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Monday, May 1, 2006

Product Guide

Rain Away is a new glass treatment designed to fill the pores on glass or plastic surfaces with water repelling polymer. Rain Away makes water bead up and roll off windshields and windscreens and can make scraping off ice or frost easier as well. Rain Away is approved for use on U. S. military jet fighters, according to the manufacturer. Cost for a 4-oz. bottle is $9.99, which includes shipping and handling. Kafko International, www.kafkointl.com, 800-528-0334.

Spray Nine has developed a new product, AV-8, a Type IV cleaner designed to clean aircraft alloys effectively with less environmental impact than Type I cleaners. Spray Nine says AV-8 contains no ozone depleting substances, hazardous air pollutants, carcinogens, ketones, or volatile organic compounds. Low emulsifying properties promote cleaner wastewater and easier recycling/reclamation. AV-8 conforms to U.S. Air Force technical orders, meets commercial specs, and recently gained status as a qualified product under Mil Spec: MIL-PRF-87937 Type IV. Spray Nine Corporation, 800-477-7299, ext. 120, www.spraynine.com.

Simple Green is a water-based formula for cleaning aircraft, vehicles, engines, metals, plastics, alloys, and parts. It is a non-corrosive, low-foaming cleaner/degreaser that will not cause rust or degrade elastic materials such as rubber. Simple Green, 800-228-07099, www.simplegreen.com.

The HY-LiTE Jet A1 Fuel Test Kit was developed for rapid detection of microbial contamination in fuel. The HY-LiTE system is the only IATA-approved method that detects all bacteria, yeast, and molds in less than ten minutes. The test is simple to perform and can be done without access to laboratory facilities or trained laboratory technicians, and there is no need for special microbiological waste disposal. EMD Chemicals, 800-222-0342, www.emdchemicals.com.

HABCO, Inc. announced it has developed a new transmission oil servicing cart that improves lubricant filtration to extend component life up to 300 percent. The SK4051TSU is a self-contained Transmission Servicing Cart designed to filter and store gearbox lubrication oil during routine service procedures on a variety of rotary-wing aircraft. A study initiated by the U.S. Army to determine how lubricant oil filtration affects transmission performance concluded that "improving lubricant filtration from 15 microns to 3 microns can extend component life up to 300%, and possibly more." HABCO's new transmission oil servicing cart filters recycled transmission fluid to 3 microns, making it cleaner and higher performing than new transmission fluid, which has particulates of 10 microns or larger. HABCO Inc., 860-682-6800, www.habco.biz.

Timberland PRO announced the introduction of the TiTAN Heavy Duty (HD) to its line of work boots. TiTAN HD is a lightweight and durable work boot for those in construction, manufacturing, and maintenance environments. TiTAN HD features a contoured footbed to provide cushioning and to resist compression. A wider toe box allows for a better fit, while the TiTAN safety toe cap is two-thirds lighter than steel. In addition, a climate control system helps regulate temperature and reduce moisture build-up. The polyurethane outsole offers consumers slip, oil and abrasion resistance and is lighter than traditional rubber outsoles. In addition, it features a unique fluid-channeling design that provides enhanced protection for those who work in the most challenging environments. Timberland PRO, www.timberland.com.

Skin MD Natural is a new category of product that looks like a typical hand lotion but acts differently. It is a shielding lotion that creates an invisible, protective barrier that helps keep harmful chemicals out and natural moisture in. Many common workplace chemicals, petroleum products, adhesives, paints, solvents, and even soaps are absorbed directly into the skin. Skin MD Natural is a shielding lotion that prevents absorption of those things by bonding with the skin. Skin MD Naturals, 800-540-4790, www.skinmdnatural.com.

Howard Leight has made folding banded earplugs called PerCap. PerCap's polyurethane ear pods seal the opening of the ear canal and are useful when exposed to either intermittent or lower levels of hazardous noise. Lightweight, and easy to stow in pocket, these earplugs are ideal for those who do not like to insert earplugs into their ear canals since these simply seal the opening of the canal. Howard Leight, 800-430-5490, www.hearingportal.com.

