 Mctavish Rd. NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7G5, Canada, 403-291-2464

Field Aviation West Ltd., 1312 Aviation Park NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7E2, Canada, 403-516-8227, FAX: 403-516-8317, www.fieldav.com

HJ Aero Copter Maintenance, 7600 Lantz Ville Rd., Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0, Canada, 850-390-1154

Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp., 1351 Aviation Park NE, Calgary Airport Service Center, Calgary, AB T2E 7E8, Canada, 403-274-6545, FAX: 403-275-6581, www.pwc.ca

British Columbia

AMS Aviation Ltd., 148 - 4400 72nd St., Delta, BC V4K 5B3, Canada, 604-946-3838

Custom Avionics, 2585 11th Ave., Port Alberni, BC V9Y 2R9, Canada, 250-723-3999

Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd., 10484 Nighthawk Rd., Winfield, BC V4V 2K7, Canada, 250-491-5500


Advanced Composite Structures Inc., 43 Muir Rd., Winnipeg, MB R2X 2X7, Canada, 204-982-6565, FAX: 204-982-6555, acs@acs-composites.com, www.acs-composites.com, (AMO39-89) AF-1, AF-2, L-OT, L-PRP, L-RB, L-SS, SC-5

Hartwig Aircraft Fuel Cell Repair, 512 Airline Rd., Winnipeg, St. Andrews Airport, St. Andrews, MB R1A 3P3, Canada, 204-668-3234, FAX: 204-339-3351, info@hartwig-fuelcell.com, www.hartwig-fuelcell.com


Aircraft Appliances & Equipment Ltd., 150 East Dr., Brampton, ON L6T 1C1, Canada, 905-791-1666, FAX: 905-791-7218, aae@aaeltd.com, www.aaeltd.com, (AMO 21-8) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4

Comtek Advanced Structures, 1360 Artisans Ct., Burlington, ON L7L 5Y2, Canada, 905-331-8121, FAX: 905-331-8125, sales@comtekadvanced.com, www.comtekadvanced.com, (KGWR931R)

Field Aviation East Ltd., 2450 Derry Rd. E, Hangar 2, Mississauga, ON L5S 1B2, Canada, 905-676-1540, FAX: 905-676-9951, modcentre@fieldav.com, www.fieldav.com, (AMO13-74) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-FLO, L-INS, L-RAD, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5

Global Aerospace, 2411 Drew Rd., Mississauga, ON L5S 1A1, Canada, 905-678-6311

Goodrich Landing Gear Services, 5415 N Service Rd., Burlington, ON L7L 5H7, Canada, 905-319-3006, FAX: 905-319-8008, www.goodrich.com L-LG

Leggat Aviation Ltd., 46 Greenwich Cir., Brampton, ON L6S 2E6, Canada, 905-791-6701

Messier Services Canada, 574 Monarch Ave., Ajax, ON L1S 2G8, Canada, 905-683-3100, FAX: 905-683-0378, greg.watson@messier-dowty.com, www.messierservices.com, (41-89)

National Flight Services, Inc., 2355 Derry Rd. E., Unit 31, Mississauga, ON L5S 1V6, Canada, 905-612-0156, FAX: 905-612-0161, DennisSchuller@nationalflight.com, www.nationalflight.com, (AMO 364-) L-PP, PP-3

National Research Council, 1200 Montreal Rd., Bldg. U61, Flight Research Lab, Ottawa, ON K1A 0R6, Canada, 613-998-3070, FAX: 613-996-9960, elias.politis@nrc.gc.ca, www.iar-ira.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/flight/flight_4_e.ht, (AMO 40-0) L-OT, L-SS

World Aviation Corp., 45 Corstate Ave., Concord, ON L4K 4Y2, Canada, 905-660-4462, FAX: 905-660-1714, davidz@world-aviation.ca, www.world-aviation.ca, (162-93) AAC-2, L-AAC

Prince Edward Island

Atlantic Turbines International, PO Box 150, PE C1N 4P6, Canada, 902-888-1856


Aerospace Component Services, 100 Marie-Victorian, Longueuil, QC J4G 1A1, Canada, 450-468-7958, FAX: 450-468-7844

Aviation Belinc, 4513 Route 373, St. Felicien, QC G8K 3A3, Canada, 418-679-4444

Nav-Aids Ltd., 2955 Diab St., Montreal, QC H4S 1M1, Canada, 877-332-3055, FAX: 514-332-6711, info@navaidsltd.net, www.navaidsltd.com L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2

• Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp., See ad p. 15 1000 Marie-Victorin, Longueuil, QC J4G 1A1, Canada, 450-677-9411, www.pwc.ca PP-3

P&WC is a global leader in aerospace. P&WC designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports turbofan, turboprop and turboshaft engines in a wide range of power ratings to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace - general aviation, regional, business, utility and military aircraft, as well as turbines for auxiliary power units.

Strategia Communications, 1010 de Serigny St., Ste. 660, Longueuili, QC J4K 5, Canada, 450-679-8239


GE Engine Services Co., Ltd., Xiamen, China, 86-51-3552-3272, www.geae.com

Honeywell Taeco Aerospace Xiamen Co. Ltd., No. 20 Di Liao Rd., Gaogi Int’l. Airport, Xiaman 361006, China, 86-59-2573-0126, FAX: 86-59-2573-0219, liging.chen@honeywell.com, (X3EY125O) L-AAC, L-NDT

MTU Maintenance Zhuhai Co. Ltd., 1 Tianke Rd., Free Trade Zone, Zhuhai, IFO 519030, China, 86-75-6868-7806, FAX: 86-75-6868-7910, (ZUUY862X) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Rockwell Collins Aviation Services (Shanghai) Ltd., General Factory Bldg. 4, Fl. 1, 389 Gang Ao Lu, Waigaoqiao Fre, Pudong, Shanghai 2001 31, China, 86-21-5048-0230, FAX: 86-21-5048-0224, sh-svc@rockwellcollins.com, www.shopcollins.com, (R8KY535Y) INS-1, L-INS, L-RAD

Shenyang Northern Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering, Taoxian Airport, Shenyang 110169, China, 86-24-8939-2219, (YN9Y521Y) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD

Xian Xiangyu Aviation Technology Co. Ltd., 16 Gaoxin 4th Rd., Xian High Tech Industrial, Xian 710075, China, 86-298-831-7677, (XYUY859Y) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD


Acahel, Tolima, Aeropuerto Santiago Vila, Flandes 0, Colombia

Costa Rica

Coopesa R L, Linea, 300 Oeste Del Aeropuerto, Alajuela 10108-1000, Costa Rica


Maersk Air, Copenhagen Airport S, Hangar 723, Dragoer 2791, Denmark, 45-32-31-4826, FAX: 45-32-31-4891, webmaster@maersk-air.dk, www.maersk-air.com, (M1KY631N) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-NDT

