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Sunday, October 1, 2006

Tool Crib

Bosch Power Tools has a new Heat Gun Kit (model 1944LCDK) with digital programming capability and LCD display. The new Bosch heat gun can be utilized for a broad range of applications.

The 13 AMP Bosch 1944LCDK Heat Gun provides 109 temperature settings ranging from 120° F to 1,200° F in 10° increments and 10 airflow settings ranging from 8.8 to 17.6 cubic feet per minute. Both temperature and airflow are shown in the new LCD display.

Frequent heat gun users will appreciate the ability to set and store four specific temperature and airflow combinations in the 1944LCDK, a time saver. For certain applications, such as stripping old paint and varnishes, softening glues, drying paint and other finishes more quickly, or shrinking electrical insulation tubing over low-voltage wiring splices, the 1944LCDK's programming capability can help prevent overheating

Additional convenient features include a removable heat shield for accessibility, and a special integrated stand for bench top work. It weighs in at only 2 lbs. and the kit comes with its own hard case. Optional nozzle attachments are available. 877-267-2499 www.boschtools.com.

PolyMax Hangar Floor Coating
CASS Polymers has created PolyMax Hangar Floor Coating system designed to withstand heavy wheeled traffic such as aircraft and tugs, abrasion, impact, and spillage of aviation fluids. PolyMax is a three-coat system. First, a clear epoxy primer with strong adhesion properties to concrete is applied; next, a high build pigmented intermediate coat is applied to aid in impact resistance; and finally, a chemical resistant urethane finishes the system for abrasion and stain resistance, light reflectivity, and resistance to ultra violet degradation from direct sunlight. According to the company, PolyMax Hangar Floor Coating is impervious to Skydrol, JP-8, and brake fluid. CASS Polymers, 405-755-8454, www.polymax-us.com.

EMTEQ DMP-200 Digital Media Cabin Briefer
Ease the load for first officers and flight attendants that are still briefing passengers verbally and ensure that all required briefing items are covered with EMTEQ's cabin briefer. EMTEQ is offering Avionics Innovations' DO-160 tested and PMA-approved DMP3 Digital Media Cabin Briefer. The self-contained unit replays MP3 format pre-recorded audio. A removable memory card can be prepared and installed by the user at their PC and supports multiple languages. EMTEQ, 262-679-6103, www.emteq.com.

Mobile Assets Located With GPS Technology
To help professionals better protect mobile assets such as tugs and GPUs, DeWALT has introduced the MOBILELOCK GPS Locator and Anti-Theft Alarm. The global positioning system (GPS) feature allows users to locate the MOBILELOCK unit in real time using the Internet. MOBILELOCK is a portable, wireless locating and alarm system that is mounted to equipment using integrated heavy-duty magnets or by screws. The system also has an alarm notification that alerts the user when the protected equipment is disturbed or if someone tries to remove the MOBILELOCK unit. DeWALT, 800-433-9258, www.dewalt.com.

The Spectroline UV-400 SuperFlood ultraviolet lamp, a powerful floodlamp for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspections, has had a significant price reduction, according to the company. This lamp is also used for parts degreasing inspections and wash station inspections. The UV-400 SuperFlood lamp has a 400-watt metal halide bulb that provides a nominal steady-state UV-A (365nm) intensity of 6,500 µW/cm2 measured at 15 in. (38 cm) from the center of the lamp. It irradiates an area as large as 24 x 10 in. (61 x 26 cm) with uniformity. Trace amounts of oils, greases and hydrocarbons fluoresce brightly and become clearly visible when exposed to the lamp's high-intensity UV-A light, making it easy to spot even the smallest flaws. The UV-400 is safe, featuring a unique twin-filter system that eliminates exposure to hazardous UV-B (280-320nm) radiation. The lamp weighs 36 lb. (16 kg), making it easy to transport. Spectronics Corporation, 516-333-4840, www.spectroline.com.

The new Blackhawk by Proto Quick Ratchet tool sets let technicians enjoy the benefits of a tool technology once found only in precision torque wrenches. This tool system revolves around a ratchet handle that accepts interchangeable working heads, including ratcheting box wrenches, 3/8-in. and 1/4-in. socket drivers, and a screwdriver bit driver. It includes a positioning head that rotates through 180 degrees, locking every 12 degrees in 15 different positions. This multi-function tool can be used as a flexible ratcheting box wrench in 13 common SAE and metric sizes; a standard ratchet, able to accept any 1/4 or 3/8 in drive socket; a ratcheting screwdriver; a standard screwdriver. The interchangeable heads easily snap onto the handle. The handle's slim profile and flexible head, combined with the short sweep of the ratcheting heads, make it easier to access and turn fasteners in some of the most cramped and hard-to-reach spots. Each set includes a low-profile, knurled screwdriver bit driver that can be snapped onto a ratchet head, or removed and turned by hand. When hand-turned, the knurled driver lets workers easily turn screws that might be too small for even the shortest screwdriver to squeeze into. Quick Ratchet sets can be used for multiple types and sizes of fasteners. But rather than lugging around separate sets of wrenches and screwdrivers, workers need only carry the handle and the lightweight heads, in a compact, 8.5 by 12 inch case. Stanley-Proto, 770-787-3800, www.stanleyproto.com.

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