The Malcom MCH-100 Portable Battery Powered Heat Gun and Soldering Iron Kit features a 48 volt rechargeable battery pack housed in a rugged carrying case equipped with a 9 ft. cable for connecting each tool. Ideal for electronic field repairs, the hot air gun reaches 1,350 degrees F for installing heat shrinkable tubing, boots, and solder sleeves. Malcom Company, 978-474-0335, www.malcom.com.

ErgoMates are mobile, anti-fatigue matting worn on the bottom of footwear. Helps reduce fatigue and pain from standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. ErgoMates help maintain comfort, energy, vitality and mental acuity, according to the company. Also provides slip resistance on slippery surfaces. ErgoMates, available in 5 sizes, are fully adjustable and strap snugly onto almost any type and size of footwear. Ergo USA, 866-849-4747, www.ergosusa.com.


Xzilon 3, developed by Granitize, uses molecular adhesion to prevent parasitic drag on aircraft, to extend the paint life, and to prevent corrosion on polished and unpolished bare metal surfaces. Application gives UV protection of painted surfaces, prolongs paint life, and prevents fading and stains from acid rain. Xzilon 3 has been approved for application on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Granitize Products, Inc. 562-923-5438, www.granitize.com.

Lear Chemical's ACF-50 is a pioneer in corrosion prevention. ACF-50 has been updated to incorporate advances in dealing with sulphurous acid/salt spray environments. According to Lear, a U. S. Navy field evaluation showed that one application of ACF-50 reduced corrosion-related costs by more than 37 percent. Lear Chemical, 905-564-0018 www.learchem.com.

CorrosionX is packaged in pressurized spray cans and can be used throughout the entire airframe. CorrosionX prevents corrosion and lubricates rod ends, hinges, locks, and can penetrate rusted and corroded components. According to Corrosion Technologies, the product can be placed over existing corrosion and it will penetrate and bond at a molecular level to the underlying base metal. Corrosion Technologies, 800-638-7361 www.corrosionx.com

NO-COR is an ion transfer inhibitor that eliminates the negative pole in a galvanic reaction. Ion transfer is the chemical process that causes corrosion. NO-COR prevents ion transfer and therefore prevents corrosion. NO-COR meets Mil Spec: C-16173 and C15074. BKD Aerospace, 866-253-2090, www.aeroworks.com.


AeroShell has worked closely with turbine engine manufacturers to develop a complete range of turbine engine oils, from mineral oil formulations through to leading-edge, fully synthetic hindered esters. These products are also versatile: for instance, while AeroShell Turbine Oil 555 was specifically developed for Concorde, its high load carrying capability make it particularly suitable for use in helicopter transmissions.

For piston engines, AeroShell offers straight mineral oils in four different viscosity grades (SAE 30, 40, 50 and 60) and AeroShell `W' (ashless dispersant) oils with non-metallic dispersant additives. AeroShell Oil W100 Plus is a new, premium SAE 50 monograde oil that combines AeroShell `W' ashless dispersant technology with advanced anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. Finally, AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 is a multi-viscosity grade, ashless dispersant piston engine oil blended from high quality mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbon base stocks for anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection. More at www.aeroshell.com

The Phillips 66 line of aviation lubricants is a single source for oils, hydraulic fluids and greases as well as high performance products for cross-country extremes. The Phillips 66 line of aviation lubricants are compatible with other brands. Approved by the FAA and leading engine manufacturers around the world, the Phillips 66 line of aviation lubricants offers everything your aircraft needs from break-in to TBO. Phillips 66, 281.293.1000, www.phillips66aviation.com

According to ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants, independent third-party testing has shown that engines lubricated with Exxon Aviation Oil Elite 20W E-50 had, on average, 33 percent to 50 percent less wear metals in their used oil drains, compared to engines protected by competitive products. The company's claims are based on an independent statistical analysis of hundreds of used oil samples taken from a wide variety of aircraft piston engine types operated in a broad range of conditions. With Exxon Elite, usage is said to result in lower parts per million of iron, aluminum, copper, and chromium. Exxon Elite is a multi-grade oil blend of synthetic and mineral-based oils formulated with proprietary additives. Learn more at www.exxonelite.com

Known for their distinctive red casings, Kelly Aerospace's oil filters feature industry-standard performance with six less pelts; precision cut threads; a leaf spring (instead of a coil spring), and a lower height than most oil filters. They are available for the following engine manufacturer part numbers: Textron Lycoming P/N LW-13905, L/W-13906, LW-13215, and LW13216; and Teledyne Continental Motors P/N 649922 and P/N 649923. Kelly Aerospace, (334) 286-8551, www.kellyaerospace.com.