SAS Commuter, Postboks 150, Kystvejen 40, Kastrup 2770, Denmark


AGC, El-nozha El-gedida, 1 El-ensherah St., Cairo 11769, Egypt


ACRS, 5 Ashingdon Rd., Rochford, SS41NH, England

Northern Executive Aviation Ltd., Business Aviation Centre, Hangar 7, Fairey’s Way, Manchester Airport West M90 5NE, England, 44-161-436-4300, FAX: 44-161-436-0120, pw@northernexec.com, www.northernexec.com AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Zok International Group, Elsted Marsh, Midhurst, West Sussex GU298 0JT, England


Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise, Bole Int’l. Airport, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 251-1-612222, FAX: 251-1-611474, (ETIY102F) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD


Air Terminal Services (Fiji) Ltd., Nadi Airport, PO Box 9507, Nadi, Fiji, 679-6722777, FAX: 679-6720442, isimeliq@ats.com.fj, www.ats.com.fj, (GK4Y209M) L-AF, L-PP


Aeronautic Support Engineers, 71 Av St. Barth L My, Nice F-06100, France

Air France, 45 Rue De Paris, Roissy CDG 95747, France, www.airfrance.com

Air France Industries, BP7 A?oport du Bourget, Le Bourget F-93352, France, 33-1-49-34-85-00, FAX: 33-1-49-34-89-31, www.airfranceindustries.com, (CNFY912C) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-2, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE, L-FLO, L-NDT, L-OT, L-SS, PP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

Air Precision SA, 5 Ave. Denis Papin, B.P. 36, Le Plessis Robinson 92353, France, 33-146-012-124, (XP9Y806J) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD

Delia Systems, 17 Rue Galilee5, Paris 75116, France

Diehl Avionik Systeme GmbH Toulouse, Immeuble Centrada, Ave. Didier Daurat, Blagnac Cedex 31700, France, 33-561-710067, FAX: 33-561-300098, support.tls@diehl-avionik.de, (B3WY696J) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-2, INS-4

EADS Revima, Ave. Latham 47, Caudebec Caux 76490, France, 33-236-95-70-82, FAX: 33-235-96-74-64, rene.hazard@revima.eads.net, (CNF5912C) L-LG, L-NDT

EADS Socata, Tarbes Oosun Lourdes Airport, Tarbes 65009, France, 33-562-417300, (XSOY114Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-RAD

Goodrich Actuation Systems SAS, 43 Rue Des Pres, Saint Marcel, Vernon 27950, France, 33-232-647089, FAX: 33-232-515747, yannis.guilloteau@goodrich.com, www.goodrich.com, (06SY947N) AAC-1, L-OT

Goodrich Aerospace Europe, 22 Chemin de la Crabe 31300, Toulouse Cedex 31774, France, 33-561-305825, FAX: 33-561-305805, www.goodrich.com, (RE6Y013N) L-AAC, L-NDT

Goodrich Aerospace Services, 11 Rue De La Grande Borne, Le Mesnil Amelot 77990, France, 33-164-026-767, FAX: 33-166-026-061, (UEVY974L) L-EE

HYDREP, Aeroport de Dinard Pleurtuit Bat 20, Dinard Cedex 35801, France, 33-299-827979, FAX: 33-299-827997, www.hydrep.com, (HY9Y679J) L-LG, L-NDT, L-OT, L-SS

Intertechnique, 61 rue Pierre Curie B.P. No. 1, Plaisir 78370, France, 33-1-30-54-8408, FAX: 33-1-30-55-7164, lorthois@intertechnique.fr, (16QY965J) L-AAC, L-INS

Messier Services Molsheim, 3 rue Antoine de St. Exupery, BP 65, Molsheim 67120, France, 33-388-389200, FAX: 33-388-389399, www.messierservices.com, (M3BY435J) L-AAC, L-LG, L-NDT, L-SS

Saint-Gobain Sully, 16 Route d’Isdes BP 32, Sully Sur Loire 45600, France, 33-2-38-37-3000, FAX: 33-2-38-37-3060, contact@sully.saint-gobain.com, (S8UY168N) L-AF

Snecma Services, (a part of SAFRAN Group), 2 Boulevard du General Martial Valin, Paris Cedex 15 F-75724, France, 33-164-1488-00, FAX: 33-164-1487-65, www.snecma-services.com, (NM1Y353K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP

Snecma Services Chatellerault, ZI Nord - rue Maryse Bastie, BP 129, Chatellerault F-86101, France, 33-549-204-500, FAX: 33-549-204-530, www.snecma-services.com, (NM12353K)

Snecma Services Montereau, Aerodome de Villaroche, Melun Cedux F-77109, France, 33-164-1488-00, FAX: 33-164-1487-65, www.snecma-services.com, (NM1Y353K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP

Snecma Services Saint-Quentin, 1 rue des Freres Farman, Magna Les Hameaux F-78771, France, 33-130-9628-00, FAX: 33-130-9629-44, www.snecma-services.com, (NM1Y353K)

TAT Industries FNI, BP 23, Garons 30128, France, 33-466-707-200, FAX: 33-466-707-244, (O4AY852J) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Thales Communications, 6 Rue Du Lieutenant Colonel Laporte BP 428, Brive, Cedex 19311, France, 33-555-928-989, FAX: 33-555-928-970, eric.dauchy@fr.thalesgroup.com, (T2HY482J) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD


Aero-Dienst GmbH Co. Kg, 100 Flughafenstrasse, Nurnberg 90411, Germany, 49-911-9356-0, FAX: 49-911-9356-402, info@aero-dienst.de, www.aero-dienst.de, (CV5Y793M) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

AES Airplane-Equipment and Services GmbH, Maarstrasse 72, Troisdorf 53842, Germany, 49-22-4195-1760, FAX: 49-22-4195-17626, (QE7Y050X) L-AAC, L-AF

AES Airplane-Equipment and Services GmbH, Nordenstrasse 72-74, Moerfelden-Walldorf 64546, Germany, 49-61-059-6690, FAX: 49-61-059-766926, (QE6Y109X) L-AAC, L-AF

Air Lloyd Luftfahrt Technik GmbH, Flugpletz Bonn-Hangelar, St. Sugustin D-53757, Germany, 49-2241-92790, FAX: 49-2241-927955, info@air-lloyd.de, www.air-lloyd.de, (LBA0058) AAC-1, AAC-2, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4, SC-5