Air BP is the specialized aviation fuels and lubricants division of BP, one of the world's major energy companies. Air BP supplies and lubricants for both turbine and piston engine aircraft to all sectors of the aviation industry. It also sell aviation fuels; both Jet Kerosene and Aviation Gasoline. Currently, it supplies over 26 million tons (around 8 billion gallons) of aviation fuel and lubricants to its customers worldwide. www.airbp.com

Nordic System's Pre-conditioned air (PCA) reels, mounted on a free spinning swivel base, are installed inverted on airport boarding bridges for the purpose of cooling and/or heating airplane passenger cabins. These manual or powered rewind reels are available with solid or spoked heads. Powered reels are complete with proximity switches and mechanical stop. Benefits include increased safety on the tarmac; storage controls, that when totally rewound, allow the bridge to move safely and when totally unwound allow the PCA system to be turned on; the mechanical stop when fully unwound or rewound prevents damage to duct, reel and connector. Nordic, 905-278-3331, www.nordicsystems.com.

Superior Air Parts, a division of Thielert AG, announced in April that it is expanding its XP sport aviation engine series with the introduction of the new 210 horsepower, 400 cubic inch XP-400 Engine. XP-400 features all of Superior's engine design and manufacturing advancements including a counter-weighted version of the recently introduced proprietary ESR (Electro Slag Remelt) crankshaft. The XP-400 is similar to a bored and stroked XP-360, but it has angle-valve cylinders with bigger valves for better breathing and more fin area for better cooling. The XP-400 has an eighth-inch larger bore and a quarter-inch longer stroke. The compression ratio is 8.5:1 at 210 horsepower and will be approved to run on 91 Octane auto fuel. Superior is also working on a higher compression version that will run on 100 LL Avgas for racing and high-performance applications. Superior Air Parts, 972-829-4600, www.millenniumcylinders.com

Kaeser Compressors announced a new modular, aluminum compressed air distribution system called SmartPipe. SmartPipe is made from smooth, calibrated aluminum with a low friction coefficient and provides excellent flow and will not rust or corrode. Full bore fittings minimize pressure drop and leak-free connectors prevent costly compressed air loss. Kaeser Compressor, 800-777-7873, www.kaeser.com.

Saint-Gobain Flight Structures has introduced a high technology Norton weather radome for two Bombardier aircraft, the Challenger business jet and the CRJ regional jet. Designed with internal lightning diverters and made of lightweight composite components, the radome also incorporates Norton Armor to protect from in-flight erosion and damage, and Stormview for enhanced radar vision. Saint-Gobain, phone: 330-296-9948, www.radome.com.

EMS SATCOM is offering the eNfusion Satellite Communications system. The system brings high-speed internet, voice, email, and videoconferencing to aircraft. The system includes antennas, radomes, high-speed data terminals, and networking gateways. The Inmarsat-based equipment means wide service coverage is available immediately upon installation. EMS SATCOM, 613-727-1771, www.emssatcom.com.

Global Filtration has introduced a PMA air filter. This is a rear bulkhead filter for the Embraer EMB-145 and is in the final stages of completion and will be available this month. Global Filtration currently has more than 100 other PMA filters and more than 75 different custom inspection kits for business, regional, helicopter, and commercial applications. Global Filtration is ISO 9001-compliant. Global Filtration, 800-980-2525, www.globalfiltration.com.

Computing Technology

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP), producer of general aviation maintenance, regulatory and compliance information products and services, recently announced the initial shipment of NavigatorV Release 6 desktop viewer for maintenance professionals, bringing regulatory and maintenance information together in one place on the desktop. NavigatorV Release 6 provides a single point of access to view, search, and cross reference all maintenance publications, ADs, SBs, FAA forms and compliance records using ATP's search and retrieval capabilities. NavigatorV includes the EZ Update feature that allows users to automatically receive downloads to their libraries. ATP, 877-564-6287, www.atp.com

Mxi Tech-nologies Main-tenix system is a maintenance and engineering system designed to handle the complex aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul business. Maintenix uses the Web and other technologies to provide a solution for line, heavy and shop maintenance as well as supporting engineering, materials management, and aviation finance departments. Its Web architecture offers configuration management, and maintenance workflow capabilities and allows it to integrate with ERP and other information systems. It features Web deployment, automated workflow, electronic signatures, and support for wireless devices. Mxi Technologies, 613-747-4698, www.mxi.com.

CORRIDOR Aviation Service Software is comprised of integrated modules to efficiently manage line service, work orders, inventory, accounting integration, and compliance. CORRIDOR is supported throughout implementation, go-live, and follow-up by an array of services. Available through license and installed in-house, or as a subscription accessed via the Internet. Continuum Applied Technologies, 512-918-8900, www.corridor.aero

EMTEQ Aerospace offers avionics support packages (ASPs) to install various OEM's Swift Broadband SATCOM systems. Kits typically include an avionics tray, rack connector, electrical and installation hardware. STCs and full-up installation kits with engineering and FAA certification are also available from EMTEQ. EMTEQ, 262-679-6170, www.emteq.com.

MIRO Technologies announced the release of GOLD Version 2006, a maintenance, logistics, and record keeping software. GOLD Version 2006 incorporates 45 modifications and represents more than 15,000 man-hours of new development, according to the company. Among the improvements are better data exchange with external purchasing systems, improved handling of contractor acquired property orders, and upgraded security features. MIRO Technologies, 858-677-2100, www.mirotechonologies.com

AirLog Imaging has released the LBCD V2.0 software program for complete aircraft document scanning, indexing, searching and viewing that reduces aircraft document research time. Customers using V2.0 have complete control of their documents and are not required to ship their documents or access the Internet to update the program. AirLog Imaging, 334-566-9890, www.airlogimaging.com

Horizon Business Concepts is beta-testing its new Flashturn system. The system will provide access to a large network of aviation service providers. Participating FBOs can advertise their facilities and services and provide other information to potential customers. After beta-testing, all current TotalFBO customers will be enrolled at no charge for a trial period. Horizon Business Concepts, 800-359-9804, www.flashturn.com

Inventory Locator Service, (ILS) has just introduced a new way for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shops to manage and track their overall repair processes. The latest offering from ILS, called MRO Optimizer, is an MRO management software that fully integrates with ILSmart.com, the e-marketplace of ILS. The ILS MRO Optimizer monitors turn-around-times, costs, exchanges and warranty management. The software also includes an inventory tracking feature that lets users manage parts-related information including in-house quantity, re-order data, shipping, receiving, pricing and quotation management. Inventory Locator Service, 901-794-5000, www.ILSmart.com

JetEplan is an engine maintenance planning system for fleet operators. At the press of a single button, the system produces a lowest cost plan for a given fleet, with full detailed workscopes and LLP requirements for every engine in the fleet. All regulatory compliance issues are addressed. Comprehensive reporting features cover both technical and financial perspectives. Actual costs can be measured against original forecast and budgeted costs on an on-going basis. The system can be configured for all models of GE, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls, IAE and CFM turbine engines. JetEplan, 858-551-1786, www.jeteplan.com.

Enigma Inc. announced the latest release of the Enigma 3C(r) V8 Platform, an enterprise application for maintenance technicians that improves the efficiency, consistency and quality of aftermarket service and support. Enigma combines diagnostics, parts and service information from multiple data systems and dynamically delivers a comprehensive and up-to-date maintenance encyclopedia for a specific piece of equipment. Employing a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services, and introducing adjustable dynamic filtering and flexible printing options make this version of Enigma 3C V8 the most advanced offering for the aftermarket. Enigma, Inc., 781-273-3600, www.enigma.com.


MICO, Incorporated has introduced the Object Detection and Brake Interlock System. The system automatically detects and warns equipment operators of stationary and moving objects in areas obscured from the operator's view. It then locks the vehicle's service brakes when the objects are detected at a predetermined distance, preventing a collision. Compatible with single, dual, or anti-lock brake systems, the self-contained system does not interfere with normal braking or operation of the vehicle. MICO Incorporated, 800-477-6426, www.mico.com.