Apparatebau Gauting GmbH, Ammerseestrasse 45 - 49, Gauting 82131, Germany

Avionik Straubing GmbH, Airport Wallmuehle, Flugplatz 5, Atting 94348, Germany, 49-9429-94240, FAX: 49-9429-942424, info@avionik.de, www.avionik.de, (JAR145) AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Beechcraft Vertrieb and Service GmbH, Flughafen Str 5, Flugplatz, Augsburg 86169, Germany, 49-82-17003-0000, FAX: 49-82-77003153, (BB6Y072O) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Diehl Avionik Systeme GmbH, An Der Sandelmuehle 13, Frankfurt 60439, Germany, 49-695-8050, (VD8Y624J) L-AAC, L-INS

Elan Elektronischeund Anzeig, Fritz-ullmann-str., Mainz-Kastel 55252, Germany

Honeywell Aerospace GmbH, Frankfurter Strasse 41-65, Postfach 1150, Raunheim 65479, Germany, 49-6142-405-212, FAX: 49-6142-405 239, honaerogmbh@honeywell.com, www.honeywell.de, (QJ1Y428K) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP

Interturbine Logistik GmbH, Kisdorfer Weg 36-38, Kaltenkirchen 24568, Germany, 49-4191-809-300, FAX: 49-4191-809-333, service@itlogistics.de, www.itlogistics.de

Jet Aviation Dusseldorf, Dusseldorf Airport, Hangar 2, 40474 Dusseldorf, Germany, 49-211-454-970, Fax: 49-211-454-3423, jdus@jetaviation.de, www.jetaviation.com, (FAA J7QY399Y/EASA 145.0011) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-PRP, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

Provides maintenance, avionics and interior refurbishment services. The facility is an authorized service center for Cessna Citation, Embraer Legacy and Raytheon aircraft and also has expertise in Challengers, Falcon 50s, Falcon 900s, Learjets and Pipers. The facility is an FAA and EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from several countries.

Jet Aviation Kassel, Kassel-Calden Airport, 34379 Kassel-Calden, Germany, 49-5674-9995-0, Fax: 49-5674-4961, jksf@jetaviation.de, www.jetaviation.com, (FAA LBA0011/EASA 145.0011) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-PRP, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Provides maintenance and avionics services and is the company’s Avionics Competency Center in Germany. The facility is an authorized service center for Piper, an authorized dealer for several large avionics manufacturers and holds EASA avionics approvals for Cessna Citations, Beechcraft and Learjet aircraft. The facility is an EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from several countries.

Krauss GmbH Oberflachentechnik, Adolph-Rohrbach-Strasse 3, Ludwigsfelde D-14974, Germany, 49-33-788-9546, FAX: 49-33-788-95470, www.krauss-ot.de, (K3UY780Y) L-AAC, L-LG, L-PP

Lufhansa Technik Ag, Ham Wp 11, Weg Beim Jaeger 193, Hamburg 22335, Germany

Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services GmbH, Airport Berlin-Schoenefeed, Berlin D-12521, Germany, 49-30-8875-4600, FAX: 49-30-8875-4501, sales@lbas.de, www.cic.bombardier.com, (L0BY993N) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-FAB, L-INS, L-LG, L-OT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4

• Lufthansa Technik AG, See ad p. 9 Weg beim Jaeger 193, Hamburg 22335, Germany, 49-40-5070-5553, Fax: 49-40-5070-8860; marketing.sales@lht.dlh.de, www.lufthansa-technik.com (DLAY225D) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-1, AF-2, AF-3, AF-4, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-SS, L-EE, L-FAB, L-FLO, L-LG, L-NDT, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-7, SC-8

We would like to invite you to join more than 100 clients worldwide who have entrusted us to maintain their aircraft fleet regardless of its size - consisting of 1 aircraft up to 250. Today our clients benefit from decades of experience in providing technical services. Besides being a JAR 145 maintenance organization we are also certified as a JAR 21 design and production organization. You, as our customer, can rely on a close maintenance network and our technical know-how.

Lufthansa Technik Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt Airport, Quality Management, FraTQ91, Frankfurt/Main 60546, Germany, 49-6969-6521, (DLAZ225D) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-NDT, L-PP

Lufthansa Technik Intercoat GmbH, Kisdorfer Weg 36-38, Kaltenkirchen 24568, Germany, 49-4191-809100, FAX: 49-4191-2826, service@lht-intercoat.de, www.lht-intercoat.de, (FAA UGEY)

MT-Propeller, Gerd M?er GmbH, Airport Straubing-Wallm?D-94348 Atting, Germany, 49-9429-9409-14, FAX: 49-9429-8432, Wolfgang.Sell@mt-propeller.com, www.mt-propeller.com L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PRP, L-SS, PRP-1, PRP-2

Repair and overhaul of propellers for the general aviation and regional airlines from McCauley, Hartzell, Hamilton, Sensenich. Service for propeller governors, de-ice equipment and spinners of almost all kind of models. Manufacture of historic propeller metal blades. Dynamic propeller balancing, NDT inspection of propeller and other aircraft parts.

MTV Maintenance Hannover GmbH, Muenchener Strasse 31, Langenhagen 30855, Germany

Nord Micro AG & Co. Ohg, Victor-Slotosch-Str. 20, Frankfurt/Main 60388, Germany, 49-6109-303-0, FAX: 49-6109-303-233, mail@nord-micro.de, (NM7Y454J) L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD

ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH, Flughafen Kassel-Calden, FlugplatzstraBe, Calden D-34379, Germany, 49-5674-7010, FAX: 49-5674-7016-06, zfl-marketing@zf.com, (ZF6Y043N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-OT


Athens International Airport, 5th Km Spata Loutsa Ave., Spata 19004, Greece

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering, Tseung Kwan D Industrial Est, Po Chun Choi St., Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Aeroplex Ltd., Gabor Arov U 15, Maglod 2234, Hungary

GEES Div., GE Hungary Rt., Hungary, 513-552-3272, www.geae.com, (G69Y912Y)

Heli House Ltd., Kinizsi Str 66, Budapest 1039, Hungary


Air India Ltd., Mumbai Airport, Santa Cruz E, Mumbai 400029, India, 91-22-615-7020, FAX: 91-22-615-7068, (AINY113C) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP

Goodrich Aerospace Pvt. Ltd., 117 5th Main Industrial Suburb 2nd Stage, Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore 560022, India

Indamer Co Pvt Ltd., Juhu Aerodrome Maharashtra, Svroad, Mumbai 400054, India


Universal Maintenance Center of PT NTP, Jalan Pajajaran 154, Bandung 40174, Indonesia, 62-22-6032031, FAX: 62-22-6013768, gusprap@umcntp.co.id, www.umcntp.co.id, (NZQY006J) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS, PP-3


Aero Engines Ireland Ltd., Collinstown Cross, Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland, 353-1-836-8684, FAX: 353-1-837-6678, (I9EY459Y) L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP

Air Atlanta Aero Engineering, Composites, Shannon Airport, Shannon, Ireland

Lufthansa Airmotive Ireland Ltd., Naas Rd., Rathcoole, Dublin, Ireland, 00-353-1-4011111, FAX: 00-353-1-4011300, gerry.gilsenan@ltai.ie, www.ltai.com, (MEDZ393G) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-SS, PP-3

SR Technics Ireland Ltd., Hangar 6, MD 109, Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland, 353-1886-2658, FAX: 353-1886-6490, marketing@flsaerospace.com, www.flsaerospace.com AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Wood Group Accessories and Components Ltd., Ridgewell House, Ballyboughal, Co. Dublin, Ireland, 353-1-8433466, FAX: 353-1-8433849, les.cronin@woodgroup.com, www.johnwoodgroup.co.uk, (J6RY718N) L-AAC


Arkia Aircraft Maintenance, Dov Airport PO Box 39301, Tel Aviv 61392, Israel, 972-3-690-2266, FAX: 972-3-699-1390, (A1RY204N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-PRP

Bedek Aviation Div., Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd., Ben Gurion Int’l. Airport, Tel Aviv 70100, Israel, 972-3-971-1491, FAX: 972-3-935-5972, ytsipper@iai.co.il, www.iai.co.il, (MK1Y325K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AF, L-EE, L-NDT, L-RB, L-SS, PP-3

EL AL TECH/El Al Israel Airlines, Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv 70100, Israel, 972-3-971-6111, mro@elal.co.il, www.elaltech.com, (EILY551)


Alitalia Maintenance Systems SPA, Varco Doganale No. 5, Leonardo Da VInci Airport, Fiumicino-Rome 50, Italy, 39-06-65632579, FAX: 39-06-65635111, (ZLRY803X) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS


Jamco Corp., Quality Assurance, 6-11-25 Osawa, Mitaka Tokyo 181-8571, Japan

Matsushita Avionics Systems Osaka, 1-4 Matsuo-Cho, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8505, Japan, 81-06-6906-2771, FAX: 81-06-6906-2110, hyamamoto@avio.vsd.mei.co.jp, www.mascorp.com/sup_glr.aspx, (M5YY809N) L-RAD

Sumitomo Precision Products Co. Ltd., 1-10, Fuso-cho, Hyogo Prefecture, Amagasaki City 660-0891, Japan, 81-3-6220-0720, FAX: 81-6-6489-5808, (UOPY878L) AAC-1, L-AAC, L-SS


Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Ltd., Queen Alia Int’l. Airport, PO Box 39328, Amman 11104, Jordan, 962-6-4451394, FAX: 962-6-4453067, (RJAY596H) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-NDT, L-RAD, L-SS


Aero Instrument Service, PO Box 48693, Wilson Airport, Nairobi 100, Kenya, 254-250-1534


Korean Air Aerospace, Div. MTC Business Unit Apu Sho, 103, Daejeo 2-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan 618-142, Korea, South, 82-519705790, FAX: 82-519705079, (KADY326X) L-AAC

Korean Air, Powerplant Maintenance Center, 48-37 Samjung-Dong, Ojeong-Gu, Bucheon, Gyunggi-Do 421-150, Korea, 82-32-680-3670, FAX: 82-32-680-3689, mee@koreanair.co.kr, www.koreanair.com, (K2OY423X) AAC-1, PP-3


Airtech Europe SA, Zone Industriel Haneboesch, Differdange, Luxembourg L-4562, Luxembourg, 352-58 22 81, FAX: 352-58 49 35, sales@airtecheurope.eu, www.airtecheurope.eu AF-1, AF-2

Cargolux Airlines Int’l. SA, Maintenance Engineering, Luxembourg Airport, Luxembourg L-2990, Luxembourg, 352-4211-1, FAX: 352-4234-6, bschnebelen@cargolux.com, www.cargolux.com, (CISY846C) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-2, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-3


AAR Landing Gear Services, Sdn. Bhd., Lot 14101, Pangkalan Udara Subang, 40718 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, 603-745-0061, www.aarcorp.com, L-LG

GE Engine Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., SAAS International Airport, Subang Selangor De 47200, Malaysia, 60-3-76264501, FAX: 60-3-76262021, www.geae.com, (E5OY994N) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP


Chromalloy, Galaxia 91, Parque Industrial Mexicali, Mexicali, BC. 21210, Mexico, 52-65-665333, FAX: 686-566-53-66, www.chromalloy-cs.com, (CZ7Y045N) L-AAC, L-PP, L-SS

Hanhausen-varcacia SA de CV, Jose Joaquin Herrera No.271, Colonia Martin Carrera, Mexico City DF 7070, Mexico, 52-55-57531380, FAX: 52-55-57672371, (H1VY876N) L-AAC, L-EE, L-FLO

Mexicana MRO Services, Av. 602 No. 161 A, San Juan de Aragon DF 15620, Mexico, 5255-57-86-65-97, FAX: 5255-57-62-15-42, mexicanamroservices@mexicana.com.mx, www.mexicana.com, (CMDDY894)

Raytheon Aircraft Services, Calle 2, Toluca Airport, Exhacienda Canalejas, Toluca CP50200, Mexico, 52-722-279-2685, FAX: 52-722-279-1656, rasm@rasm.com.mx, www.raytheonaircraft.com, (UQXY990X) L-AF, L-PP

Snecma America Engine Services (SAMES), Acceso IV No. 3, ZI Benito Juarez, Queretaro, QRO CP 76120, Mexico, 524 422 963 940, FAX: 524 422 963 907, contact@sames.com.mx, www.snecma-services.com

Turborreactores SA de CV, Acceso IV No. 3, Fracc. Industrial Benito Juarez, Queretaro 76120, Mexico, 52-4211-9310, (I0RY095Y) L-AAC, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS


Snecma Morocco Engine Services (SMES), Mohammed V Int’l. Airport, BP 87, Nouasser, Casablanc, Morocco, 212-225-369-00, FAX: 212-225-398-42, snecma.morocco@snecma.ma, www.snecma-services.com, (R8EY562Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP


AAR Aircraft Component Services (Amsterdam), Kruisweg 705, PO Box 52, 2130 AB Hoofddorp, Netherlands, 31-20-6552222, FAX: 31-20-6534777, mvanvugt@aarcorp.com, www.aarcorp.com, (QT1Y438K) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Chromalloy Holland, Siriusstraat 55, Tilburg 5015, Netherlands, 31-13-532-8400, (DM5Y810M) L-PP, L-SS

Hamilton Sundstrand, Bellsingel 41, Schiphol-rijk 1119 NT, The Netherlands

Saab Aviocomp Rias, Thermiekstraat 135, Schiphol 1117BB, Netherlands, 31-20-6484429, FAX: 31-20-6484439, www.aviocomp.nl, (R31Y242Y) INS-1, INS-2, L-AAC, L-INS, L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Unison Industries, Luchtavenweg 24, 5657 EB Eindhoven, Netherlands, 31-40-2-922774, FAX: 31-40-2-922794, www.unisonindustries.com/services

New Zealand

Air New Zealand Engineering Services, Christchurch Int’l. Airport, Christchurch, New Zealand, 64-3-374-7000, FAX: 6433747664, (ANZZ188C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS

Air New Zealand Engineering Services, Auckland Int’l. Airport, Auckland, New Zealand, 64-9-256-3256, FAX: 64-9-336-2922, (ANZY188C) L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS

Pratt & Whitney Air New Zealand Services, Christchurch Engine Centre, PO Box 14005, Christchurch Int’l. Airport 8030, New Zealand, 64-3-374-7007, FAX: 64-3-374-7001, www.pwnz.com, (Z3EY983Y) PP-3

Safe Air Ltd., Blenheim Airport, Marlborough, New Zealand, 64-3-5728416, FAX: 64-3-5729015, info@safeair.co.nz, www.safeair.co.nz, (S3LY258) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC, PRP-1, PRP-2


Pratt & Whitney Norway Engine Center AS, Flyplassvegen 220, Stavanger Airport, Sola 4055, Norway, 47-5164-2000, FAX: 47-5164-2001, (N3YY663Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP


Aeroinversiones Del Peru SAC, Zona Norte Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chavez, Lima, Peru, 511-484-0772, FAX: 511-484-0780, (VE0Y217Y) L-AF, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP

Instruments Avionics, Calle Jorge Muelle 433-1408, Lima LIMA 41, Peru

Seman Peru, Lima-Peru, Jrsan Justo N 374, Urbsjb-Comas, Peru


AAA Bago Bantay Quezon City, 70 Fort Santiago St., Quezon City 1100, Philippines

Lufthansa Technik Philippines, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Metro Manila, Pasay City, Philippines, 63-2-855-9340, FAX: 63-2-855-9338, (L0TY566Y) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD, L-SS


Dunas Aviation, R Cerdeirinha 138 Nandufe, Tondela 3460, Portugal

Ogma SA, Av Do Brasil No, 60 5th Fte, Amadora 2700, Portugal, 351-957-9123

TAP Portugal, Lisbon Airport, PO Box 50194, Lisbon, Portugal, 351-21-8416204, FAX: 351-21-8415678, www.tapme.pt, (TAPY354I) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Saudi Arabia

AACC, Production, Al Safa District, PO Box 13532, Jeddah 21414, Saudi Arabia

Aeromedical Evacuation Project, Quality Control, PO Box 61113, Riyadh 11565, Saudi Arabia

Alsalam Aircraft Co. Ltd., King Khaled Int’l. Airport, Riyadh 11482, Saudi Arabia, 966-1-2203966, FAX: 966-1-2200197, www.alsalamaircraft.com.sa, (A87Y591J) L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Arabasco Arabian Aircraft Service, PO Box 9094, Jeddah 21413, Saudi Arabia, 968-516-492

Saudi Airlines, Sultan Ben Salman, PO Box 116714, Jeddah 21391, Saudi Arabia


AEM Ltd., Bargeddie, 18 Cherry Ridge Dr., Glasgow G697TD, Scotland


Airfoil Technologies International, Singapore Pte. Ltd., 62, Loyang Way, Singapore 508770, Singapore, 65-6543-7818, FAX: 65-6543-7839, ati.sales.ati-sg@airfoiltech.com, www.airfoiltech.com, (F94Y941N) L-NDT, L-SS, PP-3

Fuel Accessory Service Technologies, 8 Loyang Way 4, Loyang Industrial Estate, Singapore 507604, Singapore, 65-6546-1350, FAX: 65-6546-1368, fast@ singnet.com.sg, (F3YY247Y) AAC-1, L-AAC

GE Aviation Service Operation Pte. Ltd., 23 Loyang Way, Singapore 508726, Singapore, 65-6545-6071, FAX: 65-6542-4212, (FS4Y191M) L-PP

Goodrich Aerospace Pte. Ltd., 1 Loyang Way 2, Singapore 507103, Singapore, 65-6545-2765, FAX: 65-6545-2769, www.goodrich.com, (B5FY233J) L-EE, L-SS

Hawker Pacific Asia Pte Ltd., 138 Piccadilly, East Camp, Seletar Airbase, Singapore 798377, Singapore, 65-6481-5733, FAX: 65-6481-9290, (H9WY669N) L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

Jet Aviation Singapore, 1075 West Camp Rd. Seletar Airport, Singapore, 797800, 65-6481-5311, Fax: 65-6481-8336, jsin@jetaviation.com.sg, www.jetaviation.com, (FAA J8MY465N/EASA 145.0232) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PRP, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Provides maintenance, avionics, interior refurbishment and painting services. The location is a Gulfstream authorized warranty and service center, an authorized service facility for Bombardier Challenger, Learjet, as well as by Cessna for Citation and Carvan 208 series. The facility is an FAA and EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from 13 countries.

Matsushita Avionics Systems Corp. Singapore, No. 9 Loyang Ln., Singapore 508927, Singapore, 65-6586-8300, FAX: 65-6545-7484, kooj@mascorp.com, www.mascorp.com/sup_glr.aspx, (QM9Y454) L-AAC, L-RAD

NORDAM Singapore Pte. Ltd., The NORDAM Group, 29 Change N Crescent, Singapore 499619, Singapore, 65-6542-2588, FAX: 65-6542-2511, www.nordam.com, (N4RY202N) L-SS

Rohr Aeroservices Asia, 41 Changi N Crescent, Singapore 499638, Singapore, 65-6580-6262, FAX: 65-6546-8101, www.goodrich.com, (R4JY276N) L-AAC, L-AF

ST Aerospace Engineering Pte. Ltd., (STA Engines), 504 Airport Rd., Paya Lebar, Singapore 539938, Singapore, 65-287-1111, FAX: 65-284-8575, konglin_wond@stengg.com, www.staero.aero, (QQSY562K) AF-3, L-AF, L-NDT, L-OT, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5

TRW Aeronautical Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd., 35 & 37 Loyang Way, Singapore 508733, Singapore, 65-545-9975, FAX: 65-545-9965, www.trw.com

Unison Industries, No. 9 Changi South, St. 2, 06-00 486349, Singapore, 65-548-7011, FAX: 65-542-2976, www.unisonindustries.com/services