Hodge, a division of Durham Manufacturing, has a new line of open, portable, shelf trucks for stock picking and replenishment. There are eight models in the series ranging in size from 36 inches wide by 24 inches deep to 72 inches wide and 36 inches deep. Height of all models is 61 inches. The top two shelves are slanted to reduce the chance of slippage during movement of the cart. Four bolt-on swivel casters make maneuverability easy. Durham Manufacturing Company, 800-243-3774, www.durhammfg.com.

Klein Tools has added a large gauge wire stripper/cutter for industrial MRO operations. The Klein-Kurve wire stripper/cutter strips 6-12 AWG stranded wire and eliminates the need for a skinning knife. The cutter can shear 6-32 and 8-32 screws and has a serrated pliers nose, which allows the user to pull, grip, and twist wire with minimal pressure. Ergonomically designed with a curved handle and textured grips which provides comfort while stripping and cutting. Klein Tools, 800-745-4612, www.kleintools.com.

Aero Info's Density Altitude Display (DAD) measures the temperature and pressure altitude at a runway threshold and displays it on its 35" high 52" wide 12" deep display. The display uses high intensity LEDs to increase visibility in direct sunlight and requires less power to operate than incandescent lighting. Aero Info Inc., phone: 209-533-2868, www.aeroinfo.

E & H Laminating has a line of FAA certified, pressure sensitive insulation cover blanket tapes. Constructed of metalized PVF, unmetalized PVF, and polyimide, these tapes can be used in the fabrication of insulation blanket covers and for the installation of insulation blankets. E & H Laminating Company, 973-345-1725, www.ehlam.com.

Tempest has announced the availability of an oil can cutter to complement their spin-on oil filter line. The cutter is made from high quality aircraft aluminum, making it lightweight and very durable. It works on all aircraft spin-on filters and has a removable adapter pin for male filters. Tempest, 800-822-3200, www.templestplus.com.

Rapco Inc. manufactures FAA PMA replacement aircraft parts, specializing in pneumatic systems, brakes, and propeller de-ice products. Their product line includes dry air pumps, pneumatic regulators, check valves, filters, etc. Rapco dry air pumps now come with an inspection port that allows easy checking of the amount of wear with the Smart Stick, a go, no go indicator. Rapco Inc., 800-325-0266, www.rapco.com.


Everest VIT's XL PRO VideoProbe is a portable remote visual inspection system with interchangeable probes, video recording, and an integrated color LCD in the hand piece. This scope also has a magnet and a three-pronged grabber attachment available for removing hard to reach items. Everest VIT, 973-448-0077, www.everestvit.com.

Gradient Lens offers the Hawkeye Inspection Kit. The kit contains a Hawkeye Hardy 12-inch borescope, 90-degree viewing adapter, a portable SuperNova light source, and an aluminum carrying case. Gradient Lens Corporation, 800-536-0790, www.gradientlens.com.

SnakeEye II is a handheld RVI system with an interchangeable camera head that can be attached to a rigid wand, a flexible gooseneck, extendable cables, a ring finger attachment, or borescope. The camera head is ruggedized and can be vertically articulated up to 90 degrees when used with the rigid wand. AQUA Communications, 781-642-7088, www.snakeeye.com

ARMEX baking soda abrasives has a new formula designed for cleaning turbine blades and other sensitive components. ARMEX Turbine Formula combines the micron sodium bicarbonate with 10 percent 220 grit hard abrasive which makes the media strong enough to remove difficult residue like high temperature burnt-on carbon. The result, according to the company, is just like using aluminum oxide but the process is more controllable and faster. ARMEX, 800-332-5414, www.armex.com.

Aerosol cans with straws for spray-accuracy are great but what happens when you lose the straw? HOLD-IT eliminates that worry. This simple product stretches over any size can and keeps the straw attached to the can, serving two purposes. First, no more lost straws, and second, no FOD. Aeroworks, 800-356-1671, www.aeroworks.com

DBI/SALA and PROTECTA has introduced a portable fall arrest anchorage point called the DBI/SALA self-contained vacuum anchor system (SCVA). The system can be powered from compressed shop air, a site compressed air source, or from an air bottle that attaches directly to the vacuum assembly. Set up, transport, and removal are quick and attachment to an aircraft structure takes only seconds. The entire system weighs 36 lbs. with the air bottle. The system has incorporated gauges and alarms that alert the operator of unsafe conditions such as an interruption in the compressed air source. DBI/SALA and PROTECTA, 800-328-6146, www.dbisala.com.