South Africa

Air Quaruis Aviation, PO Box 733, Hangar 202, Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg 1748, South Africa, 27-11-7013619, FAX: 27-11-6592960, engineering@airquarius.com, www.airquarius.com, (AMO929) AAC-1, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1


• Iberia Maintenance, See ad p. 75, Barajas Airport, La Muñoza 28042 Madrid, Spain, 34-91-587-49-71, FAX: 34-91-58749-91, maintenance@iberia.es, www.iberiamaintenance.com, (ILAY037F) AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, L-AAC. AF-1, L-AF, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-EE, L-FAB, L-FLO, L-LG, L-NDT, L-RAD, L-RB, L-SS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-6

With 77 years of experience on Iberia fleet and third party we are dedicated to further meet your needs and satisfaction, as well as we seek concrete solutions to help you to define maintenance plans with a streamlined production and higher quality. Our range of overhaul services covers minor and major checks on A320 series, A340, B747, B757 and MD80 series. We also undertake CFM56-5a/5B/5C4; RB211-535E4, CF34, JT8D-217/219 and JT9D-7Q/59A-70A engine maintenance. Iberia also has its own component repair facility specializing in repair, overhaul and testing of electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic and avionics components.


Bromma Air Maintenance AB, Bromma Airport, Hanager 4, Bromma 168 67, Sweden

Saab Aviocomp AB, Nobymalmsvagen, 1 Mamslatt Airfield, Linkopings SE-58013, Sweden, 46-13-231950, FAX: 46-13-297873, info@aviocomp.se, www.aviocomp.se, (AY52744M) AAC-1, AAC-2, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, INS-4, L-AAC, L-EE, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PRP, L-RAD, L-SS, PRP-2, RAD-2

Volvo Aero Corp., SE-46181, Dept 6710, Trollh Ttan 46181, Sweden

Volvo Aero Engine Services AB, Kvarnbacksvagen 30, Bromma SE-16126, Sweden, 46-8-799-21-00, FAX: 46-8-799-24-91, (SCS4009I) L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP


Jet Aviation Basel, EuroAirport, PO Box 214, 4030 Basel-Mulhouse, Switzerland, 41-58-158-4111, Fax: 41-58-158-4004, jbsl@jetaviation.ch, www.jetaviation.com, (FAA QV1Y440K/EASA 145.0232) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-NDT, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4, SC-7, SC-8

Provides completions, maintenance, avionics and painting services. The facility is an authorized service center for Boeing Business Jets, Gulfstream, Bombardier Canadair Challenger, Learjet, Dassault Falcon, and a designated, factory approved completions center for the BBJ and Airbus 319ACJ. The facility is an FAA and EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from 21 countries.

Jet Aviation Geneva, Geneva Airport, PO Box 456, 1215 Geneva-Cointrin, Switzerland, 41-58-158-1111, Fax: 41-58-158-1115, jgva@jetaviation.ch, www.jetaviation.com, (FAA CD5Y775M/EASA 145.0210) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-PRP, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-2, SC-4

Provides maintenance, avionics and refurbishment services. The facility is a Gulfstream authorized warranty and service center, as well as a Bombardier Global Express, Boeing Business Jets, Raytheon aircraft and Jetstar authorized service center. The facility is an FAA and EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from several countries.

Jet Aviation Hannover, Hannover Langenhagen Airport, Hangar 11, 30669 Hannover, Germany, 49-511-733-760, Fax: 49-511-722-868, jhaj@jetaviation.de, www.jetaviation.com, (FAA JDXY253X/EASA 145.0011) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-PRP, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Provides maintenance and avionics services. The facility is a Gulfstream authorized center and has expertise in Challengers, Cessna Citation, Learjet, Piper and King Air aircraft. The facility is an FAA and EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from several countries.

Jet Aviation Zurich, PO Box 205, 8058 Zurich Airport, Switzerland, 41-58-158-8111, Fax: 41-58-158-8115, jzrh@jetaviation.ch, www.jetaviation.com, (FAA CR5Y789M/EASA 145.0202) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, L-PRP, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Provides maintenance, avionics, interior refurbishment and painting serivces. The facility is an authorized service center for Raytheon for the Hawker, King Air, Beechjet and Premier 1 series as well as by Cessna for Citation, Conquest I & II and Caravan 208 series. The facility is an FAA and EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from several countries.

Quality Control NDT SA, Zone Industrielle C, Forel (Lavoux) CH-1072, Switzerland, 41-21-78-108-78, FAX: 41-21-78-108-79, info@qualitycontrol.ch, www.qualitycontrol.ch, (FOCA 128) L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-PP, L-PRP

RUAG Aerospace, PO Box 301, Emmen CH-6032, Switzerland, 41-412-684-111, FAX: 41-412-602-588, marketing.aerospace@ruag.com, www.ruag.com AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, L-RAD, L-RB, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-3, SC-4, SC-5

Zimex Aviation Ltd., Zimex Business Av Cewnter, Zurich Airport CH-8058, Switzerland


Air Asia Co. Ltd., Tainan Airfield, Tainan 702, Taiwan, 886-6-268-1911, FAX: 886-6-290-9730, airasia@airasia.com.tw, www.airasia.com.tw, (FY4Y197M) AF-1, AF-3, INS-2, INS-3, L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RB, L-SS, PRP-2, RAD-1, RAD-2


MRAS (Asia) Ltc., Tambol Phala, Amphur Banchang, U Tapao, Rayong 21130, Thailand, 66-38-698200, FAX: 66-38-698201, www.mras-usa.com/asia.html, (Y6MY757Y)


2nci Kr Hvcl A Sah Bak, 2nci Ordu Kara Lojm, Malatya 44160, Turkey

Anadolu University, Tsk Yurdu Akarbas? M, Eskisehir 26030, Turkey

Turkish Technic, Ataturk Airport, Instanbul, Turkey, 90-212-662-52-89, technic@thy.com, www.turkishtechnic.com


Abu Dhabi Aviation, New Int’l. Airport, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 971-2-5758000, FAX: 971-2-5757775, (E6AY817J) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-FLO, L-INS, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD, L-RB

Jet Aviation Dubai, Dubai International Airport PO Box 84933, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 971-4-299-4464, Fax: 971-4-299-4484, jdxb@jetaviation.ae, www.jetaviation.com, (U8JY426Y) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-4

Provides maintenance, avionics services. The facility is an authorized service center by Boeing for the BBJ, Gulfstream for the GIV and GV as well as for Raytheon for the Hawker 800 series aircraft and is part of Jet Aviation service center agreement with Airbus which links the facility to the Airbus customer service organization. The facility is FAA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from several countries.

Matsushita Avionics Systems Dubai, PO Box 54340, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai, UAE, 971-04-299-5650, FAX: 971-04-299-5652, daviesd@mascorp.com, www.mascorp.com/sup_glr.aspx, (JAR145:C) RAD-1, RAD-2

Panasonic Avionics Corp., PO Box 54340, Dubai, UAE


A. J. Walter Aviation Ltd., Viscount House, Partridge Green, W Sussex RH13 8RA, UK, 44-1403-711777, FAX: 44-1403-710936, nickf@ajw-aviation.com, www.ajw-aviation.com AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-3, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2

AEM Ltd., Taylor’s End, Stansted Airport, Essex CM24 1RB, UK, 44-1279 680030, FAX: 44-1279 680040, info@aem.co.uk, www.aem.co.uk AAC-1, AAC-2, AAC-3, INS-1, INS-2, INS-4, L-AF, L-EE, L-LG, L-OT, L-PP, L-PRP

Aero Quality Sales Ltd., 8 Airlinks Estate, Spitfire Way, Heston, Middlesex TW5 9NR, UK, 44-208-5614211, FAX: 44-208-8481568, sales@aeroqualtiysales.com, www.aeroquality.com, (WL5Y964N) L-AAC

Aerospace NDT Ltd., 4th Ave., Ste. A Bldg. 6, Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN9 3GE, UK, 44-1302-770771, FAX: 44-1302-770956, (UKXY475X) L-NDT

Aerostructures Hamble Ltd., Kings Avenue, Hamble, Southampton SO31 4NF, UK

Aerotek Aviation Engineering Ltd., Unit 10, The Alpha Centre, Upton Rd., Poole, Dorset BH17 7AG, UK, 44-1202-665551, FAX: 44-1202-665181, (K3EY012O) L-AAC, L-LG

Air Transport Avionics, Ltd., 7-9 Willow Rd., Colnbrook, Slough, Berkshire SL3 OBX, UK, 44-1753-682654, FAX: 44-1753-684166, sales@airtransport.co.uk, www.airtransport.co.uk, (CAA00166) RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Aircraft Braking Systems Europe Ltd., 683-685 Stirling Rd., Slough, Berkshire SL1 4ST, UK, 44-1-753-696-006, FAX: 44-1-753-696-012, chammond@absel.co.uk, www.aircraftbraking.com, (A9BY449J) L-AAC

Airfoil Technologies International, High Holborn Rd., Codnor, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3NW, UK, 44-1773-748926, FAX: 44-1773-570706, www.airfoiltech.com, (SVPY683K) L-PP

Airline Rotables Ltd., Bldg. 6002, Taylors End, Stansted Airport, Starsted Essex CM24 1RL, UK, 44-1279-681770, FAX: 44-1279-681402, benard-cheoag@airline-rotables.com, www.staero.aero

Anglo Normandy Aeroengineering Ltd., La Planquer Ln., Forest Guernsey, Channel Islands GY8 0DT, UK, 44-1481-266333, FAX: 44-1481-266399, admin@anglo-normandy.com, www.anglo-normandy.com, (EASA.145)

Avco 2000 Manchester Ltd., Hangar 4, Manchester Airport, Western Maintenance Area, Manchester M90 5YP, UK, 44-1614-375556, FAX: 44-1614-989487, (V35Y340X) AAC-3, AF-1, AF-3, AF-4, INS-1, L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-FAB, L-SS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Avia Technique Ltd., Unit 1, Fishponds Estate, Fishponds Rd., Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 2QJ, UK, 44-118-9789789, FAX: 44-118-9794511, www.aviatechnique.co.uk, (I8QY183X) L-AAC, L-EE

Aviall Product Repair Services, Inc., Unit 10, Polygon Business Center, Blackthore Rd., Colnbrook, Berkshire SL3 0QT, UK, 44-1753-689090, www.aviall.com, (UKQY678J) L-AAC

Aviation Group International, 132 Clarendon Rd., Southsea PO4 0SF, UK

Avionics Mobile Services Ltd., 6 Park Industrial Estate, Frogmore, St. Albans AL2 2DR, UK, 44-1727-872605, FAX: 44-1727-872618, services@avionics-mobile.co.uk, www.avionics-mobile.co.uk, (XM9Y949J) L-AF, L-INS, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3

Bournemouth Aviation Services Co. Ltd., Hangar 12, Eastern Business Park, Bournemouth Int’l. Airport, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 6NE, UK, 44-1202-409-168, FAX: 44-1202-578-668, towghee@st.com.sg, www.staero.aero, (B4DY620X) AF-3, AF-4, PP-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-3

British Airways, Ely Meadow Talbot Green, Pontyclun Mid CF7 28XL, UK

Chelton Radomes Ltd., Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2DH, UK, 44-1438-768817, FAX: 44-1438-768822, repairs@radomes.co.uk, www.radomes.co.uk, (B5OYO86N) AF-1, AF-2, L-AF, L-FAB

Dallas Airmotive Ltd., Bournemouth Int’l. Airport, Hangar 100, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 6NW, UK, 44-1202-581551, FAX: 44-1202-581313, turbines@dallasairmotive.com, www.dallasairmotive.com, (DMOY0010) PP-3

Euravia Engineering & Supply Co., Ltd., Euravia House, Colne Rd., Kelbrook, Lancashire BB18 6SN, UK, 44-1282-844480, FAX: 44-1282-844274, euravia@euravia.co.uk, www.euravia.co.uk AAC-1, AAC-2, L-PP, PP-3

FR Aviation Ltd., Bournemouth Int’l. Airport, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 6NE, UK, 44-1202-409000, FAX: 44-1202-580936, (DA5Y798M) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

GE Aircraft Engine Services Ltd., Caerphilly Rd., Nantgarw, Cardiff, South Wales, South Glamorgan CF15 7YJ, UK, 44-1443-841041, FAX: 44-1443-847287, john_lancaster@ae.ge.com, (QEMY466L) AAC-1, L-PP

GE Caledonian Ltd., Shawfarm Industrial Estate, Prestwick Int’l. Airport, Scotland KA9 2RX, UK, 44-1292-673000, FAX: 44-1292-673001, (GY7Y611N) L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP

GKN Aerospace - Cowes, Osborne Works, Whippingham Rd., Isle of Wight PO32 6LR, UK, 44-1983-294101, FAX: 44-1983-291006, enquiry@aerospace.gknplc.com, www.gknaerospace.com, (W9LY476N) L-AF, L-PP

Gulfstream Aerospace Ltd., London Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9NT, UK, 44-1582-506657, FAX: 44-1582-506680, www.gulfstream.com, (MGTY330K) AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-INS, L-PP, L-RAD

Honeywell Aircraft Wheel and Brake Overhaul, 1 Forest Rd., Feltham, Middlesex TW13 7WB, UK, 44-208-9173700, FAX: 44-208-9173701, (L3NY120O) L-AAC, L-LG

Jet Aviation London Biggin Hill, Hanger 446, Churchill Way Biggin Hill Airport, Biggin Hill, TN16 3BN, UK, 44-1959-579-600, Fax: 44-1959-579-601, jbqh@jetaviation.co.uk, www.jetaviation.com, EASA 145.00788) AF-4, L-AAC, L-INS, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3, SC-1, SC-2, SC-4

Provides maintenance, avionics, interior refurbishment and painting services. The facility is an authorized service center for Daussault Falcon and provides airframe maintenance to Gulfstream 400, 500 and 550, the Raytheon Hawker series, the Cessna Citations 550 and 560 series and to Bombardier Canadair Challenger 601 and 604. The facility is an EASA approved repair station and holds maintenance approvals from several countries.