Bird-B-Gone has a new bird deterrent called the Bird Slope. It is an anti-perching, anti-roosting, deterrent that prevents birds from perching or roosting where installed. It is designed so birds cannot land on its steep slope when installed on eaves and ledges. Bird Slope has an extender that snaps on to make it fit wider ledges. Bird-B-Gone, 800-392-6915, www.birdbgone.com.

For higher amp applications, Weldcraft has the CS410, 410 amp water-cooled TIG torch. The CS410 is an alternative to the lower amperage CS310 (310 amp) torch. Like the CS310, the CS410 increases amperage output without increasing torch size to improve handling and control on a variety of welding applications. The CS410 torch features color-coded hose sets to help welding operators quickly identify input water (blue hose), return water/power cable (red hose) and gas (black hose), which allows for efficient torch package installation on select welding machines. Weldcraft, 920-882-6800, www.weldcraft.com.

STICK IT is a biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-conductive temporary adhesive. It can be used to hold nuts in socket wrenches or washers on screws while working in hard-to-reach, tight spots where dropping the hardware can cause damage or slow down the job. It comes in a tube, similar to a lip balm tube, so it is easily carried in a pocket. It wipes off skin easily and won't harm sensitive electronics. BKD Aerospace Industries, Inc., 866-253-2090, www.aeroworks.com.

HEATCON Composite Systems has a stretchable heat blanket able to conform to parts without damaging internal circuits, and without creating folds on the heater. Constructed from unsupported silicone rubber and special patent-pending circuitry, this method allows for elongation in all directions up to 35 percent without damaging internal circuits. After application, the heat blanket returns to its original shape allowing multiple uses on varied parts. HEATCON, 206-575-1333, www.heatcon.com.


Crane Aerospace & Electronics' brake control systems run the gamut from singular antiskid systems to fully automatic braking controls with torque limiting. All are available with hydraulic input or brake-by-wire for individual wheel to multiple wheel operations. Crane brake systems offer complete braking control from aircraft touchdown to low speed dropout; locked wheel protection to avoid safety-critical situations from occurring, as well as blown tires; and touchdown protection to prevent blown tires during landing. They also provide wheel spin-down for landing gear retraction, and complete BITE (Built-In-Test) for status monitoring. Crane Aerospace & Electronics, 425-743-8392, www.craneae.com.

Goodrich has incorporated a new friction material in its Next Generation B737 brakes, in order to obtain up to a 30 percent increase in brake life over its classic B737 brakes. Branded as DURACARB, Goodrich's carbon brake technology is aimed at delivering significantly lower life-cycle costs to 737 operators over the current steel design. Part of this cost savings will be due to reduced weight, because carbon weighs less than steel. Boeing is also planning to use Goodrich carbon brakes on its 787 Dreamliner. Goodrich, 937-440-2313, www.goodrich.com

A division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, Cleveland Wheels & Brakes sells braking components for a wide a range of aircraft; including Beech, Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Grob, Lancair, Mooney, Piper, and Vans. It offers both single and multi-disc brake systems, plus conversion kits and spares for corporate jets, turboprops, rotorcraft, tilt rotors, and many light twin and single engine aircraft. Cleveland Wheels & Brakes, 800-272-5464, www.clevelandwheelsandbrakes.com


Goodyear Flight Mate butyl tubes offer superb air retention. They help resist inflation loss, reducing air pressure maintenance on aircraft tires. Goodyear Flight Mate butyl tubes also feature a seam-to-seam splice for enhanced uniformity and balance. To learn more about Goodyear Flight Mate butyl tubes, go to www.goodyearaviation.com.

Michelin's aviation tire division produces a wide variety of aviation tires. The company's Michelin Air X Radial aircraft tires are designed to deliver measurable fuel savings, increased landings per tread, and improved cut resistance in comparison to bias-ply tires. Meanwhile, their Michelin Air Bias-Ply tires are top-of-the-line products made to provide superior ozone resistance; using Michelin's New Bias Technology (NBT) to reduce common bias wear and thus provide longer lasting tires. Finally, the Michelin Aviator is the company's standard offering for bias-ply tires, and is available in a range of sizes for all types of applications. Michelin Aircraft Tire, 877-503-8071, www.airmichelin.com

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