Kidde Graviner Ltd., Mathisen Way, Colnbrook, Slough, Berkshire SL3 0HB, UK, 44-1753-683245, FAX: 44-1753-685126, gavin.joisce@kiddegraviner.co.uk, www.kiddegraviner.com, (K35Y190Y) L-AAC, L-EE

Loadmasters, 2 Little Eastfield Holding, Wolfs Lane Chawton, Alton GU34 2LR, UK, 44-1420-544073, FAX: 44-1420-544173, loadmasters@btconnect.com, www.aircraft-weighing.com

Material Measurements Ltd., 61 Albert Rd. N, Inspection House, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9RS, UK, 44-1737-222211, FAX: 44-1737-224333, www.material-measurements.co.uk, (T99Y399N) L-NDT, L-SS

Matsushita Avionics Systems, Quandrant House, 50 Heron Dr., Langley SL3 8XP, UK, 44-1753-741410, FAX: 44-1753-741480, barnardm@mascorp.com, www.mascorp.com/sup_glr.aspx, (UZVY163X) L-RAD, RAD-1, RAD-2

Messier Services UK, Meteor Business Park, Cheltenham Rd., Gloucester GL2 9QL, UK, 44-1452-713-111, FAX: 44-1452-711-954, repair@messierservices.com, www.messierservices.com

Metal Improvement Co. LLC, Ascot Dr., Derbyshire DE24 8ST, UK, 44-1332-756076, FAX: 44-1332-754392, (MVPY767K) L-SS

NORDAM Europe Ltd., The NORDAM Group, Hawtin Park, Blackwood, Ghent, South Wales NP2 2EU, UK, 44-1443-865400, FAX: 44-1443-865411, contact-nel@nordam.com, www.nordam.com, (N1EY636N) L-SS

Pratt & Whitney Canada, CSC Europe GmbH, Southampton Int’l. Airport, George Curl Way, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO18 2RU, UK, 44-2380-621200, FAX: 44-2380-621260, steve.dicks@pwc.ca, www.pwc.ca, (P26Y236O) L-PP

Pratt & Whitney Canada UK Ltd., Southampton Int’l. Airport, George Curl Way, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO18 2RU, UK, 44-238-0621200, FAX: 44-238-0621260, (P26Y236O) L-PP

Rohr Aero Services, 1 Dow Ave., Prestwick International Aerospace Park, Scotland KA9 2SA, UK, 44-1292-670-200, FAX: 44-1292-672-854, www.goodrich.com, (RH0Y999N) L-PP

Rolls-Royce PLC, PO Box 3, Filton, Bristol BS34 7QE, UK, 44-117-9797176, FAX: 44-117-9797687, (RY0Y724N) L-PP

Sigma Aerospace Ltd., 12 Imperial Way, Croydon, Surrey CR9 4LE, UK, 44-208-6887777, FAX: 44-208-6886603, enquiries@sigmaaerospace.com, www.sigmaaerospace.com, (FAXY222K) AAC-1, AAC-2, L-AAC, L-AF, L-PP, L-PRP, PP-1, PP-2, PP-3

TRT Ltd., Bramble Way, Clover Nook Industrial Estate, Derbyshire DE55 4RH, UK, 44-1773-524400, FAX: 44-1773-521482, (T8QY853Y) L-NDT, L-PP, L-SS

Was Components Ltd., Div. Inflite Southend Ltd., North Hangar, Aviation Way, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6UN, UK, 44-1702-348601, FAX: 44-1702-541534, (EGWY725K) L-AAC, L-AF, L-EE, L-INS, L-LG, L-NDT, L-PP, L-RAD

Wood Group Accessories and Components Ltd., Site 4, Piper St., Baldovie Industrial Estate, Dundee, Scotland DD4 0NT, UK, 44-1382-772200, FAX: 44-1382-776167, www.johnwoodgroup.co.uk, (W3UY264Y) L-AAC, L-PP, PP-3


Aerocentro De Servicios, Altamira 1062-A, PO Box 68823, Caracas 1062-A, Venezuela

Aviaservice CA, Aeropuerto Oscar Machado Zulu, Charallave Miranda, Venezuela, 58-149-391327, FAX: 58-149-391331, info@aviaservice.com, www.aviaservice.com, (QK4Y469M) AF-3, AF-4, L-AAC, L-AF, L-NDT, L-OT, L-PP, L-PRP, L-SS, PP-1, PP-3, RAD-1, RAD-2, RAD-3



AAC-1: Mechanical

AAC-2: Electrical

AAC-3: Electronic

L-AAC: Limited


AF-1: Composite construction, small aircraft

AF-2: Composite construction, large aircraft

AF-3: All-metal construction, small aircraft

AF-4: All-metal construction, large aircraft

L-AF: Limited


PP-1: Reciprocating engines, 400 hp or less

PP-2: Reciprocating engines, more than 400 hp

PP-3: Turbine engines

L-PP: Limited


PRP-1: Fixed-pitch and ground-adjustable

(Wood, metal or composite)

PRP-2: All other propellers by make

L-PRP: Limited


RAD-1: Communication equipment

RAD-2: Navigational equipment

RAD-3: Radar equipment

L-RAD: Limited


INS-1: Mechanical

INS-2: Electrical

INS-3: Gyroscopic

INS-4: Electronic

L-INS: Limited


L-SS: Specialized Service

L-EE: Emergency Equipment

L-FAB: Aircraft Fabric

L-FLO: Floats

L-LG: Landing Gear

L-NDT: Nondestructive testing

L-RB: Rotor blade

L-OT: Other


SC-1: Aircraft painting

SC-2: Aircraft interior refurbishment

SC-3: Aircraft restoration

SC-4: Avionics installation

SC-5: Helicopter maintenance

SC-6: Piston overhaul

SC-7: Turbine hot section

SC-8: Turbine overhaul

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